Protect Bamboo From Extinction

Target: Huang Runqiu, Minister of the People’s Republic of China’s Ecology and Environment Ministry

Goal: Protect native bamboo populations from extinction.

As of the early 2000s, nearly 1,200 bamboo populations across the world have slowly dwindled. Bamboo is native to tropical and sub-tropical environments, with the proper soil components found in Asia, South America, and parts of Australia, Africa and Southern North America. Specifically, the largest number of bamboo populations can be found in China. Pandas rely on bamboo for most of their nutrition, as do elephants and certain gorilla, lemur, monkey and rat species. As bamboo has dwindled due to climate change and increased consumer need for the plant, the animals that consume bamboo have declined as well.

Bamboo is incredibly beneficial to the global biosphere and assists in decreasing deforestation and the use of fossil fuels. With the decrease of this plant, native animal populations lack nutrition. Bamboo promotes sustainability and increases the cultivation of other plant life within China and other tropical environments.

Bamboo grows at a rapid rate, but it is being cut down faster than it is growing. Organic bamboo populations need to be preserved in order to sustain pandas and other bamboo-dependent species. With the increasing risk of climate change and deforestation, bamboo needs to be preserved and implemented into Chinese forests with the proper environments to sustain its growth.

Sign the petition below to urge the minister of China’s Ministry of Ecology and Environment to incorporate bamboo populations throughout China to prevent the plant’s extinction. Bamboo is a vital part of sustaining existing wildlife populations within China, and its production must be promoted.


Dear Minister Runqiu,

Bamboo populations continue to decrease as climate change and deforestation worsen. Bamboo is vital to sustaining pandas and other wildlife within China and across the world. Bamboo helps to prevent deforestation and the impact of fossil fuels on the environment. These plants need to be preserved and their growth needs to be promoted throughout China in order to provide nutrients to wildlife and improve the environment.

If nothing is done to cultivate bamboo populations, climate change will continue to kill them off, leading to the decrease of China’s wildlife. This plant allows for environmental sustainability and improves the overall biosphere of forests and other plant life.

I urge you to promote the cultivation of bamboo in all environments that allow it. Wildlife and the global environment will benefit from the increase in bamboo.


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  1. Bamboo must be protected. The Pandas would starve without it and the world would be beyond sad if there were no pandas. As important as food for the pandas is the fact bamboo can be a fiber which is beyond compare. The silly road could become the bamboo road of present day. Respectfully this plant is too valuable to allow to go extinct. The whole world would be at a loss without Bamboo. Please take care to watch that the species of bamboo are given the attention needed to continue their growth. We haven’t seen the horror of the coming years with climate change. We need to prepare now. Thank you.

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