Success: Canada Has Banned Assault-Style Weapons

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Support the ban of assault-style weapons in Canada.

Mass shootings are a horrific tragedy, and assault-style weapons in the hands of madmen cause death and suffering across the country. This ForceChance petition encouraged the federal government of Canada to prevent these tragedies in the future by banning assault-style weapons, and the government has listened.

The number of mass shootings in Canada is regrettably on the rise, as is the deadliness of these attacks. The deadliest shooting in Canada, where 19 people died in Nova Scotia by a man impersonating a police officer, sparked government action that led to new laws that will protect innocent citizens.

Assault-style weapons promote gratuitous violence and they are unnecessary to have in circulation. Even individuals who hunt to sustain themselves and their families are prohibited from using these weapons under the new legislation. While current owners are given a time frame to come into compliance with the new laws, these guns are now removed from the streets, allowing the people of Canada to sleep better at night.

Thank the Prime Minister of Canada for making the right decision to prohibit these weapons and save lives.


Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I applaud your decisive actions on gun control that have led to banning assault-style weapons in Canada. The new laws that came into effect on May 1, 2020, that prohibit certain firearms and devices are of great benefit to the innocent people of Canada.

These weapons, when in the wrong hands, wreak havoc in communities across the country as seen in the deadly mass shooting in Nova Scotia where 19 people were killed by a gunman. Assault-style weapons in circulation promote mass shootings that are unfortunately on the rise in Canada. It is a great relief to know that this type of gun will be removed from our streets.

Thank you for protecting the lives of innocent Canadians.


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Photo Credit: Bart Everson

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