Success: Destructive Drilling Suspended in the Arctic Wilderness

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States of America

Goal: Thank the Biden administration for ending drilling in the arctic and saving a delicate ecosystem.

Drilling for oil and gas in the arctic causes devastating damage to the flora and fauna that eke out a living in this delicate ecosystem. Ex-president Donald Trump issued leases that allowed companies to exploit the far northern wilderness. Thanks to petitions such as this one, President Biden has heard the public outcry and has suspended these ruinous drilling operations in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Oil and gas operations in the refuge would have been calamitous. It would have further threatened the already endangered polar bear and impacted the habitats of countless arctic animals. These drilling leases would have also caused irreparable damage to the untouched frozen landscape that needs to be left alone.

Thank the President for making this momentous decision to suspend drilling in the far reaches of North America.


Dear Mr. President,

I want to thank you for suspending drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Drilling for oil and gas in these regions would have caused unthinkable damage to the habitat of many threatened and endangered species, such as the polar bear, and would have resulted in irreparable damage to the far north.

This decision marks a great day in the preservation of the northern landscape, and I encourage you to continue your environmental work and protect other delicate ecosystems that are damaged by human actions.


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Photo Credit: NOAA Ocean Exploration & Research


  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Please make this ban PERMANENT.

  2. Paula Morgan says:

    YES! This is such good news and I agree with Evan … this needs to be permanent.
    Thank you President Biden! It is gratifying to know there will be no oil or gas drilling, no backdoor deals, money changing hands, or double crosses and no lies! This is an amazing step to ward off climate change yet there is so much more to do. However, congratulations are in order for you have returned the land back to nature in all its pristine beauty. I am one among many who is grateful beyond measure for you doing this for the world, for the animals, and for the planet. God Bless!

  3. Paula has said it all! This is great news from this administration. All I did was cry inside during Trump’s 4 years as everything that we environmentalists worked so hard for was negated : the wolves delisting from the endangered species list, the Migratory Bird Species laws trashed, the vehicle emissions standards set back, and so much more that was all a step in the right direction. I just pray that more can be done before the end of Biden’s four years.

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