Demand a Public Apology From Racist Comic

Target: Scott Adams, Comic Artist

Goal: Apologize for offensive rant about Black people and denounce racism.

Dilbert is silent; no witty comebacks. All hell has broken loose on comic creator Scott Adams following his racist rant on YouTube. Adams was commenting on a conservative survey on Black Americans who responded to the notorious catch line, “It’s OK to be White.” His take on the survey: if nearly half of Black Americans are not OK with being white, they make a ‘hate group.’ He went on to rant that white people should “get the hell away,” before dropping the f-bomb.

The bomb exploded. Ipso facto, Adams’ reputation has been destroyed. The damage has been apocalyptic. The USA Today Network, controlling more than 300 local media outlets, has quit Dilbert. Chris Quinn, editor at The Plain Dealer of Cleveland said it is no home for racists and they certainly don’t want to provide any financial support. The Washington Post stated that it is ceasing the publication of Dilbert in light of Adams’ statements ‘promoting segregation.’ Gannett, the parent organization of The USA Today Network tweeted its commitment to inclusion and to maintaining a respectful environment for all communities. The Los Angeles Times and the Boston Globe have also followed suit. To top it off, Andrews McMeel Universal, the syndicate distributing Adams’ work has announced that it has cut all ties with him.

Adams has lost his deal with Penguin Random House’s business imprint portfolio. They have announced the cancellation of his upcoming book, ‘Reframe Your Brain,’ originally slated for a September 2023 release. Adams has said that he is unsure about the future of his magnum opus, “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big.” It’s funny (pun intended) that he said he knew this would happen. “By Monday, I should be mostly canceled.”

Despite his attempts to be pitiable, Adams has not apologized. He is yet to explain his racist rant, conjuring hate speech veiled as a condemnation of hate. Demand a public apology from Scott Adams for offending core American values.


Dear Mr. Adams,

It’s wrong to call Black Americans a hate group. You have cited a conservative survey on your show, “Real Coffee with Scott Adams,” claiming it’s not you, it’s them. Then, you have confessed to advising white people to “get the hell away,” before dropping the f-bomb. One should be careful about ‘free speech.’

Being racist is wrong. Dilbert can’t agree more after having lost his game. Your syndicate partner, Andrews McMeel Universal has canceled you. The USA Today Network, operating hundreds of newspapers, has pulled the plug. The Plain Dealer of Cleveland has said that it’s no home for racists. The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, and the Boston Globe have decided to remove Dilbert from the books. The business imprint portfolio of Penguin Random House has announced that it won’t go ahead with publishing ‘Reframe Your Brain.’

Mr. Adams, we demand a public apology for offending core American values.


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Photo Credit: Mark Anderson

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