Remove Dangerous Replica Weapons from Active Shooter Drills

An active shooter response training program calls for the use of replica weapons, such as airsoft guns, in their drills. These guns were discharged on school grounds and caused injuries to multiple teachers. Demand that these weapons be removed from the training program to protect both school employees and students.

Teach Kids the Truth About Climate Change

Students are being taught minimal information about climate change at best and destructive falsehoods at worst. Demand lawmakers promote essential environmental education for the generations that will need it most.

Don’t Sell Education and Opportunity to the Highest Bidder

“What we do Is we help the wealthiest families in the U.S. get their kids Into school.” This sales pitch for alleged large-scale educational fraud recently resulted in several high-profile arrests. Demand justice for the pay-for-play scheme that prioritized money over merit.

Punish Students Allegedly Filmed in Racist Attack

A video appearing to show university students hurling racial slurs, among other insults, at a group of Black individuals walking by has been posted on Twitter. Sign the petition to ensure this apparent hate speech doesn’t go unpunished.

high school senior classroom

Don’t Promote Racism to Prevent School Shootings

What to do about the mass school shootings that are slowly killing America’s future?…restore racial inequality in the classroom. Demand the Trump administration reverse course on a damaging disciplinary policy that will only hurt, not help, students.

Stop Use of Cruel Electroshock Punishment at School for the Disabled

A school for the disabled is still relying on electroshock discipline for its mentally and emotionally challenged students, with over 40 subjected to the painful treatment. The Judge Rotenberg Educational Center is the last and only school in the country to still rely on this outdated and abusive mode of discipline, and it must be stopped. Sign this petition to demand the school stop its use of such measures.

Success: Frat Members Indefinitely Suspended for Racist Behavior

Syracuse University has made a clear demonstration that discrimination will not be tolerated on campus. Praise officials for taking substantial action against students engaging in hate speech and intolerance.

Success: ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Put Back on School Shelves

A school district in Mississippi has un-banned Harper Lee’s ‘To Kill a Mockingbird.’ Thank the school for making this move, but ask that administrators continue to ensure that the book reaches the hands of all students.

Success: Coach Accused of Forcing Cheerleaders into Splits Fired

The cheer coach who has been accused of emotionally and physically abusing his young team of cheerleaders has been fired. Thank the school district’s superintendent for protecting his students.

Success: Trump’s Requested Education Cuts Rejected

Massive cuts to the education and medical research budgets in favor of the construction of a border wall that Trump requested will not be included in the 2017 spending bill. Support this Congressional action, which is in the best interest of the country.

Success: At Least One School District Will Protect Transgender Students

The Philadelphia school district has committed to protecting the rights of its transgender students despite the Trump administration’s attack on the rule ensuring these students have access to the correct bathroom at their school. Sign below to support this choice to respect human rights, as the whole country should be doing.

Success: City Will Be First in the Country to Provide Free Community College

In a historic move, a U.S. city will become the first in the country to provide free community college to all students. Applaud this step toward providing equal educational opportunities for all.

Success: Racist, Error-Filled Textbook Rejected

A textbook filled with racist statements and historical inaccuracies has been prevented from being used in classrooms. Sign the petition to thank the Board of Education for preventing this harmful and misleading textbook from reaching the hands of students.

Success: School Board Moves to Correct Racial Disparity in Education

A school district has moved to address minority education gaps and the teacher expectations that cause them. Applaud their efforts to make sure that every child succeeds.

Success: University Will Crack Down on Campus Sexual Misconduct

UC Berkeley’s mishandling of sexual misconduct cases will soon be investigated by UC President Janet Napolitano. Applaud her efforts to find justice for sexual misconduct victims and make campuses safer for students and staff.

Help Kids Succeed in School

Education and early literacy can break the cycle of poverty, but too many children never get the support they need. Stand up for programs that help kids thrive in school.

Success: Elementary Students Receive More Recess Time

Elementary school students are improving in the classroom because of the Board of Education’s decision to add more recess time, four 15-minute segments of recess a day. Thank the Board of Education for making this decision to enrich the lives of young students.

Success: Yale Lecturer Who Allegedly Defended Racist Costumes Resigns

A Yale lecturer who defended offensive and racist costumes, like blackface and Native American headdresses, has resigned. Applaud her decision and the fact that she no longer holds a powerful position to spread these racist views.

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