Justice for Dog Duct-Taped and Abandoned in Dumpster

Target: Donald W. Kleine, Douglas County Attorney, Nebraska

Goal: Prosecute and ensure severe punishment for those responsible for the cruel mistreatment of Leo.

The appalling ordeal of Leo, a 1.5-year-old Cavapoo, left abandoned and duct-taped inside a dumpster in Omaha, Nebraska, necessitates immediate and rigorous legal action. Leo was found in a state of neglect that shocked the local community. Wrapped in duct tape around his head and limbs, the distressing condition of the dog underscores the urgent need for a robust legal response to this alleged act of cruelty.

Details provided by the Nebraska Humane Society suggest that Leo endured considerable suffering, evident from the skin irritation observed once the tape was removed. Despite the horrifying circumstances, Leo’s tail wagged as he perked up post-rescue—a testament to his resilience. The person or persons responsible for this cruelty must face the full extent of the law to ensure such heinous acts are not perpetrated unchecked.

The demand for justice isn’t just about Leo but represents a broader call to safeguard all animals from such alleged inhumane treatment. This petition urges the implementation of stricter penalties and thorough investigations into such cases, ensuring that those allegedly responsible are held accountable. Take swift action, reinforcing that cruelty of any kind will not be tolerated in our community.


Dear Attorney Donald W. Kleine,

We, the undersigned, urge you to take immediate and decisive action in the case of Leo, the Cavapoo who was found in a horrifying state, duct-taped and abandoned inside a dumpster. This case has not only caused widespread outrage but also serves as a distressing reminder of the cruelty animals can face.

Further investigation and a strong legal response are imperative. We believe that prosecuting and imposing severe penalties on those responsible for such actions are crucial steps towards justice for Leo and preventing future animal cruelty. Our legal system must respond robustly to such serious allegations to deter similar actions in the future.

We request your office to prioritize this case, ensuring that the investigation is thorough and that any subsequent legal proceedings are expedited. By taking strong action, you will send a clear message that our community does not tolerate animal cruelty and that justice for victims like Leo is of paramount importance.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Peps Silvestro


  1. America has laws but no Justice! No animals should never be treated like little Leo. Why can we not do this to the person who did this to Leo? This person isn’t human. They do not deserve the air they breathe. I hope they don’t have kids! Why not take Leo to a shelter? Why kill the animal in this manner? He didn’t intend to kill Leo? BS! Yes he did! Our legal system in this country needs strong repair. If you don’t enforce the law this will get worse. We live by social laws so we may all live in peace. But this Jack Ass makes the law. He is a criminal. A potential killer. Do something! This POS needs to pay for all services, including medical, for Leo., never get Leo back, and never be allowed to own or be near animals for the rest of his lousy life. Also the result of this legal transgression needs to be shown on his permanent record.

  2. Irene Leggett says:

    Find the psychotic POS that carried out this heinous atrocity and do the same to them, just don’t bother to ‘rescue’ them….

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