Prevent Killer Fungal Infections by Investing in Vaccines

Target: Tedros Ghebreyesus, Director-General of World Health Organization

Goal: Support and invest in fungal vaccines and their approval.

One of the most popular new television shows follows the survivors of a zombie apocalypse that was kickstarted by a global fungal infection pandemic. While no current fungi are expected to turn humanity into cannibalistic walking corpses, fungal diseases do infect tens of thousands and kill thousands of individuals in the United States alone every year. Moreover, these illnesses can double the risk of hospitalization and death when they mix with other health conditions. And the type of weather increasingly fueled by climate change often serves as a petri dish for fungal growth, upping the risk of more potent strains taking form.

Despite all of these risk factors, the world has still not vetted and approved its first fungal disease vaccine. Many researchers are closing in on vaccines against the three most serious illness-causing fungi, and some scientists have even begun working towards a universal vaccine that could ward off all fungal infections. A lack of investment and funding means that such a breakthrough is still years, if not decades away, however. Meanwhile, the threat festers and grows in a rapidly changing world.

Sign the petition below to call for robust commitments to combat this insidious danger.


Dear Director-General Ghebreyesus,

It’s often claimed that a vaccine for fungal infections is financially unworthy. Yet these diseases that most of the world’s never heard of claim over a million lives globally each year and cost the healthcare system untold billions. And with the rise of climate change and the subsequent upswing of Candida and other fungal infections that are becoming increasingly resistant to treatments, the desire and the need for protection will only increase as well.

These unforgiving illnesses assault the lungs, the blood, and leave behind lifelong side effects…when they are not lethal. The immunocompromised are most vulnerable to the relentless attacks on well-being. Such threats more than merit your attention and, most importantly, your investment in the battle against them. Please increase funding and help transform fungal vaccines from science pipe dreams into strong pillars of public health.


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Photo Credit: Lucasz Katlewa

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