Articles written by: Nalak Dasgupta

Nathan has been circling the internet since the dawn of web 2.0. He has seen the web evolve over the last 12 years and so has him. He has always believed and perceived the internet as a powerful entity, one soul, capable of a unified voice against injustice. He also believes in the inherent goodness of man to be a force of positive change in a difficult world.

Success: Tesla’s Reportedly Dangerous Self-Driving Cars Under Investigation

The Autopilot suite in Tesla vehicles has been under the scanner of federal agencies due to its alleged responsibility for multiple crashes. The Department of Justice requested further clarifications from the company on this matter. Acknowledge this timely action taken by the US Government.

Demand Fast Track Trial of Alleged Drug Kingpin

A former top Mexican official was arrested in the US on alleged involvement with drug money. Illegal drug distribution costs millions in taxpayer money every year and this case could make a difference. Demand a speedy trial to bring the truth to light.

Demand Better Pay for Healthcare Workers

The United Kingdom is arguably facing the biggest public health crisis in its history. Thousands of healthcare professionals have come together for the first time, asking for better pay. Demand an immediate resolution of this serious issue.

Enforce Landmark Environmental Justice Law

It has been more than two years since an important environmental justice law passed in New Jersey, but it awaits effective implementation from policymakers. Demand speedy enforcement of the landmark law to protect overburdened communities.

Success: Virginia Senate Passes Powerful Gun Control Bills

Several crucial gun control bills were passed in the Virginia Senate. This is a welcome first step toward setting up precedent-setting laws. Appreciate these timely actions undertaken at the Senate to prevent firearms abuse.

Drop Possible Felony Charges Against Human Rights Defenders

Two human rights defenders were arrested after they volunteered in search and rescue operations for refugees stranded at the sea. Demand the Greek court drop all charges against these internationally known heroines.

Demand Justice for Youth Shot Dead by Police Officers

An 18-year-old was shot dead by the police in Baltimore. The state attorney decided against pressing charges on the officers responsible for the killing. Demand change to end police brutality in the USA.

Demand Abortion Access for Low Income Populations

One of the largest governing bodies aims to overturn a discriminatory provision that obstructs the full range of reproductive health services for low-income groups. Support this important cause to secure federal funding for abortion.

Demand Justice for Murdered Environmental Activists

Two prominent environmental activists were shot dead in an alleged robbery. The murders have sparked an international uproar seeking justice for the water defenders. Demand a speedy independent investigation of the incident.

Success: Elementary School Installs Latest Metal Detectors

After a 6-year-old’s shooting of a teacher at school, the community demanded better safety measures. Appreciate this timely step taken to ensure teacher and student safety from gun violence.

Demand Tougher Restrictions on Cancer Causing Herbicide

The herbicide glyphosate causes aggravated cancer risks, according to a new study. This controversial chemical has so far managed to remain off the hook despite billions spent in lawsuit settlements with cancer victims. Demand the EPA impose tougher restrictions to address this public health crisis.

Stop Marine Plastic Pollution

Marine plastic pollution is a growing problem and whales and dolphins are paying the price with their health and even their lives. Not only does this harm wildlife, it also cripples the global fishing industry. Demand the International Whaling Commission develop a rapid action blueprint to curb the menace of plastic debris in oceans.

Success: Global Elite Agree to Faster Renewable Energy Transition

The fossil fuel status quo is shifting to renewable energy. Business leaders and policymakers at the World Economic Forum unanimously agreed on the need for a new economy supported by renewables. Celebrate this milestone shift in global energy policies.

Improve Safety Measures in Schools Following Reported Shooting of Teacher

A teacher was reportedly shot by an elementary school student, calling attention to school safety concerns in the USA. Several teachers, parents, and students recently met the school board to present their views. Demand Newport News Public Schools pay urgent attention to implementing safe learning conditions.

Fast Track Investigation Into Potentially Dangerous Tesla Autopilot Feature

Tesla’s much-hyped autopilot technology has been involved in several fatalities in recent years. The Department of Transportation recently initiated an investigation into an eight-vehicle crash disrupting the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Demand a speedy resolution of the probe to ensure the safety of America’s roads.

Push for Tougher Gun Control Laws in Virginia

Gun violence in the United States is one of the largest preventable causes of death. Democrats in the State of Virginia are pushing hard for tougher gun control laws in the 2023 legislative session. Demand state lawmakers take positive action to restrict the firearms menace.

Support a Faster Renewable Energy Transition

The World Economic Forum could help enact defining policies to tackle climate change. The Davos event advertises clean energy as a key agenda. Demand the U.S. delegation push for a rapid transition to renewables.

Demand Elon Musk Reinstate Twitter Trust and Safety Council

Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council was axed last month by Elon Musk, leading to a dramatic rise in hate speech. The volunteer council played an invaluable role creating a safe space for diverse points of view. Demand the reinstatment of the Trust and Safety Council with immediate notice.

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