Punish Alleged Poisoners of Thousands of Schoolgirls

Target: Ali Hosseini Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran

Goal: Prosecute and prevent further attacks on women’s educational and civil rights.

On International Women’s Day and well beyond, the right of girls to receive an education should be supported and celebrated. In Iran, however, this right may be under violent and dangerous attack. For the past few months, over 7,000 schoolgirls have fallen ill from suspected poisonings.

Individuals had previously reported seeing suspicious objects thrown into schoolyards. After weeks of silence and criticism, the country’s Supreme Leader finally spoke out in condemnation of the attacks, and arrests were recently made. These troubling incidents highlight a much deeper problem, however.

The suspected poisonings began shortly after widespread protests over the reported death of an Iranian woman at the hands of its “morality police.” Other suspect deaths followed. Some critics believe extremists against girls’ education may have orchestrated the poisonings, and fingers have even been pointed at the government itself. Crackdowns on protesters have been harsh, even for individuals trying to speak out about the safety of the schoolgirls.

Skepticism reigns about whether a full and thorough investigation with actual punishments will take place, especially after a high-profile series of acid attacks against women a few years ago went unprosecuted. Sign the petition below to compel a different outcome for this equally disturbing case.


Dear Supreme Leader Khamenei,

You have touted Iran’s advancements in its treatment of women. And this nation has proudly proclaimed its progress in girls’ education. The suspected poisoning of thousands of schoolgirls puts a blight on these achievements.

You described the alleged crimes as “unforgiveable” and called for punishment. But previous instances of similar crimes going unpunished—as well as troubling actions reportedly taken against protesters—cast doubt on these calls for action.

Please ensure that a comprehensive investigation takes place and that a message is sent that such heinous violations will not be tolerated. Most importantly, set a new and better standard for the fair and equal treatment of all Iranians.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Keira Burton

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  1. One day girls will rise up. Iran has been forever horrible to their women. What would you do if the women left Iran? Your population would come to an end. Permanently. Think this can’t happen? Think about China and their love for male children. Then, as fate would have it, most female children have been killed and only males left to grow up. Now China is in a population problem. Too many men and few women. If this can happen to China, it surely can happen to you. You deserve no less. And it would serve you right. Do you honestly feel God would spit on women? Are they not part of his reaction? If God does not torture women, why do you?

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