Articles written by: Isabella Skovira

Teach All Students About Racial Justice

A woman went viral after reportedly emotionally declaring she is “not racist, damn it,” but she still doesn’t want race taught in public schools. Sign this petition to urge the school district to teach Critical Race theory in this predominantly white community.

Cancel Lottery for Hunters to Slaughter Grand Canyon Bison

A lottery will select hunters to kill bison in the Grand Canyon as part of an authorized cull. Over 45,000 people registered to be approved to hunt this majestic animal. Sign the petition to stop this inhumane slaughter.

Cut Ties With Publisher Selling Memoir By Officer Involved in Breonna Taylor’s Death

Simon & Schuster continues to do business with the publishing company that plans to print the memoir of one of the police officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor. Sign this petition to urge them to cut ties with Post Hill Press.

Success: Police Chief Resigns After Death of Daunte Wright

A police chief who defended tear gassing peaceful protesters and who minimized the tragic death of 20-year-old Daunte Wright has resigned in the face of public pressure. Celebrate this successful removal of a cop who has no place as a public servant.

Charge Officer Who Fatally Shot 13-Year-Old Adam Toledo

Officer Eric Tillman shot and killed 13-year-old Adam Toledo, who was apparently complying with orders to stop and put his hands up. Sign this petition to urge state officials to charge Tillman in the death of Toledo.

Biden: Rescind Medals of Honor Awarded at Wounded Knee Massacre

Twenty Medals of Honor were awarded to US soldiers who ruthlessly massacred over 300 Lakota people at the Wounded Knee Massacre. Sign this petition to urge Joe Biden to call for these medals to be revoked.

Biden: Stop Tax Evasion By Corporations and Rich Americans

Having access to offshore bank accounts and high-power accountants should not equate to paying fewer taxes–or no taxes at all. Sign this petition to urge the Biden administration to commit to stopping tax evasion by the super-rich and corporations.

Kavanaugh: Commit to Rehabilitating Juvenile Criminals Instead of Lifetime Prison Sentences

Brett Kavanaugh, who during his own hearing asked not to be judged by his teenage actions, voted to allow judges to sentence juveniles to life in prison without parole or the possibility of rehabilitation. Urge Kavanaugh to give these juveniles a second chance.

Applaud Police Department that Fired Officer Who Supported Kyle Rittenhouse

A police officer in Norfolk, Virginia donated funds to support homicide suspect Kyle Rittenhouse, who reportedly shot two men during protests following the police shooting of Jacob Blake. Sign this petition to applaud the Norfolk Police Department for firing this biased officer.

Allow Transgender Youth to Pursue Gender Affirming Healthcare

Texas individuals under the age of 18 may be prohibited from receiving gender affirming procedures or hormone therapy. Sign this petition to urge lawmakers to stop discriminating against the LGBTQ+ community.

Pelosi: Correct Statement That George Floyd Should Be Thanked for His “Sacrifice”

Following the verdict that George Floyd’s murderer was guilty on all charges, Nancy Pelosi said Floyd should be thanked for his sacrifice, suggesting his life was willingly given up to further political and social causes. Urge Pelosi to apologize and correct her statement, honoring Floyd’s life.

Stop Publication of Book By Officer Involved in Death of Breonna Taylor

One of the officers who was involved with the death of Breonna Taylor will soon have a book published recounting his perspective of the event. Breonna didn’t get to speak out and neither should this man. Sign this petition to urge Post Hill Press to halt the publication of the book.

Seek Maximum Sentence for Derek Chauvin’s Murder of George Floyd

Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts he was facing for the death of George Floyd. Sign this petition to urge prosecutors to seek the maximum sentencing for Chauvin.

Mike Pompeo: Apologize for Personal Use of Federal Funds

Mike Pompeo used federal funds and personnel to complete personal errands while serving as Secretary of State under former President Trump. Sign this petition to urge Pompeo to apologize for this breach of trust.

Fire Cops Who Reportedly Hog-Tied Elderly Woman With Dementia Accused of Shoplifting

An elderly woman with dementia reportedly had her arm broken and was hog-tied by cops who made jokes about the incident. One officer apparently turned off his body-cam to cover-up the evidence. Demand these police officers face justice.

Discharge Army Soldier Who Reportedly Intimidated and Shoved Black Man

An active-duty US Army soldier reportedly intimidated and shoved a Black man who was walking on public property. Sign this petition to urge the discharge of this accused racist from his military service.

Vote - Tom Arthur

End Petty Restrictions That Encourage Voter Suppression

Restrictions that could potentially inhibit voting and likely disproportionately affect voters of color have been approved by Republican lawmakers in Arkansas. Sign this petition to urge the governor to stop these petty attempts at voter suppression.

Urge Republican Lawmakers to Prioritize Police Reform

Police officers need to be held accountable for their actions and should not have legal immunity for crimes they commit while on duty. Sign this petition to urge Republican lawmakers to prioritize police reform legislation in the Senate.

Do Not Penalize Wild Animals Following Bobcat Attack

A couple being attacked in their driveway by a rabid bobcat was captured on video and has gone viral. Sign this petition to ensure that the community does not retaliate or seek revenge on wild bobcats or other animals.

Biden: Prioritize Common Sense Gun Laws in the Wake of 50 Mass Shootings

The United States has seen at least 50 mass shooting incidents in a span of a month. Sign this petition to urge President Biden to prioritize legislation that will put a stop to this senseless violence.

Urge Victim-Blaming Police Chief to Resign

Police reportedly approached a Black and Latino active-duty Army lieutenant with guns drawn during a routine traffic stop. The police apparently refused to tell him why he was being forced to exit the vehicle and threatened him. The police chief managing these cops has stated that the Army lieutenant should have complied and does not deserve an apology. Sign this petition to urge the police chief to resign.

Prosecute Officer Who Reportedly Knelt on Suspect’s Neck During Arrest

A NYPD officer reportedly knelt on a suspect’s neck during an arrest that was caught on video by onlookers. He is not facing prosecution, despite recent restrictions on this maneuver. Sign this petition to urge the Attorney General to prosecute this officer.

Trump: Take Responsibility for Death of Veteran at Capitol Insurrection

Ashley Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force veteran, was shot and killed by Capitol police at the January 6 insurrection. A Trump supporter, Babbitt attempted to gain access to the Capitol, threatening the safety of the lawmakers inside. Urge Trump to take responsibility for Babbitt’s death and express condolences.

Do Not Let Officer Who Shot Jacob Blake Seven Times Return to Police Force

The police officer who shot Jacob Blake in the back seven times, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, is returning to work without discipline or charges. Sign this petition to urge the Kenosha Police Department to fire this officer.

Fire Cop Accused of Attacking Peaceful Black-Latino Soldier

Two police officers allegedly used excessive force and threatened an active-duty military officer during a traffic stop. Only one of the officers has been fired. Sign this petition to call for the accused police officer to be removed from his position.

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