Articles written by: Isabella Skovira

Stop Providing Local Police Departments With Military Weaponry

President Trump revived a Pentagon program that puts military-style weaponry into the hands of local police forces and law enforcement agencies. This means that police departments are equipped with tools like bayonets and grenade launchers. Sign this petition to stop this program and keep these tools out of the hands of police meant to protect and serve American citizens.

Terminate Police Officers Who Knocked 75-Year-Old Man to the Ground

A video shows police officers forcibly pushing an elderly man to the ground, causing him to smash his head on the pavement and bleed from the ear. The officers proceed to walk by and step around the non-responsive man. Sign this petition to urge the Mayor of Buffalo to terminate the police involved in the incident.

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Terminate Atlanta Police Officers for Use of Excessive Force on Black College Students

Six police officers attacked two black college students who were driving through a protest in Atlanta. Footage of the incident shows the them smashing the car windows, forcibly pulling out the driver and the passenger, and proceeding to use stun guns on them. Sign this petition to urge the Atlanta mayor to terminate all six officers.

Remove Racist Statues from Richmond

A statue of Robert E. Lee still stands prominently in the streets of Richmond, Virginia. It has been targeted in Black Lives Matter protests happening in the wake of the death of George Floyd because it stands as a symbol of racism and white supremacy. Sign this petition to urge the mayor to have the statue removed.

Hungary: Do Not End Legal Recognition of Trans People

Trans people in Hungary could be forced to comply with their sex assigned at birth, based on chromosomes. This means they will not be able to change their gender designation or names on official documents. Stop this attack on the trans community.

Outlaw “Honor Killings” In Iran

A 14-year-old girl was beheaded in her sleep by her father for running away with her boyfriend. The Iranian president has called on his cabinet members to support him in outlawing these “honor killings.”

Ban Rapper from Instagram After He Bragged About Child Molestation

Rapper Boosie Badazz took to Instagram Live to brag about allegedly having an adult woman perform oral sex on his underage son and nephews. Sign this petition to urge the social media platform to ban Boosie.

Trump: Don’t Forcefully Expose Meat Production Workers to Coronavirus

Thousands of lives are at risk as President Trump decreed that meat processing plants must remain open during the coronavirus pandemic. These processing plants are a hotspot for COVID-19 and often require workers to stand shoulder-to-shoulder, eliminating the possibility for social distancing. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to allow each plant to make its own decision about production during the pandemic.

Do Not Issue COVID-19 Immunity Passes That Could Spread Deadly Virus

Italy is at risk of a COVID-19 resurgence as social distancing restrictions are prematurely lifted, based on undependable methods of assessing for immunity. Protect the public from another wave of coronavirus deaths.

End Death Penalty for Minors Convicted of Terrorism in Saudi Arabia

Minors convicted of terrorism-related crimes may still be sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia, despite the recent abolishment of capital punishment for minors. Correcting this oversight could potentially spare the life of at least one man who is currently awaiting the death penalty for protesting. Sign this petition to urge Saudi Arabia to completely eliminate the death penalty and review all open cases.

Ban US Purchase of Wet Market Animals from China for Cruel Laboratory Use

Federally-funded laboratories in the United States have purchased animals from Chinese “wet markets” to use in cruel, cannibalistic experiments. These “wet markets” are the same unregulated places that are linked to public health crises, like the current coronavirus pandemic. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to ban the purchase of animals from these markets.

Cuomo: Legalize At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kits

The FDA recently approved an at-home COVID-19 testing kit, but New Yorkers cannot access it because of laws that ban at-home testing. This test would increase testing capabilities, maintain social distancing, and keep health professionals focused on treatment as opposed to testing. Sign this petition to urge Governor Cuomo to allow New Yorkers to purchase this at-home test.

Don’t Pollute Our Planet with Toxic Mercury

Big corporations are saving money while pregnant women and children are put at risk. The Trump administration recently rolled back rules around mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to tighten, not weaken standards that save lives.

Do Not Endanger the Lives of Citizens By Ending Coronavirus Shutdown Early

The health of Georgia’s residents is being threatened by the seemingly political choice of Governor Kemp to end the coronavirus shutdown early despite the ongoing threat. The governor’s orders will open shuttered businesses by President Trump’s optimistic May 1 benchmark, even though there are thousands of cases of the deadly coronavirus in the state and hundreds of fatalities. Urge Governor Kemp to slow the reopening of Georgia.

Include Struggling Students in COVID-19 Relief Funding

Canadian students and youth are largely denied COVID-19 relief funding as a result of a loophole in the eligibility. The relief measures boast access to a government-funded $2,000/month allowance if your job or livelihood has been affected by the coronavirus, but many students make less. Urge Canada to include students and youth in their relief measures.

Canada: Ban Assault Style Weapons

At least nineteen people died after a gunman’s 12-hour rampage through small communities in Nova Scotia, Canada. Sign this petition to urge Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ban assault style weapons, like the one used in this attack.

Pay Food Delivery Workers a Livable Wage

Bike delivery workers in Spain have had their wages cut by more than half. In some cities, this means that riders will only be making one euro commission on a delivery. Sign this petition to urge the company to raise riders’ commissions to a livable wage.

Amazon: Rehire Former Employee Fired for Advocating for Workers’ Safety

Amazon recently fired an employee who highlighted workers’ lack of safety during the coronavirus outbreak by staging a walkout. After he was fired, the company then leveraged their media power by running a smear campaign against him, saying things like “he’s not smart or articulate.” Sign this petition to urge Amazon to apologize and rehire the former employee.

Federally Fund the USPS So Normal Operations Are Not Suspended

The United States Postal Service is scheduled to cease normal operations as early as June if they do not receive federal funding. A USPS shut down would affect online retailers, like Amazon, mail-in voting, and access to life-saving medicines. Urge the US government to financially support the Postal Service.

Protect American Schoolchildren from Obesity and Heart Disease with Healthy Lunches

Childhood obesity will get much worse if the Trump administration has its way. Proposed new school lunch standards would lower the requirements for fresh fruit and vegetables and ease restrictions on dairy and sodium. Sign this petition to urge the US government to protect children by maintaining high nutritional standards in schools.

Reverse Termination of Naval Captain Who Expressed Concern for His Crew During Coronavirus Outbreak

A US Naval Captain was fired after he expressed concern that his crew faced exposure to the novel coronavirus. The US Navy acknowledged that Naval Commanding Officers do not train for situations like a global pandemic. Sign this petition to urge the Navy to reverse the termination decision.

China: Stop Racist Evictions of Africans from Their Homes

As China deals with the so-called second wave of coronavirus infections, one racial group has been disproportionately discriminated against and used as the scapegoat. Africans are being evicted from their homes and then refused at hotels, leaving them homeless. Sign this petition to urge the Chinese government to protect renters from being evicted based on race alone.

Trump: Bail Out American Farmers and Prevent Waste of Fresh Foods

Millions of gallons of milk are being dumped and millions of pounds of vegetables are being mulched back into the soil by American farmers as they struggle to navigate the switch from foodservice contracts to retail contracts. Sign this petition to urge the US government to bail out farmers, save food, and feed the hungry by purchasing from producers to supply food banks and food pantries.

Instagram: Stop Harassment of Asian Communities

In the wake of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, a different pandemic is rearing its ugly head: hatred and harassment towards Asian communities on social media. Asian communities are under attack as racist ideas are spread through platforms like Instagram. Urge the Head of Instagram to ban this type of engagement on his app.

Continue Investigation of Catholic Cardinal Accused of Child Sexual Abuse

Cardinal George Pell, who was convicted of sexually abusing two choirboys in the 1990s, was freed from a six year jail sentence. His conviction was overturned after the High Court of Australia found that there might be reasonable doubt. Urge the Catholic Church to see their independent investigation of Pell through to completion.

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