Five Guys: Add Vegetarian and Vegan Options to Your Menu

Target: Jerry Murrell, CEO of Five Guys

Goal: Demand Five Guys join other large chains in making vegetarian meal options available.

Several large fastfood corporations–including McDonald’s, Burger King, and Shake Shack–have opted to meet customer demands and now offer plant-based alternatives to the their most commonly ordered meals. Others, however, are still refusing to provide vegans and vegetarians with suitable alternatives to inhumane meat products. One such chain that does not accommodate vegans and vegeterians is Five Guys.

This semi-fastfood burger joint has been an American favorite for the last 30+ years, and still only offers meat burgers despite the number of cost-effective, humane plant-based hotdogs and burgers–including black bean, Impossible, and Beyond Meat options–that exist today. Although an estimated 20 million Americans are vegeterians or vegans, Five Guys has largely failed to adapt to the changing market and to provide for 5% of the nation.

Sign this petition to demand Five Guys follow in other company’s footsteps and introduce vegan burger and hotdog options.


Dear CEO Murrell,

Many fastfood chains–such as your competitors like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Shake Shack–have started offering humane, plant-based alternatives to popular menu items. These changes have been met with great success. For example, just three years after it was initially introduced, Burger King’s Impossible whopper is the fourth most popular item on the menu today.

By not catering to vegetarian and vegans throughout the country, you are missing out on an entire 5% of the population. Humane alternatives to meat products are cost-effective and abundant, and there are no excuses for not providing 20 million Americans with viable meal replacement options.

We are asking you, Mr. Murrell, to make plant-based alternatives to burgers and hot dogs available on the Five Guys’ menu. You will not only be helping reduce the suffering of animals on factory farms throughout the U.S., but you will also be helping your own company.


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Photo Credit: Julia Rubinic

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  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    People want vegetarian and vegan options!

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