Success: U.S. Army to Suspend Video Game Recruiting

The US Army has suspended its efforts to recruit teenagers through the video game platform Twitch thanks to pressure from concerned citizens. This is an important victory for human rights. Applaud those who spoke out against this practice.

Don’t Cut Funding to COVID-19 Testing Sites That Save Lives

America’s leaders want to tie new stimulus and pandemic relief measures to billions of dollars in slashed funding for coronavirus testing. This could put hundreds of thousands of lives at risk and slow the safe opening of the economy. Let clueless politicians know that you should not have to choose between your life and your livelihood.

Protect Peaceful Protesters From Heavily Armed Special Agents

The Trump administration announced plans to deploy around 150 heavily armed federal agents into Chicago as part of an oppressive tactic to dominate Black Lives Matter protests. These officers, currently present in Portland, are arresting peaceful protesters without reason and unleashing weapons of war. Demand Trump stop sending secret police into American cities.

Prevent Mass Extinction of Polar Bears by Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The polar bear population’s continued decline could render the species extinct by 2100. A major factor is the continued reliance on fossil fuels and the production of greenhouse gases. Sign this petition to help lessen the planet’s carbon footprint and save polar bears worldwide.

China: Provide Answers for Drone Footage of Holocaust-like Prison Transfer

Drone footage from China shows prisoners who have their heads shaved and are shackled. They are being led to trains while blindfolded. This footage has raised many questions about human rights. Demand that China provide answers immediately.

Don’t Exploit the Labor of Persecuted Minority Groups

Chinese companies are reportedly exploiting the labor of Uighurs to produce personal protective equipment for the coronavirus. Demand the president of China stop using forced Uighur labor to produce PPE.

Kanye West: Apologize for Defamation of Harriet Tubman

At an event promoting his prospective run for US President, Kanye West claimed that Harriet Tubman, the renowned Underground Railroad conductor, did not help free enslaved people. The crowd at the event was audibly appalled by West’s comments. Sign this petition to urge West to apologize.

Stop Trump Administration From Murdering 50 Endangered Orcas

Donald Trump’s appointee is about to allow the U.S. Navy to kill over 50 orcas. This comes at a time that orca numbers have been historically low and is being decided by the same person who helped President Trump falsely alter a hurricane forecast with a sharpie to save face. Sign this petition to demand this heinous proposal be rejected.

Protect Marginalized Communities from Pollution and Environmental Hazards

The health and safety of minority communities is under threat by the federal government as they allow pipelines, chemical plants, and highways to be built practically unchecked. Demand that Congress block these destructive changes to environmental policy and protect marginalized communities.

Stop the Murder of Wolves in British Columbia

Wolves are being killed by the hundreds in Canada after the publication of faulty and damaging research. Sign this petition today demanding the murder stop.

Dog Reportedly Body-Slammed by Abusive Owner on Public Street Deserves Justice

A man accused of body-slamming his traumatized pet pit bull on a sidewalk was released without charges. This accused animal abuser is now walking free and has yet to see a minute behind bars. Urge authorities to pursue this disturbing case.

Demand Resignation of Congressman Who Called AOC Misogynistic Slur

Representative Ted Yoho called Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a “f—- bitch” but has seen no punishment for his clear misogyny. This kind of behavior is not acceptable for anyone, let alone a member of the U.S. House of Representatives. Demand that Yoho resign from his position.

Stop Federal Forces From Suppressing Free Speech

Federal forces have suppressed the free speech of protesters in Portland; now they could be coming to Chicago and other cities. Call for Congress to block the deployment of violent federal troops in big cities.

Fight for Voting Rights Legacy of Civil Rights Icon

The right to vote is under assault in America, and this fight just lost one of its fiercest warriors. Honor civil rights advocate John Lewis by relegating voter suppression to the dustbin of history where it belongs.

Trump: Stop Spreading Dangerous Lies About the Coronavirus

President Trump told multiple lies about the coronavirus pandemic in a recent interview with Fox News. Among them, he claimed that the United States had “one of the lowest mortality rates in the world,” then said that countries with lower death rates “don’t test.” Demand Trump stop spreading misinformation about Covid-19 in order to protect the public.

Justice for Beloved Black Bear Cub Reportedly Shot to Death

Bailey the black bear cub, a beloved member of a Florida community, was shot and killed in an alleged act of animal cruelty. The man accused of this offense faces minimal charges, akin to a legal slap on the wrist. Demand stronger punishment that reflects the seriousness of this apparent crime against innocent wildlife.

Investigate Police Accused of Ignoring Pleas for Help From Brutalized Minorities

Police stood by and allowed Indian Muslims to be attacked and brutalized before arresting those who were assaulted, according to a report. This accusation shows a grotesque level of discrimination that must be addressed. Demand that the Indian government bring to justice those responsible.

Success: Environment-Destroying Pipeline Cancelled

A pipeline which would have destroyed disadvantaged and Native American communities and harmed the environment has been successfully cancelled thanks to the work of concerned citizens. Thank them for their tireless efforts to protect small towns and wildlife.

Peaceful Navy Vet Beaten by Trump’s Secret Police Deserves Justice

A U.S. Navy veteran was peacefully protesting when he was viciously attacked by Trump’s secret police. He was beaten with a baton, tear gassed and had his hand broken in two places simply for asking the officers why they weren’t upholding their oaths to the Constitution. Sign this petition to demand justice for Christopher David.

Clean Up Hawaii’s Beaches from Devastating Plastic Pollution

Two Hawaiian beaches have been deemed unusable due to plastic pollution, and are unlivable for Hawaii’s endangered species. Demand that Hawaii finally clean up the plastic pollution that has devastated its beaches and wildlife.

Don’t Feed Zoo Animals to Each Other in Cruel Contingency Plan

The Tierpark Neumünster Zoo in Germany has reportedly said it will feed some of the smaller animals to the larger ones if they run out of money. Sign this petition today demanding the zoo commit to protecting the lives of every animal under its care.

Protect Civil Rights Protesters from Violent Federal Forces

Federal officers in unmarked minivans have grabbed protesters off the street in Portland without explanation and tear gassed demonstrators even though the chemical weapon is banned in Oregon. Demand that these forces be removed from Portland to protect the safety and free speech of protesters.

Punish Person Who Nailed Raccoon to Pole Beside Black Lives Matter Sign

A raccoon was nailed to a telephone pole beside a repeatedly defaced Black Lives Matter sign. This is not only an act of heinous animal cruelty, but it also shows racist intent. Demand that those behind this horrific act face the harshest legal consequences.

Protect Ancient Waters Against Destructive Dam

Arizona’s limited water source and beautiful landscape could be damaged by a proposed dam that would pump unrenewable groundwater. Demand that the permit for this destructive dam be revoked.

Extend Federal Eviction Moratorium Through January 1st, 2021

Tens of millions of Americans are facing the threat of eviction and homelessness due to the CARES Act expiring on July 24th. Sign this petition today demanding that the moratorium on evictions be extended.

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