Success: Coca-Cola Vows to Transition Towards Plant-Based Plastics

Target: James Quincey, Chief Executive Officer of Coca-Cola

Goal: Thank Coca-Cola for setting reusable packaging targets and taking action to reduce their contribution to global climate change and plastic pollution.

For the fourth consecutive year, Coca-Cola has been named the top plastic polluter in the world. This global company’s mass production of petroleum-based plastic single-use bottles–of which they sell over 100 billion every year–has significantly clogged our oceans, killing millions of plant and wildlife species. Each of these 100 billion bottles can take up to 450 years to decompose, and even then, the plastics will not be completely gone, and can remain in our environments for tens of thousands of years after. Not to mention, the manufacturing of these and other plastics depends on fossil fuel emissions, which contribute to the already prominent effects of global warming.

In this previous ForceChange petition, people called on major corporations to stop clogging the oceans with plastic that never breaks down. And, now, after years of confrontation by environmental activists, Coca-Cola has finally made a vow to transition towards more economically friendly packaging alternatives. By the year 2023, Coca-Cola aims to go completely plastic-free. Instead, the company will use biodegradable, plant-based bottles which will not linger in our environment for centuries after. If composed, these eco-friendly bottles would take just about a year to fully decompose.

Sign this petition to thank the Coca-Cola company for taking action to reduce their footprints, and for setting an example for other large companies to take similar initiatives.


Dear CEO Quincey,

We at the ForceChange community would like to thank you for your commitment to making the Coca-Cola company more sustainable. After years of being one of the leading contributors to plastic pollution and global warming, we are pleased to see that you are recognizing your own company’s faults and are taking the necessary steps towards becoming completely plastic free.

The biodegradable plastics will save the lives of tens of thousands of marine plants and animals, and will help to restore ecosystems damaged by single-use plastics. Your initiation towards using manufacturing methods that do not involve fossil fuels is equally important, especially in light of recent events, such as the record-breaking flooding in Yellowstone National Park and Pakistan.

May your honorable transition away from nonbiodegradable plastics influence other large corporations to follow in your footsteps. Thank you, again, for taking a stance on environmental pollution and climate change.


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Photo Credit: Prachatai

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