Protect Impoverished Communities From Deadly Cholera Outbreaks

Target: Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of World Health Organization

Goal: Secure more funds for cholera vaccine production and other plans of action against the ailment.

Nearly 100 people reportedly died after a fishing boat turned makeshift ferry began taking on water off the coast of Africa’s Mozambique. Many of the victims were children. The tragedy is believed to have resulted from severe overcrowding on the vessel, which reportedly held 130 people. But investigators are also assigning blame to a deeper cause: cholera.

For several months, the impoverished nation had been combating a serious cholera outbreak that sickened over 15,000 people. Ultimately false reports about another serious rash of cases apparently compelled many of the frantic ferry-goers to board the vessel in an attempt to flee. Tragedy ensued. Deep fears about the dangerous ailment also allegedly led to at least one murder within Mozambique.

And many countries in Africa and beyond are battling the same worries. Roughly 30 nations experienced similar deadly outbreaks within the past year alone. Estimates are that cholera threatens up to one billion people worldwide. Life-threatening dehydration from diarrhea and vomiting is the main consequence of the illness. Deteriorating sanitation and water quality are major drivers, which leaves the lowest-income communities at the greatest risk. While a vaccine for cholera was developed over a century ago, supplies are urgently low. Robust tracking systems are largely absent as well.

Sign the petition below to urge more investment in these life-saving tools that could abolish one of the world’s most enduring illnesses once and for all.


Dear Dr. Tedros,

Cholera has expanded beyond taking lives directly. As the recent Mozambique ferry disaster demonstrates, its ominous aura can lead to tragedy in other devastating ways. In Mozambique alone, 15,000-plus human beings have suffered from this affliction. Worldwide, the threat risk rises to the billions.

The Global Task Force on Cholera Control, backed by this organization, has made important and life-saving strides. But with vaccine supplies in critical shortage and robust monitoring systems still undeveloped, more work is desperately needed. The release of monies from the Contingency Fund for Emergencies helped 16 at-risk countries, but more than 30 are grappling with this potentially deadly illness.

Please release more funds and leverage all of your influence to fundraise for vaccine enhancement, water quality control, public education, and surveillance tracking efforts that could save millions of lives around the world.


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Photo Credit: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


  1. Throw world seems to voice that we have already almost 9 billion people. Way too many! Yet, the world is more interested in having more babies and children even if they must suffer and die a painful death. In today’s world, there should be no war, no hunger, no deprivation. Those living need to do just that … LIVE! Before thinking of future people we need to care for those here on earth now. We have vaccines and medical approaches which bring about good results but these benefits must be for all people and all countries. To share is a gift from God! Let’s share!

  2. Dawn Richardson says:

    You must have read my mind! Overpopulation leads to less quality of life. Men seem to reject this concept much more than women.

  3. I think you guys are commenting on the wrong subject.

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