Fight Against Dangerous Abortion Ban

A new Texas ban limits abortions at a six-week period, when most do not even know they are pregnant. Tell the governor to stop this attack on reproductive rights.

Investigate $109 Million in Public Funds Siphoned to Fossil Fuel Industry by Utah

Utah’s leaders reportedly funded fossil fuel projects with money meant to support communities and environment. Important civic projects will be left underfunded due to this apparent misconduct. Demand that funds be transferred immediately to those in need.

Success: Student Loan Borrowers Protected From Ruin

Hard-working students scored another win after the Department of Education reinstated an additional vital protection. The new move will help ensure millions of student loan borrowers enjoy a hassle-free and honest process. Applaud the department’s new leadership for making the right moves for students.

Boycott Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for Anti-Vax, Anti-Democracy and Pro-Climate Change Support

A ski area owner is financially supporting a politician who has advocated white supremacist, anti-Semitic, pro-climate change, anti-vaccine and anti-mask conspiracy theories, comparing the latter to Jews being sent to gas chambers. Sign this petition to take a stand against this hateful ideology.

Aid Survivors of Devastating Earthquake

Haiti is experiencing another humanitarian crisis in the wake of a massive earthquake that left 2,000-plus dead. Citizens desperately need shelter, food, medical care, and security. Demand an organized and honest aid plan for a country that has already had its trust broken once.

Electrify Public Transit to Fight Climate Change

The millions of vehicles on America’s roads are polluting the environment and speeding up global warming. Public transportation has the power to reduce carbon emissions and help the U.S. tackle climate change. Demand that it be expanded and made accessible to all.

Stop Allegedly Starving Ponies at Popular National Park

A national park in Denmark is reportedly depriving its prized Exmoor ponies of the food needed for survival. This dream conservation project could soon turn into a nightmare as a result. Call for an intervention to this rewilding initiative gone wrong.

400+ Animals Reportedly Found Starved and Rotting Deserve Justice

Over 400 animals were allegedly starved and neglected to near-death on a South Carolina property. This location may have also been the site of a cockfighting ring that reportedly claimed countless more victims. Do not let the system once again overlook seemingly heinous cruelty perpetrated against innocent animals.

Don’t Leave Desperate Afghans at Mercy of Terrorists

The disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan left a devastating human rights toll in its wake and left the country in the iron grip of terrorists. Demand American leaders support its allies and help clean up a mess of their own making.

Fire Workers Accused of Stomping on Live Turkeys

An undercover video apparently shows farm workers stomping on live turkeys and throwing them at one another for sport. Help stop this terrible abuse.

Pit Bull Reportedly Starved to Point of Organ Failures Deserves Justice

A dog named Roxy was apparently malnourished to the point where her ribs were sticking out, her body was no longer able to digest fats, her liver count and red blood count were low, and she had a GI tract infection. Demand justice for Roxy.

Stop Putting Apparently Poisonous Makeup on the Market

A toxic substance found in popular cosmetics could be putting the health of countless consumers at risk. Demand regulatory agencies hold the non-transparent makers of these potentially hazardous products to a much higher standard.

Save Red Squirrels From Eradication

Wrong-headed conservation efforts meant to save imperiled red squirrels are harming grey squirrels and other wildlife. This squirrel cage match perpetuated by leaders in the United Kingdom needs to end. Demand a plan of action that can protect all animals.

Vet Accused of Child Abuse and Bestiality Must be Punished

A veterinarian has reportedly pleaded guilty to charges of possession of child pornography and creation of “animal crush” videos, which typically show animals being stepped on or trampled for human sexual gratification. Demand prosecutors pursue the maximum penalty in this case.

Protect West African LGBTQ+ People and Allies From Unjust Imprisonment

LGBTQ+ individuals are at risk of death and imprisonment in Ghana, and a proposed new law could make the situation worse. Speak out for the lives of people who are only trying to be themselves.

Don’t Deliver Human Trafficking Victims Back to Danger

A flight company is reportedly helping boost the bottom line of human traffickers and transporting desperate refugees back into harm’s way. Demand this company cut the seeming enabling of human rights violations from its business model.

Rescue Sheep, Goats, and Rabbits From Alleged Farm of Horrors

Dozens of farm animals were reportedly neglected to the point of death or emaciation, and are being left to languish while their caretaker gets off with a slap on the wrist. Demand they be rescued now.

Stop Climate Change Before Looming Environmental Collapse Occurs

Essential ocean currents are on the verge of collapse. Once this happens, life on Earth will look nothing like we’ve ever seen. Tell President Biden that serious action is required right now.

Abandoned Puppy With Broken Back and Covered in Feces Deserves Justice

A nine-month-old puppy with a broken back was found covered in feces and flies in a field. The puppy had been driven to this location by her owner, who discarded the poor animal like a piece of garbage. Demand justice for this puppy dog.

Give Closure to Grieving 9/11 Families

Potential Saudi complicity in the September 11 terrorist attacks is still being withheld by the American government 20 years later. Demand leaders give peace of mind to families searching for answers.

Keep Kids Safe From COVID-19

Children are being put at risk of hospitalization and death because of irresponsible and politically-driven decisions made by their so-called leaders. Florida has become a ground-zero of dangerous COVID-19 spread largely because of such reckless leadership. Condemn the Florida governor’s interference in school masking guidelines.

Shame on Trophy Hunter Who Cut Out Heart of Giraffe for Valentine’s Day

A woman shot and killed a majestic giraffe, cut the animal’s heart out, and bragged about how a picture of her holding the still bleeding heart was the “perfect” Valentine’s Day gift. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Save ‘Animals on Fire’ From Climate Change Driven Devastation

More than 2,000 farm animals have been burned alive by out-of-control wildfires in Turkey. The fires, driven by climate change induced heat waves, are the worst Turkey has seen in modern times. Sign this petition to demand action.

Success: EPA Corks Coal Industry’s Toxic Waste-Water

Coal plants won a free pass to pollute our waterways in the waning days of the Trump administration, but crucial public health protections have now been restored. Celebrate this win for people and wildlife.

Don’t Let Evicted Americans End Up on the Streets

Millions of Americans are in imminent danger of eviction as a moratorium on the practice expires. Minorities, low-income citizens, and women will suffer most. Demand immediate action to stop this looming nightmare scenario.

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