Stop Banning Pregnant Girls in Africa from Getting an Education

Young girls in Africa are forced to leave their schools during their pregnancies. They are often treated unfairly and face a difficult time re-entering school once they have their children. Demand that African countries update their policies regarding young mothers and education.

Florida: Stop Funding Textbooks That Deny Evolution and Minimize Slavery

Taxpayers are paying for textbooks charter schools that promote religious teachings and untrue events, Demand that there is a separation between church and state and these textbooks are removed from the classroom.

Success: Frat Members Indefinitely Suspended for Racist Behavior

Syracuse University has made a clear demonstration that discrimination will not be tolerated on campus. Praise officials for taking substantial action against students engaging in hate speech and intolerance.

Stop Ignoring the Civil Rights of America’s Students

Secretary of the US Department of Education, Betsy DeVos, has announced a plan to dismiss educational civil rights complaints in order to more quickly work through the backlog of complaints. By dismissing these complaints, students that are being allegedly harassed, discriminated against, or taught without the proper educational materials are being ignored. Sign this petition to demand that DeVos stop dismissing educational civil rights complaints.

Don’t Stop Investigating Reportedly Fraudulent For-Profit Colleges

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is ending the investigations into allegations of fraud by for-profit colleges. Sign the petition to demand continued oversight of these institutions so that if fraud has occurred, those affected can get justice.

Ensure Schools are Creating Safe Environments for LGBTQ Students

Nearly all LGBTQ teenagers report feeling anxious and unsafe when it comes to their educational environment. Demand action be taken to ensure they have access to comfortable and welcoming educational environments that are conducive to learning.

Don’t Penalize Teachers Asking For Better Treatment

Colorado teachers are about to go on strike to protest unfair working conditions and the State Senate is about to penalize striking in retaliation. Tell the Colorado Senate not to punish teachers just asking for a better living.

Stop Financial Attack on Teachers in Low-Income Schools

A loan company is taking advantage of teachers working in low-income schools by converting their grants into loans, saddling them with thousands of dollars of debt. Demand that this injustice be righted.

Demand Teachers Be Paid Their Worth

Teachers across the nation are striking for better working conditions, and Colorado just joined the fight. Demand that teachers finally be paid their due worth.

Stop Closing Schools to Hire More Police

Chicago is opening an expensive new police academy despite just closing dozens of schools in the area. Demand Chicago Mayor Emanuel choose education instead of more police violence.

Oklahoma: Invest in Education, Invest in the Future

Oklahoma teachers are the latest crusaders for quality education and equitable pay. Demand state leaders adequately address striking educators’ concerns and stop turning a blind eye to underfunded public education.

Stop Assault on Public School Education

Puerto Rico will close 283 of its schools in the next school year. This move will harm parents and students who are already traumatized by the effects of Hurricane Maria in December 2017. Urge Puerto Rico’s Secretary of Education to stop privatizing public education and closing down public schools.

Ensure All Children Have Access to Safe, Equitable Education

Every day, 464 million children do not go to school and miss out on educational opportunities that would allow them to have a more successful future. The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has created a plan that will bridge the financial gap for the world’s poorest countries to provide safe, free educational opportunities to their children. Sign this petition to urge UK Prime Minister Theresa May to contribute to GPE funding.

Put Novel About Racism & Police Brutality Back on School Shelves

A novel about the Black Lives Matter movement has been banned from one Texas school district. Sign the petition to demand that the novel be allowed back on library shelves for students to read and learn from.

Stop Using Tax Dollars to Fund Anti-LGBTQ School

A school where students are expelled for not conforming to traditional gender stereotypes is funded by hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, despite openly discriminating against the LGBTQ community. Sign the petition and demand that taxpayer funds be pulled from this school.

Don’t Teach Altered History Lessons in Schools

Hong Kong students may soon be forced to learn a communist-inspired version of Chinese history. Sign the petition and demand that government influence and censorship stay out of the classroom.

Success: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Put Back on School Shelves

A school district in Mississippi has un-banned Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ Thank the school for making this move, but ask that administrators continue to ensure that the book reaches the hands of all students.

Success: Coach Accused of Forcing Cheerleaders into Splits Fired

The cheer coach who has been accused of emotionally and physically abusing his young team of cheerleaders has been fired. Thank the school district’s superintendent for protecting his students.

Success: Trump’s Requested Education Cuts Rejected

Massive cuts to the education and medical research budgets in favor of the construction of a border wall that Trump requested will not be included in the 2017 spending bill. Support this Congressional action, which is in the best interest of the country.

Success: At Least One School District Will Protect Transgender Students

The Philadelphia school district has committed to protecting the rights of its transgender students despite the Trump administration’s attack on the rule ensuring these students have access to the correct bathroom at their school. Sign below to support this choice to respect human rights, as the whole country should be doing.

Success: City Will Be First in the Country to Provide Free Community College

In a historic move, a U.S. city will become the first in the country to provide free community college to all students. Applaud this step toward providing equal educational opportunities for all.

Success: Racist, Error-Filled Textbook Rejected

A textbook filled with racist statements and historical inaccuracies has been prevented from being used in classrooms. Sign the petition to thank the Board of Education for preventing this harmful and misleading textbook from reaching the hands of students.

Success: School Board Moves to Correct Racial Disparity in Education

A school district has moved to address minority education gaps and the teacher expectations that cause them. Applaud their efforts to make sure that every child succeeds.

Success: University Will Crack Down on Campus Sexual Misconduct

UC Berkeley’s mishandling of sexual misconduct cases will soon be investigated by UC President Janet Napolitano. Applaud her efforts to find justice for sexual misconduct victims and make campuses safer for students and staff.

Help Kids Succeed in School

Education and early literacy can break the cycle of poverty, but too many children never get the support they need. Stand up for programs that help kids thrive in school.

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