Animal Welfare

Don’t Steal Healthy and Safe Animals for Display in Zoos

Zoos are a resource to see and learn about live animals from around the world, but they may not always have the animals’ best interest at heart. Obtaining and breeding of animals that could easily survive on their own is exploitive and wrong. Demand zoos focus on endangered species and only keep injured or rescued wildlife that cannot survive in the wild.

Ban Veterinarian Accused of Beating Dog From Working With Animals

A practicing veterinarian has been accused of beating and choking his pet German shepherd. Demand other vulnerable animals stay protected from this alleged abuser.

Kitten Allegedly Thrown Into Burning Fire Pit Deserves Justice

A newborn kitten had his life ended too soon, allegedly at the hands of his caretaker. The small animal reportedly suffered agonizing burns and nerve damage before passing away. Urge the vigilant pursuit of justice in this horrific tragedy.

Dog Reportedly Stabbed Three Times by Man in Fit of Rage Deserves Justice

A man reportedly stabbed his husky three times out of anger. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Stop Ripping Feathers Out of Live Birds to Make Down Jackets

Ducks and geese endure agony as their feathers are ripped off to make “real down” for high-end winter wear. Tell global luxury brand Canada Goose to commit to using only recycled down.

Stop Confining Pigs in Tiny Metal Torture Cages

Mother pigs on factory farms are confined in torturous cages that are too small for them to even turn around. Help end the use of these cruel “gestation crates.”

Stop Paying Roadside Zoos to Abuse Wildlife

Animals at roadside zoos are kept in tiny, isolated and filthy cages and yet some governments are encouraging this business. Demand an end to roadside zoos.

Justice for Bird Whose Neck Was Reportedly Snapped for Revenge

A woman is accused of breaking a pet bird’s neck in a fit of rage after arguing with her roommate. Demand justice for this defenseless animal.

Stop the Dolphin Slaughter at Mirage Hotel and Casino

Three bottlenose dolphins have died at the Mirage Hotel and Casino within six months. Demand the casino close this exhibit permanently and allow the remaining dolphins to be rescued.

Save Pets From Being Lost During Natural Disasters

Record-breaking flooding and hurricanes driven by climate change are leading to more lost pets every year. Demand microchips be mandated for all pets.

Stop Shelter From Reportedly Letting Kittens Die Slow, Painful Deaths

An animal shelter has been accused of letting dogs and cats suffer without compassionate care in order to save money. At least one kitten reportedly died an agonizing death as a result. Demand this shelter be investigated for animal cruelty and shut down if these accusations are found true.

Stop Letting Thousands of Farm Animals Drown to Death

Millions of animals die each year on the way to slaughterhouses. Thousands of these deaths are the result of catastrophic transport failures, including the sinking of cargo vessels. Demand the U.S. ban the export of live animals within its borders.

Stop Exposing Rabbits and Other Animals to Convulsion-Inducing Tests

Animals like rabbits, mice, birds, and fish are still facing unnecessary chemical testing in California. Demand all animals receive protections, not just those we deem worthy.

Stop Overcrowded Shelters From Killing Adoptable Dogs and Cats

Dogs and cats are being surrendered to shelters at unprecedented levels, leading to countless animals being euthanized due to overcrowding. Demand more funding to shelters in order to stop the killing.

Success: Undercover Activists Encouraged to Expose Animal Abuse

Animal welfare activists have long sustained legal punishments for conducting undercover investigations of potentially abusive farms, breeding facilities, and more. Fortunately, one state has chosen to protect these investigators as they expose the truth. Thank Iowa for prioritizing animal, consumer, and worker welfare over the greed of large, abusive corporations.

Stop Reportedly Gassing Chinchillas to Death for High Fashion

Chinchillas are reportedly subjected to horrific conditions for the purpose of farming their fur. These poor, sensitive animals are apparently forced to live in unlit, filthy cages, while females are repeatedly bred to sustain the demand. Then they are seemingly killed by having their necks broken or are gassed in pressure cookers. Demand Romania ban fur farms countrywide.

Protect Humans and Pets From Domestic Abusers

Domestic abusers often target their partner’s pets for further abuse. Demand protection for both human and animal victims of domestic abuse.

Demand Mental Treatment for Kids Who Abuse Animals

Buddy the dog was found with an extension cord tied around his neck and covered in burns from having been set on fire. A 12-year-old child was reportedly responsible for this cruel act, but couldn’t be charged with a crime or evaluated due to their age. Demand all children who commit acts of violence towards animals receive psychological treatment to protect other animals and people.

Don’t Endanger Livestock Animals and Plant Workers With Unsafe Slaughter Practices

High-speed slaughter systems pose serious threats to farm animal welfare, as well as consumers and workers. Faster line speeds make it difficult to abide by humane treatment, stunning, and handling regulations, subjecting animals to greater risks of abuse. Demand the U.S. prioritize the safety of frontline workers, consumers, and animals over the greed of large meatpacking corporations.

Justice for Animals Reportedly Dismembered, Flayed, Burned, and Drowned

A 20-year-old man allegedly waged a four-year campaign of cruelty against defenseless animals. This suspect’s reported crimes include drownings, burnings, and stabbings caught on video. Demand real and consequential punishment if the accused is deemed guilty.

Justice for 300+ Dogs Reportedly Rescued From Largest Dogfighting Ring in State History

More than 300 dogs were reportedly rescued from the largest dogfighting ring in South Carolina history. Demand justice for these terribly abused dogs.

Stop Allowing the Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs

Puppy mills abusively churn out unhealthy dogs like an assembly line, and shockingly they are still legal. We must act now to stop puppy mills.

Stop Abusing Circus Animals With Electric Prods and Metal Hooks for Entertainment

Circus animals are regularly beaten with electric prods and sharp metal hooks to teach them to perform for humans. Demand an end to this disgusting abuse.

Success: Animals Will Be Protected From Natural Disasters

During natural disasters, animals are typically abandoned to face the harsh elements alone. In the wake of increasingly frequent weather events, certain animal care facilities are now required to develop escape plans for their animals. Thank Congress for saving the lives of thousands of innocent animals and for protecting them from the effects of climate change.

Stop Torturing, Asphyxiating and Decapitating Animals for Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic testing can include injecting animals with toxins, dripping chemicals into their eyes, force-feeding them dangerous substances, and eventually condemning the animals to a brutal death. We must put an end to these barbaric practices.

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