Success: Infrastructure to Receive Billion-Dollar Upgrade

America’s infrastructure is about to receive a major boost thanks to continued calls for change. Applaud an investment that will benefit transportation, communication, public health, the environment, and more.

Dogs Reportedly Doused in Rubbing Alcohol and Set on Fire Deserve Justice

Two dogs were reportedly doused in rubbing alcohol and then set on fire to stop them from fighting. Demand justice for these animals.

Stop Condemning Nonviolent Drug Offenders to a Cycle of Poverty

The war on drugs has been shown to be completely ineffective. It has only succeeded in punishing nonviolent offenders and forcing many into homelessness, bankruptcy, and an endless cycle of poverty. Demand that the government take action to wipe these offenders’ records clean.

Punish Man Accused of Starving and Mistreating Dogs

Another animal cruelty convict has allegedly repeated his crimes in large part because of inadequate punishment the first time. Urge prosecutors to secure justice for the two dozen dogs reportedly impacted by this latest disturbing case.

Dog That Allegedly Died From Bleeding, Maggot-Infested Neck Wounds Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly found with maggots and flies inside his bleeding neck. Demand the person allegedly responsible for not providing this animal with the appropriate veterinary care be held to account.

Dogs Apparently Abandoned and Left to Die in Woods Deserve Justice

Five dogs were allegedly thrown in kennels without food or water and tied to trees before being abandoned in the woods and left to die. Demand justice for these apparently sadistically abused animals.

Stop Logging Industry From Destroying Last Old-Growth Forests

Old-growth forests that fight climate change and sustain ecosystems are at dire risk from invasive logging. Demand officials stop attacking protesters and start preserving these ancient natural wonders.

Puppies Reportedly Dead After Being Ripped Away From Their Mother Deserve Justice

Three puppies reportedly died after they were unexpectedly taken from their mother and deprived of proper care. Demand the person accused of this crime be given a tough legal penalty.

Stop Medicare Cuts From Affecting Millions

Cuts to the Medicare program will go into effect in January 2022. While certain representatives are working to change that, it is important to ensure Congress doesn’t let these cuts don’t happen. Please, act now to call Congress to work together.

Save Whales Reportedly Dying at Theme Park

Fifteen whales have reportedly died at a theme park that seemingly has inadequate facilities and should be shut down. All remaining animals must be sent to a sanctuary. Tell the government to save these innocent creatures.

Stop Treating People With HIV and AIDS Like Criminals

Americans diagnosed with HIV and AIDS still have targets on their backs from misguided laws that marginalize and criminalize them. Demand an end to these destructive legal dictates.

Honor Veterans Afflicted By Brain Injuries With Purple Hearts

Dozens of service members injured in the largest ballistic missile attack against the American military in history have been denied Purple Hearts. Demand Army officials honor and take care of their own.

Stop Torturing Animals in Labs for Pointless Testing

Animal testing subjects millions of defenseless creatures to needless pain and suffering. It is also ineffective, only working 1 out of 10 times on humans. Help end this practice today.

Don’t Let Europe’s Last Dictator Use Lives as Leverage

Refugees, political prisoners, and everyday citizens are being sacrificed to a power play between Belarus and the rest of Europe. Demand an approach to these tensions that does not hurt the people it should be helping.

End Destruction of Natural Wilderness That Fights Climate Change

Scotland’s peatlands, one of the largest carbon sinks in the world, are shrinking rapidly due to human interference. The land will begin to emit carbon if not properly cared for and contribute to global warming. Demand protection for this natural fighter of climate change.

Pit Bulls Shot and Killed at Suspected Dog-Fighting Ring Deserve Justice

Three pit bulls were shot dead and dumped in a reservoir. These animals may have been casualties of a dog-fighting operation. Demand justice for these poor creatures.

Ban Lawful Trail Hunting That Leads to Slaughter of Protected Animals

A legal form of hunting is being used to carry out illegal killings of foxes and other wild animals across the United Kingdom. Demand an all-out prohibition of trail hunting before it claims more lives.

Stop Dissecting Bears’ Gallbladders for Unnecessary Medicine

Bear bile is a traditional Asian medicine that is harvested by keeping bears in cages and cutting into their gallbladders. This is an entirely unnecessary practice that continues to torture animals to this day. Add your voice to those calling for the end of vicious bear bile farming.

Reduce Potent Greenhouse Gas to Fight Global Warming

Methane accounts for 25% of global warming and is 80 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide. Oil and gas companies are by far the biggest offenders and need stronger regulation.

Stop Auctioning Off Public Lands for Fossil Fuel Pillaging

American leaders continue to break crucial promises to cut greenhouse gas emissions and slow dangerous global warming. A record number of oil and gas drilling permits onshore and offshore are compounding the crisis. Urge an end to these auctions of environmental destruction.

Stop Blackmailing Migrant Workers Into Slavery

Reports of migrant workers being abused, deprived of food, and forced to work without pay under threat of removal from the country have rocked Ireland’s fishing industry. Urge necessary reforms to curb these human rights violations.

Success: Men Who Shot and Killed Ahmaud Arbery Convicted of Murder

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers have been convicted of murder, along with a series of other charges. This is a landmark case for civil rights. Thank the prosecuting attorney for her amazing work.

Save Tigers From Abusive Trade

Tigers can still be legally traded in Europe, which leads to poaching and other atrocities. Demand an end to the tiger trade.

Stop Letting Dogs Languish and Die in Abusive Breeding Facilities

Dogs are being exploited, bred, and neglected to death in record numbers in Missouri. In one case, the allegedly abusive breeders only suffered a fine and the closing of their business. Urge this state to clean up its notorious reputation as a place where canines go to die.

Stand Against Bullying and Threats of Invasion in World Politics

Taiwan is facing increasing aggression from a Chinese government seemingly determined to reclaim the land at any cost. Demand the United States take a decisive stand against potential invasion and the chaos that would result.

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