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Protect Citizens from Police Brutality By Implementing Widespread Reform

Widespread police violence has led to the harm and death of thousands of peaceful protestors and innocent American citizens. Hundreds of cell phone videos have recently been released displaying this violence, sparked by the death of George Floyd. Demand Attorney General William Barr implement immediate and widespread police reform in order to end senseless violence and killing.

Stop Ignoring Surging Coronavirus Deaths

Brazil’s president is threatening to reopen the border even though the country’s coronavirus infection and death rates are the highest in Latin America and still on the rise. Medical experts have warned that Brazil is far from their peak in cases. Demand President Bolsonaro cease to reopen Brazil’s borders, at least until coronavirus rates begin to fall.

Facebook: Remove Trump’s Violent Threats Against Protesters

Facebook has taken no action to remove a violent post written by President Trump. The message reads, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” which directly threatens American protesters with military force. Demand Zuckerberg remove the violent post and take a stand against hateful content on Facebook.

Stop Threatening Protesters With Violent Military Force

President Trump is invoking military force as a way to control nationwide protests regarding the wrongful death of George Floyd. He has supported use of rubber bullets, flash grenades and tear gas on mostly peaceful protesters. Demand Trump stop threatening protests with violence and instead work to address the root causes of nationwide unrest.

Justice for Black Reporter Wrongfully Arrested On Air

A black CNN reporter was arrested while covering protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Another white CNN correspondent was reporting a block away, and claimed that the police were “polite.” Demand Minneapolis’ Chief of Police apologize to the black reporter who was wrongfully arrested and punish the officers involved.

Fund Mexico’s Failing Health System During Pandemic

Thousands of Mexicans are dying preventable deaths due to Mexico’s drastically underfunded healthcare system. During the coronavirus crisis, nurses and doctors have reported severe lack of basic equipment, such as gloves, masks and heart monitors. Demand President López Obrador provide immediate funding to save thousands of lives.

Stop Facebook From Encouraging Nasty Content to Increase Profit

Facebook increases virulent polarization and divisiveness in order to boost engagement on their platform. Fact-checking and removal of hateful content has been placed second to profit. Demand Facebook make a significant effort to encourage civil conversation and fact-checking and decrease polarization.

Stop Deadly Downplaying of Coronavirus Death Toll

Coronavirus cases and death rates are seemingly drastically underestimated in Venezuela. The country has reported only 10 deaths, despite the collapse of their health system even before the pandemic. Demand President Maduro require reporting of Covid-19 cases and release accurate data so that the coronavirus can be properly responded to.

Protect Latino Workers in Meat Production Plants From Coronavirus

Latino workers at meat production plants are contracting Covid-19 at disproportionately high rates compared to white Americans. The plants are hotspots for the virus. Demand these facilities strengthen health and safety standards and ensure employees are receiving the proper resources to protect against Covid-19.

Don’t Silence Government Critics and Trample Human Rights in the Name of National Security

Further oppressive restrictions will be imposed on Hong Kong, despite the continued threat of the coronavirus. This includes a crackdown on anti-government protests and increased security measures, putting the territory more firmly under Beijing’s control. Demand Xi Jinping stop imposing oppressive restrictions on Hong Kong, especially during the coronavirus crisis.

Pompeo: Reinstate Inspector General Fired Without Reason

Secretary Pompeo fired the State Department’s Inspector General, who was investigating Pompeo’s alleged misuse of government resources for personal and political gain. Demand Pompeo reinstate this hard-working employee unless there is a valid reason for firing him.

Stop Deporting Migrant Children Without Parental Approval

Hundreds of migrant children have been deported since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Many of them are alone and expelled from the U.S. without notification to their families. Demand the Trump administration stop using Covid-19 as an excuse to deport hundreds of young migrants back to violence-ridden countries.

Protect Homeless Population During Covid-19 Pandemic

The homeless population in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district has significantly increased since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. Residents are crammed on narrow streets and unable to social distance because they have nowhere else to go. Demand San Francisco’s mayor provide increased protections for the homeless in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Stop Allowing Mass Killing Operations During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Police are carrying out brutal mass killing operations in Brazil’s poorest neighborhoods, despite social distancing guidelines and the threat of Covid-19. Last year, police killed a record 1,810 people. In the most recent operation, 13 people were killed. Demand President Bolsonaro stop allowing state sanctioned mass killing and instead work to protect Brazil’s poorest residents from the spread of the coronavirus.

Trump: Stop Using “Obamagate” as a Distraction From Coronavirus

President Trump is accusing his predecessor, Barack Obama, of masterminding the 2017 Russia investigation in a blatant attempt to distract from his administration’s dismal response to the coronavirus crisis. Demand President Trump stop using “Obamagate” as a distraction from Covid-19 and instead start focusing on adequately addressing our country’s public health crisis.

Protect the Public From Contaminant Linked to Fetal Brain Damage

A contaminant that has been linked to fetal and infant brain damage continues to be pumped into drinking water with no established limit, thanks to a decision made by the Environmental Protection Agency. This comes despite a 2011 study that states the chemical, which is found in rocket fuel, should be regulated. Demand the EPA reverse its decision to deregulate this chemical and instead impose limits in order to protect the public.

Stop Anti-Lockdown Protests From Threatening Public Health and Safety

Far right anti-lockdown protests in Michigan continue to threaten the health and safety of the public during the coronavirus crisis. One group, Michiganders Against Excessive Quarantine, has allegedly threatened to assassinate Michigan’s governor in response to her extended stay-at-home order. Demand far right groups stop inciting militarized protests in order to protect the public and slow the spread of Covid-19.

Trump: Stop Refusing to Wear a Mask During Deadly Pandemic

President Trump refuses to wear a face mask, even after two White House aides tested positive for the coronavirus. Wearing a mask is not only a symbol of respect, but also a primary defense in protecting yourself and those around you. Demand Trump wear a mask in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Don’t Disempower Minority and Non-Citizen Voters Before Presidential Election

Missouri’s electoral districts may soon be subject to manipulation by biased representatives, putting minority and non-citizen voters at a disadvantage. This planned redrawing of maps threatens partisan voter fairness and the integrity of elections. Demand Missouri Republicans maintain protection against gerrymandering in the 2020 presidential election.

Expand Food Stamp Benefits to Combat Coronavirus Hunger Crisis

An alarming coronavirus-related food shortage has caused children across the US to go hungry. Republicans are not in favor of expanding food stamp benefits, though Democrats feel it is the best way to address this hunger crisis. Demand Republicans agree to expand food stamp benefits to combat national hunger during a global pandemic.

Success: Men Who Reportedly Shot and Killed Jogger Charged With Murder

Two men who reportedly shot and killed a Georgia black man while he was jogging were recently charged with murder. This comes after months of nationwide protest from “I Run With Maud,” a movement started by the victim’s best friend. Thank the movement for all of their hard work bringing justice to Ahmaud Arbery.

Don’t Disband Coronavirus Task Force While Pandemic Still Grows

Trump has signaled plans to disband the coronavirus task force charged with keeping Americans safe. Meanwhile, new evidence suggests death rates could double by early August. Demand President Trump refrain from disbanding the coronavirus task force until the virus begins to level out.

Stop Firing Workers Advocating for Safer Conditions During Pandemic

At least six Amazon workers have reportedly been fired for protesting and advocating for better conditions during a global pandemic. This comes as Amazon is receiving its highest revenues to date. Demand Amazon stop seemingly firing their employees for advocating for better working conditions and instead start to value their hard work.

Bring Justice to Jogger Who Was Reportedly Wrongfully Shot and Killed

A young black man was reportedly shot and killed by two white men while jogging in Georgia. His apparently killers claim to have identified the man as the suspect in a string of robberies. Regardless, many community members do not feel his death was warranted. Demand justice for the man by arresting those who allegedly shot and killed him.

Stop Giving Coronavirus Aid Meant for Small Businesses to the Fossil Fuel Industry

Millions of dollars in coronavirus aid money meant for small businesses is being used to bailout fossil fuel companies. Reportedly, some of the oil and gas firms receiving money have personal ties to President Trump. Demand President Trump stop giving aid money meant to help struggling small businesses to polluting fossil fuel companies.

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