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Stop Funding Militarized Police Forces That Exacerbate Racism

The fossil fuel industry, which drives rampant environmental racism and climate violence, is also funding militarized police foundations, according to a recent investigation. In particular, Chevron, one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies, funds police departments in several U.S. cities. Demand Chevron stop supporting violent police foundations.

Don’t Slash Vital Unemployment Benefits During the Pandemic

Crucial benefits for millions of jobless Americans are set to expire, despite the fact that the coronavirus still surges, and unemployment rates remain high. Along with abandoning vital weekly aid, a new Republican relief package would also slash eviction protections and food assistance. Demand an extension on the $600 weekly aid in order to protect Americans.

Don’t Broadcast Dangerous Conspiracy Theory About the Coronavirus

A dangerous conspiracy theory claiming that the U.S.’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, manufactured the coronavirus, will air on television stations across the country. Spreading falsehoods about Covid-19 will only weaken the U.S.’s already fractured response to this deadly virus. Demand Sinclair Television choose not to broadcast misinformation about the coronavirus on T.V. stations across America.

Don’t Promote Dangerous and Unproven Coronavirus Treatments

Chlorine dioxide is being promoted and ingested as a possible treatment for the coronavirus in the Latin American country of Bolivia. Health experts have warned that drinking this bleach solution could be very hazardous to one’s health. Demand the president stop promoting this harmful chemical as a treatment for Covid-19.

Protect Peaceful Protesters From Heavily Armed Special Agents

The Trump administration announced plans to deploy around 150 heavily armed federal agents into Chicago as part of an oppressive tactic to dominate Black Lives Matter protests. These officers, currently present in Portland, are arresting peaceful protesters without reason and unleashing weapons of war. Demand Trump stop sending secret police into American cities.

Don’t Exploit the Labor of Persecuted Minority Groups

Chinese companies are reportedly exploiting the labor of Uighurs to produce personal protective equipment for the coronavirus. Demand the president of China stop using forced Uighur labor to produce PPE.

Trump: Stop Spreading Dangerous Lies About the Coronavirus

President Trump told multiple lies about the coronavirus pandemic in a recent interview with Fox News. Among them, he claimed that the United States had “one of the lowest mortality rates in the world,” then said that countries with lower death rates “don’t test.” Demand Trump stop spreading misinformation about Covid-19 in order to protect the public.

Protect Exploited Firefighting Prisoners From COVID-19

Prisoners who are exploited to fight California’s wildfires are facing an elevated risk of contracting Covid-19. In addition to performing dangerous work for very low pay, they live in cramped conditions and lack the ability to social distance. Demand these valuable workers receive sufficient resources to protect against the coronavirus.

Trump: Protect Environment From Toxic Infrastructure During Pandemic

Polluting infrastructure projects such as power plants and pipelines could go unregulated as the Trump administration plans to rollback vital environmental safeguards in the permit process. In addition to increasing the threat of climate change, this decision could exacerbate public health risk during the coronavirus crisis. Demand President Trump maintain vital precautions needed to protect people and the environment.

Demand Justice for Female Soldier Reportedly Murdered on Military Base

A female soldier in the U.S. military was reportedly murdered. Not long before her death, she apparently told friends and family that she was being sexually harassed by two of her superiors. Demand justice for Vanessa Guillén and make it safer for women to report abuse.

Protect Vulnerable Asylum Seekers from the Coronavirus

Three asylum seekers near the United States border have tested positive for the coronavirus. The encampment they are living at severely lacks the resources needed to fight Covid-19, and the virus will likely spread fast. Demand that asylum seekers are provided with ample resources in order to protect against the coronavirus.

Ban Toxic Burning and Burying of Animals During Covid-19 Pandemic

Farmers are burning their livestock on open air pyres or burying them in unlined pits due to the coronavirus-related lack of demand for meat. These two methods of disposal can emit carcinogenic pollutants and contaminate waterways. Demand the toxic burning and burying of animals be banned during Covid-19.

Success: Restrictive Anti-Abortion Law Struck Down

A restrictive anti-abortion law was recently overturned. This law would have made women’s access to a safe abortion very difficult. Thank activist organization Pro-Choice America for their tireless work fighting for women’s right to their bodies.

Success: Racist Confederate Flag Removed and Retired

The Mississippi state flag, which displays the Confederate symbol, will be removed and retired. This is a huge achievement for the thousands of protesters nationwide who have been fighting to dismantle systemic racism. Applaud Mississippi’s governor for supporting the removal of the state flag.

Protect Migrant Farmworkers From Massive Coronavirus Surge

Migrant farmworker communities have become hotspots for the coronavirus. Regardless of this threat, workers are still forced to work close to one another and live in cramped conditions. Demand more testing and better living conditions for migrant farm workers to protect against the coronavirus.

Don’t Defund Crucial Coronavirus Testing Sites

Coronavirus testing sites will be defunded across the United States due to a recent decision made by President Trump. As infection rates still surge, officials warn that testing is a crucial resource needed to slow the spread of the virus. Demand that President Trump reverse this ill-informed decision.

Trump: Don’t Allow Companies to Hide Leaks of Cancer-Causing Chemicals

The release of toxic chemicals into the air, land and waterways could soon go unreported. These “forever chemicals” are linked to cancer, birth defects, immune deficiencies and more. Demand that companies be required to report any release of toxic chemicals and create stricter regulations on the amount they can release.

Trump: Don’t Imprison Protesters for Removing Confederate Statues

President Trump is threatening protesters who have defaced or removed statues of racist figures with up to ten years in prison. He referred to protesters as “hoodlums” and “anarchists” for toppling monuments of men associated with colonialism, slavery and confederacy. Demand President Trump stop threatening protesters who are speaking out against racism.

Protect Native Territory From Destructive Fracking

Native peoples’ lives, land, and culture are being threatened by a proposal to expand fracking. This practice would destroy sacred artifacts and exacerbate the public health risk for communities who already suffer disproportionately high rates of Covid-19. Demand the Bureau of Land Management halt their plan to expand fracking in order to protect the health and well-being of native people and their lands.

Success: Facebook Removes Hateful Content Displayed by the Trump Campaign

Facebook recently removed a Trump campaign advertisement that displayed a symbol used by the Nazis. The symbol, a red triangle, was used to identify political prisoners and communists during WWII. Applaud Facebook for removing Trump’s harmful and alarming use of a Nazi symbol for political gain.

United Nations: Investigate Police Killings of Black People in the United States

Philonese Floyd, the brother of George Floyd, has called for an investigation into racism, police brutality and police killings of unarmed black people in the United States. He appealed to the United Nations in an emotional message about his brother’s tragic and unjust death at the knee of a police officer. Demand the U.N. open this investigation for the sake of black people across the nation.

Trump: Adequately Address Police Brutality and Racism

President Trump has refused to mandate police reform, despite widespread public outcry. His executive order failed to mention racism or discrimination, which is the central issue invoking nationwide protests. Demand President Trump mandate police reform at the very least in order to adequately respond to police brutality and systematic racism.

Justice for Seven-Year-Old Boy Sprayed With Mace

A seven-year-old boy was sprayed in the face with mace by police officers at a recent anti-racism protest in Seattle. The boy’s family claims that, while the child screamed in pain, no officers or nearby Emergency Medical Services workers stepped in to help. Demand the Police Chief fire the officer responsible for this outrageous action.

Success: New York Police Department to Disband Violent Anti-Crime Unit

A New York police unit known for its involvement in fatal shootings is being dismantled. This comes after weeks of nationwide protests in the United States calling for defunding the notoriously brutal police force. Applaud the New York City police commissioner for disbanding this unit and working to properly address police brutality.

Success: Senate Votes to Remove Confederate Names From Army Bases

A key Republican-led Senate committee voted to remove confederate names from army bases, despite adamant resistance from President Trump. This vote would require the Pentagon to strip military bases and equipment of confederate names, monuments or symbols within three years. Thank the Armed Services Committee for working to address racism in America.

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