Save Prospective Students From Educational Fraud

Target: Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India

Goal: Implement stricter regulations to prevent fraudulent activities in education consultancies

The recent case highlighted by the Crime Branch Kashmir involving the alleged duping of a parent seeking education services underscores a pressing issue that demands immediate attention. Fayaz Ahmad Rather, the proprietor of M/s Fayaz International Education Consultancy, was charged with defrauding a parent of Rs 25 lakh ($30,000) by falsely promising admission for their children into a postgraduate course in medicine.

This alleged incident exposes a broader problem of fraudulent practices within education consultancies, preying on the hopes and aspirations of individuals seeking educational opportunities. The accused individual allegedly took advantage of the parent’s trust and demand for quality education, resulting in significant financial loss and shattered dreams.

Frauds like these not only undermine individuals’ faith in the education system, but also disrupt the lives of innocent aspirants. They reflect a lack of stringent regulations and oversight in the education consultancy sector, allowing unscrupulous individuals to exploit vulnerable students and parents. Demand action now.


Respected Mr. Modi,

We address you as a concerned collective that recognizes the pivotal role education plays in shaping the nation’s future. Recent events, such as the case brought to light by the Crime Branch Kashmir, where a parent was allegedly deceived of substantial funds by an education consultancy, reflect an alarming trend that necessitates urgent action.

It is imperative to ensure the integrity of the education sector and the trust of its stakeholders. We humbly request your leadership in implementing stricter regulations for education consultancies across India. By enforcing comprehensive oversight mechanisms, stringent penalties for fraudulent practices, and mandatory transparency in all transactions, we can safeguard the aspirations of countless students and parents.

This incident is not an isolated one, and its implications extend beyond monetary losses. The emotional toll on victims is immeasurable. Through your decisive intervention, we can send a clear message that India values education and will not tolerate exploitative practices within its educational framework.

We beseech you to champion this cause and reinforce the nation’s commitment to quality education. Let us work together to eliminate the scourge of fraudulent education practices and provide a secure and promising environment for all education seekers.


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