Human Rights

Stop Crimes Based on Racial Bias and Deeply Rooted Prejudices

A teenager was allegedly killed by her own father over her romantic relationship with a man from another community. Demand stricter regulations to prevent such hate crimes.

Stop Mini Machine Guns From Slaughtering Innocents

Shooters are increasingly turning to a small, cheap, and lethal device in their quest to inflict mass carnage. Demand leaders take a decisive stand against deadly gun switches.

Crack Down on Hate Crimes After Reported Shooting of Black Shoppers

An allegedly racially-motivated attack took three innocent Black lives, emphasizing the urgent need for stricter hate crime regulations. Demand immediate action to prevent such tragedies and promote a just, inclusive society for all.

Prevent Sexual Misconduct By Medical Professionals

A former physician assistant is facing thirty felony charges for his alleged sexual misconduct with multiple patients. Take action now to gain justice in this case and to restore the trust placed in medical professionals.

Don’t Let Gun Violence Invade School Events

A school was compelled to hold a sporting event in the absence of spectators after a threat of gun violence, prioritizing the safety and security of its students. Enhance safety measures aimed at preventing these attacks during school events.

Enforce Zero Tolerance for Distribution of Child Sexual Abuse Photos and Videos

Child sexual abuse material is easily distributed by exploiting the anonymity of online platforms. Strengthen measures now for a safer future.

Stop Support of Suspected Ethnic Cleansing and War Crimes

A raging civil conflict in Africa is threatening the lives and livelihoods of millions of residents. Demand a major Arab state leverage its impactful ties with this war-torn region in the name of peace.

Girl Allegedly Sexually Abused By Family Deserves Immediate Justice

A 5-year-old girl was allegedly sexually abused by her own family. Demand a thorough investigation into this case and justice for this innocent child.

Stop the Next Lahaina Wildfire Disaster

Sirens that could have saved lives were reportedly not activated during deadly wildfires in Lahaina, Hawaii, leading to human and environmental devastation. Call for a committed investment in community and life-saving warning systems.

Laborers Allegedly Suffering Inhumane Pay at H&M Factories Deserve Justice

Workers are reportedly subjected to wage theft and inhumane hours at garment factories supplying H&M Group. Demand a transparent investigation and corrective action now.

Prevent Child Pornography on Facebook

Facebook is failing to crack down on online child pornography. This shows the need for proactive user safety measures. Demand stringent content regulations now.

Girl Who Survived Amazon Jungle and Alleged Sexual Abuse By Stepfather Deserves Justice

A young girl who famously survived a trek in the Amazon jungle is potentially also a survivor of sexual abuse by her stepfather. Demand justice for this child and accountability now.

X: Have a Real ‘Zero Tolerance Approach’ to Child Abuse

X, formerly Twitter, is enabling the spread of child abuse content online. Call for real change now.

Don’t Let Schoolchildren Become Victims of the Mental Health Epidemic

The worldwide mental health crisis is crippling the quality of life of many individuals, starting as early as childhood. Future generations cannot continue to have psychological disorders go untreated. Require evaluations when entering school to help the mental and emotional standing of the world.

Child Allegedly Abused at Care Center Deserves Justice

An innocent child was allegedly abused at a childcare center, prompting concern from parents and teachers alike. Demand child welfare advocates perform a thorough investigation to ensure that all suspects are brought to justice.

Educate Students About Human Trafficking Rings

Human traffickers target thousands of innocent people each year. The education system must teach younger generations how to protect themselves. Demand officials educate students about human trafficking.

Stop Letting Malnourished Communities Suffer While Dumping Excess Milk

Millions of gallons of milk are being needlessly destroyed. Demand better methods for preserving and distributing this food source.

End Horrific Physical and Sexual Abuse of Domestic Workers By Their Employers

Domestic workers are regularly subjected to physical, emotional, and sexual abuse at the hands of their employers. Something must be done to right this wrong. Demand justice and protection for these victims now.

Beauty Pageant Contestants Allegedly Sexually Abused Deserve Justice

Contestants in a beauty pageant allege sexual harassment by organizers. Demand a thorough investigation and accountability now.

Stop Forcing Impoverished Communities to Live in Sewage

Residents in an Alabama community have literally been living in their own waste for years, and their health and quality of life has suffered as a result. Demand the state department who let these deplorable conditions continue prioritize this violation of human rights.

Stop the Rape, Assault, and Murder of Innocent Women

Thousands of women are raped and/or assaulted each day. Government officials need to end gender-based violence and sexual abuse now. Demand a stop to this extreme violation of human rights.

Don’t Bury Serious Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Sexual harassment and abuse—and even reputation-damaging false accusations—are too often allowed to fester because of corporate ineptitude. Demand a leading British news institution clean up its act to ensure a just outcome for all individuals impacted by these scandals.

J-pop Idols Reportedly Sexually Abused By Their Talent Agency Deserve Justice

Multiple J-pop idols reportedly suffered sexual abuse as children. Their abusers? Apparently, members of their own talent agency. Demand an urgent investigation into this shocking case.

Aéropostale: Stop Allegedly Supporting Child Abuse in the Name of Fast Fashion

Popular clothing retailer Aéropostale is reportedly violating human rights by manufacturing products in countries that condone child labor. This practice harms millions of children every year through long workdays and unfit working environments. Demand this fast fashion empire end this apparently unethical association.

Settle Strike With Guarantees of Living Wage and Safeguards Against AI

The stakes of the dual strikes paralyzing television and film production reflect challenges that are and will be faced by nearly all workers. Demand employers recognize and respect these employees’ rights.

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