Protect Farmers From Potentially Brain-Damaging Weedkiller

Target: Guy Parmelin, Minister of Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture

Goal: Investigate actions of company that may have hidden the health risks of its weedkiller.

Multiple farmers who relied for years on a product they trusted are now claiming that product caused their incurable, debilitating neurological ailments. They are taking their claims to court in a massive lawsuit filed against Syngenta AG: a global distributor of weedkiller paraquat. Obtained documents apparently show that this company has known about the risks of its product for decades and made numerous attempts to cover up the health dangers.

Independent scientists have long researched a possible link between Parkinson’s disease and this weedkiller. Some studies estimate that prolonged exposure to the product could increase the chance of developing the world’s fastest-growing brain disorder by as much as 150 percent. Syngenta’s own animal research reportedly yielded similar worrying results, but the conglomerate allegedly made every effort to disappear these findings. They have also seemingly recruited scientific professionals (including high-level former members of the Environmental Protection Agency) to their cause while actively sabotaging the works of scientists and even members of their organization who attempt to sound the alarm. They have also allegedly gotten lawyers with no scientific background to ghost-write reports submitted to regulatory agencies.

Sign the petition below to demand responsible leaders root out the rot and hold to account this company that may be posing a serious health hazard around the world.


Dear Mr. Parmelin,

Switzerland-based company Syngenta AG has found itself at the center of recent health controversy. Syngenta’s top-selling weedkiller product paraquat is the subject of a lawsuit brought by farmers claiming this weedkiller caused their Parkinson’s disease development. Years of research have seemingly backed these assertions.

The most concerning part of this story is the alleged obstructive actions taken by Sygenta to obscure the serious health risks their product may pose to the public, especially agriculture workers with the most exposure. These efforts reportedly included tainting of scientific research both in the targeting of opposing scientists and the coopting of allies in positions of power as well as dishonesty in the presentation of its own negative findings to regulatory agencies. This prolonged apparent campaign of disinformation may have cost countless farmers their livelihoods over the decades…individuals who now struggle to walk and perform other day-to-day activities.

The campaign should stop now. Please demonstrate that you prioritize the health and well-being of your citizens and of people around the world by launching an investigation into this potential ongoing threat to public health and by taking the necessary measures to end the menace.


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Photo Credit: Miquel Pujol Palol



  2. I don’t trust ANY chemicals made by the big chemical companies – Syngenta, Dow, Bayer, etc. They lie about results and lack of harm and get their products accepted by the EPA. Don’t believe them! It’s all about the money! Go organic – save yourself, your family and our world.

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