Articles written by: Carolyn Stewart

Expand Wilderness Areas in Delicate Rainforest

Ancient forests home to unique animals and plant life are under attack from the timber industry. Call on Congress to protect these wild lands.

Reform Broken US Glass Recycling System

Levels of glass recycling are low in the US, with millions of tons left in landfills each year. Call on officials to expand recycling programs to more effectively combat waste and climate change.

Don’t Source Police Manuals From Private, For-Profit Company

Police departments are increasingly using a for-profit company to source their policy manuals. Experts claim the company prioritizes legal protection for officers over preventing police violence. Call on the Justice Department to protect Black lives.

Save Public Lands and Wilderness From Pollution and Underfunding

Wilderness areas are being neglected amid budget cuts and runaway wildfires. Call on Congress to ensure the National Forest Service has the funds necessary to properly protect and care for these irreplaceable public lands.

End College’s Support of Food Service Company Used by For-Profit Prisons

Many US universities use the same food service providers as for-profit prisons. Financially, and otherwise, this supports companies profiting from the carceral state. Call on one school to cut its connections with one such company.

Raise Minimum Wage to Slow the Houseless Epidemic

Skyrocketing numbers of people are unable to afford housing in the United States and houselessness is a looming reality for many federal minimum wage workers. Demand lawmakers raise the minimum wage and act against the houseless epidemic.

Stop Detaining Immigrants in Prisons

Immigrants are being held indefinitely in U.S. prisons without any formal criminal charges. This practice is completely inhumane and must be stopped. Call on officials to end this human rights violation.

Don’t Declare Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers Extinct

Ivory-Billed Woodpeckers are on the verge of being declared extinct, despite repeated sightings of them. To ensure their continued protection, this must not happen. Call on officials to delay declaring extinction and to protect these vulnerable birds.

Combat Climate Change by Protecting Old Growth Forests

Old growth forests are being destroyed due to logging. These irreplaceable ecosystems are critical for vulnerable wildlife species and absorb significant amounts of carbon from the atmosphere. Call on officials to protect these critical forests.

Provide Accessible Mental Health Treatment to Combat Pandemic-Induced Crisis

The mental health crisis in the United States has reached staggering levels following the Covid-19 pandemic. We can no longer ignore the millions of Americans that need access to basic healthcare. Call on lawmakers to implement universal mental healthcare.

Call Mount Rainier By Its Indigenous Name

Indigenous tribes throughout Washington are calling for the state’s largest mountain to have its original name restored. Support this decolonial movement and call on officials to change the name of “Mount Rainier” back to Tahoma.

Starbucks: Support and Uphold the Rights of Unionizing Workers

Starbucks is allegedly engaging in union busting activities after workers organized in hundreds of stores across the country. These workers voted to unionize, and Starbucks needs to support their cause. Demand this company respect workers and engage fairly with their union.

Delay School Start Times to Set Students Up for Success

The majority of all US adolescents start school too early to get enough sleep, causing chronic health issues and lower academic performances. Call on officials to prioritize students and institute later start times for middle and high schools.

EPA: Ban Toxic Pesticide

A widely used pesticide is harming both human and amphibian populations across the United States. Call on EPA officials to ban it now.

Stop New International Oil Pipeline

An international oil company wants to build a massive pipeline in Uganda and Tanzania, threatening people, animals, and ecosystems in these areas. Call on the company’s CEO to stop this project.

Don’t Sell Private Data to Immigration Enforcement

A company is allegedly selling the private data of individuals to law enforcement agencies, including federal immigration enforcement. This places many people, particularly immigrants, at great risk. Call on the company’s CEO to stop these potential civil rights violations.

Liberty Mutual: Don’t Insure Climate-Destroying Pipeline

Liberty Mutual currently insures a destructive fossil fuel extraction project, contributing significantly to increasing carbon emissions and the climate crisis. Call on their CEO to stop this practice.

Don’t Force Migrant Children to Work in Production Lines

Children as young as 12 have allegedly been working production lines in US factories. This practice exploits kids for low wages and prevents them from receiving an education. Demand that child labor cease immediately.

Seize Historic Opportunity to Combat Climate Change

An opportunity to cut poisonous emissions and fund energy security has reached the Senate floor. With global temperatures rising and resulting in flooding and deadly heatwaves, the time to save the planet is now. Demand support for this historic effort.

Remove Dam Flooding Sacred Indigenous Cultural Site

Sacred Indigenous lands have been flooded by a historic dam, ruining tribal traditions and decimating fish populations. Demand that those in charge honor the tribes’ request to remove this dam and share the river with its rightful owners.

Protect Workers From the Harms of Extreme Weather

Each year workers face increased health risks as temperatures rise because of climate change. Call on Congress to protect laborers.

Provide Safe Haven to LGBTQ+ Afghan Refugees

LGBTQ+ Afghans are at risk of physical and sexual assault in makeshift refugee camps. Their best hope is safe passage to a LGBTQ+ friendly country. Call on US officials to provide sanctuary to these refugees.

Protect Intersex Youth From Damaging and Unnecessary Medical Procedures

Intersex youth are subjected to medically and psychologically scarring procedures that are often unnecessary in the name of gender conformity. Demand lawmakers act urgently to protect these young folks.

Don’t Deny Low-Income Trans People Healthcare

Trans individuals’ access to healthcare is increasingly under attack in the US. A new state plan would deny Medicaid coverage for medical care often needed by these marginalized folks. Call on the government to stop stripping trans people’s access to this human right.

Amazon: Stop Donating Money to Anti-Abortion Candidates

Amazon has donated money to the campaigns of many anti-abortion candidates. Call on the company to stop driving the loss of reproductive rights in the US.

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