Find and Punish Suspect Accused of Leaving Dog to Die

Target: George Gascón, District Attorney of Los Angeles County, CA

Goal: Prosecute person who zip-tied and abandoned dog to fullest extent.

Rock climbers at California’s Malibu Creek Canyon made a disturbing discovery. About 250 feet down from a roadway, the climbers found an ailing German Shepherd. The dog, having spent an unknown amount of time in the wilderness, had inflammation and lesions from apparent poison oak exposure. But it was the findings on the dog’s muzzle and mouth that really shook the good Samaritans. The animal was bound by zip ties in these regions, which indicates he was intentionally abandoned and left to a bleak fate.

Fortunately, the climbers were able to gain the German Shepherd’s trust and take him to safety. His wounds have been treated and he is now on the road to recovery. This poor animal’s ordeal will not truly be over, however, until he receives justice.

Local police are actively investigating the case. Sign the petition below to call on prosecutors to seek maximum charges when a suspect is identified and apprehended.


Dear DA Gascón,

“Someone did this intentionally. They left him stranded, down a hill in the middle of nowhere off the side of the road. They left him suffering. They left him for dead. I am still trying to wrap my mind around what happened, but I know something needs to be done to find the person who did it.”

One of the individuals who helped rescue a zip-tied and abandoned dog in Malibu Creek Canyon had these strong words. The animal in question was described as having a “sweet” demeanor, which means he was likely acclimated to and trusting of humans. Someone broke that trust, and this person needs to be held to account.

When a person of interest is identified in this case, please be vigilant in seeking and securing a punishment that fits this horrific reported crime.


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Photo Credit: Kelly


  1. This type of cruel avuse is too horrible to imagine. The dog is so lucky good people found him and could earn his trust and get him help. Thank you!
    To the people who did this, I hope they are found. This boarders on mental insanity but they still walk among us and will do this again unless stopped. Find these creeps and force them to pay for all medical treatment for this dog and all costs to board and regime if possible. I so wish we as a society could do this to them, make them suffer as they forced this dog to suffer. The least we could do is put poison ivy and oak on their privates and tie their hands and then let them feel the pain. They deserve death but this would still be punishment. If possible lock them in prison. Disgusting people. THere’s no hope for their future. None.

  2. The more of these articles I read the stronger I believe the only way to deal with these kind of sick deviant people is an eye for an eye punishment. Until they actually feel the pain their victims feel they won’t get it and will continue to do cruel things. Since the justice system can’t do that maybe karma will.

  3. Thanks to these godsends the poor dog is safe now. Hope for another miracle to happen, that the perp be found soon and justice will prevail.

  4. GET THE FILTHY MOTHERFUCKERS WHO DID THIS NOW! I agree with Charla, an eye for an eye; some good old fashioned vigilante justice. And if it still doesn’t sink in to their evil brains, then you kill everything they love, and make them watch. I am so sick and tired to death of cu**s like this getting away with such barbaric, sadistic and very clearly deliberate cruelty, torture and murder of innocent animals. FFS ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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