Human Rights

Justice for George Floyd, Killed By Excessive Police Force

A handcuffed and unarmed 46-year old black man was killed after a police officer placed a knee on his neck for minutes on end, cutting off his air supply even as he begged for his life. Demand that all four officers responsible be brought up on criminal charges for their role in this heinous and senseless murder.

Release Detainees From Overcrowded Detention Centers Vulnerable to Coronavirus

Thousands of detainees in Eritrea have no access to showers, clean water, toilets, decent food, and health care, and they are crammed together in overcrowded detention centers. This puts them at serious risk of contracting the coronavirus, which thrives in crowded, dirty spaces. Demand Eritrea’s government free these people now, to protect them from the disease.

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Justice for Man Sentenced to Death via Zoom Conference

A man in Singapore was sentenced to death via a Zoom conference. Demand that his sentence be suspended and that he be given a fair, in-person trial.

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Justice for Black Muslim Man Allegedly Killed by Deputy

Yassin Mohamed, a black Muslim man who had recently been hospitalized for a mental health assessment, was allegedly shot by a sheriff’s deputy after reportedly throwing rocks at the officer. The deputy sustained no serious injuries and it is unlikely that he or she was in any real danger, but Mohamed still appears to have paid for this minor crime with his life. Demand that the Evans County Sheriff’s Department fire the deputy who allegedly shot and killed this unarmed man.

Protect Child Reporters from Violence and Exploitation

A 12-year-old reporter was put in the middle of violent protests without any tools or training, leaving him defenseless. Demand that this exploitation by media outlets come to an end.

Don’t Silence Government Critics and Trample Human Rights in the Name of National Security

Further oppressive restrictions will be imposed on Hong Kong, despite the continued threat of the coronavirus. This includes a crackdown on anti-government protests and increased security measures, putting the territory more firmly under Beijing’s control. Demand Xi Jinping stop imposing oppressive restrictions on Hong Kong, especially during the coronavirus crisis.

Save Natural Disaster Refugees from Homelessness, Starvation, and Death

Natural disasters have compounded a humanitarian crisis in Africa. Thousands of citizens fleeing floods and rockslides are now sheltering in equally dangerous conditions. Reach out a helping hand to these individuals assaulted by starvation, homelessness, and the looming threat of deadly disease.

Ban Rapper from Instagram After He Bragged About Child Molestation

Rapper Boosie Badazz took to Instagram Live to brag about allegedly having an adult woman perform oral sex on his underage son and nephews. Sign this petition to urge the social media platform to ban Boosie.

Stop Deporting Migrant Children Without Parental Approval

Hundreds of migrant children have been deported since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Many of them are alone and expelled from the U.S. without notification to their families. Demand the Trump administration stop using Covid-19 as an excuse to deport hundreds of young migrants back to violence-ridden countries.

Fire Police Officer Who Allegedly Ignored and Mocked Domestic Abuse Victim

A 21-year old student was ignored when she approached University of Utah police, afraid for her life and blackmailed by a violent ex-boyfriend, resulting in her murder days later. Demand that the police officer who ignored her be fired and barred from police work in the future.

Stop Allowing Mass Killing Operations During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Police are carrying out brutal mass killing operations in Brazil’s poorest neighborhoods, despite social distancing guidelines and the threat of Covid-19. Last year, police killed a record 1,810 people. In the most recent operation, 13 people were killed. Demand President Bolsonaro stop allowing state sanctioned mass killing and instead work to protect Brazil’s poorest residents from the spread of the coronavirus.

Stop Sending Refugees Back to Dangerous Conditions Due to Coronavirus Fears

Over 20,000 migrants and refugees have been turned away from the United States recently, using the coronavirus as an excuse. This attempt to satisfy President Trump’s anti-immigration agenda redirects many refugees back to life-threatening circumstances in their homelands or to crowded camps where they are more likely to be infected and infect others. Demand the country be sympathetic and accepting of refugees fleeing persecution and violence.

Protect Japan’s LGBTQ Community from Discrimination

Discrimination against Japan’s LGBTQ community remains legal in healthcare, housing, employment, and more. Demand equal rights for LGBTQ citizens.

Don’t Use Threat of Coronavirus to Force Detained Parents to Permanently Give Up Children

Thousands of migrant parents in immigration detention centers are being encouraged to permanently give up their children to save them from the risk of coronavirus. Demand that this choice be withdrawn and replaced with a compassionate offer of help instead.

Justice for Railway Worker Killed by Coronavirus Due to Lack of Protective Equipment

A London railway worker died of coronavirus after being spat on by a passenger, but this could have been avoided if the company she worked for had listened to her concerns and given her protective clothing. Demand that her employers offer her family their support and protect their employees from similar dangers.

Stop Censorship of Independent TV Network for Reporting on COVID-19

The National Telecommunications Commission of the Philippines is threatening an important major TV network with censorship for providing accurate information about the coronavirus. This is extremely dangerous, encouraging ignorance during a time where we need facts the most. Demand the commission stop their attacks on the network immediately.

Don’t Endanger and Exploit American Workers During COVID-19 Crisis

People are literally dying on the job from negligence and lack of workplace safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. Meanwhile, America’s supposed guardian of the workplace seems more interested in protecting those in the front office than those on the front lines. Urge the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to honor its name and fulfill its mission when U.S. workers need it most.

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Justice for Innocent Health Care Worker Shot by Police in Her Own Home

Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT, was allegedly shot in her own home by Louisville police. The officers were looking for a suspect at the wrong address when they entered Taylor’s home by force and allegedly shot her with more than 20 rounds of ammunition. Demand that the Louisville police department fire the officers seemingly responsible for this tragedy.

Protect Women and Girls From Domestic Violence During Lockdown

Instances of domestic violence have doubled since the onset of the lockdown, and Hungary has refused to instill legal protections for these vulnerable victims. The Istanbul convention could save millions of women and girls across the country from domestic violence, but it’s been rejected by Hungary’s Parliament. They are shutting down all social concerns about their decision as “political whining.” Demand Hungary reverse their decision and take the protection of domestic violence victims seriously.

Justice for Prisoner Reportedly Left to Die of Coronavirus-Like Symptoms

A 43-year old mother of three and grandmother of four was reportedly left to die of coronavirus- like symptoms in a locked prison shower. Inmates claim that she begged for help just before passing out. Demand that New Jersey’s corrections commissioner explains the circumstances surrounding her death and apologize to her family for this tragic loss.

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Stop Racist “Zoom-Bombers” From Hijacking Video Chats

A virtual graduation ceremony was hijacked by a racist hacker who flashed a swastika and spewed hate speech at hundreds of families celebrating an important life occasion. This isn’t the first time a “Zoom-bomber” has used the video chat platform to make racial attacks. Demand that Zoom commit to preventing these crimes and protecting their users.

Don’t Release Identities of LGBTQ Coronavirus Victims

The LGBTQ community faces danger of discrimination if they are publicly outed by COVID-19 tracing and testing methods. Demand that their private information be protected.

Don’t Deny Coronavirus Relief to the Disabled

Lebanon’s disabled population is being overlooked in COVID-19 relief efforts. Demand that the government ensure education and healthcare are accessible to all.

Expand Food Stamp Benefits to Combat Coronavirus Hunger Crisis

An alarming coronavirus-related food shortage has caused children across the US to go hungry. Republicans are not in favor of expanding food stamp benefits, though Democrats feel it is the best way to address this hunger crisis. Demand Republicans agree to expand food stamp benefits to combat national hunger during a global pandemic.

Success: Relief Money Secured for Native American Tribes

The federal government’s game of hide-and-seek with crucial Native American relief money is about to come to an end. Billions of dollars will soon reach some of the citizens hit hardest by COVID-19: tribal populations. Applaud the arrival of long-needed humanitarian and healthcare aid.

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