Animal Welfare

Stop Using Animals as Props on The Witcher Television Series

Lemurs and other animals are being used as props on the new season of The Witcher. They are reportedly subjected to cold temperatures and seemingly deprived of their needs. Lemurs are meant to be in the wild with the full freedom to live. Demand that the show end its use of live animals.

Dog Allegedly Beaten With Hammer in Front of Children Deserves Justice

A mother allegedly beat the family dog to death with a hammer in front of her two frightened children. Demand justice for this innocent animal and the children involved if it is found she committed this unthinkable act of animal cruelty.

Enforce Stronger Security at Animal Farm Where Bobcat was Reportedly Stolen

A 22-year-old bobcat named Blanche was reportedly stolen from an animal farm in Pennsylvania. The security door was apparently not properly shut, and no employees were present due to renovations taking place. Take action to ensure an incident like this can never happen again.

Investigate Alleged Animal Rights Abuses in “Jackass Forever”

Animal cruelty is reportedly being used for entertainment in the new movie, “Jackass Forever.” Bulls, tarantulas, and scorpions were seemingly subjected to harmful and cruel situations during various scenes. Demand that an investigation be opened to show that no one is above the law when it comes to animal cruelty, regardless of fame.

Justice for Cat Reportedly Shot in Revenge Killing

A man reportedly killed a woman’s cat with a BB gun as retaliation against her. Demand authorities prosecute this case to the fullest extent of the law.

Two Dead Dogs and 57 Other Animals Reportedly Found Starving to Death Deserve Justice

Fifty-seven dogs and cats were reportedly found starving and living in disgusting conditions. Some animals were apparently discovered huddling in feces-filled crates, and others were said to be found dead inside a home. Demand that these animals receive justice.

Stop Harmful Experimentation on Monkeys

Monkeys are being exposed to pain and suffering at national primate research centers in multiple states. Recently, three were killed in an avoidable accident. Demand an end to this cruel practice.

Justice for Pomeranian Pup Fatally Wounded by Alleged Intentional Head Trauma

A ten-month-old Pomeranian dog died from head trauma reportedly inflicted at the hands of his caretaker. Urge the system to take this tragic case of alleged animal cruelty seriously and hand down real punishment in the event of a conviction.

Dogs Reportedly Kenneled Outside in Freezing Temperatures Deserve Justice

The owner of a dog kennel is charged with multiple accounts of abuse after he allegedly caged dozens of dogs outside in freezing temperatures without access to water. One dog reportedly died, and others suffered. Demand that he is assigned the harshest penalty possible if he is convicted of animal cruelty.

Stop Inhumane Camel Wrestling Festival

Camels are being forced to wrestle each other at an inhumane “festival.” Call for an end to this event that exploits helpless animals for entertainment.

Condemn Gucci’s Exploitation of Tigers in Latest Advertisement

Gucci has used real life tigers in their newest advertisement, earning criticism from many animal rights groups. By doing this they promoting the exploitation of big cats. Demand that Gucci take responsibility for their actions and end the use of live animals in their advertisement.

Justice for 16-Year-Old Yorkie Allegedly Killed on Camera

A man was allegedly caught on video killing a 16-year-old dog and then disposing of the body in a trash can. This atrocious reported act may not have been the suspect’s first offense. Demand the legal system seek the maximum possible sentence in this disturbing case.

Puppies Allegedly Abandoned Near Busy Road Deserve Justice

Five puppies were allegedly abandoned outside next to a busy freeway. Three of them reportedly passed away as a result of being left to fend for themselves. Demand justice for these innocent puppies.

Don’t Subject Genetically Modified Animals to Abuse and Exploitation

New advances in genetic science could revolutionize the way we live. This science also holds the potential to set back animal welfare standards. Demand leaders be extra-vigilant in this delicate balancing act.

Save Nearly 2,000 Pet Store Animals From Death

Nearly 2,000 small animals blamed for a pet store Covid outbreak will soon be put to death. Call for a humane approach and help end this needless slaughter.

Don’t Farm and Slaughter Octopuses for Food

Many hundreds of octopuses will suffer and die if a first-of-its-kind “octopus farm” opens. Save these intelligent, sensitive animals from a cruel fate.

Free Lolita the Orca From Torturous Captivity

Lolita, an orca being held in captivity, appears to be suffering terribly. Demand this majestic creature be saved from more agony.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Abused in Training Center

A dog was allegedly slammed to the ground by a trainer in a video that went viral. This sparked major outrage and an investigation, but no statement has been made by the trainer entrusted with this animal’s care. Demand that the training center take responsibility if reports of abuse prove true.

Stop Endangering Wild Horses in Government-Backed Roundup

Four wild horses died during a government-backed wild horse roundup. These cruel events are meant to curb overpopulation and protect land; however, they seem to do more harm than good. Demand an immediate end to roundups and ensure the safety of wild horses.

Justice for 17 Horses Reportedly On Brink of Starvation

Seventeen horses nearly died of starvation because of neglect by their caretaker, according to reports. Demand authorities fully prosecute this case.

Justice for Endangered Tiger Killed Due to Careless Mistake

A zoo worker reportedly broke into an endangered tiger enclosure. When authorities arrived, they were forced to kill the tiger. Demand justice for this innocent and endangered animal.

Pet Ferrets Reportedly Abandoned to Starve and Die in Park Deserve Justice

Two pet ferrets were reportedly abandoned in a park. One of the animals was malnourished, and the other was killed by a car. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Bludgeoned With Sledgehammer

A dog was reportedly bludgeoned and killed by his caretaker with a sledgehammer. Call for a fitting punishment for the alleged perpetrator.

Over 1,000 Buffalo Reportedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Hundreds of buffalo reportedly died of starvation after their owner abandoned the herd. Rescuers state those who survived were emaciated, living skin and bones. Demand justice for these animals.

Man Accused of Strangling and Kicking Cats to Death Must be Punished

Two pet cats were allegedly strangled and kicked to death. Their caretaker’s son is accused but has not even been charged with animal cruelty. Call on prosecutors to pursue justice for these innocents.

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