Fire Cops Who Reportedly Hog-Tied Elderly Woman With Dementia Accused of Shoplifting

Target: Robert L. Ticer, Chief of Police Loveland CO

Goal: Fire police officers accused of using extremely unnecessary force against elderly woman with dementia.

Phil Metzler, a Loveland, Colorado police sergeant arrived on a scene where two officers had arrested an 80 pound, 73-year-old woman with dementia. In the process of the arrest, the officers had apparently dislocated her shoulder, fractured her arm, and sprained her wrist while throwing her to the ground and hog-tying her. Instead of commenting on the amount of force used during the arrest, Metzler comments on how muddy the officers are. One of the officers is heard on body camera audio joking, “A little bloody. A little muddy. That’s how it works.” The other officer reportedly confirms that the blood is the victim’s.

According to a lawsuit now opened against the officers involved, Metzler deactivated his body-worn camera during the incident. Metzler is now on administrative duties, but is still employed by the Loveland Police Department. Sign this petition to urge the Chief of Police to fire Metzler and the other officers involved in this attack.


To Chief Ticer,

Karen Garner is a 73-year-old woman who suffers from dementia. In an interaction with Loveland officers, Garner reportedly suffered a dislocated shoulder, fractured arm, and sprained wrist. Police Sergeant Metzler arrived on the scene and, instead of commenting on the amount of force used in the arrest or triaging the victim, he commented on how muddy the arresting officers are. Additionally, Metzler allegedly deactivated his own body-worn camera during the incident. 

This situation–one where an elderly, compromised, and unarmed woman is reportedly attacked by two police officers–is absolutely shameful and Metzler seemingly did nothing as a senior police officer to rectify the issue in real time. Garner’s attorney said, “Ms. Garner’s experience with Loveland Police is not about bad apples. It is about culture. And the culture in Loveland is one of lack of care, lack of humility.”

You have an opportunity to ensure that you lead a cultural shift for the better in Loveland. I urge you to fire Sergeant Metzler and the other officers involved in this attack.


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Photo Credit: The Life & Liberty Law Office


  1. Robert Ortiz says:

    Body cameras are not to be turned off! It defeats their purpose.

  2. Gabriela Torres says:

    who raised him? a substitute home, an orphanage? was he not taught to respect his elders?

    WShat about send him to jail and teach him among others to respect older and defenseless people?

  3. Well I’ve heard everything now. 80 pound 73 year old woman in the mud hog tied by how many grown men cops?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!
    Are you NUTS!?!?!?
    They need fired and forced into anger management!!!!!

    • Any one with any brains at all could see she had dementia this was so disgusting.
      They both should be fired. and Bless the man that stopped to question them.

  4. Shame on you Basdards are you serious.

  5. Cmon now are you serious ! Wtf is wrong with these cops! Take them off the force they cannot do their job Correctly and we know they have a hard job But this is Bullshit.. !!!

  6. These two cops need to not ever have any authority! They are a disgrace to their uniform!!!!

  7. Elizabeth Rutledge says:

    The police are absolutely out of control! What happened to treating our elders with respect? I was falsely accused of shoplifting once and I wasn’t treated the way this woman was. That’s because I am a young, white, affluent, and intelligent person and the police wouldn’t dare to treat me the way they treated her. I am ashamed of some of the police in this country. They need better training and they need that training over and over and over again. and when they cross boundaries, such as now, they need to be punished.

  8. Whatever is happening to this world when people who should be able to be trusted behave in such a dispicable and undisciplined way.

  9. More white people are murdered by police with very little recourse.

  10. Sin duda alguna son unos mal nacidos !!!

  11. Suzanne Gordon says:

    What ever happened to “Protect and Serve”. The police in America are a disgrace, action must be taken to reform our police departments and rid ourselves of cops who think their uniform and badge gives them the right to act as a gestapo force .

  12. Maria Bertrand says:

    Unbelievable. Some police should retrain….PROTECTING??

    You should assess, each case, if there is danger? I suspect there was no danger in this case.

  13. And cops wonder why they become targets of people. A group of grown men who are laughably called police officers (I call then stupid inept assholes) do this to an 80 lb woman in her 70’s suffering a illness that affects the mind. FUCKING DISGRACEFUL IS WHAT IT IS!!!!
    FIRE all of them .. and you know what else. File assault charges against them.

  14. I need a lot more information before I can recommend the firing of anyone. This story has two sides. We’ve heard only one.

    • Naila M Johnston says:


    • First off no matter what the other side is. THIS is OVER EXCESSIVE FORCE. Do you understand how long it will take these types of injuries to heal in a 70 yr old at that weight??. It’s not like she murdered anyone .. no matter what their “excuse” may have been. These cops probably towered in height over her .. they most definitely out-weighed her (likely 3 x her weight) and they are trained grown men. Not only was she NOT armed and posed no real threat. She had dementia (I especially feel bad for anyone who has that type of illness that slowly destroys you mind). PLUS a cop turns off his body cam .. for what purpose other than to HIDE what was happening. Can we say illegal .. how about unethical or corrupt? Oh .. let’s not forget their comments on the matter. Are they funny? .. I think NOT! YES .. they need firing. And .. they need a nice prison sentence too.

  15. Yolanda Carrizales says:

    Those sick assholes are a disgrace they are not fit to be cops. What ever happened to compassion and respect for the elderly and to SERVE and PROTECT the people in this country. It’s been replaced by EVIL!!!!

  16. These piggies need to be hog tied and dumped in the ocean.



  18. Martin Rosenberger says:

    Firing these insulting excuses for “humans” is Not Enough!
    However, True Justice is hard to get in a Society built on Corruption!

  19. Sad state of affairs when you can’t trust those that are supposed to protect us

  20. Peacock Louise says:

    Yeah but no fuss will happen because she is white.

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