Animal Welfare

Seek Justice for Mini Pitbull Allegedly Thrashed Repeatedly

A mini pitbull was found with fractures and signs of beating, suggesting horrific abuse, according to reports. Seek legal repercussions for those responsible.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Kicked During Cricket Match

A distressing incident at a cricket match involved a dog reportedly kicked by security and ground staff while onlookers laughed. Call for immediate legal action against the alleged perpetrators.

Seek Justice for Shih Tzus Who Had Ears Chopped Off

Two Shih Tzus were left bloodied and mutilated in a horrifying act of violence. Demand urgent legal action against the perpetrator, once identified.

Demand Justice for Goat Reportedly Found Locked in Car Without Basic Needs

A goat, known as Nibbles, was reportedly found locked in a cage inside a car, devoid of food and water Demand legal action against this apparent repeated animal cruelty.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Struck and Choked by Walker

A professional walker allegedly struck a dog and lifted the animal by the collar while on a walk. Demand legal action against this apparent cruelty.

Stop Allegedly Skinning Pythons Alive for Luxury Fashion

Pythons are allegedly subjected to brutal conditions for fashion items. Demand an immediate cessation of these practices.

Demand Justice for Cat Reportedly Dropped in Classroom Experiment

A teacher allegedly dropped his cat during a physics experiment, causing public outrage. Demand legal accountability for the apparent mistreatment.

Seek Justice for Rooster Allegedly Sacrificed For Rituals

A ritual involving the sacrifice of a rooster was reportedly carried out during a metro construction project. Demand immediate legal attention and action.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Blinded With Spray Foam

A dog was reportedly found with its eyes completely covered in spray foam. Demand strict legal repercussions.

Seek Justice for Dog Allegedly Struck Multiple Times on Head

Surveillance footage reportedly captures egregious animal cruelty. Demand immediate and stern legal action against the alleged perpetrator.

Newborn Puppies Apparently Starved as Mother Dog Struggled to Help Deserve Justice

Puppies have been reportedly found dead and in distress due to alleged neglect. Call for legal action against those responsible.

Demand Justice for Dogs Allegedly Kept in Overcrowded Shelters

Over 140 dogs were seized due to alleged neglect and poor living conditions. Demand action against those flouting animal welfare regulations.

Dogs Allegedly Found Dead in Freezer Deserve Justice

In a shocking discovery, 53 dogs were reportedly found living in deplorable conditions. Demand rigorous legal action against the person allegedly responsible.

Demand Justice for Camel Allegedly Abused in the Name of Tourism

A vacation video sparked outrage, reportedly showing the abuse of a camel. Take a stand against animal cruelty in the tourism industry.

Demand Justice for Animals Vulnerable to Harmful Festival Celebrations

Animals are exposed to potentially toxic colors during festivities. Call for legal action against this harmful practice.

Innocent Terrier Mix Allegedly Strangled to Death Deserves Justice

A terrier mix met a cruel fate, allegedly strangled to death. Demand prosecution for the alleged perpetrator.

Terrified Puppies Dumped in Various Locations Deserve Justice

Five puppies faced a harrowing ordeal, dumped in various locations. Call for legal action against those responsible for this cruelty.

Heroic Dog Allegedly Killed While Saving Owner During Home Invasion Deserves Justice

A valiant dog named Angel allegedly lost her life defending her family from an intruder. Demand accountability and stringent legal repercussions for this appalling act.

Animals Allegedly Refused Welfare Check by Caretaker Deserve Justice

Thirty-eight animals were reportedly rescued from severe neglect. Demand accountability and proper care for these innocent beings.

Don’t Subject Animals to Potentially Terrifying, Stressful Spectacle for Entertainment

A large fair involves a “calf scramble” and “sheep wrangling” that apparently subject animals to intense trauma. Call for its immediate cancellation.

Seek Justice for Starved Cats Allegedly Forced Into Cannibalism

Reportedly, cats starved in a pound were forced into cannibalism. Demand accountability and humane treatment reforms.

Take Action Against False Animal Cruelty Allegations

A surge in false abuse reports diverts critical resources from genuine cases. Demand accountability for those misusing the system.

Dogs Allegedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

Four dogs were reportedly discovered in states of severe emaciation, with five more found deceased, allegedly due to starvation. Call for stringent legal consequences for those implicated in this egregious animal cruelty.

Seek Justice for Golden Retriever Allegedly Found Lifeless in Sack

A golden retriever was allegedly found lifeless, hidden in a sack. Demand stringent legal repercussions for this alleged act.

Seek Justice for Dogs Allegedly Poisoned With Ammonia and Suffocated

Eighty-six dogs were found reportedly living in deplorable conditions, facing apparent neglect. Seek legal repercussions for those allegedly responsible.

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