Success: Settlement Reached for the Family of Breonna Taylor

Target: Greg Fischer, Mayor of Louisville, Kentucky

Goal: Thank Mayor Greg Fischer for agreeing to implement police reform and pay Breonna Taylor’s family a settlement.

The city of Louisville, Kentucky agreed to pay the family of Breonna Taylor a $12 million settlement, in addition to implementing changes within the police force aimed at preventing future deaths by officers. This comes after months of Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests regarding police brutality. Calls for reform have come from activists around the world, in person and in online petitions like this one on ForceChange. 

The city agreed to institute changes within the police force that include more oversight by top commanders regarding search warrants and the implementation of an early warning system to flag officers who have been accused of excessive force.

The settlement is a huge step in the right direction toward bringing justice to Breonna Taylor. However, it is important to note that one of the main demands of the BLM movement, to bring criminal charges against the officers who shot Taylor, has not yet been met. For now, though, sign below to thank the mayor of Louisville for agreeing to pay a settlement to Taylor’s family, in addition to instituting changes in the police force.


Dear Mayor Fischer,

Your decision to pay Breonna Taylor’s family a $12 million settlement, in addition to working toward police reform, is monumental for the BLM movement and a positive step in the right direction toward bringing justice to her family.

I ask that you continue to listen to the demands of BLM, including their demand to charge the officers involved in her killing. Thank you for agreeing to pay Taylor’s family and implement changes within the police force, but please recognize there is still so much more to be done.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Gillian Miller says:

    What a crock of shit. The police had a no knock warrant yet they knocked and announced themselves. THE BOYFRIEND SHOT AT THE POLICE SO THEY RETURNED FIRE. So, how much is he going to pay? Will the council pay the same amount if a white girl had been hurt? Unless and until everyone is treated as an individual and not a color then these racist black people will destroy society.
    And, for those of you who think that by jumping on the bandwagon fashion, not one of you knows what you are talking about. First of all the BLM is a racist terrorist Marxist organisation whose stated intention is to bring down the United States and shape it into a society similar to China’s. They have no interest in black, white, brown, yellow or purple suffering. On the other hand I have been involved in human rights for years. If you want to deal with racism, stop the 94% of black deaths from black people. The police kill more white people than black people. Support White Lives Matter or, even better, ALL LIVES MATTER. And, I am a minority too, just not black and I have suffered racism all of my life.

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