Success: Minneapolis Police Department to be Disbanded

Target: Kandace Montgomery, Director of Black Visions Collective, Minnesota-based Non-Profit

Goal: Applaud Black Visions Collective and the Black Lives Matter movement for their work to dismantle the Minneapolis police force.

The Minneapolis City Council recently voted to dismantle the police department in an effort to fight systematic racism. Details regarding the fight against police brutality can be found in this petition.

“Defund the police” has become a common chant among protesters who believe that the nation’s public safety system should be rebuilt from the ground-up. City Council members in Minneapolis say that dismantling the police force will make room for community-led responses to public safety and more funding for social services such as mental health and drug programs. This is a huge victory, not only for the Black Lives Matter movement, but for cities and innocent citizens throughout the country who have suffered from the effects of militarized policing and police brutality.

Kandace Montgomery, director of the Minnesota-based non-profit, Black Visions Collective, said, “It shouldn’t have taken so much death to get us here. We’re safer without armed unaccountable patrols supported by the state hunting black people.” Sign below to applaud Black Visions Collective and the Black Lives Matter movement for working hard to achieve the dismantling of the police force in Minneapolis.


Dear Ms. Montgomery,

Your work leading protests in Minnesota and speaking out about the injustice facing this country have reaped incredible benefits for those who have suffered from police brutality.

Dismantling the Minneapolis police department will provide opportunity for the funding of social services and community-led responses to public safety. Thank you for fighting tirelessly to protect the black community from police brutality and working to dismantle the police force.


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  1. Linda Hilty-Tuttle says:

    This action is NOT what SUCCESS looks like – Minneapolis will regret its decision to dismantle the Minneapolis police force!! What it would succeed in doing, is attract even more criminals & terrorists to it – the city will miss its police, guaranteed!!!

    • Karen Redd says:

      EXACTLY!!! This made me think of the movie Ghostbusters, when even the ones who wanted the cops gone are attacked, robbed,
      raped, or murdered, who are they gonna call??? They can’t complain because nobody helps them.

      • Are you seriously fucking referring to Ghostbusters as a serious example in an issue to do with the real world?

  2. not a good idea and not one I applaud!

  3. Wasn’t it going to be just a re-organization?

  4. This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard of. Fine do it and when you get raped, robbed, assaulted or murdered, don’t expect any one to help you!!!!

    • Ayla Burnett says:

      I encourage you to look more into want “defunding the police” actually means. Dismantling the police force does not mean ridding of the police completely. It means diverting funds into other social services such as mental health and investing funds into community led-programs. This means the police will have less work (which is good because at this point, they have to respond to every type of call you can think of) and a stronger direction as to which calls they will respond to. The police will still be present to respond to certain calls, such as homicides, etc.

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