Animal Welfare

Pregnant Dog Reportedly Starved and Infested With Maggots Deserves Justice

Annie, a pregnant dog, was reportedly found infested with maggots as she miscarried her puppies alone in a driveway. Per rescuers, she was starved and failed to receive lifesaving veterinary care. Demand justice for Annie.

Stop Endangering Horseshoe Crabs With Pharmaceutical Testing

The horseshoe crab population is at risk because Maryland-based pharmaceutical company US Pharmacopeia refuses to stop testing shots and infusions on the species’ blood. Animal testing is one of the most unethical practices in existence, and big pharma has been slow in phasing it out. Demand US Pharmacopeia change their decision and use a synthetic material immediately, to protect horseshoe crabs from extinction.

Bear Allegedly Attacked and Traumatized at Zoo Deserves Justice

A defenseless bear was allegedly assaulted in her enclosure at a Polish zoo. A drunken visitor reportedly “wrestled” Sabrina and nearly drowned her, causing lasting harm to her emotional well-being. Punish the perpetrator of this apparent act of animal cruelty.

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Chinchillas Allegedly Kept in Filthy Enclosures Without Medical Care Deserve Justice

Two animal breeding facilities are accused of keeping hundreds of chinchillas in filthy, unsafe conditions and failing to treat sick animals or clear dead bodies. These innocent animals deserve justice. Demand that the USDA revoke the licenses of the facilities involved.

Animals Reportedly Kept in Filth at Fake Rescue Facility Deserve Justice

Dozens of animals were allegedly neglected by a person claiming to be a voice for helpless creatures. Demand this individual be given the toughest sentence under law if it is found any animals in his care were abused, and that he be made to take down all websites saying he ran a rescue.

Dog Allegedly Thrown Repeatedly Against Wall and Killed Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly thrown against a wall until he died. Demand the person who reportedly committed this thoughtless act of animal cruelty be required to spend the most amount of time in prison possible and pay all pertinent fines to help prevent more animals from dying needless and painful deaths.

Punish Man Accused of Kicking Chicken Like a ‘Field Goal’

A man reportedly kicked a chicken like a football player would kick a field goal. The man apparently defended his actions by saying he was “annoyed” with the animal. This alleged act of abuse shows a reckless disregard for the life and wellness of an innocent living being and must be punished.

Chicken Allegedly Shot With Speargun Deserves Justice

An innocent chicken was allegedly shot with a speargun by a man also accused of endangering others by breaking mandatory quarantine rules. Demand the suspect be justly punished if found guilty of these inexcusable crimes.

Puppy Reportedly Killed for Chewing Xbox Headset Deserves Justice

One puppy was reportedly beaten to death and another suffered a broken leg as punishment for chewing an Xbox headset. Apparently, one puppy arrived at the vet with blood pouring from her nose and ears and could not be saved. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent puppies.

Dogs Allegedly Shot for Being Pit Bulls Deserve Justice

Two dogs were reportedly shot simply because they were thought to be pit bulls. Demand the person allegedly responsible for this crime spend the maximum time in prison and pay all pertinent fines if he is found guilty of this inexcusable animal abuse.

Horse Allegedly Beaten and Kicked With Spurs Deserves Justice

A horse was allegedly kicked with sharp spurs by a trainer. Demand the accused party be punished for committing this thoughtless crime if he is found guilty.

Justice for Two German Shepherds Allegedly Starved to Death

Two German Shepherds allegedly starved to death and another was found near death in a Massachusetts woman’s home. Demand that the individual allegedly responsible for this mistreatment be charged to the fullest extent of the law.

Dog Killed When Thrown From Truck Into Traffic Deserves Justice

A dog was thrown into rush hour traffic from a moving pickup truck in a horrific case of animal cruelty. She was accidentally hit by another vehicle and suffered an extremely painful death. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Dog Allegedly Thrown Off Balcony Deserves Justice

An innocent dog was allegedly thrown off a balcony. Demand the person accused of this cruelty get the maximum amount of time behind bars and pay all pertinent fines if it is found he committed this unthinkable crime.

Chihuahuas Allegedly Abandoned in Filthy Attic Without Medical Care Deserve Justice

Seven chihuahuas were allegedly thrown in an attic, ignored and not provided with needed medical care. The dogs were reportedly so neglected that urine, feces and food were found matted up in their hair. Demand the person responsible for treating the dogs in this manner pay the maximum penalty so other animals will be less likely to be mistreated.

Stop Keeping Puppies in Squalor and Filth to Raise “Purebred” Dogs

Puppy mills are factories where the animals are treated as objects instead of the living things that they are and millions of dogs and puppies suffering from the ill effects of this. Sign this petition to urge the American Kennel Club to stop supporting these places.

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Success: Chickens Saved from Mass Killing at Factory Farm

An animal rights organization succeeded in rescuing 1,000 chickens from mass euthanization at an Iowa egg farm. Animals across the country are being put to death because of the coronavirus, many of them having lived their entire lives in cramped, inhumane conditions. Praise the animal rights activists who fought back against this cruelty.

Dogs Allegedly Thrown Against Wall and Slapped Deserve Justice

A video appears to show a woman throwing one of her dogs against a wall and slapping another sitting next to her. She was only given a warning by authorities. Demand this woman be arrested if it is reasonably suspected she hurt her animals in any way.

Justice for 100+ Animals Allegedly Neglected, Starved, and Abused

Over 100 animals were allegedly found living in squalor, neglected and starved by their owner. They appear to have lived in a true house of horror. Demand justice.

Cat Allegedly Thrown Off Balcony Deserves Justice

A group of minors allegedly threw a one-year-old cat off a third-floor apartment balcony on purpose. Demand these individuals spend the most amount of time in juvenile detention as possible and that they also receive therapy if they are found guilty so they will be less likely to abuse more animals.

Justice for Alligator Bound and Impaled by Arrows

An alligator nearly died after being bound with rope and shot with arrows. The gator endured serious wounds and just barely survived. Sign this petition to ask authorities to find the attacker, who is still on the loose.

Justice for Beagle Found Beaten and Drowned in Pond

A Beagle was found drowned in a pond after an alleged attack by his owner. Sign the petition to demand justice for this poor animal.

Dog Reportedly Starved Nearly to Death and Abandoned Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly starved nearly to death in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Dog wardens apparently found her on a street corner so emaciated that all of her ribs were clearly visible. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Dog Allegedly Kidnapped and Choked Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly kidnapped from an apartment complex and savagely choked. Demand that the suspect in this sadistic act of abuse be given the toughest penalty under law if he is found guilty.

Sick Dogs Allegedly Not Provided With Adequate Shelter Deserve Justice

Twenty dogs were allegedly not provided with safe shelter, and six of those dogs were thought by authorities to be sick. However, authorities released the suspect shortly after his arrest, and they are allowing him to improve the situation and to be re-investigated at a later date. Demand the dogs be rescued and placed in a shelter if it is thought he neglected or abused them to ensure they are safe.

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