Provide Clean Water to Community Ravaged By Wildfire

Target: Tom Carper, Chairman of U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works

Goal: Fund infrastructure improvements needed to preserve clean drinking water.

The Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon fire was just one of the natural disasters that imperiled habitats and civilizations in the past year. This one wildfire, the largest in New Mexico’s history, very nearly burned down an entire large community. Even when contained, the fire’s dangerous legacy lingers, as it charred and destroyed vegetation instrumental in helping prevent floods. Filtration systems are now in danger from the debris-filled runoff, and the water itself is contaminated to the degree that it was deemed unsafe to drink. At one point, water supplies shrunk to near depletion within weeks. Now, quick fixes and stopgap solutions are barely keeping crucial supplies afloat.

More long-term investments are desperately needed, including a new water filtration system. But the poverty-stricken region this fire impacted lacks the funds and resources to make those investments. A federal bill would provide emergency funding, but it would not cover the infrastructure funds so crucial to true recovery. A federally-led prescribed burn that grew out of control is believed to have started the fire, so federal officials owe it to this already-struggling community to help clean up the mess they reportedly made.

Sign the petition below to demand leaders offer full financial and logistical support to curb a preventable public health crisis.


Dear Senator Carper,

The fire that ravaged part of New Mexico is still wreaking havoc to this day, depriving residents of clean water for daily activities and, most importantly, for sustenance. The federal government, due to a prescribed burn gone awry, seemingly played a role in aggravating this disaster. The bill currently before Congress falls far short in mitigation.

This region, like so many others across America hit by natural disasters, needs better equipment. Recent water infrastructure laws passed in Congress have vowed to address this very issue. Make good on the promises and include infrastructure upgrades and other essential long-term funding investments in the Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon relief bill.

Emergency relief should not stop when the fire is extinguished or the flood is contained. When the dust settles is only the beginning of the trek toward healing and recovery.


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Photo Credit: Will Harris

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