Save Public Lands and Wilderness From Pollution and Underfunding

Target: US Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi

Goal: Increase funding to the National Forest Service to ensure cleaner public lands and wilderness education.

Over recent decades, the National Forest Service has consistently experienced budget cuts, even though the pressure on the Forest Service’s financial resources have never been higher. Each year larger portions of their allocated funds must be spent on dealing with raging wildfires. This means there are less funds left for maintaining the wilderness areas frequented by people, and for educating the public on proper wilderness practices. Both of which cause greater degradation of these irreplaceable lands.

Many of the issues faced at underfunded wilderness lands are increasing volumes of trash and food left behind, more people venturing off trails and compromising delicate areas, and higher rates of improper wilderness bathroom or fire practices.

As fires continue to rage out of control each year, the Forest Service does not have the budget to both combat wildfires and do the necessary maintenance of wilderness areas. Important wilderness education opportunities are also being lost due to budget cuts, which adds to these growing problems. Sign below to call on Speaker Pelosi to ensure the National Forest Service gets the funding it needs to protect our irreplaceable wild lands.


Dear Speaker Pelosi,

The National Forest Service does the important work of protecting and maintaining our beautiful wild lands. This is a task that has been made increasingly harder in recent years as wildfire rates climb and the Forest Service experiences budget cuts.

It is critically important to the preservation of our national forests that the wilderness areas frequented by people can be maintained, cleared of trash, and safe from fire risks. The National Forest Services plays a significant role in both overseeing this maintenance and educating the public on proper wilderness practices. Please do whatever is necessary to ensure the National Forest Service gets the funding it needs to do its job well.


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  1. America IS it’s National Lands! These lands are for the enjoyment of the people and needs to support wildlife, and animals. These lands need to be managed well. With the wild fires there is so much to be done but budget cuts is not part of the package. Good funding equals good forest and land management and stewardship. These lands are our treasure and should be treated as such. No trash, no plastic bottles, no discarded paper to clutter a pristine piece of land which was a gift to all those who want to enjoy nature in all its beauty.

  2. Gary Simpson says:

    Wilderness is a national treasure. Let’s keep it healthy.

  3. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    STOP leasing so much of our public lands to cattle and sheep operations!! The way they graze DESTROYS the native grasses and plants. A recent experiment at Hart Mountain in eastern Oregon on restoration and rewilding the ecosystem was a great success, but only when ruminants were REMOVED from the area. If you allow ranchers to use the land to graze for pennies, they should be required to assist financially in the restoration of those lands to their original state.

  4. Urszula Lund says:

    Remove ranchers from these areas.
    Don’t ruin national parks for beef!!!! This is an extreme environmental crime!

  5. Susan Ciaramella says:

    Of you all really want to do something about this situation, then become vegetarians. That will solve the problem!

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