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Target: Alejandro Gertz Manero, Attorney General of Mexico

Goal: Overturn the legislation to limit the powers of the top electoral body in Mexico.

The Mexican government recently passed a set of sweeping electoral reforms aimed at curtailing the power of the National Electoral Institute (INE). The new legislation plans to strip the INE of its powers by largely defunding it and limiting its authority to conduct a fair election. The INE is a crucial constitutional body in the young democracy, which had an authoritarian regime up to 2000. According to reports, 500,000 protesters gathered in Mexico City in the biggest demonstration against these reforms orchestrated by the government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. Protesters gathered in Zocalo Square, wrapped in pink and white, to represent their support for the INE.

President Obrador has justified the move on cost grounds. He has been a longstanding critic of the way the INE conducts elections. After losing the election in 2006 and 2012, he denied the results, claiming them to be fraudulent. This year, he accused the top electoral body of cheating, falsification, and aiding in vote buying. He has remained equally defiant to the recent protests, branding the protesters as thieves and supporters of elitist policies. The new legislation will also limit the authority of the INE to oversee election spending and disqualify non-compliant candidates.

To protesters, the INE stands as a vibrant symbol of democracy. In addition, it is an issue close to the heart of many Mexicans as the INE issues voter identification cards, which are the primary ID document for most citizens. Lopez Obrador plans to move the INE from its authorized offices to other government venues such as schools and health centers. Protesters believe that their security and confidentiality are at risk with such a decision. According to an estimate, the reforms will cut the staff power of the INE by as much as 85%. Also, without any official control over electoral spending, the President might be encouraging vote buying, ironically the same issue that he has highlighted to justify his decision.

The protesters are demanding the Supreme Court render the new legislation unconstitutional. The US Department of State has hailed the political debate around the electoral overhaul. Lopez Obrador has accused the US of meddling with Mexico’s internal affairs. Stand in solidarity with Mexican defenders of democracy by signing this petition.


Dear Attorney General Gertz Manero,

Major demonstrations took place all over Mexico in recent days to protest the electoral reforms directed at the INE. The President has justified the new reforms as a way to save costs, but he has also limited the powers of the INE to monitor electoral spending.

The reforms are close to the heart of thousands of Mexicans as the INE is one of the strongest democratic institutions in the country. In addition, many citizens are apprehensive as the new reforms plan to limit the authority of the INE to issue voter identification cards.

The protesters want the Supreme Court to render the new legislation unconstitutional. We demand that you rise to the occasion and be the voice of the people of Mexico.


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