Human Rights

Success: Premier Female Athletes Score Equal Pay Victory

U.S. women’s soccer won a landmark settlement that will finally secure them equal pay for their talents. Applaud this strike against gender discrimination and this step toward long-needed reform.

Stop Over-Charging and Concealing Information From Electricity Consumers

An electricity monopoly is raking in money at the expense of consumers, while shrouding its decisions in secrecy. Demand transparency and accountability from companies that provide essential services.

Stop Stealing Money From Starving Afghans

Children and families are still suffering and starving by the millions in Afghanistan after a brutal Taliban takeover. The American government is withholding funds from the country that could help its desperate citizens. Demand U.S. leaders stop reallocating life-saving aid.

Protect Transgender Youth and Families from Blatant Bigotry

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas is pushing the idea that any gender affirming medical treatment is “child abuse.” He wants to investigate parents and have doctors, teachers, and the public report any instances they are aware of. Demand trans youth and their families be protected.

Support Ukraine’s Efforts to Defend Itself From Russian Invasion

Russia has launched an imperialistic invasion of neighboring Ukraine in an attempt to rebuild the Soviet Empire. Ask President Biden to provide more weapons to Ukrainians fighting to defend their homeland.

Success: Applaud Hate Crimes Verdict in Murder of Black Man

The three men who took Ahmaud Arbery’s life were convicted of federal hate crimes. Support the repudiation of horrific violence driven by racism and prejudice.

Uphold and Defend Olympic Values and Prevent Human Rights Abuses

Abuse and exploitation have become synonymous with the Olympics. The athletes and the people around the world who believe in the stated values of these games deserve better. Urge essential change that protects vulnerable youth and promotes integrity and equality.

Don’t Evict Hundreds of Thousands of People

New York State’s eviction moratorium has ended, leaving 600,000 residents vulnerable to losing their homes. In light of rising homelessness, unemployment, and crime urge lawmakers to reinstate the moratorium and help those at risk.

Protect the Right to Assemble and Protest

Florida has recently expanded the legal definition of “riot” and increased penalties for protestors. This new restriction has its roots in partisan desire for political quiet, as well as racism, fear, and control. Take a stand to protect our right to demonstrate.

Don’t Expel LGBTQ+ Students for Falling in Love

A university is threatening students with expulsion because of who they choose to date. Demand Brigham Young stop discriminating against its LGBTQ+ population.

Stop Alleged Sexual Harassment of Women in the National Football League

The Washington-based football team has gotten a new name and a new controversy involving not-so-new allegations of harassment of women in the workplace. Demand the NFL finally take the necessary punitive action against this alleged repeat offender.

Don’t Allow Transgender Students’ Rights to be Decided By Schools

Transgender and non-binary students may lose their rights to use bathrooms, locker rooms, preferred pronouns, and names should one Virginia legislator have his way. This puts LGBTQ+ students at risk and will take away any safety they feel at school. Demand protective for these vulnerable youth.

Woman Allegedly Gang Raped and Publicly Beaten Deserves Justice

A young woman who was allegedly gang-raped reportedly endured public torture in the aftermath, per a video taken in India’s capital. Demand legal leaders confront the nation’s disturbing legacy of sexual violence by ensuring justice is delivered in this latest apparent act of aggression.

Don’t Deny Funding to Public Library for Shelving LGBTQ+ Books

A public library in Mississippi is being denied $110,000 worth of funds for supplying LGBTQ+ books. This is another direct attack on an already outcasted community following the ban of transgender athletes in schools. Demand the mayor fund the library and let them keep LGBTQ+ books on shelves.

End Legalized Female Genital Mutilation

Women of all ages are being physically and emotionally scarred in a form of female genital mutilation. This practice remains legal in some parts of the world, and reportedly cost a young woman her life in a nation where it runs rampant and unchecked. Demand Sierra Leone finally outlaw this outdated and deeply harmful procedure.

Oppose Ban of LGBTQ+ Content and Discussion in Schools

The discussion of gender identity or sexuality has been banned in Florida’s schools. This hateful rhetoric shuts out an entire community and jeopardizes the safety of LGBTQ+ youth. Hold the representative who supported this ban accountable and demand that he do better.

Oppose Hateful Ban on Trans Athletes in Schools

Transgender athletes have been banned from school sports in South Dakota following the governor’s own proposal. It is horrific, hateful, and transphobic to take away these children’s ability to play. Hold the governor accountable for this harmful act.

Stop Investing in Gentrifying Luxury Developments

The United States is experiencing a housing crisis at the hands of luxury developers. Over 37 million households are rent burdened, while real estate giants receive tax exemptions. Demand the construction of sufficient affordable housing and limits on the power of developers.

Don’t Let Filibuster Derail Voting Rights

An obstructionist Senate tactic, known as the filibuster, is endangering voting rights. Preserving this important freedom would honor the legacy of Martin Luther King and ensure the integrity of democracy for centuries. Demand politicians stop standing in the way of progress.

Protect Native American Spiritual Land From Destructive Mining

Native Americans’ religious freedoms are being cast aside at an alarming rate. Destructive mining projects endanger both the environment and the spiritual practices of Indigenous tribes. Demand more rigorous legal protections for these historically oppressed populations.

House Afghan Families Displaced Due to Taliban Rule

Afghan refugees are struggling to find housing after fleeing from the Taliban. The United States is ill-equipped for the number of asylum seekers coming to the country. Demand that the president expand the refugee program and allocate resources to help these victims of a war they did not cause.

Amazon Employees Reportedly Forced to Remain at Work During Deadly Tornados Deserve Justice

Fourteen workers lost their lives when they were reportedly forced to remain at work during a series of deadly tornados. These deaths were seemingly avoidable if not for two companies’ actions. Cite Amazon and Mayfield Consumer Products for their apparent fault.

Ban Military Style Weapons Used in Deadly School Shootings

Four students were killed, and seven others injured in a school shooting in Michigan. The gunman reportedly used an assault rifle to shoot the eleven people in minutes. Please, act now to ban assault rifles and stop such horrific acts.

Success: Sex Trafficking Co-Conspirator Brought to Justice

At least four young women were groomed for sexual abuse by Jeffrey Epstein’s former employee and girlfriend, Ghislaine Maxwell. Now, this convicted abuser will likely face decades in prison. Applaud the efforts of those who sought justice in this case.

Don’t Dismiss Immigrant Survivors of Domestic Violence

Immigrant survivors of domestic violence often face language and cultural barriers when seeking help. This unequal treatment puts lives at risk. Demand Australia do better for immigrant women fighting for their survival.

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