Success: University Will Crack Down on Campus Sexual Misconduct

UC Berkeley’s mishandling of sexual misconduct cases will soon be investigated by UC President Janet Napolitano. Applaud her efforts to find justice for sexual misconduct victims and make campuses safer for students and staff.

Help Kids Succeed in School

Education and early literacy can break the cycle of poverty, but too many children never get the support they need. Stand up for programs that help kids thrive in school.

Success: Elementary Students Receive More Recess Time

Elementary school students are improving in the classroom because of the Board of Education’s decision to add more recess time, four 15-minute segments of recess a day. Thank the Board of Education for making this decision to enrich the lives of young students.

Success: Yale Lecturer Who Allegedly Defended Racist Costumes Resigns

A Yale lecturer who defended offensive and racist costumes, like blackface and Native American headdresses, has resigned. Applaud her decision and the fact that she no longer holds a powerful position to spread these racist views.

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