Articles written by: Nalak Dasgupta

Nathan has been circling the internet since the dawn of web 2.0. He has seen the web evolve over the last 12 years and so has him. He has always believed and perceived the internet as a powerful entity, one soul, capable of a unified voice against injustice. He also believes in the inherent goodness of man to be a force of positive change in a difficult world.

Ban Underage Marriage to Protect Children From Sexual Predators

Underage marriage is currently legal in all but seven US states. This gives sexual predators an opportunity to hurt vulnerable children without repercussions. Demand an immediate stop to this unthinkable human rights abuse.

Success: Allegedly Corrupt Prime Minister Will be Prosecuted to Fullest Extent

After a prime minister was indicted on charges of breach of trust, bribery, and fraud, his ruling party allegedly tried to illegally influence his ongoing trial to keep him in office. Thanks to protestors, this violation of justice has been prevented. Acknowledge this important success of the judicial system.

Protect Hundreds of Historic Trees Threatened by Construction

Hundreds of ancient trees along a historic road are at risk of being cut down due to the construction of a series of bridges. The only way to save them is to name them as historical landmarks. Demand the administration act now before it’s too late.

Success: School Workers Granted Higher Wages and Healthcare

Thousands of striking school workers demanded higher wages and healthcare and the authorities have relented. It’s a major victory for social justice and fundamental human rights. Celebrate this historic success in solidarity with these determined workers.

Protect the Public From Dangerous Toxic Chemicals

Crucial updated regulations of toxic chemicals have been repeatedly delayed, potentially due to political ambitions. This puts both the environment and innocent people at risk. Demand the policymakers act fast and enact a powerful regulatory system.

Success: Potential Poisoning Disguised as Humanitarian Aid Under Review

The European Union reportedly shipped pesticide-laden food to African countries under the guise of humanitarian aid. Thanks to human rights advocates, a review of these shipping policies and ideas for sustainable investment in Africa are being discussed. Acknowledge this important step taken in the right direction.

Support School Workers Struggling With Dire Poverty

Thousands of impoverished school workers have embarked on a major strike. They claim minimum wage salaries are driving them below the poverty line. Demand better pay for school staff who dedicate their lives so that students can have a bright future.

Demand a Community Health Study After Disastrous Chemical Spill

A disastrous chemical spill in Alberta was reportedly kept under wraps for nine months. Even now, there has been no complete official assessment of the community damage. Demand the federal government investigate the apparent cover-up and initiate a health study of the aftereffects.

Issue a Most Wanted Notice for Controversial Godman

A self-styled godman wanted on charges of rape and abduction in India has allegedly duped more than 30 US cities by representing a fictional country. Three members of the Congress have also reportedly awarded the country special recognition. Demand the FBI issue a most wanted notice for this international fugitive.

Stop Imposing Financial Burdens on Low-Income Groups

The government has been accused of suppressing public dissent in a region of India. Protests have erupted against the imposition of a property tax and higher electricity bills. Demand the authorities roll back the new tax with immediate effect.

Success: Striking Healthcare Workers Receive Well-Deserved Pay Increase

Healthcare workers in the United Kingdom have clinched a major victory after months of striking. The government has relented to a pay hike after initially refusing its mere possibility. Applaud the tough fight put up by thousands of hospital staff to claim the right to a better life.

End Disastrous, Toxic Landfill Fire Hazards

A massive landfill fire that blazed for 12 days may cause acid rain. The authorities had no backup plan in place to tackle such an unforeseen disaster. Demand the formulation of an emergency response plan to ensure the safety of citizens.

Twitter: Don’t be a Propaganda Machine for Mexican Drug Cartels

Twitter is reportedly becoming the propaganda machine for Mexican drug cartels. Cartel members are apparently openly flaunting videos of decapitated heads and using hardcore images as profile banners. Demand Twitter to suspend the accounts of narco groups.

Stop Genetically Modified Fruit Fly From Entering the Food Chain

A genetically modified fruit fly that could have devastating environmental impacts may soon be released into the wild. While the goal is to benefit both public health and agriculture, more studies are needed to ensure the safety of the food chain. Demand the Canadian government hold back until an assessment can be completed.

Compensate Families of Migrants Who Died Due to Alleged Slavery

Reportedly, more than 6,500 migrant workers have died in the preparations for the Qatar FIFA World Cup. Poor working conditions and a biased labor code are apparently to blame. Demand FIFA compensate the migrant worker’s families and end its own alleged human rights abuses.

Ask the Fed to Make Climate Change a Top Priority

The climate crisis threatens the U.S. and global economies. Green investments and the cost of recuperating from adverse weather effects are already worth billions. Demand the Federal Reserve address this challenge head-on.

Put a Stop to Reportedly Hazardous Emissions from Petrochemical Facility

A petrochemical unit has been accused of releasing extremely high levels of toxic emissions. The pollutant is likely to be carcinogenic. Demand the facility take immediate measures to mitigate the potential public health risk.

Defend Democracy by Supporting Free and Fair Elections

The president of Mexico stands accused of hijacking the right to vote by defunding the top electoral body. This would limit their ability to oversee election spending and disqualify non-compliant candidates. Stand in solidarity with protesters to reverse the reforms and defend democracy.

Shut Down Oil Drilling Project That Endangers Salmon

The pending construction of a controversial deepwater oil project could endanger salmon and produce environmentally toxic greenhouse gas. Demand the legal system overturn the approval of this fossil fuel project.

Save Alaskan Wilderness From Destructive Oil Drilling Project

Pristine Alaskan wilderness is facing catastrophe at the hands of Big Oil. Demand an end to this environmentally destructive project.

Success: Nations Agree on Historic Treaty for Marine Conservation

In a historic breakthrough for biodiversity following decades of negotiation, UN delegates have agreed on a framework for protecting life in the oceans. Celebrate this crucial success that can be instrumental in protecting the worldwide high seas ecosystem.

Demand Guidelines for Socially Conscious Investing During Climate Crisis

As Climate Change ravages the world, socially conscious investments are more important than ever. However, parameters for these sustainable investments remain a mystery due to a lack of publication. Demand the Indian Central Bank issue enforceable guidelines with active incentives.

Success: US Expresses Support for Human Rights Movement

The US announced its dedicated support of human rights in Tunisia. The timely intervention can have a crucial impact in restoring order following racist remarks by the President. Acknowledge the important role played by the US government in upholding the ethos of democracy.

Stop Legal Poisoning of Third World Countries

Parliamentarians have accused first-world countries of unfair trade and deceit towards poorer nations. Toxic food products that are otherwise banned are being sent to other countries as humanitarian aid. Protest these discriminatory practices.

Demand a Public Apology From Racist Comic

A reputed comic strip artist has unleashed a tirade of racist remarks on his YouTube channel. Consequently, leading newspapers across America have suspended its publication. Demand a public apology from the cartoon man.

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