Stop Cutting Fish Open While Still Alive

Sturgeon fish are brutally cut open, often while alive and conscious, so their eggs can be stolen from their ovaries and sold as caviar. This “delicacy” causes so much suffering that it must be banned.

Stop Convicted Animal Abusers From Owning Pets

Incredibly, there are still places in the U.S. where convicted animal abusers are allowed to continue owning pets. Demand that animal abusers be prohibited from owning pets.

End Cruel Shark Killing Tournaments

Tens of thousands of sharks are killed in the name of “fun” every year during shark killing tournaments. This causes a drastic drop in their already dwindling population. Demand an end to these cruel competitions.

Regulate the Sale of Fireworks That Physically And Emotionally Harm Animals

Hundreds to thousands of scared companion animals, wildlife, and livestock experience severe mental and physical trauma every year because of the loud explosive noises that fireworks release. Demand stricter regulations on the purchase and use of these environmentally hazardous devices.

Don’t Condemn Exotic Animals to a Life of Cruel Captivity

The exotic pet trade is particularly cruel. Wild animals are often stolen from their homes by poachers and condemned to a life of solitary imprisonment. Demand an end to the exotic pet trade.

Stop Stealing Dolphins From Ocean for People to Swim With Them

Dolphins are stolen from the ocean and forced to swim with humans. These poor animals are subjected to extreme physical and psychological abuse. Demand dolphins be allowed to live freely.

Protect Right to Choose for Women and Girls

Health autonomy and women’s rights are on the line. Demand a strong federal response to the assault on reproductive freedom.

Stop Shelters From Killing Dogs and Cats After a Five Day Holding Period

Dogs and cats in kill-shelters are typically only given 5-7 days to find a home before being euthanized. Demand an increase in the minimum holding period for these animals to give them a better chance at finding a forever home.

Success: Endangered Species Once Again Federally Protected

The Trump administration removed a series of vital environmental protections and put endangered animals at risk of extinction. Thankfully, these species are now safe, and their welfare is guaranteed by law. Praise the judge responsible for protecting these animals.

Prevent Poisoning of Military Families

Pearl Harbor is once again the scene of American suffering. This time, thousands were poisoned by their own drinking water. Call for accountability in this public health nightmare allegedly fueled by reckless leadership.

Stop Injecting Lab Animals With Toxic Chemicals

Mice, rats, birds, fish, and reptiles are used in painful animal testing experiments more often than any other species. Demand protection for these often ignored animals.

Protect Wedge-Tailed Eagles From Drastic Drops in Population

Australia’s largest aerial predator has spent years as the prey of humans. These important birds now face an even bigger threat in unrelenting habitat loss. Demand this eco-diverse region safeguard one of its most iconic inhabitants.

Justice for Lynching Victim Emmett Till

A potential accomplice in the lynching of Emmett Till may have escaped justice for decades. A recently discovered warrant for her arrest could finally bring the truth to light. Demand authorities prove that justice has no time limit.

Traumatized Toy Poodles Apparently Victimized By Vengeful Man Deserve Justice

A 12-year-old dog died from traumatic injuries allegedly inflicted by his caretaker’s boyfriend. This man also reportedly stole a second dog in order to threaten his girlfriend. Call for a full and vigorous prosecution in this heartbreaking case.

Stop Derision of Public School Teachers

Tennessee’s governor is uplifting a man who has ridiculed teachers and sought to eradicate the public school system. Urge this leader to rethink his educational allegiances.

Don’t Send Migrants Back to the Border

Harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric is turning into harsh practices in Texas that will likely lead to more racial profiling. Demand the governor reverse his anti-immigrant executive order.

Don’t Kill Wild Bears Because of Bad Housing Policies

Four black bears have been killed for entering a campground used as temporary housing for Anchorage’s unhoused population. Demand officials protect houseless community members and wildlife with effective housing policies.

Take a Stand Against Racism Following Alleged White Supremacist Attack

A white supremacist march in Boston reportedly resulted in an attack on a Black man. Now, Black leaders and activists are calling on the mayor to act against the city’s racism. Support this effort and demand change.

Strip Misleading Labels from Meat and Dairy Products

“Cage free” and “free range” labels are extremely misleading, and mask the cruelty still going on at meat and dairy farms. Encourage officials to stop providing consumers with a false notion that animals are being well cared for—there is no such thing as ethical meat or dairy.

Success: Ohio Moves Toward Banning Murder of Dogs and Cats in Gas Chambers

The barbaric practice of gassing dogs and cats to death may soon be banned in one state. Thank the people who fought for this victory for animal rights.

Don’t Criminalize the Houseless

Houseless folks are now being arrested, fined, and charged with felonies for sleeping in public. This not only challenges their own survival, but also places another hurdle in their attempts to find jobs and housing. Sign this petition to demand that the unhoused community members are protected.

Stop Promoting Climate-Destroying Gas as “Green” Energy

Many European countries are signing new, decades-long contracts with natural gas producers. The move blocks transitions to clean energy and worsens the climate crisis. Demand Europe take swift action against climate change.

Success: Finland and Sweden Join Fight for International Security and Freedom

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has grown two members stronger with the admission of Finland and Sweden. Applaud this needed security win in an increasingly destabilized geopolitical landscape.

Congress: Protect the Environment and the Planet

The Supreme Court just handed polluters a major win and the already severely distressed environment another punishing loss when it permitted poisonous power plant emissions to go unchecked. Demand America’s lawmakers help give the world a fighting chance.

Save Millions of Dogs and Cats from Kill-Shelter Deaths by Ending Irresponsible Breeding

Millions of dogs and cats are killed in overcrowded shelters. Discourage breeders from contributing to pet overpopulation and demand they stop irresponsibly breeding dogs and cats.

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