Keep Education Free From Religious Indoctrination

Target: Nellie Tayloe Sanders, OK Secretary of Education

Goal: Do not support requirement for public schools to incorporate Biblical teachings.

Oklahoma and Louisiana have become the latest states to hypocritically refute their own claims about educational freedom. Both states recently required public schools to display the Ten Commandments in classrooms, while Oklahoma’s top education chief went a step further by mandating that every public school class (from grades 5-12) be taught both the Ten Commandments and the Bible. In addition, every classroom must contain a Bible.

Oklahoma’s State Superintendent of Public Instruction justified this move by claiming the Bible is a “necessary historical document.” He was strangely silent on the historical importance of sacred texts from other religions, however. Nor did he have much to offer about this dictate’s violation of other American historical standards, namely freedom of religion and the separation of church and state.

Sign the petition below to demand this state’s leaders stop trying to turn education into indoctrination.


Dear Secretary Sanders,

When enacting book bans and prohibitions on what can and cannot be taught, politicians (like the ones in this state) often proclaim they are fighting for parental freedoms and against educational indoctrination. Where are these lofty considerations in the newest attempt by politicians to insert their opinions into the realm of teachers and students? If cherry-picking the texts of one religion and forcing these precepts upon all students is not indoctrination, then what classifies, exactly? And what becomes of the rights of parents who do not want their children associated with these teachings?

Trying to cast this maneuver as an affirmation of “historical integrity” is also less than forthcoming. If you truly cared about or understood the historical foundations and ideals of this nation, then you should understand that the initial reasons ancestors came to this nation was to attain religious freedom and to flee religious persecution. This is precisely why the separation of church and state was such an integral concept to the founding fathers. You are taking a hatchet to the very history you claim to value.

Please rethink this wrong-headed mandate and end effort to weaponize education (and children’s futures) as a political wedge.


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  1. All this talk is trash! Our forefathers came here to be able to worship as they pleased. They were running away from horrible people demanding all worship the way they demanded. God is in our hearts.
    I don’t think it is up to others to tell all people how to worship. Yet this is exactly what is happening now as we ignore the fact that we are not supposed to mix religion with government. I feel that is stated in our Constitution. The two are not compatible. We are now setting up another time for people to run if they wish to live in peace and live by their own religion.

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