Animal Welfare

Demand Justice for Dogs Reportedly Found With Feces-Covered Coats

Authorities allegedly found dogs living in deplorable conditions, suffering from neglect and open wounds. Demand immediate legal action against the alleged perpetrator to protect these animals.

Dog Reportedly Duct-Taped in Dumpster With Mysterious Injuries Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly discovered with its head and legs duct-taped inside a dumpster. Demand legal action against the alleged perpetrators now.

Dog Allegedly Found Emaciated and Covered in Sores Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly found emaciated, covered in open sores, and struggling to walk. Demand legal punishment for the alleged abuser.

Demand Justice for 84 Dogs Allegedly Left Without Sufficient Food or Water

Police reportedly discovered 84 dogs living in deplorable conditions without sufficient food or water. Demand legal action against the person allegedly responsible for this apparent cruelty.

Stop Breeding Cats Burdened With Painful Defects

Some of social media’s most trending animals are living secret lives of suffering. Demand a prohibition on breeding painful defects into felines.

Over 300 Animals Reportedly Starved and Neglected Deserve Justice

Over 300 animals were reportedly severely neglected, requiring urgent justice and accountability for their suffering. Hold responsible parties accountable to prevent further cruelty.

Geese Allegedly Shot With BB Guns for Fun Deserve Justice

Juveniles reportedly targeted beloved local geese with BB guns and sticks, causing widespread outrage. Hold accountable those responsible for this alleged abuse.

Animals Allegedly Dead From Negligence at Tech Lab Deserve Justice

Animals suffered repeatedly and unnecessarily at a university fined for violating the Animal Welfare Act, according to reports. Demand accountability.

Justice for Two Dogs Allegedly Starved and Abandoned

Two dogs were reportedly found dead inside a small, closed building. Demand legal action against the individual allegedly responsible.

Prevent Animal Cruelty Following Alleged Abuse of Family Dog

A student was allegedly filmed brutally attacking a family dog. Demand legal action to prevent cruelty.

Call for Justice for Dog Reportedly Punched While Held by Leash

A viral video reportedly showed an owner repeatedly punching his dog in the face. Demand justice and legal action for this alleged animal cruelty.

Demand Justice for Dead Dog Reportedly Found Hanging from Tree

A deceased dog was reportedly hung from a tree in an act that shocked the community. Demand justice for this apparent act of cruelty.

Justice for Donkey and Pony Reportedly Subjected to Bestiality and Killed

A man faces charges after two livestock animals were reportedly brutally killed. Demand the strict prosecution of this alleged cruelty.

Justice for Gray Wolves and Golden Eagles Found Dead From Poisoning

Three gray wolves and two golden eagles were found dead from poisoning. Hold the perpetrators accountable.

Retired Law Enforcement Dogs Allegedly Denied Lifesaving Care Deserve Justice

Retired military and law enforcement dogs were rescued from alleged neglect and untreated medical conditions. Urge for accountability and stringent oversight on animal rescues.

Justice for Rocket, Miniature Poodle Allegedly Left With Life-Threatening Injuries

A miniature poodle was reportedly slammed onto concrete and thrown from a ledge in a horrific case of animal cruelty. Seek stringent legal repercussions for his suspected abuser.

Seek Justice for Chickens Rescued from Alleged Cockfighting Ring

228 chickens and roosters were rescued from an alleged cockfighting operation. Demand accountability and justice to prevent further animal cruelty.

Dogs Allegedly Starving and Living in Filth Deserve Justice

Authorities reportedly uncovered severe animal neglect, with one dog deceased and others malnourished. Demand swift legal action against the accused party.

Pitbull Apparently Left in Sweltering Car to Die Deserves Justice

A dog allegedly perished after being left in a hot car by its owner. Demand accountability for this apparent neglectful act.

Protect Cicadas and Their Essential Role in Ecosystems

As over a trillion cicadas emerge, their vital role in the ecosystem is underscored. Demand protection and respect for their natural life cycle.

Seek Justice for Dog Allegedly Beaten With Metal Pipe

A dog was allegedly found injured after a violent beating. Call for immediate legal action against the accused perpetrator.

Investigate Reported “Graveyard of Animal Bones”

Animals from horses to llamas were reportedly found near the point of death, living amid a sea of bones. Call for stringent legal action against the alleged perpetrators.

Don’t Make Cockfighting Victims Pay with Their Lives

Cockfighting survivors were allegedly shot and euthanized en masse despite reports that the rescued roosters were destined for new homes. Demand life-saving reforms that could save abused animals from more needless pain and suffering.

Puppies Allegedly Taken in Polythene Bag to Dispose in Well Deserve Justice

A disturbing video surfaced, depicting puppies allegedly taken from a home and cruelly discarded in a well. Seek legal action against the suspected perpetrator.

Pregnant Street Dog Allegedly Stabbed Multiple Times Deserve Justice

A pregnant street dog was allegedly stabbed multiple times in a brutal act. Demand accountability and justice for this innocent animal.

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