Punish Man Caught on Video Severely Beating Puppy

The violent attack on a 9-month-old puppy was so severe that bystanders began filming. The video shows a man violently hitting the puppy and then lifting him up and throwing the puppy into a metal gate. Demand the maximum punishment in this case.

Demand a Public Apology From Racist Comic

A reputed comic strip artist has unleashed a tirade of racist remarks on his YouTube channel. Consequently, leading newspapers across America have suspended its publication. Demand a public apology from the cartoon man.

Defend Migrants From Leader’s Racist Attack

Massive protests are being held in support of migrants under attack by a top public figure. Black people are being segregated and denied public service in a deliberate effort to cause unrest. Demand equal human rights for all in solidarity with protesters.

Catch Cat Killer Who is Leaving Mutilated Body Parts Around City

A dead cat with its paws and head missing was found partially buried in a park. The animal’s guts were later found nearby. Previously, police had discovered a severed cat jaw in a school yard, tied to the playground bars with string. Demand authorities find and punish the person responsible.

End Assault on Women’s Reproductive Rights

Stricter bans on abortion could target the autonomy of reproductive rights for women. It’s time to intervene to ensure access to safe healthcare. Demand that Wyoming lawmakers support accessible abortion for all in need.

Designate Islamic Revolutionary Guard as Terrorists in Solidarity with Protesters

The European Parliament has passed a resolution to list the Iranian militia as a terrorist organization. Germany remains indecisive despite the Islamic Republic awarding the death sentence to a dual citizen. Demand the administration list the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist group.

Success: Hyundai Commits to Stop Child Labor in its Factories

A disturbing report noted that Hyundai production units employ underage workers. The company has ultimately decided to divest from the accused subsidiary and take strong steps to prevent such violations. Acknowledge this important step to protect children from exploitation.

Stop Stealing the Future of Students With Disabilities

Schools are kicking out some of their most vulnerable students in alarming numbers. Compel lawmakers to invest in the futures of young people with disabilities.

Prevent Killer Fungal Infections by Investing in Vaccines

Fungal infections are a hidden and looming threat to public health. Despite this, a fungal disease vaccine has yet to be vetted and approved. Demand the medical world invest in robust protection.

Dog Beaten, Abandoned and Tethered to Dumpster With Neck Tie Deserves Justice

A bloody, severely abused dog named Joey was abandoned and tethered to a trash dumpster with a neck tie. Demand justice for Joey.

Punish Zoo Director Accused of Stealing Goats and Cooking Them For Holiday Party

Four pygmy goats were apparently stolen by a zoo director, cooked up, and served to his employees at a holiday party. Demand justice for these innocent zoo creatures.

Demand Transparency in Political Advertising Law

A new law meant to encourage much-needed transparency in political advertising could unintentionally open the door to suppression of free speech. Demand a well-purposed legal text to promote free speech and pluralism on the internet.

Rein in the Rain and Quench Thirst of Drought-Ravaged Lands

The chance to help drought-prone communities is being squandered because of infighting and ineptitude. Call for a real plan to address California’s water crisis.

Success: Top Mexican Official Convicted in Narcotics Case

The former chief of the Federal Police in Mexico was put on trial for accepting millions of dollars of drug money in exchange for insider information. The prosecution set up a strong case ultimately leading to the conviction of the kingpin. Applaud this huge victory in a high-profile case.

Stop Slowing Down Momentum of Zero-Emissions Electric Vehicles

A politician and supposed leader is once again standing in the way of clean energy and emissions reduction. Demand Virginia’s governor support an economically and environmentally sustainable path forward.

13 Kittens, Cats and a Hawk Mutilated to Death Deserve Justice

Thirteen dead kittens, cats and a hawk were found in a trash bag. The animals had been mutilated. Demand authorities find the person responsible for this horrific abuse.

Don’t Abolish Crucial Checks and Balances in Government

Thousands are rallying in Israel to protest attacks on the independent judiciary. Critics warn of Israel turning into a de facto dictatorship. Demand a retraction of the planned changes by the ultra-orthodox government.

Abused Dog Abandoned in Snowy Parking Lot and Hit by Car Deserves Justice

Surveillance video shows a car stopping in a snowy parking lot, opening the door, and dumping a dog on the snowy ground. Moments later the dog wanders into the street and is struck by a car. Demand justice for this animal.

Establish a Binding Agreement to Protect Marine Biodiversity

Deep sea fishing, mining, plastic pollution, and the effects of climate change are affecting waterways across the globe. An important UN conference could address these problems, but the talks have previously concluded without a final treaty. Demand the formulation of a decisive agreement to protect the high seas.

Dyed Baby Pigeon Found Suffering in Wild Deserves Justice

A very young, domesticated pigeon was dyed pink and released into the wild. He later died from apparent malnourishment and toxic exposure. Demand justice for this defenseless and exploited animal.

Demand Closure of Drone Factory Allegedly Targeting Civilians

A human rights group has claimed that unmanned drones manufactured at a UK factory are being used against civilians. The Middle East conflict needs to stop now. Demand a closure of the UK facility allegedly committing covert war crimes.

Save Wild Cows From Mass Government-Approved Slaughter

Over 150 cattle who have called the New Mexico wilderness home for nearly three decades will soon be fatally shot and left to rot by order of the federal government. Demand an end to killing masquerading as conservation.

Don’t Let Fake News Bill Squash Free Speech

Free speech is under threat from a bill meant to crack down on fake news. While online misinformation is a real problem, this approach could stifle dissent. Demand a revision of the bill to include a proper definition of disinformation.

Family Horse Shot to Death by Trespasser Deserves Justice

A gentle family horse named Apache was shot and killed by a trespasser. Apache was discovered by the owner of the home lying in a field in a pool of blood. Demand justice for Apache.

Stop Reported Child Labor in Hyundai Supply Chain

Hyundai reportedly employs child laborers at its factories. The car manufacturer apparently confessed to this wrongdoing but is yet to provide a timeframe to stop such practices completely. Demand a complete prohibition on underage employment in the USA.

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