Human Rights

Don’t Silence Olympians Standing Against Injustice

The Olympic Games are set to be a spectacular display of athletic talent, unity…and oppression. Athletes are prohibited from protesting critical human rights issues or grave violations. Demand the committee responsible for this archaic rule stop denying these representatives a fundamental freedom.

Success: Voting Rights Defended and Enforced

Voting rights in the U.S. are under attack at levels not seen since the Civil Rights Movement. America’s top lawyer wants to take on these injustices. Applaud his stand against voter suppression and disenfranchisement.

Stop Rampant Food Waste and Feed the Hungry

Every year, billions of dollars of edible food is thrown away while millions go hungry. Sign this petition to help implement a federal law that ensure this food will be donated to food banks and charities.

Stop Standing in Way of Help for Hungry and Homeless Refugees

A sole U.S. Senator could deprive thousands of starving and displaced families across the world of urgently needed aid. Urge this selfish and manipulative politician to rethink his priorities.

Stop Subjecting LGBTQ Youth to Mental and Emotional Torture

A destructive new attack on LGBTQ youth is making its way through Oklahoma’s legislative chambers. This latest civil rights assault would bring back a harmful and banned “therapy” condemned by true psychiatrists. Urge an end to the continued attempt to enshrine discrimination into law.

Show Mercy to Survivors of Child Sex Trafficking

Child sex trafficking strips young people of their innocence, freedom, dignity, and trust. The justice system often does the same. Demand better safeguards for survivors facing hard prison time because of their exploitation.

Identify and Honor Unknown American Heroes

Unknown soldiers deserve to have their names and their stories restored. Demand better utilization of DNA technology that could bring peace to these fallen heroes and their families.

Protect Human Rights From Dangerous Government Onslaught

The right to protest, to privacy, to equity, and much more are under assault in the United Kingdom. This powerful region’s track record on human rights continues to crumble. Demand a halt to damaging actions that undermine basic freedom.

Don’t End Rehabilitation of Thousands of Reformed Prisoners

A massive prison rehabilitation success could be upended as thousands of released non-violent inmates fear a return to life behind bars. Encourage the justice department to extend an initiative that could serve as a backbone for prison reform.

Don’t Treat Domestic Violence Victims Like Perpetrators

Domestic violence victims in Australia looking to law enforcement for protection are being failed time and again. Too often, this failure costs women their lives. Ensure better treatment and safeguards for victims of deadly violence.

Success: Leading Executioner State Abolishes Death Penalty

Virginia will soon join 22 other U.S. states in ending the death penalty. This form of punishment fit for medieval times puts the power of life and death in government hands and disproportionately claims the lives of minorities. Applaud the first Southern state to say, “no more.”

Teach All Students About Racial Justice

A woman went viral after reportedly emotionally declaring she is “not racist, damn it,” but she still doesn’t want race taught in public schools. Sign this petition to urge the school district to teach Critical Race theory in this predominantly white community.

Don’t Let Saudis Potentially Torture and Kill Another Dissident

Saudi Arabia stands accused of detaining and disappearing another refugee and critic. The man targeted by this extradition may have been wrongfully accused of a crime, and could have been tortured or even killed in the interim. Urge intervention to prevent the next violation overlooked by neglectful governments.

Expand Options for Asylum Seekers in Urgent Need

Asylum seekers should have their shot at the American dream without risking their lives or their families. A better process could also ease mounting problems with overpopulation at the border. Demand reform of the unnecessarily complicated asylum application system.

Cut Ties With Publisher Selling Memoir By Officer Involved in Breonna Taylor’s Death

Simon & Schuster continues to do business with the publishing company that plans to print the memoir of one of the police officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor. Sign this petition to urge them to cut ties with Post Hill Press.

Stop Reported Widespread Abuses at Diamond Mining Site

The diamond mining industry has produced another potential litany of grave human rights abuses. Employees at a Tanzania-based mine stand accused of assaulting and killing miners. Urge immediate action in this latest horrific allegation against a reportedly blood-soaked business.

Success: Police Chief Resigns After Death of Daunte Wright

A police chief who defended tear gassing peaceful protesters and who minimized the tragic death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright has resigned in the face of public pressure. Celebrate this successful removal of a cop who has no place as a public servant.

Protect Migrant Farmworkers During the Covid Pandemic

Migrant farmworkers across Canada work and live in unfit conditions that expose them to Covid-19. Crowded environments, language barriers, and unstable visa statuses all lead to their inability to receive the safe treatment they deserve. Demand that the government take action to protect these workers.

Charge Officer Who Fatally Shot 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo

Officer Eric Tillman shot and killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo, who was apparently complying with orders to stop and put his hands up. Sign this petition to urge state officials to charge Tillman in the death of Toledo.

Biden: Rescind Medals of Honor Awarded at Wounded Knee Massacre

Twenty Medals of Honor were awarded to US soldiers who ruthlessly massacred over 300 Lakota people at the Wounded Knee Massacre. Sign this petition to urge Joe Biden to call for these medals to be revoked.

Success: Police Force Commits to Preventing Abuse of Power

The Lethbridge police force faced serious allegations of abuse of power. However, thanks to the tireless efforts of their chief, they have come forth with an action plan to rectify their mistakes. Praise those who have taken steps to move forward in the right direction.

Applaud Police Department that Fired Officer Who Supported Kyle Rittenhouse

A police officer in Norfolk, Virginia donated funds to support homicide suspect Kyle Rittenhouse, who reportedly shot two men during protests following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Sign this petition to applaud the Norfolk Police Department for firing this biased officer.

Allow Transgender Youth to Pursue Gender Affirming Healthcare

Texas individuals under the age of 18 may be prohibited from receiving gender affirming procedures or hormone therapy. Sign this petition to urge lawmakers to stop discriminating against the LGBTQ+ community.

Protect Rights of All Workers

Countless freelance and gig workers in America could be hurt by an effort intended to protect them. Demand a pro-labor initiative that works for all workers.

Pelosi: Correct Statement That George Floyd Should Be Thanked for His “Sacrifice”

Following the verdict that George Floyd’s murderer was guilty on all charges, Nancy Pelosi said Floyd should be thanked for his sacrifice, suggesting his life was willingly given up to further political and social causes. Urge Pelosi to apologize and correct her statement, honoring Floyd’s life.

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