Human Rights

Don’t Exploit the Labor of Persecuted Minority Groups

Chinese companies are reportedly exploiting the labor of Uighurs to produce personal protective equipment for the coronavirus. Demand the president of China stop using forced Uighur labor to produce PPE.

Stop Federal Forces From Suppressing Free Speech

Federal forces have suppressed the free speech of protesters in Portland; now they could be coming to Chicago and other cities. Call for Congress to block the deployment of violent federal troops in big cities.

Fight for Voting Rights Legacy of Civil Rights Icon

The right to vote is under assault in America, and this fight just lost one of its fiercest warriors. Honor civil rights advocate John Lewis by relegating voter suppression to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

Investigate Police Accused of Ignoring Pleas for Help From Brutalized Minorities

Police stood by and allowed Indian Muslims to be attacked and brutalized before arresting those who were assaulted, according to a report. This accusation shows a grotesque level of discrimination that must be addressed. Demand that the Indian government bring to justice those responsible.

Peaceful Navy Vet Beaten by Trump’s Secret Police Deserves Justice

A U.S. Navy veteran was peacefully protesting when he was viciously attacked by Trump’s secret police. He was beaten with a baton, tear gassed and had his hand broken in two places simply for asking the officers why they weren’t upholding their oaths to the Constitution. Sign this petition to demand justice for Christopher David.

Protect Civil Rights Protesters from Violent Federal Forces

Federal officers in unmarked minivans have grabbed protesters off the street in Portland without explanation and tear gassed demonstrators even though the chemical weapon is banned in Oregon. Demand that these forces be removed from Portland to protect the safety and free speech of protesters.

Justice for Woman Beaten to Death and Left Alone in the Road

Years after Yvonne McDonald’s suspicious and untimely death, her family is still waiting for answers. Demand the Olympia Police Department further their investigation into her death.

Justice for Homeless Man Reportedly Brutally Beaten and Pepper-Sprayed by Police

A homeless person was the victim of an unprovoked, horrific attack by New York City police officers, according to bodycam footage. He was apparently punched, kicked, and pepper-sprayed because they believed he took up too much room on the train. Demand that the victim be absolved, and the accused officers charged with assault.

Success: International Students Avoid Deportation During Pandemic

International students will be granted visas even if their classes are online, thanks to the efforts of Harvard and MIT lawyers. This decision blocks a recent policy that would deport international students who can no longer attend in-person classes due to the pandemic. Thank those responsible for this remarkable human rights victory.

End Military Use of Video Games to Recruit Children

The US military is using gaming livestreams to speak with children as young as 13 about the possibility of military service, exposing impressionable young people to major choices years before they’re prepared for them. Demand that this disturbing practice be ended immediately.

Don’t Force Medically Vulnerable WNBA Player to Work During Deadly Pandemic

A prominent player in the WNBA is being asked to decide between her heath and her paycheck. Elena Delle Donne suffers from pre-existing conditions that make her especially vulnerable to the deadly effects of COVID-19 and her request to sit out the season during this deadly pandemic was denied. Urge the WNBA to put its players’ health before profit and make allowances for those who are of high risk.

Ban Trans “Panic” Defense and Convict LGBTQ+ Hate Crimes

Many murderers of trans women have gone unpunished because of a legal defense strategy that blames the victim’s sexual orientation or gender identity for their own murder. Call on Congress to ban this legal defense that allows hate crimes against the LGBTQ+ community.

Stop Executions of Federal Prisoners That Put the Public in Danger During Pandemic

Inmates are being executed by the federal government for the first time in nearly two decades. These poorly timed executions put even more lives at risk and call into question the very idea of true justice. Urge the attorney general to end this calculated affront to public health and criminal justice reform.

Success: Abortion Pill to Be Mailed During COVID-19 Pandemic

Women will no longer have to expose themselves to COVID-19 in order to obtain an abortion. Healthcare providers can now mail or deliver abortion-inducing medications to patients at home. Thank those who fought for this reproductive health victory.

Demand Justice for Female Soldier Reportedly Murdered on Military Base

A female soldier in the U.S. military was reportedly murdered. Not long before her death, she apparently told friends and family that she was being sexually harassed by two of her superiors. Demand justice for Vanessa Guillén and make it safer for women to report abuse.

ICE: Do Not Deport International Students

ICE is using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to deport international students whose fall classes will be online. Demand that these students who contribute to our economy and vital research programs not be expelled from the country.

Success: Georgia Passes Hate Crime Bill After the Killing of Ahmaud Arbery

In the wake of the murder of 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery, Georgia has finally passed a long-delayed hate crimes bill. Thank the governor for signing this important law.

Remove “Human Rights Leader” Status from Destructive Mining Company

Sacred Indigenous lands have been destroyed by an international mining company. Demand that the Corporate Human Rights Benchmark remove the company’s leader status until it can make amends for its horrific actions.

Disbar Lawyers Accused of Threatening Black Lives Matter Protesters

A lawyer couple accused of threatening Black Lives Matter protesters with guns apparently have a long history of racism and discrimination. Anyone capable of such hate should not be allowed to practice law. Demand that these individuals be disbarred at once.

Declare the Ku Klux Klan a Terrorist Organization

The Ku Klux Klan is a white supremacist hate group that has terrorized Black Americans since 1865. Its continued existence has caused nothing but death and destruction. Demand that it be classified as a domestic terrorist organization.

Protester Reportedly Struck With Car and Killed at Black Lives Matter Gathering Deserves Justice

A car reportedly barreled into a Black Lives Matter gathering and took the life of a nonbinary protester. This alleged hate crime injured another and risked the lives of many more. Demand that the charges match the seriousness of this seeming ultimate assault on human rights.

Return Mount Rushmore to the Lakota

The time has come to return Mount Rushmore to the Lakota people. They are owed the land by rights, by treaty, and it is time to make it right by law. Demand that the United States government returns this stolen land to its people.

Demand Justice for Elijah McClain

Elijah McClain was killed while in police custody and his family desperately needs justice. There is never an excuse for an unarmed, non-violent person to be killed while in the care of people who are supposed to be there for the public’s protection. Demand justice for Elijah McClain.

Police vehicles - Johnathan Green

Rehire Police Detective Fired for Supporting Black Lives Matter

A police detective who posted on her Instagram in support of the Black Lives Matter movement was fired. She is the mother of three children, two of whom are Black. Demand that the department offer this former detective her job back.

Success: Migrant Children to Be Released From Family Detention Centers

Migrant children who are confined in US detention centers will soon be freed, thanks to the hard work of immigration advocates. This is an important development for human rights and public health in the wake of the devastating coronavirus pandemic. Thank those who fought to free these children.

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