Tax Beef to Curb Massive Pollution From Cattle Farms

While thousands are displaced by raging wildfires caused by climate change, cattle farming is making the problem worse. Call for a tax on beef to fund solutions.

Stop Suffocating Millions of Terrified Animals on the Way to Slaughter

Millions of animals die stuffed inside transport vehicles without air or water before they even make it to the slaughterhouse. Call for an end to this horrific cruelty.

Support Safe Injection Sites to Stop Overdose Deaths

Our communities are racked by overdose deaths, and the War on Drugs hasn’t helped. Support safe injection sites to save lives.

Don’t Push Vulnerable People Back Onto the Streets

Essential funds that keep people at risk of COVID housed will soon dry up. Call for a renewal of this funding to save our neighbors in need.

Success: Draconian Abortion Bans Blocked

Pro-choice advocates have secured important recent wins in the fight for reproductive rights. Applaud these victories and what they convey about American beliefs regarding privacy and freedom.

Return Formerly Threatened Species to Their Habitats to Restore Ecosystems

The reintroduction of wolves to Yellowstone had transformative effects. Now, scientists are suggesting similar steps to reintroduce several select species into their former habitats. Demand the government fund these efforts and help to replenish entire ecosystems.

Stop Killing and Wasting Sealife With Fishing Nets

Millions of metric tons of fish are unintentionally caught and killed through a fishing technique referred to as bottom-trawling. Most of them never even make it to our plates. Demand an end to this excessive waste and better regulate bottom-trawling.

Stop Treating Alligators and Other Wildlife as Pets

Wally, an emotional support alligator, has brought up questions around the legitimacy of using undomesticated animals as therapy pets and the morality of keeping wild animals in homes. Protect wildlife and people by demanding that wild creatures no be used as service animals.

Stop Algae Bloom From Suffocating and Poisoning Thousands of Marine Animals

Toxic algae is killing thousands of fish, poisoning marine mammals, and harming local fishing economies around San Francisco Bay. Demand the State of California take action and fund bay recovery.

Stop Selling Wild Animals as Family Pets

Live animal markets and auctions throughout Texas legally sell wild animals to unqualified buyers. Demand the sale of wildlife at these events is banned and help protect animals from the exotic pet trade.

Don’t Allow Water Crisis to Disrupt Education of Black Students

Black university students have been forced into coping without water due to an ongoing crisis exacerbated by recent flooding. Demand the state of Mississippi allocate the proper resources and funding to help them end this catastrophe once and for all.

Don’t Let Vehicles Become Death Chambers for Dogs

Dogs and other animals are being baked alive in overheated cars. These agonizing deaths could be prevented with stronger punishments for reckless pet caretakers. Demand one lax state help its pets beat the deadly heat.

Twitter: Protect Consumer Privacy and National Security

Consumer privacy, and national security, may be under constant attack at Twitter. A whistleblower claims the company is doing nothing to solve its security breaches. Demand they face the music of a comprehensive investigation.

Cats and Dogs Reportedly Found Covered in Maggots and Living in Filth Deserve Justice

Thirty-three dogs, cats, and puppies were reportedly found covered in maggots and with broken bones, mange, and parasite infections. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Demand Cancer Risk Warning Labels on Dairy Products

Drinking just 2/3 cup of milk per day increases the risk of prostate cancer by 60%. Call for labels to warn consumers of this serious health risk.

Protect Global Biodiversity From Deforestation

Forests provide vital habitat for an estimated half of the world’s species, and are home to indigenous communities that depend on them for sustenance. However, each year 18 million acres of forest are destroyed to make room for agribusiness and industry. Demand California help stop mass deforestation.

Stop Recreational Hunting, Trapping, and Terrorizing of Big Cats

An attempt to ban the recreational hunting of mountain lions, bobcats, and Canada lynx failed, leaving these species at risk. It’s time to take a stand. Demand Colorado protect thousands of beautiful cats from being trapped, poisoned, and slaughtered.

Five Guys: Add Vegetarian and Vegan Options to Your Menu

Five Guys is one of a few fast-food chains to not include vegan and vegetarian meal replacement options on their menu. Demand Five Guys choose compassion and inclusion and start offering plant-based alternatives to their popular menu items.

Don’t Punish Activists for Exposing Animal Abuse

Undercover investigations have exposed corruption and protected the health and welfare of consumers and animals. Several states, however, still prosecute undercover activists. Demand that lawmakers stop treating these advocates like criminals.

Justice for Black Pastor Arrested for Watering Plants

Body camera footage shows officers arresting Pastor Michael Jennings for seemingly no reason while he was watering his neighbor’s plants. Demand these officers are terminated, if found guilty of wrongful arrest.

Banish Agonizing Bow and Arrow Assaults Against Wildlife

Bears and other animals are being subjected to horrific injuries and slow, painful deaths because of bow hunting. Urge a state where this gross practice freely thrives to put a clamp on the cruelty.

PetSmart: Stop Apparently Letting Sick Animals Languish Without Care and Die by the Hundreds

PetSmart has been accused of denying sick animals access to veterinary care and stuffing hundreds of dead rodents, reptiles, birds, and fish in freezers. Demand PetSmart stop selling live animals at their retail locations.

KFC: Stop Misleading the Public With Animal Welfare Claims

Footage taken by undercover investigators at a KFC supply farm appears to show the horrific conditions chickens are kept in. Demand KFC stop misleading the public, and instead focus on actually upholding the high standards of animal welfare they claim to have.

Support the Right for Public Defenders to Form a Union

Public defenders make enormous personal sacrifices to make sure marginalized people receive justice in a court of law. Demand that these essential employees receive the right to unionize.

Eliminate Food Waste by Feeding the Hungry

Post-pandemic spikes in unemployment and homelessness have been accompanied by increased national food insecurity. Help feed those living in poverty while reducing runaway food waste.

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