Human Rights

Support Pregnant Women’s Right to Healthcare

There is a battle in Georgia on the fate of abortion rights. While the choice to undergo the procedure repeatedly has been found to be legally legitimate, other lawmakers supporting a ban appear to care more about the fight than the right. Urge Georgia’s governor to acknowledge the initial court ruling to respect abortion rights and stop playing with women’s healthcare.

Success: Organization Offers Positive Response to Allegations of Slave Labor Use

Qatar has come under fire for allegations including use of migrant labor to build up infrastructure before the 2022 World Cup. Practices involving these workers potentially border on human rights violations. Thank FIFA, leader of the world cup, for perpetuating awareness of human rights and working to end slave labor in event host countries and beyond.

Don’t Grant Immunity to Slain Journalist’s Suspected Murderer

The U.S. government just prevented the prosecution and punishment of the man suspected of ordering the sadistic murder and dismemberment of an American journalist. Condemn this horrifically misguided decision.

Stop Violent Perpetrators From Shooting and Killing Innocent People

Gun violence and mass shootings are at an all-time high. One possible solution, already implemented in some states, is to allow a judge to decide if a particular violent crime warrants a perpetrator to lose gun ownership rights. Demand resources be given nationwide to help states successfully execute this on a federal level.

Success: Organization Reboots Aid for Ethiopian Children

Civil war and drought have made life difficult for the people of Ethiopia. Obstacles such as the violent conflicts have hindered humanitarian aid in the past, but dedicated helpers are now on the way to help prevent tens of thousands of deaths. Thank those who have made this pledge to help.

Stop Risking Women’s Lives With Pregnancy Complications

A West Virginia woman could have died from pregnancy complications after she had to drive hours to receive a legal abortion despite it being an emergency. Unfortunately, doctors are wary to risk their careers performing an abortion since what makes an emergency is not clearly defined. Urge West Virginia’s Governor to stop letting women suffer and allow doctors to make the determination if an abortion is necessary for the health of patients.

Success: Poverty-Stricken Country Potentially Granted Reprieve From Former Ally

Economic woes have only increased in Venezuela since the US imposed sanctions in response to their allegedly corrupt leader and his questionable win in the presidential election. Fortunately, a recent announcement has indicated a possible mending of the two countries’ relationship. Applaud the US’s gesture and the hope it rekindles.

Don’t Let Gun Rights Shield Potential Murderers

One of the nation’s latest mass shooting events might have been prevented if local authorities enforced existing gun laws. Call on officials to prioritize safety and life over partisan politics.

Stop Reportedly Neglecting Health of Detained Migrants

The death of a migrant detainee in the United Kingdom’s Manston detention center sparked an investigation into the facility’s health conditions. Infectious diseases were reportedly spreading like crazy in overcrowded conditions made worse from seemingly lacking medical care for those in custody. Urge the prime minister to stop apparently neglecting migrant detainees and make their health a priority.

Stop Torturing Detained Women With Reportedly Unnecessary Medical Procedures

A doctor employed by the US government reportedly used excessive force and performed unauthorized procedures on a detained migrant woman. Further investigation uncovered similar accusations by other women as well as a history of malpractice lawsuits against the doctor in question. Demand this alleged torture of detained migrant women be stopped.

Don’t Let Millions Die From Hunger While Wealthy Nations Prosper

The gap in global wealth inequality is becoming an ever-widening chasm, and too many human beings are falling through the cracks. Demand rich nations do their fair share in ending deadly famine and hunger.

Stop Silencing Voters on Abortion Rights

Voting is at risk in Kentucky. The state is looking into a universal ban on abortion despite voters deciding against an anti-abortion ballot. Protect the rights and voices of all voters and urge the Kentucky Supreme Court to respect election results over arbitrary agendas.

Stop Torturing Transgender People in Singapore

Transgender people in Singapore are at risk of being forced to undertake reassignment surgery before they are ready. Many are already losing their safety and legal rights if the gender as which they present does not match their identification. Demand an end to the torture of transgender individuals.

Give Abortion Access to Immigrant Victims of Abuse

Many pregnant minors crossing the U.S. border come seeking escape from sexual abuse in their countries of origin. Immediate access to abortions is often necessary to preserve these young lives. Take action to give a second chance to immigrant children who are victims of sexual violence.

Ban the Reported Use of Slave Labor in Building Sports Infrastructure

Qatar, the host of World Cup 2022, has been accused of using desperate migrants to construct eight stadiums and tailor the surrounding area for the tournament. It is inhumane to take advantage of struggling people in great need of work. Demand a ban on this apparent use of slave labor to build infrastructure.

End Reported Racial Discrimination of Job Seekers

Racial bias has cost some job seekers to lose opportunities when hiring teams seemingly used racial identity to alienate certain candidates. Demand racial identification questions be removed from job applications to end this apparent discrimination.

Stop Stealing What Is Left of Native Land

Native American land is being taken over by the federal government. Additionally, land still owned by tribes often comes with heavy restrictions for use of natural resources, something quintessential to native cultures. Demand the Bureau of Land Management lift restrictions, return property to its rightful owners, and stop stealing from those who were there first.

Success: Potentially Innocent Man Granted Stay of Execution

A doomed inmate whom evidence suggests may have been wrongfully convicted now has another chance to fight for his freedom and his life. Applaud the reprieve given to Richard Glossip.

Stop Reported Extortion of Detainees’ Families

The soon-to-be-host of a major global sporting event stands accused of imprisoning foreigners for payoffs. Call on Qatar to end its alleged wrongful detentions and blackmail attempts.

Stop Thousands of Children From Starving to Death Due to Civil War

Tens of thousands of children and other innocent people are dying from a lack of food and other resources due to Ethiopia’s civil war. It’s time to put politics aside and help. Demand the U.S. intervene now and send food and water to prevent further loss of human life.

Success: Marriage Equality Reigns Supreme

Another nation has affirmed the right of matrimony to same-sex couples. Applaud the formal legalization of gay marriage throughout Mexico.

Grant Financial Support to a Country Recovering From Tyranny and Famine

Venezuela has been hit hard by poor leadership and the effects of sanctions against corrupt leaders. Their recent changes towards a more stable government and the need to regrow the economy is an opportunity to mend a broken partnership. Demand America take action now to reestablish a working relationship with Venezuela that includes increased humanitarian aid.

Save Struggling Nations From Devastating Floods

Catastrophic flooding claimed thousands of lives and upended the entire economy in Pakistan. For other vulnerable nations, the climate crisis could take an even more punishing toll. Call for meaningful aid to combat the next environmental turned humanitarian disaster.

Don’t Endanger Black Women’s Health With Allegedly Toxic Hair Products

Discrimination based on natural hair and ethnic hairstyles may be costing minority Americans opportunities and even their lives. Demand an end to these prejudicial practices.

Plant More Shade Trees in Low Income Neighborhoods

Low income neighborhoods in cities are often overlooked when municipalities plant shade trees. Larger trees improve quality of life by cooling the air with their shade and creating more scenic streets. Ensure residents of low income areas have access to the benefits of trees.

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