EPA: Ban Toxic Pesticide

Target: Environmental Protection Agency Administrator, Michael S. Regan

Goal: Ban the dangerous pesticide Atrazine.

Currently, a dangerous and toxic herbicide – a subcategory of pesticide – called Atrazine is being widely used on crops throughout the United States to kill weeds and other plant-based threats to crops. Atrazine is extremely harmful not only to the environment, but also to the humans and wildlife living in the areas where it is used.

Among the animals that experience the most harm from Atrazine are amphibians. In particular, male frogs that are continually exposed to the herbicide are not able to reproduce. This is causing significant problems with both frog populations and the ecosystems that depend on these creatures playing their role. In humans, studies have found that Atrazine can increase the risk of cancer and other significant health issues.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has a duty to protect the environment. Allowing for the continued use of the herbicide Atrazine is in direct contradiction with this duty. Call on the EPA head, Michael S. Regan, to do whatever it takes to make sure Atrazine is banned from continued use in the United States.


Dear Mr. Regan,

Decades after scientists first came to understand the radiating harms which the use of pesticides and herbicides can have on the environment, humans and wildlife are still being put at risk from these toxic chemicals. Currently, the herbicide Atrazine is still widely used and causing such destruction.

As you know, the EPA has a duty to protect the environment and those that reside within it from dangerous substances like Atrazine. This herbicide is not only having a significant impact on environments where it is used, but is also causing amphibians like frogs to be unable to reproduce and increasing grave health risks for human populations. You must do whatever it takes to make sure Atrazine is banned from continued use in the United States.


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