Articles written by: Cameron Jenkins

Stop the Spread of Covid-19 at Costco Stores

Costco’s nearly 100 million customers must flock to the stores to redeem their member coupons, exposing themselves and others to Covid-19. Call upon this company to make these member checks redeemable online, so people can stay home and stop the spread of the global virus.

Demand Godiva Chocolate Stop Reported Use of Child Labor

Over 2 million children labor in fields in horrible conditions to feed the $100 billion chocolate industry. Godiva apparently needs to do more to ensure its chocolates do not contain the sweat and blood of abused children. Sign this petition to ensure Godiva takes a strong stance against unethical labor practices.

Make the Circus Cruelty-Free

Circus animals are mistreated and forced to perform for people’s entertainment. Abusive handlers are not held accountable for their horrific actions. Sign this petition to stop animals from being exploited by the circus industry.

Success: Canada Has Banned Assault-Style Weapons

Assault rifles and other deadly weapons will be removed from Canadian streets, allowing citizens to rest easy. These weapons will no longer be available for madmen to use against innocent people in the deadly mass shootings that ravage our communities. Thank the Prime Minister of Canada for prohibiting them.

End Cruel, Unnecessary School Animal Dissections

The dissection of animals is an archaic practice that is still common in biology classes across the country. Virtual apps and models render this barbaric and disgusting school project obsolete, and students need to be presented a cruelty-free and compassionate future. Stop dissecting living beings in schools.

Stop Keystone XL Pipeline from Destroying Our Sustainable Future

The Keystone pipeline is a blight on North America’s landscape, destroying pristine forests, contaminating water, and condemning the future to an environmental disaster. Join this petition to stop the construction of this controversial project.

Stop Maiming Dogs by Removing Their Vocal Cords

Dogs are having their vocal cords removed in a painful, unnecessary operation that serves no purpose other than human convenience. Stop subjecting pets to this cruel form of abuse.

Stop Killing Gophers With Painful and Unethical Poisons

Thousands of animals die excruciating deaths from bait laced with strychnine. This horrible pesticide is used to eradicate gophers and ground squirrels and many other species are killed each year. Sign this petition to have this dangerous poison banned.

Stop Slaughtering Millions of Sharks in the Name of Science

Millions of sharks are slaughtered so that their livers may be harvested for use in vaccines, while plant-based alternatives are being shunned by governments and the drug industry. Demand approval for more ethical plant-derived vaccines to be used in clinical trials.

Stop Poisoning Canada’s Wolves

Wolves are dying excruciating deaths after being poisoned by strychnine. Apparent misuse of this dangerous toxin also threatens many other species and the environment. Stop this attack on wildlife.

Stop Poisoning the Environment With Raw Animal Sewage

Raw animal sewage is being dumped on agricultural fields which harms the climate, pollutes the soil and water, and poisons farm workers, local residents and animals. Demand a stop to this environmentally destructive practice.

Stop State-Sanctioned Animal Cruelty

Farm animals suffer horrific abuse that is sanctioned by the government. Basic rights given to domestic animals are denied to livestock. Call out the government for intentionally allowing hundreds of millions of animals to suffer for human profit.

Stop GMOs from Killing People and the Environment

GMO food is a perversion of nature and the risks are detrimental to people and the environment. These carcinogens also cause infertility and other health conditions. Demand that governments put a stop to growing and importing genetically modified food.

Prohibit Dogs from Being Surgically Disfigured

Dogs have their tails and ears chopped off for human pleasure in operations that cause physical and psychological damage. Veterinarians and governments the world over are speaking out against this horrific mutilation. Call for a federal ban on this cruel practice.

Stop Dumping Toxic Chemicals in Rural Ditches

Harmful chemicals are sprayed into agriculture ditches year after year. These toxins can stay in the ground and water for decades, causing significant health conditions in people and animals. Help stop this unnecessary poisoning of nature.

Justice for Millions of Livestock Who Die During Transport

Over 10 million farm animals die as a result of inappropriate transportation every year. Despite updated regulations, livestock still suffer fatal trucking conditions or are condemned and killed on arrival. Urge the government to take further action and stop this animal abuse.

Stop Imprisoning Pregnant Sows in Horrific Conditions

Sows are locked in small cages where they cannot turn around, and lie on a cold slated floor for long periods of their pregnancy. Stop the imprisonment of pregnant sows by signing this petition.

Stop Torturing and Mutilating Lambs for Profit and Fashion

Lambs raised for wool have chunks of their skin cut off of their rump without anesthesia or pain killers. They are forced to undergo the mutilating operation because the sheep are bred to maximize wool production and are managed ineffectively. Help stop this abhorrent practice of “mulesing.”

Stop Forcing Pigeons to Perform for Human Entertainment

Racing pigeons is an abuse of pets that should be stopped. Many pigeons die during races, and are killed by their owners if they do not perform. Sign this petition to stop forcing these birds to fly for amusement and profit.

Stop Mercilessly Killing Coyotes for Bounty

Thousands of coyotes are killed each year due to the sizable bounties placed on their heads. These small but majestic creatures are an integral part of the ecosystem and this merciless slaughter must stop. Join the movement to stop the coyote bounty.

Don’t Let Rodents Die Slow and Horrific Deaths in Glue Traps

Rodent glue traps are the most disgusting method of extermination, and should be banned. They cause unimaginable suffering while the animal slowly dies of starvation and exhaustion. Join this petition to stop the use of these torture devices.

Make Bounties for Beaver Killings a Thing of the Past

Beavers are shot and caught in horrifying traps because they are seen as a pest. However, these magnificent animals play an important role in nature and should be protected. Stop the indiscriminate killing of beavers on private land.

Stop Senselessly Killing Wildlife for Cash Prizes

Wildlife killing contests are disgusting competitions that incite the indiscriminate murder of certain species. Natural predators are senselessly slaughtered for prizes, and laws should be in place to protect these animals. Sign this petition to help stop these “games.”

Stop Torturing Animals for Fashion

Millions of animals are inhumanely farmed for their furs. They are physically and psychologically abused before suffering horrific deaths for their pelts. Put an end to this sordid business.

Stop Imprisoning Billions of Hens in Cramped, Tiny Cages

Laying hens around the world are imprisoned in tiny cages where they can barley move. Support new standards that will help save billions of chickens from this fate.

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