Liberty Mutual: Don’t Insure Climate-Destroying Pipeline

Target: Liberty Mutual CEO, David H. Long

Goal: Stop insuring the Trans Mountain Pipeline, which threatens indigenous peoples’ rights and the global climate.

The insurance company Liberty Mutual is currently underwriting the Trans Mountain Pipeline, a crude oil pipeline project opposed by many indigenous and environmental groups. The pipeline would connect the Canadian Tar Sands Oil Deposit to export terminals on the country’s west coast.

The tar sands are an extremely carbon intensive oil extraction project. Mining the tar sands requires deforesting many of the last large areas of undisturbed forest lands in North America to access the oil underneath trees. The current extraction efforts have completely devastated the natural ecosystems in areas surrounding the oil deposit. They have polluted the drinking water supplies of those living nearby, particularly Canada’s indigenous populations. The tar sands are also significantly increasing total global carbon emissions.

By insuring the Trans Mountain Pipeline, Liberty Mutual is supporting the expansion of the very projects worsening the climate crisis and destroying the habitats and lives of many of Canada’s human and wildlife populations. Call on the company’s CEO, David H. Long, to do everything in his power to stop Liberty Mutual from insuring the Trans Mountain Pipeline.


Dear Mr. Long,

Your company is currently insuring the Trans Mountain Pipeline, a project which would cause continued environmental devastation in an area already ravaged by the Canadian Tar Sands oil extraction project. The pipeline is opposed by numerous indigenous and environmental groups because of its significantly negative impact on land rights and the fight against climate change.

The extraction and transportation of crude oil from the Tar Sands to Canada’s west coast is displacing individuals and wildlife, polluting water sources, and significantly adding to total annual carbon emissions. You must do everything in your power to ensure that Liberty Mutual no longer supports the Trans Mountain Pipeline project.


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Photo Credit: Howl Arts Collective


  1. Ok Boomers enough with the oil and pipelines!!! I know you don’t care cause you won’t be around but please for the planet and your grandkids… no more oil/ pipelines No!! We care about our plant please stop with the oil!!! No to pipelines!!!!! Yes to our planet no getting hotter!!

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    STOP funding climate destruction, Liberty Mutual. Enough with the ads with the emu! Use that money to save our planet, not to destroy it.

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