Demand Teachers Be Paid Their Worth

Teachers across the nation are striking for better working conditions, and Colorado just joined the fight. Demand that teachers finally be paid their due worth.

Stop Closing Schools to Hire More Police

Chicago is opening an expensive new police academy despite just closing dozens of schools in the area. Demand Chicago Mayor Emanuel choose education instead of more police violence.

Oklahoma: Invest in Education, Invest in the Future

Oklahoma teachers are the latest crusaders for quality education and equitable pay. Demand state leaders adequately address striking educators’ concerns and stop turning a blind eye to underfunded public education.

Stop Assault on Public School Education

Puerto Rico will close 283 of its schools in the next school year. This move will harm parents and students who are already traumatized by the effects of Hurricane Maria in December 2017. Urge Puerto Rico’s Secretary of Education to stop privatizing public education and closing down public schools.

Ensure All Children Have Access to Safe, Equitable Education

Every day, 464 million children do not go to school and miss out on educational opportunities that would allow them to have a more successful future. The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has created a plan that will bridge the financial gap for the world’s poorest countries to provide safe, free educational opportunities to their children. Sign this petition to urge UK Prime Minister Theresa May to contribute to GPE funding.

Put Novel About Racism & Police Brutality Back on School Shelves

A novel about the Black Lives Matter movement has been banned from one Texas school district. Sign the petition to demand that the novel be allowed back on library shelves for students to read and learn from.

Stop Using Tax Dollars to Fund Anti-LGBTQ School

A school where students are expelled for not conforming to traditional gender stereotypes is funded by hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars, despite openly discriminating against the LGBTQ community. Sign the petition and demand that taxpayer funds be pulled from this school.

Don’t Teach Altered History Lessons in Schools

Hong Kong students may soon be forced to learn a communist-inspired version of Chinese history. Sign the petition and demand that government influence and censorship stay out of the classroom.

Teach Human Rights in Schools

Students in India are fighting for human rights to be taught in the classroom so that they can recognize and defend the rights they are entitled to. Sign the petition to support the students.

Success: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Put Back on School Shelves

A school district in Mississippi has un-banned Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ Thank the school for making this move, but ask that administrators continue to ensure that the book reaches the hands of all students.

Teach LGBTQ History in Classrooms

Only one state in the nation mandates an LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum. Sign the petition to demand that more states, starting with Pennsylvania, work to recognize the positive contributions the LGBTQ community has made to our nation and its history.

Put ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Back on Library Shelves

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ has been banned from some Mississippi schools, robbing students of the lessons Harper Lee’s masterpiece can teach us about racism and humanity. Sign the petition and demand that the book be placed back on school library shelves.

Fire Teacher Accused of Telling Spanish Students to ‘Speak American’

A teacher in New Jersey lashed out at her Spanish-speaking students with a racist remark, and reports indicate this isn’t the first time she has done so. Demand that she be removed from the classroom.

Prosecute Teacher Accused of Sleeping with Student

A high school band director has finally been busted for allegedly sleeping with one of his students and blackmailing her into silence by threatening suicide. Sign this petition to demand this man be punished to the full extent of the law, if convicted.

Expel LSU Fraternity Members Allegedly Responsible for Student’s Death

Ten Phi Delta Theta fraternity members have been charged with the death of 19 year old freshman Maxwell Gruver during a hazing incident on September 13th. The immediate suspension of the fraternity members involved in Gruver’s death is the first step in fair punishment for the unjust behavior of these students.

Stop School From Banning Classic ‘1984’ Novel From Classrooms

A high school is seeking to ban George Orwell’s classic novel 1984, which highlights the risks of an omnipresent government. Speak out against this attack on students’ and teachers’ right to engage with a literary masterpiece.

Demand Teacher Apologize for Alleged Body-Shaming Remarks

A teacher has been accused of calling out a student for being ‘too busty’ and focusing complaints on the girl’s breast size in relation to her clothing. The girl was completely humiliated. Sign this petition to demand the school make this teacher apologize.

Fire Professor Who Said Black Protestors Should be Hung

A professor in Arizona made a racially offensive comment that some Black Lives Matters members should be hung. This kind of blatant racism is unacceptable. Demand that this professor is fired.

Success: Coach Accused of Forcing Cheerleaders into Splits Fired

The cheer coach who has been accused of emotionally and physically abusing his young team of cheerleaders has been fired. Thank the school district’s superintendent for protecting his students.

Prosecute Cheer Coach Accused of Forcing Young Girl Into Painful Splits

A cheerleading coach reportedly forced young girls on his team to do painful splits against their will. He is accused of ignoring their cries of pain and their screams for help. Sign the petition and demand that he be permanently removed from his position.

Don’t Drop Teaching of Evolution in Schools

Turkish public schools will no longer be allowed to teach evolution thanks to a new curriculum that puts religious ideology before education. Sign the petition and demand that evolution continue to be on lesson plans.

Keep Ban on Teacher-Student Sex Constitutional

An Alabama judge has declared the state’s 17-year-old ban on teacher-student sexual relations unconstitutional, with defense attorneys claiming it is unfair to hold teachers to such high standards. This is a flimsy excuse to allow teachers to get away with abusing their authority over minors and cannot be permitted. Sign this petition to demand the law remain in place.

Stop Texas School From Paddling Children

A Texas school district has approved paddling as a disciplinary action. Sign this petition to demand the school revoke approval of this abusive method.

Stop Protecting For-Profit Colleges

Betsy DeVos has made it easier for for-profit colleges to manipulate students. Demand that the Department of Education protect students from these predatory schools.

Stop Discriminating Against Female Scientists

A female physicist was denied a voice on a talk panel until the audience had to call the moderator out on his refusal to let her speak. The moderator apologized, but this incident is just one of many examples of sexism in the field of science. Sign this petition to call for an end to the bias against female scientists.

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