Man Accused of Intentionally Breaking Dog’s Leg Must be Punished

Target: Madison County, Illinois Assistant State Attorney Katie Warren

Goal: Give man prison sentence for allegedly fracturing dog’s leg purposely.

A Great Dane suffered because his owner allegedly broke his back right leg on purpose in January, and failed to get the animal veterinary care. Philip P. Riley was just charged with the crime. He needs to be given a prison sentence to hopefully prevent another similar tragedy from occurring if it is found he committed this heartless act.

Riley was charged with violating the Humane Care for Animals Act and with a count of aggravated animal cruelty. He could spend three years in prison if he is found guilty of this unthinkable act of animal abuse.

Dogs that have been abused by previous owners can show aggression toward other people as well as with other dogs. This can unfortunately lead to the dog eventually being euthanized. Sign this petition to demand Riley not only be put behind bars, but to also insist authorities confiscate his dog if they have not done so already.


Dear Assistant State Attorney Warren,

Philip P. Riley was recently charged for allegedly fracturing his dog’s back right leg and not finding a veterinarian to fix the issue. He needs to be justly punished under the law if it is discovered he purposefully hurt this animal, to better ensure it will not happen again.

Riley was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, which is considered a felony. He was also charged with one count of breaking the Humane Care for Animals Act, a misdemeanor in the state of Illinois.

The animal in question may be fearful of a new, future owner. This Great Dane may also later display aggressive behaviors toward other animals or people, possibly leading to a new owner either returning the dog to a shelter, or putting the animal to sleep. For these reasons, we demand you seek a tough legal sentence for Riley and that you also tell the courts he should not get his dog back or further be allowed to be around other animals, if he is found guilty of this thoughtless offense.


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Photo Credit: Jonathan Willier 


  1. Christine Eckerson says:

    Evil human!! Break his leg!!

  2. lisa black says:

    Love signing petitions to help animals but why so many ads now, for political crap and other stuff? Will probably bail on this site, there are other platforms for petitions with out all the BS!

    • Ads can pay for the site to keep running along with donations. I just scroll past personally it is hard enough to find a legit petition site this one is legit and do good work.

  3. Another low life human taking his aggression out on an innocent animal. The poor dog should never be returned to him and he should never be allowed to own another animal. He needs the maximum punishment for animal cruelty!

  4. This vile scumbag must have the death penalty implemented. A slow and agonizing death is essential!

  5. Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

    Eye for an Eye would be a great start, meaning break that bastards leg too and just leave him that way, now we’re talking, ZERO medical attention, in addition to the charges and jail time, AND DEFININTELY removing the poor baby from this pathetic despicable assholes home, and never being allowed to have or be around animals again. Period!

  6. Julia Edinger says:


  7. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander! Break this POS leg!

  8. Becky Beck says:

    Just break his legs and leave him ROT IN HELL!!
    What an absolute worthless piece of shit!! Throw the book at him he should be punished!!!!! Don’t ever let him get this dog back or ever own another animal!!!

  9. J Martin says:

    No matter where these vile assholes are in the world. IF you intentionally cause harm (linked to animal cruelty). Regardless of the person’s age, sex, race, religion .. etc.
    Then THAT person needs to get the “EXACT” same thing done to them. ONLY it should be WORSE!!!

  10. Nadine brundage says:

    If found guilty, just break his leg and no medical help,for the sicko. That’s justice for the innocent dog.

  11. American Girl says:

    Here we go again this 2″wonder is suffering from small pecker syndrome! He’s a failure in life so he takes it out on an innocent animal. Break this bastards leg to start, paint a target on his ass, put him in jail & let every inmate know what he’s done, and justice will be served! Never, ever allow this inbred mutant near any animal again, for life!

  12. Barb Garrison says:

    What the hell is wrong with people? I’ve never seen such evil as I’ve seen in abusing animals. It must stop!!!

  13. Milantia Roy says:


  14. Pamela Hengst says:

    The safety of the dog is the first priority. Then Philip Riley must sit in prison for maximum term possible. He is a coward, a jerk, and a worthless member of the human race. I can’t imagine what possible reason the bully gave fir this unforgivable act.

  15. Prosecute Prosecute Prosecute!! Take All animals away from this POS and Never be allowed to have other animals. None! Zip!

  16. This cruel evil punk deserves to have EVERY bone in his body broken…and if something starts to heal break it again. He, and all evil cruel punks like him, need to suffer for the rest of their lives and also be removed from society as they are a menace to animals and humans. A 3yr sentence is nothing….He should never be released…. IN MY OPINION

  17. Michelle Stewart says:

    The bastard is guilty. He deserves to have all his limbs broken then just throw him into a prison cell for years & let him suffer. Since that won’t happen, all animals must be seized immediately that live with him. He must be sentenced to 10 years in prison with no early parole (not just a couple years), must pay a $400,000 fine, and be banned for life from owning, working with, or going near any animals ever again. If it was possible, I would order him killed

  18. This is so horrible to think any human could do this to any animal. He needs to be punished and go to jail and pay a hefty fine.

  19. Would sure love to know what happened to this poor dog, did he get to a vet, even if well overdo, or did the authorities leave him with his sadistic owner??

  20. Becky Beck says:

    Remaking his legs won’t do a damn thing I say chain his worthless ass and throw him behind a moving truck out in the desert or just take his worthless ass to alligators alley they will have a nice feast o. This piece of garbage!

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