Restore Breeding of the Spoon-Billed Sandpiper

Fewer than 800 spoon-billed sandpipers survive, and these few could soon be wiped out by human negligence. Demand decisive action to protect this critically endangered bird species and its coastal wetland ecosystems.

Find Forever Homes for Endangered Species

Animals from snails to whales are at risk of going extinct because of the rapidly changing climate. Many species urgently need new habitats. Support an ambitious plan to move the most endangered to more hospitable locations.

Stop Reckless Harvesting and Killing of Endangered Jade Vine

The jade vine is at risk of extinction due to habitat destruction, deforestation, and illegal harvesting. Demand the protection of this endangered species and its native ecosystems.

Save the Rattan Palm Through Sustainable Harvesting

The Rattan Palm, a unique tree that helps sustain Indonesia’s biodiversity while providing sustainable livelihoods, is under assault from development. Help champion the preservation of this invaluable plant species.

Save the Syrian Brown Bear From Human Conflicts

The magnificent Syrian brown bear could soon disappear forever, unless we act fast. Call for its conservation through habitat protection, community engagement, and stringent law enforcement.

Stop Slender-Billed Curlews From Going Extinct

The slender-billed curlew is critically endangered and requires immediate conservation efforts. Advocate for its conservation and habitat protection. Demand action now.

Maintain Ecological Balance by Protecting the Saker Falcon

The majestic Saker falcon is in danger of disappearing forever due to human negligence. Demand decisive action to protect this endangered species and its ecosystem.

Prioritize Conservation of the Red-Breasted Goose

The red-breasted goose faces numerous threats to its survival, including industrial development and climate change-induced habitat degradation. Advocate for its conservation and protection of its breeding grounds.

Take Immediate Action to Safeguard the Mediterranean Monk Seal

The Mediterranean monk seal is critically endangered due to pollution and human activity. With less than 700 left in the wild, the time to act is now. Demand leaders prioritize the protection of this iconic species and its habitat.

Save Biodiversity by Preserving the Marbled Polecat

The marbled polecat is facing a severe decline in population. Advocate for its conservation to protect biodiversity and preserve Turkey’s natural heritage.

Maintain Healthy Ecosystems by Saving the Lesser White-Fronted Goose

The lesser white-fronted goose is at risk due to illegal hunting and climate change. Demand immediate action to protect the species and its habitat.

Stop Destroying the Habitat of the Iconic Forest Reindeer

The Forest reindeer population is declining due to habitat loss and human encroachment. Advocate for the conservation of this species and its homeland to ensure its long-term survival.

Save the Magnificent Imperial Eagle From Extinction

The Imperial eagle faces a severe decline due to habitat loss and human disturbances. Demand the conservation of this iconic species for the preservation of our natural heritage.

Don’t Deprive Children of Mothers Due to Misogynistic Law

Mothers in Egypt are losing guardianship of their children because of an outdated and deeply misogynistic law. Demand the scales of justice be balanced for these women.

Stop Power-Hungry Politicians From Suppressing the Youth Vote

Politicians are seemingly trying to disenfranchise young voters who are coming to the polls in ever-increasing numbers. Demand an end to the attempted political neutralization of an entire generation.

Stop Breeding Genetically Vulnerable Wolfdogs for Profit

Wolfdogs are being abandoned or euthanized in large numbers because of lax or non-existent breeding standards. Demand an end to this death by design.

Control Pest Populations by Saving the European Mink

The European mink is endangered, and its conservation is essential to preserve biodiversity, maintain ecological balance, and provide economic benefits. Demand the conservation of this important species.

Success: Trophies Taken Away From Big Game Hunters

Trophy hunters will soon lose one incentive to put endangered animals in harm’s way. Applaud the potential elimination of body parts imported for profit and sick photo opportunities.

Provide Mental Health Treatment to Vulnerable Homeless People

Mental illness is an epidemic among the already-vulnerable homeless population. Demand more investment in behavioral health plans that help, not hurt, these struggling individuals.

Don’t Let Prison Put Pregnancies at Risk

Expectant mothers in prison are reportedly having their health and the well-being of their soon-to-be-born children put at unnecessary risk. Demand better care for these highly vulnerable populations.

Save the Dalmatian Pelican From Going Extinct

The majestic Dalmatian pelican has been revered for millennia but now faces the severe threat of extinction. Demand the conservation of the bird and its habitat.

Promote Breeding Programs to Save European Bison

The European bison faces significant threats to its survival due to habitat loss, hunting, and diseases. Advocate for the conservation and protection of this iconic species.

Save the Caucasian Leopard From Going Extinct

Only around 100 endangered Caucasian leopards survive today. Demand the conservation of this species on the brink of extinction.

Save the Last Carpathian Brown Bears

The Carpathian brown bear is one of Europe’s last large predators and a vital member of the ecological community. Demand immediate action to protect this majestic creature.

Don’t Let Debt Limit Drive Nation Into Deep Recession

Americans stand to lose money, jobs, security, and much more if the United States defaults on its debt. Call for immediate action to avert a potential economic catastrophe.

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