Protect Prized, Rare Flowering Plant From Allegedly Intentional Eradication

One of the world’s rarest plants is under siege in Nevada. About 40 percent of the Tiehm’s buckwheat’s total population was destroyed, allegedly by human hands. A proposed mine could drive this native plant to extinction. Demand protection for this hidden gem.

Demand A Wealth Tax to Stop Tax Dodgers Like Trump

Recent leaks suggest that Donald Trump has paid no taxes at all in ten out of the last fifteen years, and that one year he paid only $750 dollars. This is unacceptable and needs to stop. Demand a wealth tax now so that the richest Americans are forced to pay their fair share.

Success: Protection Extended For Threatened Birds

A threatened bird species will not be stripped of protection in the state of Arizona, defying powerful interests that would happily see this animal go extinct. Praise this sound and compassionate decision to protect the yellow-billed cuckoo.

End Construction of Coal Power Plant in Ecological Reserve

A harmful coal-fired power plant may soon be built in a pristine region of natural beauty in the Philippines, despite years of opposition from local Indigenous groups and scientists. This pollution factory could cause immeasurable damage to the area’s highly unique flora and fauna. Demand that this effort be stopped.

Prevent Civilian Deaths in Border Conflict

Innocent civilians are reported to have been injured and killed in renewed fighting between Azerbaijan and Armenia. Demand that they be offered protection, evacuation, and assistance away from dangerous areas.

Horse Apparently Caught on Video Being Dragged Behind Pickup Truck Deserves Justice

A horse was apparently tied to the back of a pickup truck and dragged down a gravel road. The poor animal suffered both physical and mental injuries. Demand that the trainer allegedly responsible for this abuse be punished.

Ban Fracking to Support the Battle Against Climate Change

Fracking has poisoned animals, polluted water, and destroyed pristine landscapes. But now one state is seeking to ban the practice for good. Sign the petition to show your support.

Endangered Leopard Reportedly Trapped and Beheaded Deserves Justice

An endangered leopard was reportedly caught in a cruel snare trap and beheaded in a blatant disregard for animal life. The animal’s meat carries a high price due to its supposed healing properties and they often fall victim to illegal trade, reducing their population to concerning numbers. Demand that those found responsible are harshly punished.

Help Security Forces Prevent Election Violence

Elections in the Republic of Guinea have been marked by violence and death for years, and that pattern seems to be set to occur once more in the upcoming vote for president. Urge the African Union to extend security assistance to Guinean election officials.

Drop Unfair Charges Against Pro-Democracy Protester

Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has been subjected to a humiliating and absurd legal charge due to his decision to wear a protective face covering. This is yet another attack on those fighting for human rights in China. Demand that this charge be dropped without delay.

Walmart: Don’t Become Super-Spreader of COVID-19

Walmart has seemingly enabled non-compliance with mask-wearing, putting lives in danger. Failure to follow public health guidance from real professionals has helped proliferate the spread of COVID-19. Urge Walmart to enforce its own rules and protect public health in the process.

Don’t Deport Dogs Allegedly Starved and Forced to Live in Own Waste for Days

French bulldogs who reportedly went for days without food or water, and covered in feces and urine, may soon be sent back to their home country on the same airline accused of endangering their lives. They were allegedly severely neglected during the flight and nearly died while waiting a Chicago airport. Demand the federal agency responsible for this disastrous decision reverse course and advocate for the safety and well-being of these survivors.

Stop Problem Police Officers From Endangering Lives and Destroying Law Enforcement Legacy

Police officers with a confirmed track record of excessive force complaints are repeatedly let off without consequence, risking the lives of innocent people like Breonna Taylor, who may never see justice. Virginia is taking tentative steps towards correcting this problem with police reform. Show support for enhanced police decertification that keeps reckless, dangerous elements out of law enforcement.

Success: California to Allow Nonviolent Offenders to Become Firefighters

Nonviolent offenders who valiantly fought wildfires will now be able to get training to become professional firefighters when they are released. Thank California lawmakers for pushing for this legislation to bolster the firefighting force and rehabilitate people who have been in prison.

Dear Trump: If You Lose, You Will Leave Peacefully

President Trump has refused to endorse a peaceful transfer of power after the upcoming election. This is an existential threat to American democracy. Tell the president that we will have a peaceful transition if he loses the election.

Walmart: Stop Reportedly Cutting Employees’ Hours and Pay During the Pandemic

Walmart is reportedly cutting employees’ hours and increasing workloads for little or no extra pay. This comes despite their recent announcement that sales have risen considerably during the pandemic. Demand that Walmart immediately give employees more hours and better pay.

Horse Reportedly Forced to Run on Highway for Publicity Stunt Deserves Justice

A horse was reportedly forced to run on a busy expressway during rush hour, resulting in painful and potentially fatal injuries. The rider apparently recorded himself on Facebook Live and shouted, “kid’s lives matter.” No animal should have to die in the name of politics or social media views. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Trump: Stop Spreading False Claims About the Death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

President Trump is spreading false claims about Ruth Bader Ginsburg, just days after her death. In response to Ginsburg’s “dying wish” to not be replaced until after the election, Trump claimed that her request could have been written by a top Democrat. Demand Trump stop toting conspiracy theories about Ginsburg and instead choose to honor and respect her.

Ban the Harmful Practice of Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy remains legal in the state of West Virginia, but one city stands the chance of being the first in the state to ban the practice. Sign the petition to ask that Charleston, WV protect its LGBTQ community and ban conversion therapy.

Don’t Destabilize Nation’s Highest Court With Politicized Pre-Election Confirmation

The Supreme Court vacancy left by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death could have massive repercussions for civil rights, healthcare, environmental wellness, and so much more for generations. The Republican-majority Senate wants to rush this critical confirmation, in stark contrast to their previous stance, likely to score a political win. Hold these opportunists to their word and demand they give the American people a voice in a decision that could fundamentally change the future.

Investigate Apparent Cold-Blooded Execution of Defenseless Woman

An unarmed woman appears to have been murdered by soldiers in Mozambique in disturbing video footage which recently surfaced on social media. Demand that authorities take responsibility for this apparent crime and investigate it immediately.

Investigate Violence and Abuse at Georgia State Prisons

Over 20 inmates at Georgia state prisons have been murdered and COVID-19 cases run rampant. Violence, abuse, and neglect have become commonplace at these institutions. Demand that the federal government launch an investigation into the Georgia state prison system.

Solve Mystery of Migratory Bird Mass Die-Off

America’s migratory songbirds are succumbing to a crisis of unknown origin. Thousands of birds have mysteriously died in the Southwest after exhibiting unusual behavior. Demand answers and ultimate solutions to this deadly mystery.

Don’t Deprive At-Risk Prisoners of Crucial Mental Health and Disability Support

A significant number of Western Australian prisoners perish due to the effects of untreated mental illness. The government has failed to provide sufficient medication, counseling, or other mental health support for inmates. Demand that Australian authorities carry out their obligation to offer mental health care and treatment to those in need.

Demand Government Investigate Oil Disasters

Thousands of barrels of toxic oil have been spilled off Peru’s coast in recent years, yet those responsible are allowed to report the results independently of public agencies. Demand that the Peruvian government take an active role in oil spill investigations to prevent bias.

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