Animal Welfare

Abandoned Dog Muzzled With Wire and Sick With Cancer Deserves Justice

A sweet dog named Macy was found roaming the streets with her muzzle locked shut with a wire and she was suffering from multiple forms of cancer. It’s been four months since Macy was rescued and yet no suspects have been arrested. Demand justice for Macy.

Stop Giving Animal Abusers Slaps on the Wrist

London has become ground zero for animal cruelty going unpunished. Demand better from England’s capital.

Abused Dog ‘Cemented’ to Sidewalk by Own Feces Deserves Justice

Cemented to the sidewalk by his own feces and “covered in fecal material, burrs, and maggots,” is how Trooper the dog was discovered. Demand the person responsible for this terrible abuse of Trooper be brought to justice.

Pet Dog Shot Dead With Pellet Gun Deserves Justice

A Siberian Husky got loose from his family early one morning and returned home later that day with a fatal wound from a shot to the head. Demand police devote more resources to finding Niko’s killer.

Emaciated Deceased Dog Dumped in Ditch Deserves Justice

The images of a severely emaciated deceased dog caged in its crate and dumped in a ditch are shocking. No suspects have been identified. Demand justice for this poor animal forced to experience a tragic and painful death.

Stop Crime Spree at Zoo That is Endangering and Killing Animals

Several mysterious events have befallen a popular Texas zoo, with the latest costing the life of a 35-year-old inhabitant. Demand justice for this fallen animal.

Cat Shot Through Chest With Arrow Deserves Justice

Cheese, a sweet tabby cat, was shot through the chest with an arrow by an unknown assailant. So far, no suspects have been identified, so the killer is still on the loose. Demand authorities devote more resources to solving this crime.

3 Dogs Reportedly Killed in Home Invasion Deserve Justice

A home intruder with a knife has reportedly killed three dogs that tried to defend their home and their family. Demand the maximum penalty in this case.

Punish Deputy Accused of Locking Dogs in Hot Shed, Leading to Their Deaths

A sheriff’s deputy reportedly left his dogs in a 100 degree shed, leading to their deaths. Law enforcement officers should not be above the law. Demand punishment in this case.

Family Dog Shot and Killed by Hunter Who Claimed it Was a Coyote Deserves Justice

A family dog was shot and killed by a hunter and authorities are refusing to take action against the killer. Demand justice for this innocent pet.

End Starvation and Abandonment of Teacup Pigs

Teacup pigs are purchased because people think they will stay small and cute forever. However, once they grow larger, their owners often cruelly abandon them. Demand an end to the abuse of teacup pigs.

Pet Husky Reportedly Tied Up, Shot With Crossbow and Dumped in River by Owner Deserves Justice

A man was apparently caught on film tying his dog to a tree, shooting it with a crossbow and dumping it in a river. Demand prosecutors seek the maximum penalty in this horrific case.

Justice for Strangled Puppies Found Hanging From Tree

A pair of three-month-old puppies were strangled and hung from a tree. The person responsible is still at large and likely a danger to other animals. Demand these innocent creatures get the justice they deserve.

Five Dogs Reportedly Left Outside in -16 Degree Temps Deserve Justice

Five dogs were apparently left to freeze to death outside a home. One of the dogs had to be euthanized due to severe hypothermia. Demand justice for these animals.

Horses Found Dead in Field With Puncture Wounds Deserve Justice

One horse was found dead in a field and another was found writhing in pain and was later euthanized. Both horses had puncture wounds above their right eyes. Demand justice for these animals.

Dogs Apparently Abandoned at Dump and Poisoned With Antifreeze Deserve Justice

One dog was apparently abandoned to die at a garbage dump and another was poisoned with anti-freeze. Demand justice for these animals.

1,500 Fish Asphyxiated on Hotel Floor and 4 Chimps Shot to Death Deserve Justice

An aquarium and a zoo were recently the sites of mass animal casualties, including 1,500 fish who asphyxiated on a hotel floor and 4 chimpanzees shot to death. Demand an end to the abuse of animals held for profit.

Justice for Dog Apparently Punched and Kicked on Video

A caretaker was apparently captured on video kicking and punching his defenseless dog. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Punish Person Who Left Chihuahua for Dead

A small dog was abandoned in such terrible shape that the animal had to be euthanized. Demand justice for the victim of this heinous crime.

Stop Elon Musk’s Company From Mutilating Monkey Brains

Elon Musk’s neurotechnology company reportedly cut open lab monkeys’ skulls, resulting in their suffering and death. This animal cruelty cannot go unpunished. Demand a full investigation and accountability in this disturbing case.

Success: Cruelty-Free Meat Alternatives Promoted by Major Food Agency

Lab-grown meat could save countless animals from slaughter while also appeasing those who eat meat. Applaud the move that made this promising process one step closer to reality.

Capture Person Who Viciously Killed and Skinned Dog

A dog was killed and then skinned close to the scene of a high-profile multiple homicide. Whether the crimes were related or not, this innocent animal deserves justice. Demand authorities pursue this case to the fullest extent.

Turkeys Reportedly Stomped and Beaten to Death on Video Deserve Justice

A farm stands accused of stomping, clubbing, and beating turkeys to death in the most inhumane ways imaginable. Demand a full investigation into these reported brutal practices.

300 Dogs Subjected to Apparent Neglect and Abandonment By Authorities Deserve Justice

Three-hundred dogs reportedly faced abuse at the hands of a dog breeder. There are also accusations that authorities knew of this alleged abuse and covered it up. Demand justice and accountability in this disturbing case.

Stop Neglect From Taking More Innocent Animal Lives

Neglect harms and kills untold numbers of at-risk animals every year. Urge national leaders to tackle this hidden epidemic of cruelty.

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