Success: Racist Confederate Flag Removed and Retired

Target: Tate Reeves, Governor of Mississippi

Goal: Thank the governor for supporting the removal and retirement of Mississippi’s racist state flag.

The Mississippi state flag, which displays the Confederate Battle Flag, will be taken down thanks to a recent vote by lawmakers. This is a huge triumph for the thousands of people protesting nationwide to denounce systemic racism. More information regarding efforts to remove racist symbols such as Mississippi’s Confederate flag can be found in this petition.

Displaying the Confederate symbol on the state flag invokes outdated and racist principles of segregation, violence and glorification of a war that bore the central goal of preserving the right to own slaves. Some activists have been involved in efforts to take the flag down for over ten years. Sign below to thank Governor Reeves for supporting the removal of Mississippi’s state flag.


Dear Governor Reeves,

Your decision to support the removal of Mississippi’s state flag is an important achievement for the United States. Millions of Black Americans need not be consistently reminded of the violent and oppressive history against their people.

You have set a powerful example for other states who may be grappling with the decision to dismantle racist symbols. Thank you for supporting the removal of Mississippi’s state flag.


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Photo Credit: J. Stephen Conn

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