Human Rights

Don’t Legalize Mutilation of Women’s Genitals

Male leaders are once again attempting to assert their dominance over female bodies and choices. Demand politicians in Gambia stop their efforts to legalize female genital mutilation.

Justice for Children and Dogs Allegedly Starved to Sickness

Children and dogs were reportedly starved and neglected by an apparent conman. Take action for their justice and well-being.

Protect Survivors of Violent Crime

Prison overcrowding could be putting crime victims and the general population at risk. Call for stronger solutions to this issue that do not involve endangering communities.

Stop Turning Prisons Into Alleged Ovens

Inmates and guards in Texas prisons are reportedly being subjected to dangerously hot conditions. Call for an end to this alleged cruel and unusual punishment.

Success: Olympic Values Upheld and Defended

Olympic leaders are finally taking action in addressing reported abuses within the international sports system. Commend these efforts at restoring the integrity of a global platform for peace and goodwill.

Stop AI-Driven Digital Slave Labor

Workers who are helping build the technology of the future are being left behind by their greedy employers. Demand AI training companies stop taking advantage of already-struggling gig employees.

Save Young Girls From Diseases Caused by Early Menstruation

Children as young as eight are beginning their menstruation, which can put them at risk for multiple diseases later in life. Reports show that air pollution could be to blame. Save these children from needless suffering.

Stop Strengthening Discriminatory Language Barriers

Spanish-speaking and other multi-lingual Americans are encountering increased barriers and decreased access in areas ranging from education to voting. Call for a widespread removal of language bias from U.S. public life.

Stop Abandoning Refugees in Hour of Need

Refugees around the world are being forced from their homes, often with nowhere to go. Numerous nations are not extending a helping hand but rather a cold shoulder. Demand one prominent leader of democracy help rewrite the narrative.

Don’t Abandon Earthquake Survivors Again

Deadly earthquakes have rocked Afghanistan. Global leaders are seemingly ignoring the devastating humanitarian toll. Demand more investment in helping a population already traumatized by oppression and brutality.

Community Members Allegedly Killed and Displaced by Park Rangers Deserve Justice

Rangers at Ruaha National Park were allegedly involved in human rights abuses. Demand the World Bank ensure justice for the affected communities.

Immediately Remove All Child Abuse Content From Social Media

Social media has seemingly become a playground for sexual predators and X, formerly Twitter, is no exception. Demand Elon Musk remove all child sexual abuse material from his platform and adhere to the new guidelines.

Punish Police Unit Accused of Terrorizing Community With Warehouse of Torture

Police who work in street crimes are once again being accused of covert brutality in a Southern city. Demand the legal system vigorously prosecute any crimes allegedly committed by officers to the fullest extent.

Success: Writers Secure Key Wins in Concluded Strike

One-half of a historic Hollywood strike has concluded with meaningful gains. Laud progress made that could carry over to other labor movements.

Do Not Let an Accused Murderer Get Away By Tampering With a Witness

A grave allegation of witness tampering has arisen in an accused’s murderer’s case, casting doubt on the integrity of justice. Demand a comprehensive investigation now.

Elderly Couple Allegedly Murdered By Own Daughter Deserves Justice

An elderly couple were allegedly murdered by their own daughter. Demand a thorough investigation and justice now.

Recognize Systemic Oppression of Women and Girls as Crimes Against Humanity

Crimes against humanity are reportedly taking place every moment in Taliban-led Afghanistan. Demand criminal prosecution of the rampant gender-based discrimination gripping the nation.

Insist on Stricter Gun Control to Ensure Public Safety

A woman allegedly brandished a shotgun and threatened innocent bystanders outside a Walmart store. Demand immediate action on stricter gun control measures.

Investigate Civilian Who Allegedly Impersonated a Federal Officer at Presidential Campaign Rally

A civilian allegedly impersonated a federal officer and carried a loaded gun to a presidential candidate’s electoral campaign. Demand immediate action.

Promote Responsible Content Sharing on Social Media

A viral video involving a cyclist seemingly knocking over a 5-year-old girl raises concerns. Promote responsible content sharing on social media.

Investigate Reported Trespassing and Flooding of Dormitory that Endangered Students

A person allegedly trespassed and caused extensive flooding in a freshman dormitory, impacting around 12 rooms. Demand a comprehensive investigation.

South Korean Woman Allegedly Abused and Killed By Religious Group Deserves Justice

A South Korean woman was allegedly tortured and murdered by a religious group. This deeply troubling case must be fully investigated to prevent further harm. Demand justice now.

Demand Justice for Russell Brand’s Alleged Rape Victims

Russell Brand has been accused of sexual assault, rape, and emotional abuse. Demand a rigorous inquiry into the allegations against this well-known media personality.

Fund Renewable Energy Solutions in Isolated Communities

Remote communities are facing an energy crisis, trapped by their isolation, and forced to rely on costly and polluting diesel generators. Allocate funding and resources for sustainable energy solutions.

HIV-Infected Victims Who Allegedly Fell Prey to Intentional Transmission Deserve Justice

A man allegedly spread HIV intentionally, leading to the death of at least one individual. Demand a thorough investigation and just prosecution now.

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