Success: Frat Members Indefinitely Suspended for Racist Behavior

Target: Kent Syverud, Chancellor of Syracuse University

Goal: Praise Syracuse University for taking action against students engaging in hateful language.

This past April, a video depicting members of Syracuse University’s engineering fraternity Theta Tau chapter engaging in hate speech surfaced. The supposedly satirical video was justified by the fraternity as “roasting” one of the fraternity members, using hateful language including racism, homophobia, sexism, anti-Semitism, ableism, and general intolerance. The ForceChange community called for action against these students in this petition and their call was answered. Fifteen members of the fraternity have lost all financial aid benefits, will have a permanent make on their transcripts, and have been suspended indefinitely from Syracuse University.

Robert Hradsky, Dean of Students for Syracuse University, issued a statement on June 8th that the hearing for the students in question had been concluded. Karen Felter, the attorney representing these students, later clarified the details, telling CNN that, “The 15 students have been suspended indefinitely for one to two years.” Following the suspension, Syracuse University can reinstate them using their discretion, but has no obligation to do so. Each student’s transcript will have a permanent note that the student had “involuntarily withdrawn.” These students who purportedly showed no remorse following the video’s release will feel the full consequences of their actions.

After permanently expelling the Theta Tau fraternity, Syracuse University is sending another clear signal that this type of bigotry, hate speech, and fear mongering is not representative of the University’s policies and will not be tolerated. Sign the petition to praise Syracuse University for being a leader in promoting diversity and fighting discrimination on college campuses.


Dear Chancellor Syverud,

I would like to commend you for the action taken by Syracuse University in handling the divisive rhetoric spewed by members of the Theta Tau engineering fraternity. In addition to the expelling of the fraternity and your immediate comments condemning their behavior, the University’s decision to indefinitely suspend these students for their hateful speech is a clear signal that bigotry will not be tolerated on campus.

Instead of just a symbolic warning or lesser punishment, these students will receive penalization befitting their crime that will follow them throughout their academic careers. Concrete action against public or private acts of bigotry is crucial to dissuading others from engaging in this behavior. That Syracuse University is standing by principles of diversity and inclusiveness is laudable, especially as hateful rhetoric is prevalent from our nation’s leaders. Based on the handling of this issue, it is clear that Syracuse University is a leader in opposing discrimination on college campuses, and for that I commend you.


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Photo Credit: Syracuse University


  1. Piotr Grabowski says:

    Praise censorship of internal games? 😉 Someone probably haven’t watched any movie about crazy (in a funny way) sh_t going on at universities and such. 😉

  2. gen agustsson says:

    no more excuses of raciam

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