Success: Ticket Sellers Eliminate “Hidden Fees”

Target: Joe Biden, President of the United States

Goal: Support transparency and eventual elimination of hidden fees in the marketplace.

Post-pandemic America’s love for live events has been on full display with the exploding popularity of entertainment like the record-shattering Taylor Swift Eras concert tour. This phenomenon alone brought attention to the ongoing exploitation of consumers by organizations who hold the keys to the live entertainment kingdom. Ticketmaster in particular came under fire for its unscrupulous practices, as detailed in this ForceChange petition. But a recent development has restored some needed power and protection to consumers.

One of the major criticisms for Ticketmaster and similar services is the onslaught of hidden, or junk, fees. These additional costs have previously only shown up when an individual is ready to “check out” and purchase a ticket online. The desperate buyer will often feel tremendous pressure to just accept these surprise expenses to avoid losing out on a hot ticket. Several consumers have taken the matter to the courts.

The Biden administration has made ending these hidden fees in live entertainment and other sectors a top priority, even encouraging a bill that would eliminate the expenses altogether. In an important first step towards realizing this ultimate goal, the administration recently announced that Ticketmaster, its parent company, and other prominent organizations have committed to presenting all fees to consumers from the outset. Known as up-front, all-in pricing, this practice will prevent consumers from being unpleasantly surprised once they reach the point of purchase.

This needed transparency will give concertgoers and other consumers the information they need to make an informed decision. Sign the petition below to thank the administration for championing these efforts.


Dear President Biden,

The deal reached with Live Nation, SeatGeek, and other live entertainment vendors will be a welcome step in providing consumers with more honesty and transparency. This initiative is also a needed push towards broader efforts such as the Junk Fee Prevention Act. Thank you for continuously supporting and making strides on this bipartisan issue.

As hidden fees diminish in standing, all Americans stand to save in the long run.


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Photo Credit: Wendy Wei

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  1. YES.
    It’s about time. When called out on their greed pride were lowered to a reasonable sum.
    Congratulations to all who will now be happier concern goers!

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