Animal Welfare

Animals Reportedly Living in Feces at Defunct Roadside Zoo Deserve Justice

A roadside zoo reportedly kept lions, bobcats, and bears in horrendous conditions. They apparently suffered from painful, untreated ailments and were forced to live in their own feces. Demand that these animals be removed from this defunct zoo immediately.

400+ Animals Reportedly Found Starved and Rotting Deserve Justice

Over 400 animals were allegedly starved and neglected to near-death on a South Carolina property. This location may have also been the site of a cockfighting ring that reportedly claimed countless more victims. Do not let the system once again overlook seemingly heinous cruelty perpetrated against innocent animals.

Fire Workers Accused of Stomping on Live Turkeys

An undercover video apparently shows farm workers stomping on live turkeys and throwing them at one another for sport. Help stop this terrible abuse.

Pit Bull Reportedly Starved to Point of Organ Failures Deserves Justice

A dog named Roxy was apparently malnourished to the point where her ribs were sticking out, her body was no longer able to digest fats, her liver count and red blood count were low, and she had a GI tract infection. Demand justice for Roxy.

Vet Accused of Child Abuse and Bestiality Must be Punished

A veterinarian has reportedly pleaded guilty to charges of possession of child pornography and creation of “animal crush” videos, which typically show animals being stepped on or trampled for human sexual gratification. Demand prosecutors pursue the maximum penalty in this case.

Rescue Sheep, Goats, and Rabbits From Alleged Farm of Horrors

Dozens of farm animals were reportedly neglected to the point of death or emaciation, and are being left to languish while their caretaker gets off with a slap on the wrist. Demand they be rescued now.

Abandoned Puppy With Broken Back and Covered in Feces Deserves Justice

A nine-month-old puppy with a broken back was found covered in feces and flies in a field. The puppy had been driven to this location by her owner, who discarded the poor animal like a piece of garbage. Demand justice for this puppy dog.

Husky Apparently Abandoned on Roadside by Fleeing Car Deserves Justice

A husky was reportedly left stranded on a Texas roadside by his caretakers. The young dog’s heartbreaking chase after his apparent abandoners was caught on video. Demand the suspects face a fitting punishment.

Animals Covered in Oil and Lit on Fire, Smashed by Rock, and Drowned in Trash Can Deserve Justice

A squirrel was sprayed with oil and set on fire, another squirrel was stomped to death, and a possum was drowned in a trash can, according to reports. Apparently, a 19-year-old man recorded himself performing these acts of abuse and then posted the videos online. Sign this petition to demand justice.

Kitten Apparently Shot and Swept Into Street Deserves Justice

A man allegedly shot a kitten, then had his friend sweep the cat into the street to be run over. This innocent animal died from her injuries. Urge full accountability for all involved parties in this shocking and deeply disturbing case.

Dogs Mutilated, Burned With Chemicals, and Strung Over Fence Deserve Justice

A dog was so horrifically cut-up and mutilated that the images cannot be shown without being blurred. Another dead dog was found with chemical burns across its body, while another dog was discovered strung up over a fence. Authorities must devote more resources to finding and prosecuting these horrific crimes.

Cat Found With Arrow Through Chest Deserves Justice

A cat was shot with an arrow and left to die. The arrow penetrated the cat’s chest, breaking numerous ribs, but miraculously missed the animal’s heart. Sign this petition to find and prosecute the monster responsible for this attack.

Man Accused of Throwing Puppy Into Building He Lit on Fire Must be Punished

A 9-week-old puppy was burned alive when an arsonist threw her into the flames he lit, according to reports. Sign this petition to demand the stiffest punishment possible for this alleged crime.

Chihuahua Used as Bait for Dog Fights and Dozens of Imprisoned Pit Bulls Deserve Justice

Dozens of pit bulls used in fights, a Chihuahua used for bait, testosterone boosting supplements, animal skins, sticks used to pry open a dog’s mouth when it has bitten and held, and a contraption designed to “immobilize” female dogs for coerced breeding were reportedly discovered at an alleged dog fighting house.

Dog Tied to Bumper and Dragged Down Road Deserves Justice

A dog named Marley was tied to the bumper of a car and dragged a half mile down the road. The individuals who did this to Marley are still at-large. Demand authorities devote more resources to finding and prosecuting those responsible for this horrific abuse.

Dog Reportedly Shot and Killed in Dispute Deserves Justice

A dog and his owner were reportedly shot in a dispute. Unfortunately, the dog did not survive the alleged attack. Sign this petition to ask for the strictest penalty under the law if the accused is found guilty.

Reject Agriculture Industry’s Free Pass for Animal Abuse

Livestock are abused and exploited by the agricultural industry. Demand action to protect farm animals from Big Ag’s abuse.

Woman Accused of Trying to Decapitate Dog With Sword Must be Prosecuted

A dog narrowly survived an alleged attack by her owner, who reportedly attempted to decapitate her with a sword and left her to bleed to death. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Crippled and Emaciated Dog Deserves Justice

A “severely malnourished” dog was recently found abandoned. The dog was so underfed that his ribs were clearly visible through his skin and he was unable to walk on his own. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Monkeys Reportedly Left to Die in Oven-Hot Car Deserve Justice

Two weeks-old monkeys were reportedly found baking to death in a hot car parked outside a water park. One had already died horribly. Demand they receive justice.

Stop Cruel Scientific Testing On Horses

Thousands of horses are subjected to torturous scientific experiments every year. Take action to stop testing on horses and put an end to an unethical era in science.

Dogs Reportedly Found Covered in Excrement at Home of Ex-Wife of MLK’s Assassin Deserve Justice

A woman was arrested after forty-four dogs were allegedly found living in disgusting piles of trash and their own feces and urine. Two of the animals reportedly did not survive. Demand this woman spend the maximum time in prison if she is convicted.

Don’t Let Man Charged With Multiple Counts of Animal Cruelty Adopt More Pets

A man charged with over 40 counts of animal cruelty has reportedly adopted more pets after being released from jail. Demand any new animals found on his property be immediately taken away and that the pets allegedly neglected under his care receive justice.

Find Killer Who Shot Seven Horses to Death

A serial killer of horses is at large in New Mexico. Law enforcement is seemingly doing nothing. Urge investigation and apprehension of the perpetrator of these horrific crimes.

Dog Allegedly Tormented and Purposely Ran Over Deserves Justice

A dog, named Russell, was allegedly dropped off on the side of the road before being beaten and run over twice by a man in a pickup truck. Demand the person accused of committing this thoughtless crime be required to spend time in prison if he is found guilty of hurting this helpless animal.

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