Let the People Decide on Hot-Button Issues

Putting critical issues to a popular vote has gained momentum worldwide but still remains elusive in many parts of America. Demand “we the people” get more of a say in governance.

Justice For Dog Who Had to be Euthanized Due to Alleged Neglect

A dog had to be euthanized due to alleged neglected. Demand justice now.

Justice for Numerous Animals Allegedly Starved and Left in Filth

An epidemic of harrowing animal abuse allegations have recently surfaced. Act now to ensure accused abusers are held accountable.

Justice for Defenseless Cat Allegedly Sexually Abused

A cat was reportedly lured with food and sexually abused, enduring an ordeal no animal should experience. Demand justice in this case.

Let Fallen Leaves Replenish the Environment

Fallen leaves are often seen as a nuisance but are actually a big boon to the environment. Demand more value be placed on these eco-warriors.

Pit Bull Allegedly Punched in Face Multiple Times Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly punched many times in the head and face after apparently trying to attack a puppy while on a walk. Demand the suspect be arrested and given the harshest sentence possible if he is found guilty of such horrific animal cruelty.

Dogs Allegedly Imprisoned Inside Death Crate Deserve Justice

A dog allegedly died desperate, starving, and thirsty trapped inside of a crate. Another dog reportedly narrowly escaped the same bleak fate. Call for true justice in this disturbing case.

End Alleged Mishandling and Killing of Rare Wildlife During Smuggling Operations

Rare wildlife creatures were allegedly killed due to mishandling while they were being smuggled. Act now to protect these innocent animals.

Stop Torturing Innocent Pigs in the Name of Entertainment

Pigs are being forced to race at a popular fair, raising concerns about their safety and well-being. Stop torturing these innocent animals under the guise of entertainment.

Dogs Allegedly Left in Locked Vehicle for Four Days Deserve Justice

Three dogs, allegedly left in a locked car for four days, were saved only by rescuers breaking a window. Demand action now.

Justice For Snakes Allegedly Abused For Entertainment by YouTuber

Venom was allegedly taken from endangered snakes and used for entertainment purposes. Take a stand to protect these innocent creatures.

Stop Filming Perilous Stunts That Endanger Wild Animals

A 22-year-old was bitten by a snake and died while filming a stunt for the internet. These reckless acts not only endanger people, but the animals as well. Demand regulations to prevent such tragedies.

Justice For Dog Allegedly Found Burned in a Dumpster

A dog was allegedly found burned and abandoned in a dumpster. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Justice for Animals Allegedly Severely Neglected by ‘Most Wanted’ Man

Six goats were reportedly severely neglected in a shocking case of animal cruelty. Demand justice now.

Justice For Defenseless Poodle Allegedly Choked to Death by Groomer

A defenseless poodle was reportedly choked, punched, and dragged to death by a groomer. Demand justice now.

Stop AI-Driven Digital Slave Labor

Workers who are helping build the technology of the future are being left behind by their greedy employers. Demand AI training companies stop taking advantage of already-struggling gig employees.

Don’t Let Mothers and Babies Die in Maternity Care Deserts

Millions of expectant mothers and unborn children are being put at risk because of plummeting maternity care access. Demand immediate enactment of life-saving measures.

Terrier Who Reportedly Suffered Multiple Bone Fractures After Owner’s Attack Deserves Justice

A dog reportedly suffered fractures and a collapsed lung at the hands of his owner. Call for stricter animal cruelty laws.

Animals Reportedly Burned on Camera for Personal Fetishes Deserve Justice

Disturbing videos reportedly showing animals being tortured have surfaced as part of a fetish operation. The suspected ringleader is facing charges. Ensure stringent prosecution and uphold animal protection laws.

Dogs Reportedly Abused by Former Cop Turned Pet Sitter Deserve Justice

Multiple dogs were reportedly mistreated at a pet sitting business owned by a former police officer. Demand a thorough investigation to ensure accountability.

Success: Auto Workers Win Big

Another strike is close to concluding with important victories for America’s labor force. Applaud this positive development for workplace rights.

Stop Billions of Birds From Dying in Building Collisions

When birds and buildings collide, tragedy too often results. Demand stronger protections for birds at risk from dangerous building designs.

Dog Reportedly Abandoned Inside Filthy Dumpster Deserves Justice

A sweet dog named Malea was reportedly ruthlessly thrown inside a dumpster in a shocking case of abandonment. Demand the person allegedly responsible for this crime be thoroughly investigated and held accountable for their actions.

Stop Pollution and Catastrophic Destruction of Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Cuyahoga Valley National Park stands on the edge of ruin, besieged by pollution, litter, and the relentless march of human development. Act now.

Do Not Jeopardize Public Health by Polluting Lake Erie

Lake Erie is gasping for life, choked by industrial filth, farm runoff, and raw sewage. Compel immediate action to rescue this dying titan of the natural world.

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