Human Rights

Don’t Give Abusers Legal Access to Firearms

A significant loophole in the Violence Against Women Act has allowed stalkers and other perpetrators of physical violence towards women access to firearms. Demand Congress deny these individuals access to deadly guns and put the victims first.

Federally Legalize Cannabis to Stop Unnecessary Incarceration

The criminalization of cannabis at the federal level has, for decades, disproportionately affected communities of color. Demand the Senate take steps towards ending the racial disparities that exist in incarceration for cannabis usage and legalize the drug throughout the U.S.

Justice for Immigrant Allegedly Beaten to Death on Busy Street

An Italian immigrant was reportedly beaten and killed in front of witnesses. Demand prosecutors treat this hateful alleged act as a hate crime.

Condemn Imprisonment of Saudi Citizens for Voicing Their Opinions

The abuse and imprisonment of dissidents continues unchecked in the Saudi Kingdom. A woman just received 34 years in prison for Twitter posts. Demand American leaders stop acquiescing to and ignoring these escalating human rights violations.

Justice for Jailed Women Reportedly Raped and Trafficked by Law Enforcement

Sheriffs in two different states have been charged with aiding and abetting sexual violence. Demand law enforcement localities face repercussions for their abuse of community trust.

​​Impeach Accused Sexual Predator Brett Kavanaugh From the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of lying under oath and of sexually assaulting numerous women throughout his political and college careers. Demand that Congress launch an impeachment investigation of Kavanaugh. It is time for him to suffer the consequences of his alleged actions.

​Don’t Force Americans to Get Pregnant

The overturning of Roe v. Wade has stripped millions of Americans of their reproductive freedoms and now, anti-abortionists are coming for contraceptives. Forced birth is bad enough, there is no need to force people to get pregnant. Demand that access to contraceptive methods, such as birth control, Plan B pills, and IUDs, remain protected.

​​Stop Denying Children Stable Housing With LGBTQ+ Parents

Licensed welfare agencies can refuse to place children with couples because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. Not only is this extremely unfair to LGBTQ+ parents, but it also puts children at risk of never settling down with a loving family that can provide them with their basic needs and desires. Demand these discriminatory policies be changed, and allow all qualified parents to adopt and foster children in the U.S.

Don’t Force Migrant Children to Work in Production Lines

Children as young as 12 have allegedly been working production lines in US factories. This practice exploits kids for low wages and prevents them from receiving an education. Demand that child labor cease immediately.

Enhance Economy And Better Lives By Fixing Immigration

Immigrants should be welcomed as a boost to the economy and a reflection of real American values. Instead, they are shunned and literally dying to reach the nation. Demand an end to the destructive hate.

Don’t Abandon Teacher Imprisoned in Russia

An American detained in Russia for marijuana possession has been sentenced to 14 years in prison. The government has reportedly done nothing to help secure his release. Advocate on behalf of this left-behind teacher.

Punish Police Who Allegedly Beat a Man Until He Blacked Out

A Black man was reportedly left beaten and bloody after he ran a stop sign and fled from police. Demand a transparent and full investigation in this case of alleged excessive force and brutality.

Protect Workers From the Harms of Extreme Weather

Each year workers face increased health risks as temperatures rise because of climate change. Call on Congress to protect laborers.

Provide Safe Haven to LGBTQ+ Afghan Refugees

LGBTQ+ Afghans are at risk of physical and sexual assault in makeshift refugee camps. Their best hope is safe passage to a LGBTQ+ friendly country. Call on US officials to provide sanctuary to these refugees.

Protect Intersex Youth From Damaging and Unnecessary Medical Procedures

Intersex youth are subjected to medically and psychologically scarring procedures that are often unnecessary in the name of gender conformity. Demand lawmakers act urgently to protect these young folks.

Don’t Deny Low-Income Trans People Healthcare

Trans individuals’ access to healthcare is increasingly under attack in the US. A new state plan would deny Medicaid coverage for medical care often needed by these marginalized folks. Call on the government to stop stripping trans people’s access to this human right.

Amazon: Stop Donating Money to Anti-Abortion Candidates

Amazon has donated money to the campaigns of many anti-abortion candidates. Call on the company to stop driving the loss of reproductive rights in the US.

Protect Marginalized Communities From High Tech Police Surveillance

Facial recognition software is on the rise, with no federal laws regulating its use. Studies have demonstrated such technologies have significant biases against marginalized communities. Demand the US enact protections against this technology.

Protect Right to Choose for Women and Girls

Health autonomy and women’s rights are on the line. Demand a strong federal response to the assault on reproductive freedom.

Justice for Lynching Victim Emmett Till

A potential accomplice in the lynching of Emmett Till may have escaped justice for decades. A recently discovered warrant for her arrest could finally bring the truth to light. Demand authorities prove that justice has no time limit.

Don’t Send Migrants Back to the Border

Harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric is turning into harsh practices in Texas that will likely lead to more racial profiling. Demand the governor reverse his anti-immigrant executive order.

Take a Stand Against Racism Following Alleged White Supremacist Attack

A white supremacist march in Boston reportedly resulted in an attack on a Black man. Now, Black leaders and activists are calling on the mayor to act against the city’s racism. Support this effort and demand change.

Don’t Criminalize the Houseless

Houseless folks are now being arrested, fined, and charged with felonies for sleeping in public. This not only challenges their own survival, but also places another hurdle in their attempts to find jobs and housing. Sign this petition to demand that the unhoused community members are protected.

Save Potentially Innocent Man From Execution

A man possibly innocent of the crime that sent him to death row has an upcoming date with the execution chamber. Legal professionals and bipartisan lawmakers alike are among his supporters. Demand Oklahoma’s leadership order a stay of execution as critical new evidence comes to light.

Don’t Bow Down to Suspected Killer Crown Prince

President Biden’s upcoming trip to Saudi Arabia comes down to two choices: acquiescence or accountability. Demand the president hold Saudi leaders to account for their alleged violations and crimes.

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