Fire Cops Who Reportedly Hog-Tied Elderly Woman With Dementia Accused of Shoplifting

Target: Robert L. Ticer, Chief of Police Loveland CO

Goal: Fire police officers accused of using extremely unnecessary force against elderly woman with dementia.

Phil Metzler, a Loveland, Colorado police sergeant arrived on a scene where two officers had arrested an 80 pound, 73-year-old woman with dementia. In the process of the arrest, the officers had apparently dislocated her shoulder, fractured her arm, and sprained her wrist while throwing her to the ground and hog-tying her. Instead of commenting on the amount of force used during the arrest, Metzler comments on how muddy the officers are. One of the officers is heard on body camera audio joking, “A little bloody. A little muddy. That’s how it works.” The other officer reportedly confirms that the blood is the victim’s.

According to a lawsuit now opened against the officers involved, Metzler deactivated his body-worn camera during the incident. Metzler is now on administrative duties, but is still employed by the Loveland Police Department. Sign this petition to urge the Chief of Police to fire Metzler and the other officers involved in this attack.


To Chief Ticer,

Karen Garner is a 73-year-old woman who suffers from dementia. In an interaction with Loveland officers, Garner reportedly suffered a dislocated shoulder, fractured arm, and sprained wrist. Police Sergeant Metzler arrived on the scene and, instead of commenting on the amount of force used in the arrest or triaging the victim, he commented on how muddy the arresting officers are. Additionally, Metzler allegedly deactivated his own body-worn camera during the incident. 

This situation–one where an elderly, compromised, and unarmed woman is reportedly attacked by two police officers–is absolutely shameful and Metzler seemingly did nothing as a senior police officer to rectify the issue in real time. Garner’s attorney said, “Ms. Garner’s experience with Loveland Police is not about bad apples. It is about culture. And the culture in Loveland is one of lack of care, lack of humility.”

You have an opportunity to ensure that you lead a cultural shift for the better in Loveland. I urge you to fire Sergeant Metzler and the other officers involved in this attack.


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Photo Credit: The Life & Liberty Law Office


  1. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    The use of EXCESSIVE FORCE AND BRUTALITY by police officers everywhere MUST STOP NOW.

  2. Joyce O'Malley says:

    80lb – 73 year old woman – with dementia – getting hogtied by a police Sargent – because she’s shop lifting!! That cop must be the pride of the force!!

  3. They shouldn’t just be fired, they should be charged with felony assault and elder abuse!
    This is inexcusable!

  4. Nothing short of despicable, reprehensible, cruel, inhuman, inhumane….they need to be in solitary the rest of their lives. IMO

  5. American Girl says:

    I am a huge supporter of law enforcement but I am definetively not a supporter of assholes in law enforcement! These idiots should not only fired but tried and convicted! This is an embarrassment to all the great cops out there who everyday put their lives on the line for us. Weed out these 2″ dickheads & prosecute the hell out of them. They are a stain on law enforcement & nothing but Oxygen Thieves! Bet you made your inbred mommies proud you idiots…

    • Patricia Lamonica says:


  6. Agree with “American Girl”! I, too, am very appreciative of the good policemen, BUT THERE ARE ASSHOLES within the police force. Amongst the a/h’s are the ones who senselessly kill dogs, which is happening all over the U.S.

  7. Michelle Stewart says:

    Cops like those are reasons I wish we had “eye for an eye” laws. Do the exact same thing to all of them, as well as firing them. They are never allowed to be cops or even security guards anywhere in the world. Banned for their lifetimes. And they automatically lose pensions, no pay. They get nothing. They are pieces of shit

  8. They should be fired and NEVER allowed ANY position of trust!!

  9. I also believe that police are necessary and that most are dedicated to protecting us, but this abuse was totally unnecessary. This elderly woman was tiny and afflicted with dementia. Police MUST know that older women are susceptible to bone breakage, and yet they ended up breaking her bones and dislocating her shoulder. Was she such a danger to them? Shame on you!

  10. Suzanne Lopez says:

    They are H.D.S.R.M.===(bad curse words in Spanish)

  11. Robert Harnish says:

    This is every bit as bad as elder abuse by a caretaker, or in a nursing home. They’re entrusted to serve and protect, what purpose did this serve and who were they protecting by their actions? She was no threat. The officers dislocated a shoulder, fractured an arm, and sprained the wrist of a 73 year-old, 80 pound, woman with dementia, while throwing her to the ground and hog-tying her. Tired of reading that most cops are good too. Their sergeant turned off his body cam, is he a good cop, or a bad cop protecting other bad ones? If most are good, why don’t more “Good” ones show up to testify against the bad ones? The George Floyd trial was an outlier, not standard operating procedure. What would the charges be against anyone else who did the kind of damage / harm they did to this woman?

  12. Whatever these things are they do not belong on the police force. I don’t think they should even be permitted to run loose. Incarcerate them and determine what needs to be done to cure them of their obvious malady. This is an example of the patriarchy run amok. It need to end, now. Sick, sick, sick.

    • Gina DePalma says:

      These assholes need to be taught a lesson my mom had dementia and after reading this I can’t stop crying.evil sick Fu***. To bad this country doesn’t give a rats ass. 💧💧💧

  13. Janet Garraghan says:

    Fire them and prosecute them for goodness sake! What the hell is this world coming to! Unbelievably shocking! What are those backward degenerates thinking of! Despicable evil monsters! Why would you want these evil monsters to be your law enforcers! The authorities over these weasels need to stop up, stop being cowards and deal with this horrendous situation! How can people be so cruel and heartless! I despair of the human race!

  14. If this would have occured in another country, the United States would be the first to accuse that country of violating human rights and having a police force that tortures its citizens. What the police did to this 73 year old woman is nothing less than torture. These cops should be tried as such and sent to jail for many years. Nothing less would be accepting torture as part of the policing system in the country.

  15. Gina DePalma says:

    This is absolutely unbelievable this poor lady didn’t deserve this. My Mom had dementia and if this was her they did this to I would sue them for everything they had . Plus they deserve life in prison . Maybe someday their moms will get dementia and some ashole cops like this will beat her. Would they care? Heartless evil bastard’s they don’t deserve to be called officer they need to be fired ASAP and thrown in jail hopefully they will get a boyfriend in jail that would teach them what they do to to people that beat the elderly. Enjoy your new boyfriends I hope they beat your asses so bad you will be a forever vegetable that’s what you deserve. Fire them NOW

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