Articles written by: Isabella Skovira

Urge Climate Change Denier to Reject Appointment to Federal Agency Responsible for Climate Research

The Trump administration has appointed a well-known climate change denier to the agency responsible for producing government-funded climate research. The move has been criticized as unnecessary and with political motives. Sign this petition to urge the appointed climate change denier to reject his new position.

Aid Citizens Still Stranded By Hurricane Laura in Path of New Tropical Storm

Thousands of Louisiana residents have been displaced from their homes without clean water or electricity for weeks in the wake of Hurricane Laura. Relief has been slow to arrive as news of the destruction has competed with other headlining national news. Sign this petition to demand aid for these citizens before more storms hit.

Trump: Do Not Deny Climate Change in Wake of Devastating Wildfires

President Trump denied climate change as a potential cause of the destructive wildfires that are ravaging the West Coast. This blatant rejection of science and facts will only fuel further destruction of the planet. Sign this petition to urge the president to acknowledge and address climate change.

Trump: Do Not Deport Legal Immigrants Who Contribute to Economy

The Trump administration is rolling back a legal means of immigration into the United States for thousands of people who came for humanitarian protection and have contributed to the economy. Soon, immigrants who have been in the US for decades could be forced to leave. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to maintain Temporary Protected Status.

Amazon: Do Not Put New Hires at Risk of Coronavirus

Amazon is allegedly exposing thousands of workers to risk with lax COVID-19 safety measures, and not it wants to put thousands more in unsafe warehouses and fulfillment centers. Sign this petition to urge Amazon to create safe and healthy environments for their employees.

Ban Use Of Explosives and Pyrotechnics in “Gender Reveal” Parties

Over 7,000 acres of California burned after a “gender reveal” ignited surrounding brush. Sign this petition to urge the state of California to ban the private use of fire hazards in “gender reveals.”

Secure Port in Response to Huge Fire That Destroyed Supplies for Humanitarian Aid

Just one month after Beirut’s port was destroyed by a huge explosion triggered by a fire, another blaze wrecked a warehouse in the same location. The fire was fueled by flammable materials such as oil and tires, but the source of the fire is unknown. Sign this petition to urge the Lebanese government to investigate the fire and secure the port of Beirut for the safety of all.

Allow Indigenous Practice of Controlled Burns to Prevent Wildfires

The ban on controlled burns has resulted in an uptick in destructive, massive wildfires. For years before Western settlers arrived in California, Native American tribes used this practice to prevent their unchecked spread. Sign this petition to urge the government to allow and promote indigenous controlled burns.

Protect Americans from Poverty & Homelessness During Coronavirus Pandemic

United States citizens have not received any coronavirus stimulus since the CARES Act was passed in May. Millions are at risk of poverty, homelessness, and starvation. Sign this petition to urge the US Government to pass additional coronavirus stimulus support.

NASA: Denounce Abusive Experiment Involving Dolphin in Sexual Relationship with Human Handler

Stories of a 1960s NASA experiment that put a dolphin in isolation with a human handler who sexually abused the animal are resurfacing online. The dolphin ultimately died as a result of the experiments. Sign this petition to urge NASA to denounce the abuse of animals in scientific experiments.

Save Fragile Coral Reefs From Toxic Sunscreens

Fragile coral reefs are suffering from the toxic chemicals in many sunscreens and the Trump administration has done nothing to protect these ecosystems. Urge the government to protect coral reefs from toxic sunscreen formulations.

Elon: Stop the Cruel Implantation of Brain Chips Into Animals

Elon Musk’s startup Neuralink is developing a coin-sized implantable brain chip–and they’re testing it on pigs. This is both unethical and potentially dangerous for these innocent creatures. Sign this petition to urge Musk to stop testing on non-consenting animals.

Stop Ageist Attack Strategies Against Joe Biden

The Trump reelection campaign repeatedly uses ageist attacks against Joe Biden, like the nickname “Sleepy Joe” that implies a lack of mental fortitude. This is a damaging stereotype that both undermines Biden’s abilities and insults all older people. Sign this petition to stop the use of this unfounded and ageist label.

Ban Tik Tok Users Who Participate in Cruel “Holocaust Challenge”

Tik Tok users are posting videos of themselves mocking Holocaust victims on the social media platform. In what’s been dubbed the “Holocaust Challenge,” users wear striped uniforms and Star of David armbands. Urge Tik Tok to ban those who so senselessly and casually portray this cruel and horrific time in world history.

Kenosha Police: Denounce Alleged Murder of Two Black Lives Matter Protesters

A teenager from Illinois reportedly killed two Black Lives Matter protesters and seriously injured another with a semiautomatic rifle during a march against the police shooting of Jacob Blake. The suspect seemingly acted in support of Kenosha police forces. Urge local law enforcement to denounce the apparent actions of this teen and all other militia members.

Close Down “Tiger King” Zoo Following Neglect and Abuse

The Greater Wynwood Exotic Animal Park, the privately-owned zoo catapulted into fame by Netflix’s “Tiger King,” has been temporarily closed to public after a USDA investigation revealed multiple animal welfare violations. Sign this petition to urge the USDA to permanently revoke the license of Jeffrey Lowe, owner of the zoo.

Save the Blue Macaw From Extinction Due to Devastating Wildfires

The blue macaw population has dwindled to just 6,500 individuals. Up to 15% of the birds live in a wildlife sanctuary in Brazil that was ravaged by wildfires. Sign this petition to urge the Brazilian government to financially invest in the rebuilding of the sanctuary to save these endangered birds.

Ban Spectators From NFL Games During Coronavirus Pandemic

The National Football League plans to welcome fans into stadiums and tailgaters into parking lots for the 2020-2021 stadium, despite rising coronavirus infections and deaths. This puts both the fans and the staff in danger. Sign this petition to urge the commissioner to ban spectators during the coronavirus pandemic.

Denounce Racist “Fox Eye” Trend That Appropriates Asian Culture

Social media users are pulling their eyes back in way that is classically connected to the racial taunting of Asians. This is the “fox eye” trend, an attempt to achieve an Asian-like eye shape that employs makeup, tape, and the pulling back of the eyes. Demand that influencers immediately denounce this cultural appropriation.

Trump: Denounce Islamophobic Republican Nominee

Laura Loomer, a member of the radical right and a self-proclaimed “proud Islamophobe,” has won the GOP nomination in Florida’s 21st District. She was congratulated and supported by President Trump, despite her prejudiced statements. Demand that he denounces her as a candidate immediately.

President Trump: Revise Shoddy and Unconstitutional COVID-19 Relief Plan

President Trump has announced a second COVID-19 federal relief plan that includes promises, like deferred payroll taxes, that he does not have the constitutional power to enact. This attempt to appease the public helps his campaign but does nothing for the people he serves. Sign this petition to urge Trump to revise his plans.

Do Not Censor Communication of Chinese Americans By Banning WeChat App

President Trump has ordered a ban on the WeChat app, a popular messaging tool amongst Chinese Americans. For many, the app is the only way to stay in contact with friends and family that live internationally. Sign this petition to urge President Trump to allow the use of this important communication tool.

Do Not Force Division I College Athletes to Risk Their Health to Compete

The NCAA has cancelled Division II and Division III championships in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Division I athletes are still expected to play, risking their health for the $9 billion dollar industry of college sports. Sign this petition to urge the NCAA to prioritize the health of students.

Remove Pro-Police Vandalization and Fine Responsible Parties

Back the Blue Florida, a pro-police group, painted a huge mural on a Tampa street without proper permitting or permission from the city. One of the organizers then went on to state that they moved forward without permits because Black Lives Matter has done the same, but the city confirmed otherwise. Demand the immediate removal of this vandalism.

Don’t Postpone Bolivia’s General Elections While Interim President is in Power

Bolivia’s general election has been postponed twice due to COVID-19 and is now planned to be held in October. The blocking of the voting process is irresponsible, especially when the person sitting in power was not elected by the people. Demand that Bolivians be allowed to vote by mail or email.

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