Animal Welfare

Enact Tougher Penalties for Those Cruel Enough to Abuse Animals

Animal abusers in Florida walk away with a slap on the wrist. Demand tougher penalties for those insistent on inflicting pain and cruelty on innocent animals.

180+ Cats Allegedly Hoarded and Denied Medical Care Deserve Justice

A woman in Delaware allegedly hoarded over 180 animals in deplorable conditions. Demand she receive the counseling she needs to ensure that these animals get the justice they deserve.

Justice for Cats Allegedly Subjected to Painful Deaths

Three cats lost their lives in a case of alleged deadly animal cruelty. Their accused killer may only receive a fine if convicted. Demand decisive justice for these fallen felines.

Justice for Puppy Allegedly Purposefully Smacked in Face by Owner

A prominent CEO was apparently caught on video abusing his four-month-old puppy. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Horse Apparently Caught on Video Being Dragged Behind Pickup Truck Deserves Justice

A horse was apparently tied to the back of a pickup truck and dragged down a gravel road. The poor animal suffered both physical and mental injuries. Demand that the trainer allegedly responsible for this abuse be punished.

Don’t Deport Dogs Allegedly Starved and Forced to Live in Own Waste for Days

French bulldogs who reportedly went for days without food or water, and covered in feces and urine, may soon be sent back to their home country on the same airline accused of endangering their lives. They were allegedly severely neglected during the flight and nearly died while waiting a Chicago airport. Demand the federal agency responsible for this disastrous decision reverse course and advocate for the safety and well-being of these survivors.

Horse Reportedly Forced to Run on Highway for Publicity Stunt Deserves Justice

A horse was reportedly forced to run on a busy expressway during rush hour, resulting in painful and potentially fatal injuries. The rider apparently recorded himself on Facebook Live and shouted, “kid’s lives matter.” No animal should have to die in the name of politics or social media views. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Stop Relocating and Murdering Vaccinated Stray Dogs

Despite being both vaccinated and fixed, stray dogs in one Indian city are being rounded up, relocated, and murdered. Demand that this inhumane cruelty stop.

Playful Puppy Reportedly Shot and Killed as Her Family Watched Deserves Justice

A one-year-old puppy named Ally was apparently shot in cold blood as she playfully chased a bird, with two small children and her caretakers as witnesses. Demand justice for Ally.

Dog Reportedly Punched a Dozen Times for Licking Suspect’s Hand Deserves Justice

A dog named Scooby was reportedly punched over and over as he lay in a submissive posture, despite pleas from a family member to stop. Scooby appeared to suffer injury and trauma at the hands of a man he should have been able to trust. Demand justice.

NASA: Denounce Abusive Experiment Involving Dolphin in Sexual Relationship with Human Handler

Stories of a 1960s NASA experiment that put a dolphin in isolation with a human handler who sexually abused the animal are resurfacing online. The dolphin ultimately died as a result of the experiments. Sign this petition to urge NASA to denounce the abuse of animals in scientific experiments.

Stray Dog Painted Like a Tiger Deserves Justice

An innocent dog was painted from head to toe to look like a tiger. This intricate paint job put the animal at risk of physical and mental harm. Demand the people responsible be arrested and charged with cruelty.

Punish Man Charged With Bestiality and Kicking Pet Dog to Death

At least two animals suffered serious injury, allegedly at the hands of a convicted criminal and multiple arrestee who keeps evading real punishment despite his troubling track record. This accused pedophile and domestic abuser has been charged with bestiality and killing a dog among his reported crimes. Demand justice at long last for his alleged victims.

Kitten Hurled Into Busy Roadway and Killed Deserves Justice

A kitten was thrown from a moving vehicle into a busy roadway and heinously killed in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The kitten collided with the windshield of an oncoming car, traumatizing the motorist and nearly causing an accident. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Justice for Broken, Beaten Dog Allegedly Pummeled With Belt for Urinating

A seven-year-old dog allegedly suffered severe mouth injuries, bruising, and broken ribs and eye sockets at the hands of her caretaker’s boyfriend. Bella may never be able to eat or drink normally again due to this apparent punishment for urinating on the floor. Urge justice in this disturbing case of reported animal cruelty.

Protect Belugas from Traumatic Transport

Five endangered belugas are set to travel over 470 miles to a new aquarium, a move that puts them in physical and mental danger. Demand that these plans be abandoned.

Kittens Tortured at the Hands of Unknown Abusers Deserve Justice

One kitten was rescued from a running dryer at a laundry mat, another was thrown inside a bag and tossed into traffic from a moving car, and a third was abandoned behind a dumpster with a painful infection. Demand whoever hurt these innocent animals be found and given the toughest punishment allowed for these senseless crimes.

Pony Allegedly Lethally Debilitated From Overgrown Hooves Deserves Justice

A pony’s hooves were allegedly so overgrown that her bones fused together. She was barely able to walk, per reports, and may even lose her life due to the severity of the deformity. Demand the person reportedly responsible for this animal cruelty be given a tough punishment under the law.

Cats Allegedly Covered in Fleas and Surrounded By Flies and Waste Deserve Justice

Six cats were allegedly found living amongst massive amounts of fleas, flies and trash at an abandoned residence. Rescuers reportedly had to wear hazmat suits to even enter the premises. Demand that the person accused of mistreating these innocent animals receive no mercy under the law.

Puppies Allegedly Stolen and Found Dead Deserve Justice

Police allegedly found the bodies of four stolen German shepherd puppies on private property. The remains of two puppies had apparently been burned in a fire. Demand the people reportedly responsible for these crimes receive a stringent legal sentence.

Dog Allegedly Kept Outside Starving With Large Tumor Deserves Justice

Two pit-bull type dogs were reportedly left outside, starved, and denied veterinary care. One of the animals apparently suffered from a huge, untreated tumor on her back leg. Demand the person reportedly responsible for this animal cruelty receive a lengthy prison sentence.

Implement Harsher Punishments for Animal Cruelty Offenders

Animal cruelty is not considered a felony in the state of Nevada until the person has two prior offenses, making it so many people who commit unthinkable crimes against animals are required to spend no more than six months in prison. Demand these laws change at once so that animals will be better protected.

Minks Allegedly Neglected, Abused, and Left in Their Own Filth Deserve Justice

Minks allegedly living in their own feces were forced to drag their injured bodies over mesh wire to find water. Demand whoever is responsible for farming these animals be charged and given a stringent legal sentence to make sure no other minks will have to suffer.

Dog Apparently Shot for Walking Onto Neighbor’s Property Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly shot several times after he hid underneath a neighbor’s shed trembling in fear. Demand the person accused of this atrocious animal abuse is punished.

Prevent Cruel Parrot Poaching Through Police Coordination

Illegal and deadly parrot poaching is on the rise and Brazilian police have no way to communicate or cooperate to effectively shut it down. Demand that administrative standards be established to end this cruel and greedy practice.

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