Animal Welfare

Justice for 300+ Dogs Reportedly Rescued From Largest Dogfighting Ring in State History

More than 300 dogs were reportedly rescued from the largest dogfighting ring in South Carolina history. Demand justice for these terribly abused dogs.

Stop Allowing the Sale of Puppy Mill Dogs

Puppy mills abusively churn out unhealthy dogs like an assembly line, and shockingly they are still legal. We must act now to stop puppy mills.

Stop Abusing Circus Animals With Electric Prods and Metal Hooks for Entertainment

Circus animals are regularly beaten with electric prods and sharp metal hooks to teach them to perform for humans. Demand an end to this disgusting abuse.

Success: Animals Will Be Protected From Natural Disasters

During natural disasters, animals are typically abandoned to face the harsh elements alone. In the wake of increasingly frequent weather events, certain animal care facilities are now required to develop escape plans for their animals. Thank Congress for saving the lives of thousands of innocent animals and for protecting them from the effects of climate change.

Stop Torturing, Asphyxiating and Decapitating Animals for Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic testing can include injecting animals with toxins, dripping chemicals into their eyes, force-feeding them dangerous substances, and eventually condemning the animals to a brutal death. We must put an end to these barbaric practices.

Stop Animal Abusers and Stop Child Abusers

Tens of millions of animals face abuse by humans and this cruelty is often connected to violence against children. Demand stricter laws against animal abuse in order to protect animals and children.

Turn Exploitative Zoos Into Animal Recovery Centers

Animals in zoos and aquariums endure extreme physical and psychological trauma. Demand the U.S. ban these abusive institutions and, instead, convert them into animal conservation and recovery centers.

Justice for 100 Animals Living ‘In Filth’ and In ‘Extremely Unsanitary Conditions’

A hundred animals, including dogs, cats, sheep, horses, goats, turkeys, chickens, and baby ducks, were apparently “living in filth” in “extremely unsanitary conditions.” Fortunately, they have been rescued, but justice must be served.

Stop Universities From Torturing Lab Animals

Duke University has reportedly underfed lab animals, denied them veterinary care, and did not give them adequate pain relief following experiments. This violates the most basic standards of animal care and treatment. Demand Duke and other research institutions across the country take better care of their animals.

Protect Zoo Animals From Abuse and Early Death With Mandated Reporting

Many animals held captive at zoos suffer severe physical abuse and psychological trauma, and they have minimal legal protection. Demand the government mandate reporting of animal death to reduce animal abuse in zoos and to hold abusive zookeepers legally accountable for their actions.

Stop Cutting Open Greyhounds for Entertainment

Greyhound dogs are being cut open and artificially inseminated to produce more puppies for the abusive racing industry. Speak out against this cruel and unnecessary procedure.

Protect Animals From Physical and Emotional Pain and Suffering

Animals experience many of the same feelings, moods, and emotions as people and their wellbeing is equally as important. The U.S., however, has no legal recognition of this, putting them in danger of continued suffering. Demand the U.S. protect animals from physical and emotional cruelty.

Exotic Animals With Reported Curved Spines, Missing Hair, and Confined to Tiny Cages Deserve Justice

A roadside zoo was accused of keeping tigers, monkeys, and other exotic wild animals imprisoned without sanitary conditions or access to appropriate veterinary care. Some of the animals apparently had curved spines, missing hair, and were unable to open their eyes. Demand the government do more to protect animals from abuse-for-profit.

Stop Letting Cows and Sheep Suffer During Heat Waves

Farm animals exposed to excess heat and sun often suffer immensely and can even die from heat stroke. Demand farmers provide their animals with unlimited access to shade in the wake of increasingly frequent and extreme heat waves.

Don’t Let “Organic” Farms Keep Animals in Cramped, Tiny Cages

Meat and dairy products labeled as “organic” oftentimes falsely insinuate that farmed animals were treated with care. However, many “organic” farms still confine pigs to tiny cages and prevent chickens from going outside. Demand standards for organic products are heightened and animal welfare is improved.

Success: Animal Welfare Violations Must Now Be Reported

All instances of animal abuse on farms, roadside zoos, breeding facilities, and research institutions must now be fully reported. Thank Congress for upholding animal welfare standards and for helping to keep animals safe.

Don’t Force Pregnant Pigs Into Cruel Confinement at High-End Meat Farms

Sows are reportedly being artificially impregnated at high-end meat farms and thrown into crates barely large enough for them to fit. This not only affects the sow, but her piglets as well. Demand a general ban on gestation crates and do better to improve the welfare of pigs on farms.

Don’t Let Convicted Animal Cruelty Offenders Continue Cycle of Abuse

Individuals convicted of animal cruelty pose an imminent danger to other living beings. Demand lawmakers enact tougher restrictions that will better protect at-risk animals.

Promote Cruelty-Free Meat Alternatives

Functionally equivalent, cruelty-free meat alternatives are expected to hit national markets as early as 2023. Farmer coalitions, however, are advocating against labeling cultured-meat with the same terms used for meat harvested from slain animals. Demand equal labeling and help promote humane meat options.

Stop Caging Lab Animals in Tiny, Barren Cells

Laboratory animals are kept in barren, isolated cages and denied their natural instincts to forage, hunt, socialize, and play. Demand that labs are required to provide animals with environmental enrichment tools to better their mental and emotional welfare.

Stop Letting Animal Abusers Get Away With Their Crimes

Commercial animal abusers are routinely ignored by the government, which allows the abuse to continue. Demand action be taken to shut down abusive facilities immediately.

Stop Confining Chickens to Small, Filthy Cages

Chickens on battery-farms are forced to spend their entire lives in tiny, overcrowded cages with no access to sunlight and no room to stand. Australia has promised to phase out this cruel agricultural practice by the year 2036, but that’s not soon enough. Demand a ban on battery-cages now.

Stop Suffocating Millions of Terrified Animals on the Way to Slaughter

Millions of animals die stuffed inside transport vehicles without air or water before they even make it to the slaughterhouse. Call for an end to this horrific cruelty.

Don’t Let Vehicles Become Death Chambers for Dogs

Dogs are being baked alive in overheated cars. These agonizing deaths could be prevented with stronger punishments for reckless pet caretakers. Demand stricter laws against leaving pets in hot cars.

Cats and Dogs Reportedly Found Covered in Maggots and Living in Filth Deserve Justice

Thirty-three dogs, cats, and puppies were reportedly found covered in maggots and with broken bones, mange, and parasite infections. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

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