Animal Welfare

Applaud Biden for Bringing America’s First Shelter Dog to White House

A shelter animal will soon call the White House home for the first time in history. Applaud President-Elect Biden’s inclusion of a rescued German shepherd puppy in his soon-to-be First Family.

Applaud Decade-Long Jail Time for Animal Abusers

Finally, perpetrators of animal abuse will face jail time of up to ten years for torturing and murdering innocent animals. Thank the government of Greece for taking a stand and demanding justice for the voiceless.

Feral Cat Heinously Tortured By Unknown Abuser Deserves Justice

A feral cat endured severe rectal trauma, with his tail completely degloved and nearly amputated, in a horrific case of cruelty. The person responsible is still at large and likely dangerous to other animals. Demand that this abuser be brought to justice.

Stop Subjecting Animals to Death and Misery for Pointless Research

Laboratories maim and kill untold numbers of innocent animals, while rarely producing useful results. End this pointless cruelty now.

Justice for Dogs Who Reportedly Had Ears and Tails Chopped With Scissors

Over 30 dogs and puppies were found in apparently atrocious conditions. Reportedly, some had their ears clipped and their tails docked by scissors and some were found dead. Demand justice for these animals.

Puppies Allegedly Kept in Filthy Conditions Deserve Justice

Four puppies and twelve dogs were allegedly found living in cages among their own feces and urine without clean water or enough food. Demand the person found guilty of this reported abuse be charged, harshly punished, and referred to mental health services so that they will be less likely to mistreat more innocent animals.

Success: Dog Beaten and Stabbed to Death Receives Justice

A man who beat his dog until she suffered a broken skull and then stabbed her to death has been convicted of animal cruelty. He could receive a sentence of up to three years in prison. Applaud the justice delivered in this tragic case.

Cat Allegedly Dragged by Bicyclist Deserves Justice

A cat was allegedly tied to the back of a bicycle and dragged down the street in a shocking case of cruelty. Demand the suspect receives the sternest punishment the law will allow if he is found guilty of such thoughtless animal abuse.

Justice for Innocent Dog Allegedly Shot by Neighbor

A family pet was reportedly shot in the face for wandering into a neighbor’s yard. Demand that the man accused of this horrific crime be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Punish Trainer Who Allegedly Tortured Three Racehorses

A renowned horse trainer and two other men have been accused of shocking and beating the very animals they were supposed to safeguard. Seek justice for the horses allegedly tortured under their so-called care.

China: Make Animal Abuse Illegal in the Face of Rising Cruelty

A pregnant cat and her kittens died after they were reportedly doused with boiling water. The man accused of this act will face no legal consequence due to the lack of protections for animals. Demand that China take a stand for animal rights and enact harsh legal punishments for animal cruelty offenders.

Punish Perps Who Use Painful Steel-Jaw Death Traps to Ensnare Animals

A coyote pup died as a result of injuries apparently sustained from an agonizingly painful, illegal steel-jaw trap. The man allegedly responsible for using this torture device should be held accountable. Demand full justice for this innocent pup and other animals endangered by willful disregard of the law.

Hundreds of Animals Reportedly Found Starving in Filth Deserve Justice

Over 200 dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other pets were reportedly found starving and living in their own filth. The suspect apparently intended to transport them across the country on a harrowing journey. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Justice for German Shepherd Allegedly Stabbed to Death by Owner

A family’s German Shepherd was allegedly stabbed to death by his owner, and his body is still missing. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Shut Down Fur Farms to Protect Humans and Animals From COVID-19

Minks on fur farms could be responsible for spreading a mutated form of COVID-19 to humans, representing a serious danger to human and animal life alike. Demand that Governor Herbert order the suspension of farming until the danger has passed.

Don’t Give Puppy Left Tied in Dangerous Heat Back to Accused Abuser

A puppy reportedly left tied outside by a two-foot chain in sweltering heat has been returned to the woman charged with abusing him. Stop this reckless decision that could further endanger an innocent animal’s life.

Justice for Puppy Reportedly Thrown and Injured in Viral Video

A woman reportedly threw a dog at a black man and used racist language during an altercation that was captured on video. The dog seemingly hit the pavement and proceeded to whimper in pain. Sign this petition to demand justice.

Dog and Cat Reportedly Tortured, Dismembered, and Killed Deserve Justice

A dog and cat were reportedly tortured, dismembered, and killed in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The suspect apparently has a history of self-harm and claimed that he “ate their hearts.” Demand mental health services for this alleged animal abuser and punishment, if he is found guilty.

Justice for Horses Left Emaciated & Injured

Numerous horses were rescued from a farm of horror in Lancaster County, PA. They were reportedly emaciated, injured, and near death’s door. Demand justice.

Justice for 10 Dogs Apparently Forced to Fight for Sport

A father and son stand accused of subjecting ten dogs to pain and suffering in a dogfighting ring. Demand justice for these apparent victims of sadistic cruelty.

Justice for Innocent Animal Allegedly Tortured by Police Officers

Two former police officers allegedly tortured an innocent animal. These men were meant to be role models and guardians. Instead they reportedly abused the helpless. Demand justice.

Dozens of Great Danes Reportedly Kept in Blood and Feces-Filled House Deserve Justice

Over 30 Great Danes, along with other dogs and rabbits, reportedly endured severe abuse and neglect in a feces-filled house. Blood covered the walls, per authorities, and the remains of several deceased puppies were found in a minifridge, likely bred for sale. Demand justice for these poor animals.

Cats Fatally Poisoned By Unknown Assailant Deserve Justice

Two cats, and potentially a kitten, died after they ate pet food laced with poison that had been left on private property by an unknown assailant. They are just two of many cats currently missing in the area and those animal’s owners fear the worst. Demand justice for these innocent lives lost and the harshest punishment for those found responsible.

Punish Man Accused of Burning Dog With Hairdryer and Breaking Leg

An innocent dog was allegedly burned with a hairdryer by her owner, who then reportedly broke the dog’s leg. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Horse Hit by Car and Left to Die on Roadside Deserves Justice

A woman was walking her horse alongside a road when a car plowed into the animal head-on. The driver never stopped and is still on the loose. Sign this petition to ask authorities to find and punish the person responsible.

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