Racing Horse Who Reportedly Died of Heart Attack Deserves Justice

Another horse racing trainer has been accused of showing callous disregard for the animals under his care. A picture of Gordon Elliott seemingly sitting on a deceased horse has put renewed scrutiny on the racing world. Demand the punishment fit the alleged misconduct.

Don’t Annihilate Entire Colony of Cliff Swallows

An important cliff swallow colony is set to be destroyed even though there’s an easy solution. Help save these imperiled birds.

Don’t Allow Missing Children to Go Unreported

Shockingly, caretakers are frequently not held legally accountable for failing to report a missing child. Too often, these cases end in ultimate tragedy. Safeguard children from this insidious form of neglect and abuse.

Ban the Barbaric Practice of Bullfighting

Countless bulls have been violently murdered for human entertainment. They have harpoon-like weapons plunged in their bodies and their ears and tails cut off as trophies. Sign this petition to stop the gruesome slaughter of innocent animals.

Don’t Celebrate Sport That Exploits Animals for Entertainment

The rodeo is known for the exploitation of animals for entertainment. This abusive pastime may soon become the official sport of Alberta. Don’t let animal cruelty become a government endorsed activity.

Success: Leaders Take Up the Fight for Voting Rights

Voting rights are under constant attack in America. Promising actions taken by the president and Congressional leaders could soon change this troubling narrative. Applaud key wins in the war against voter suppression.

Save the World’s Forgotten Fish From Extinction

Freshwater fish are threatened by extinction, with devastating consequences for ecosystems. Fish are forgotten and undervalued and have suffered abuse by humans for too long. Help stop the decline of freshwater fish populations.

Stop Killing and Torturing Hens for Their Eggs

Every year 6 billion laying hens are brutally exploited and killed by the egg industry. While their brothers are ground up alive, the hens endure unspeakable torture. Sign this petition to end the abuse of laying hens.

Puppy Reportedly Thrown Against Wall, Punched, and Kicked Deserves Justice

A puppy suffered multiple broken bones after he was reportedly punched, kicked, and thrown against a wall. The suspect’s children were seemingly present during this alleged act of abuse. Demand justice for the innocent lives affected by this apparent cruelty.

Hold Saudi Crown Prince Accountable for Execution of Journalist

The United States is still allowing the gruesome execution of a democracy advocate to go unpunished, in spite of evidence implicating a key ally in the murder. Demand real justice for slain journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

Ban Toxic Herbicide That Kills Environment

The famous herbicide Roundup contains glyphosate, a highly toxic substance that destroys the environment. People, animals, and the planet are poisoned for pretty looking lawns. Demand for this ghastly product to be banished.

Combat Climate Change With Clean Renewable Energy

Clean energy could quite literally save the world. Demand that America’s leaders prioritize clean energy infrastructure in order to fight climate change.

Punish Kennel Operator Accused of Letting Dogs Starve

Over a dozen animals allegedly endured serious malnourishment at the hands of the woman who was tasked with their care. Demand justice for these victims of reported gross negligence.

End the Brutal Slaughter of Animals for Meat

Every year hundreds of millions of animals are killed for one reason: meat. The meat industry is a repulsive part of our modern world and has to be stopped. Sign this petition to save animals from a horrible death for human consumption.

Man Accused of Brutally Kicking Dog on Camera Must be Arrested

A video taken from a gun store’s security camera appears to show a man kicking his dog with full force. However, he was only given a mere citation for the alleged act. Demand he be justly punished and not allowed to have animals in his possession if he is found guilty of mistreating this helpless dog.

Old Dog Reportedly Wandering Around With Serious Infections in Rain Deserves Justice

A senior dog named Cayden was allegedly found starving with multiple infections and fleas crawling all over him. Demand his former owner be punished to the fullest extent of the law if she is found guilty of neglecting this helpless animal.

Stop Forcing Animals to Live in Plastic Prisons

Beloved pets find a gruesome death through the use of plastic in their cages. Guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, gerbils, and other rodents suffocate within constrictive tunnels and suffer internal damage due to ingestion of sharp objects. Sign this petition to save innocent animals from this wicked material.

Reopen LGBTQ+ Community Center Raided by Security Forces

An LGBTQ+ community center in Ghana was raided and shut down by security forces, denying the LGBTQ community their safe space. Demand the center be reopened.

Demand Justice for Asylum Seekers Abused by Border Patrol

The French and Italian border patrol has been allegedly abusing asylum seekers and denying their basic rights. There have been several reports of violence and destruction of documents necessary for refugees to seek asylum. Demand justice for persons abused by the authorities at the border.

Stop the War on Drugs

The war on drugs has always served as a vehicle of oppression. It is time to put it to an end and reconnect with the benefits and healing properties of psychedelics. Demand that the war on drugs be put to end and that entheogens be legalized.

Don’t Import Palm Oil Produced by Forced Labor

The world’s leading palm oil producer has been accused of several human rights violations, including violence, coercion, and sexual abuse. Demand a ban on imports from FGV and take a stand against forced labor.

End Exploitation, Kidnapping, and Terrorizing of School Kids

Hundreds of Nigeria’s schoolchildren have been taken from the safety of their classrooms by armed gangs and subjected to physical, emotional, and even sexual abuse. Little has been done to stop these mass kidnappings. Urge stronger protections for these at-risk youth.

Don’t Shield Animal Abusers from the Law

Iowa has the least restrictive animal abuse laws in the nation. Now, the little protections animals face will be stripped away even more. Demand that animal abusers not be shielded from legal punishment.

Puppy Reportedly Found Covered in Ice and Frozen to Death in Texas Backyard Deserves Justice

A puppy was found allegedly frozen to death on a Texas property. Another four dogs were found, reportedly covered in sheets of ice. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Support Healthcare, Education, and Housing, Not America’s War Machine

Ten percent of the Pentagon’s budget could eradicate homelessness and hunger in the United States, and guarantee tuition-free education and Medicare for all. Make these possibilities a reality. Sign this petition to demand President Biden support the defense budget cut.

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