Don’t Drive College Grads Into Further Debt

Target: Mark Robinson, Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina

Goal: Do not tax forgiven student debt and increase economic burden of constituents.

Soon, Americans struggling under the weight of student debt will get needed relief in the form of up to $10,000 in education loan forgiveness. Unfortunately, because of lack of clarity in some states’ laws, these individuals could be hit with a hefty bill come tax season. Just as they have been given one economic lifeline, they might be punished with as much as $1,000 in taxes.

The forgiven debt is supposed to be non-taxable under the American Rescue Plan. At least five states, however—North Carolina, Mississippi, Wisconsin, Arkansas, and Minnesota—may end up taxing affected individuals for these funds. North Carolina has been most explicit in confirming this intent. If enacted, the tax would replace the strain already placed on millions of Americans with an even more urgent burden.

Updated legislation could prevent this undue hardship and make higher education overall more affordable for everyone. Sign the petition below to urge North Carolina to lead the way in ensuring the financial stability of its citizens pursuing higher education.


Dear Lieutenant Governor Robinson,

North Carolina has expressed plans to significantly lower its state income tax. Why, then, would the state seemingly target its own citizens for excessive taxation? Regardless of your politics or beliefs about student loan forgiveness, you should not use this issue to lash out at constituents who are already facing economic hardship. North Carolina can and should amend its laws at once in accordance with federal policy on forgiven student loan debt and taxation.

You are trekking a dangerous slope when you make Americans feel as if they are being punished for seeking a higher education. Learning and training are the lifeblood that sustains this nation’s labor force. Please support educational growth not only with non-taxation on canceled debt but with improved state guidelines for the funding of financial aid and the tuition rates for public institutions.

Do not price Americans out of an education and a more secure future.


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