Shut Down Oil Drilling Project That Endangers Salmon

Target: David Lametti, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada

Goal: Stop drilling for fossil fuels and invest in clean energy.

Last year, the Canadian Environment and Climate Change Minister Steven Guilbeault approved the Equinor Bay du Nord deepwater drilling project. He stated that the decision was among the most difficult choices of his career, citing that the environmental assessment was “rigorous and thorough.” Before becoming a minister, Guilbeault had spent years as an activist fighting new fossil fuel projects and was one of the founding members of Equiterre. The environmental review was conducted by the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada, which analyzed the information provided by Equinor and found that they had nothing else to add. However, Ecojustice, representing Equiterre, Sierra Club Canada, and Mi’gmawe’l Tplu’taqnn Incorporated (MTI) has challenged Guilbeault’s decision in court. They argue that the project is both “unreasonable and unconstitutional” because of an inherently flawed assessment.

Lawyers argue that the approval is unconstitutional because the federal Impact Assessment Agency failed to account for the greenhouse gas caused due to ‘downstream emissions,’ a term used to denote the burning of oil produced in a fossil fuel project. In addition, the proposed project has overlooked the effect of tanker activity on salmon migration routes. Atlantic salmons are listed as an ‘endangered’ species in the Species at Risk Act. Besides, the possibility of an oil spill in the uncharted routes can endanger the fishing rights of the First Nations, which are protected by the constitution.

The environment minister has stated that the proposed project adheres to Canada’s climate goals as it commits to strive for net-zero emissions by the year 2050. Ecojustice lawyer Anna McIntosh has cited the International Energy Agency (IEA) to present the counter-argument. Almost a year prior to the approval of Bay du Nord, the IEA has stated that, going forward, the world should refrain from giving the green signal to any new fossil fuel project.

It’s high time that world leaders realize that approving new fossil fuel projects is futile and unsustainable as it would push the planet to catastrophe. The attraction of revenue and the offset of the debt crisis should never justify the destruction of the ecosystem. Sign this petition to demand a stop on the lucrative deepwater drilling project.


Dear Attorney General Lametti,

Environmentalists have challenged the Bay du Nord deepwater drilling project, citing that the approval process was “unreasonable and unconstitutional.” Minister of Environment Steven Guilbeault approved the project based on a review by the federal Impact Assessment Agency. The agency analyzed the environment fact sheet provided by Equinor but overlooked the effect of downstream emissions, which was ignored in the data set.

In addition, the proposed project affects the constitutional fishing rights of the First Nations as it ignores the effect of tanker activity on Atlantic salmon migration routes. The salmon are listed as an endangered species in the Species at Risk Act.

Equinor wants to dismiss the case and you are about to present your arguments to the court. We ask you, Attorney General Lametti, to do what is right and fight for climate justice.


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Photo Credit: Antti Lipponen

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  1. Climate is a world problem. What happens in Canada affects other countries. We must have a tough world organization which has the power over countries who inflict such damage to those living close by. The fish are necessary and you know that to be a fact. Animals need to eat. Whales need to eat and people also need to eat. Who made you the decision maker for what lives are impacted by your excuses? There are ni excuses. This is both greed. You are both responsible and accountable for this fossil fuel damage. How do you plan to pay for the damage caused?????

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