Man Accused of Intentionally Breaking Dog’s Leg Must be Punished

Target: Madison County, Illinois Assistant State Attorney Katie Warren

Goal: Give man prison sentence for allegedly fracturing dog’s leg purposely.

A Great Dane suffered because his owner allegedly broke his back right leg on purpose in January, and failed to get the animal veterinary care. Philip P. Riley was just charged with the crime. He needs to be given a prison sentence to hopefully prevent another similar tragedy from occurring if it is found he committed this heartless act.

Riley was charged with violating the Humane Care for Animals Act and with a count of aggravated animal cruelty. He could spend three years in prison if he is found guilty of this unthinkable act of animal abuse.

Dogs that have been abused by previous owners can show aggression toward other people as well as with other dogs. This can unfortunately lead to the dog eventually being euthanized. Sign this petition to demand Riley not only be put behind bars, but to also insist authorities confiscate his dog if they have not done so already.


Dear Assistant State Attorney Warren,

Philip P. Riley was recently charged for allegedly fracturing his dog’s back right leg and not finding a veterinarian to fix the issue. He needs to be justly punished under the law if it is discovered he purposefully hurt this animal, to better ensure it will not happen again.

Riley was charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, which is considered a felony. He was also charged with one count of breaking the Humane Care for Animals Act, a misdemeanor in the state of Illinois.

The animal in question may be fearful of a new, future owner. This Great Dane may also later display aggressive behaviors toward other animals or people, possibly leading to a new owner either returning the dog to a shelter, or putting the animal to sleep. For these reasons, we demand you seek a tough legal sentence for Riley and that you also tell the courts he should not get his dog back or further be allowed to be around other animals, if he is found guilty of this thoughtless offense.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jonathan Willier 


  1. WISH the book can be thrown at this piece of garbage and make an example of him!!!IF NOT DONE, OMG=PLEASE REMOVE THIS DOG FROM HIM IMMEDIATELY!!! Let the inmates have their time with him and see how big and brave he is. Prayers for this precious, innocent baby, to recover in every way and be placed in a Loving, FOREVER Home.~.

  2. Should never have an animal again,and take the dog immediately!

  3. break both of his legs sick creep

    • Agreed!!! Very few if any get full justice for this kind of disgusting, sick person, or rather POS!!!
      After breaking both legs, thro him in the trash where he belongs!!!!

  4. Don’t put him in prison. Put him in a room with me for 10 minutes!!!

  5. Get the dog away from this flaming asshole please!

  6. Brenda Burke says:

    Fed up of seeing ifs and allegedly. We know he did it so do the police who arrested him. Put his picture up. Let’s all see who this pos is. If the courts cannot or most likely will not do anything I will offer to teach him the error of his ways.

    • Patricia Lamonica says:

      I will help you Brenda!!!! Better yet break every bone in his body leave the PHYCOPATH to suffer and die and burn in HELL!!!!

  7. How did this monster even get a beautiful dog??? Put him in jail!

  8. Absolutely appalling! Disgusting and unacceptable behavior by this POS! He must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. He is mentally ill and should never be allowed to own another animal.

  9. Throw this useless piece of shit into the throws of the inmates and let them work him over. What a piece of garbage this asshole is – this poor dog did not ever need to suffer at the hands of this ignorant f*cker. The world would be better off with all of these animal abusers just shot on the spot.

  10. Terriee Trana says:

    Take this scumbag n break his arms n his legs! Tie a plastic bag over his head, put weights on his feet n dump him in the deepest water!!

  11. Raymond Stevens says:

    The shit eating scumbag that broke this dog’s leg should have his leg broken. I’m sure we can find volunteers. I’d volunteer if this bastard lived in my area. A better solution would be to kill him that way no other living creature would be threatened again by this evil piece of shit. But we aren’t allowed to that kind of thing in a “civilized”society. But we can allow unpunished animal abusers in our so called civilized society. They get protected from righteous punishment. Why is that?

  12. he needs a long jail sentence and NEVER EVER OWN ANY ANIMAL

  13. Break all his bones and let him suffer there for years. No excuse, didn’t do anything wrong! Finally, you should be euthanized!!

  14. This is what happens when states don’t treat animal abuse as the crime it is. Lock this SOB up and throw away the key. He does not deserve to ever see the light of day again for intentionally harming an innocent animal.

  15. Break his legs and have NO doctor treat him! Of course, I’d prefer if he were executed.

  16. Paula Morgan says:

    This dog trusted this man, lived with the man and now the dog’s life may be impaired due to this man. To break a leg is so painful and this was one deliberately. The leg can not have healed properly due to no veterinary care for the dog. How can anyone be so callous? England has now passed a 10 year prison sentence for abuse to animals. America needs to do the same nation wide! These horrible incidents keep happening but our legal system lets offenders off lightly. That doesn’t seem to be working. Humans don’t seem to learn unless they know there is a bleak future awaiting them should they hurt an animal as this man decided to do and then allow the dog to suffer months before the dog received any care.

  17. Shirley Lemieux says:

    I can not think of a more cowardly act then some tough guy of a man intentionally causing severe pain and physical harm to an innocent animal. It is bad enough that this particular breed of a dog because of its size may in the future suffer hip problems but now this low life scumbag, Philip P. Riley, may have caused even further issues by intentionally breaking this dogs leg. I certainly hope that Philip P. Riley suffers some punishment himself through the Justice system.

  18. One way or another someone will get to this POS human if the law does NOT step up and STOP this crap human behavior!

  19. Clarissa Green says:

    Break both of his legs.

  20. This evil, sub human POS must serve a jail sentence and be banned FOR LIFE from ever keeping an animal again! Defenceless animals must be kept away from bastards like this, period! The law must do so much better at respecting and protecting animals. Much stronger deterrents must be put in place NOW – real punishments are demanded. JAIL TIME, NAMES ON ABUSERS REGISTER FOR LIFE AND LIFETIME BAN FROM KEEPING ANIMALS!

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