Grant Financial Support to a Country Recovering From Tyranny and Famine

Venezuela has been hit hard by poor leadership and the effects of sanctions against corrupt leaders. Their recent changes towards a more stable government and the need to regrow the economy is an opportunity to mend a broken partnership. Demand America take action now to reestablish a working relationship with Venezuela that includes increased humanitarian aid.

Ban Veterinarian Accused of Beating Dog From Working With Animals

A practicing veterinarian has been accused of beating and choking his pet German shepherd. Demand other vulnerable animals stay protected from this alleged abuser.

Stop Poisoning Waterways With Factory Farm Waste

The country’s waterways are under threat from manure created by the hundreds of thousands of chickens at Tyson Foods’ partnering farms. This pollution disrupts the food chain and can cause both humans and animals to become sick or even die. Tell Tyson to act now and hold all farms it works with accountable.

Save Struggling Nations From Devastating Floods

Catastrophic flooding claimed thousands of lives and upended the entire economy in Pakistan. For other vulnerable nations, the climate crisis could take an even more punishing toll. Call for meaningful aid to combat the next environmental turned humanitarian disaster.

Don’t Let Snow Crab Disappear From Seas Forever

A fixture of the Alaskan seas is in danger due to climate change and overfishing. The snow crab could once again thrive if humans would maintain a hands-off approach. Demand leaders throw this at-risk animal a lifeline.

Don’t Let Communities Become Radioactive Health Hazards

An elementary school was reportedly contaminated with radioactive waste, putting students at risk of cancers and other debilitating illnesses. Children shouldn’t have to pay the price of apparent carelessness. Urge leaders to do more to contain these public health hazards.

Don’t Endanger Black Women’s Health With Allegedly Toxic Hair Products

Discrimination based on natural hair and ethnic hairstyles may be costing minority Americans opportunities and even their lives. Demand an end to these prejudicial practices.

Stop Charging More to Dairy-Free Customers at Coffee Shops

Some people prefer non-dairy milk in their coffee drinks and others may require it because of medical dietary restrictions. However, this often-necessary modification costs the consumer more money at Dunkin’ coffee shops. Demand Dunkin’ support consumers’ needs and stop charging more for non-dairy milk.

Kitten Allegedly Thrown Into Burning Fire Pit Deserves Justice

A newborn kitten had his life ended too soon, allegedly at the hands of his caretaker. The small animal reportedly suffered agonizing burns and nerve damage before passing away. Urge the vigilant pursuit of justice in this horrific tragedy.

Save World’s Lands and Seas Before Time Runs Out

The natural world is in crisis, and so are the talks that could help save it. An international biodiversity conference could provide a global solution to an extinction-level problem, and yet China’s president may not attend. Demand global leaders start getting serious about protecting Mother Nature.

Make Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Solar Powered

Electric vehicles are much better for the climate than conventional cars, but to be truly sustainable they must be powered by renewables. Call for a network of solar charging stations.

Plant More Shade Trees in Low Income Neighborhoods

Low income neighborhoods in cities are often overlooked when municipalities plant shade trees. Larger trees improve quality of life by cooling the air with their shade and creating more scenic streets. Ensure residents of low income areas have access to the benefits of trees.

Don’t Let Soccer Fans Die For Sport

A massive sports event turned into a massive tragedy after 131 people died at a soccer game. Serious violations and breaches allegedly fueled the deadly crush and stampede. Call for accountability and needed change to protect players and fans.

Success: Cannabis Possession No Longer Punished With Prison Time

Cannabis users will no longer be branded federal criminals because of their personal and health choices. Support the reevaluation of marijuana possession as a crime worthy of incarceration.

Make Reliable Public Transportation a Budget Priority

The U.S. needs to invest more into public transportation. With traffic clogging our highways and emissions from cars adding to climate change, accessible transit can address two problems at once. Help make public transit a focus for the U. S. Department of Transportation.

Dog Reportedly Stabbed by Man in Fit of Rage Deserves Justice

A man apparently stabbed his husky nearly to death for acting on a dog’s natural instincts. Demand justice for this animal reportedly brutally assaulted by his own caretaker.

Stop Agonizing Asphyxiation and Evisceration of Fish

Fish are finally being recognized as sentient beings who feel pain and fear. This means that dragging them from the water to asphyxiate or cutting them apart can equate to torture. Demand fisheries recognize this reality by adopting more humane practices.

Stop Industrial Fishing Boats From Depleting America’s Oceans

Aquatic wildlife populations are shrinking, with some disappearing completely. Industrials fishers’ giant nets not only take nearly everything from the oceans, they create insurmountable competition for smaller independent fishers. Tell those who regulate our oceans to act now and stop this recklessness.

Stop Unstable Mass Murderers From Victimizing Children

Over twenty children have died and more have suffered in a horrendous mass shooting and stabbing event allegedly perpetrated by an ex-police officer. Unstable adults wielding weapons is a serious world-wide problem that must be addressed. Urge more investment in life-saving mental health support for individuals on the brink.

Save Bees By Planting Flowers in Cities and Towns

Bees are at a risk of endangerment and extinction worldwide. Overdevelopment of land in New Jersey, where they once thrived, has eliminated resources bees rely on to live and reproduce. Demand the state act now to prevent wild bee populations from becoming extinct.

Protect Hundreds of Whales From Dehydrating to Death

A total of 230 pilot whales washed up on the shores of an Australian island; the majority dehydrated to death under the hot sun. Scientists cite climate change, habitat loss, and overfishing as the likely causes of this event and warn against future catastrophes of similar scale. Demand we do more to protect our oceans and their animals.

Stop Cruel Hunts Where Alligators Are Shot in the Head

Alligator hunting at a national wildlife refuge in Florida has put this pivotal species at risk. Hunters typically use cruel methods to slaughter these animals, including the use of a bangstick to shoot a bullet into the alligator’s brain. Wildlife refuges should be places where animals can roam freely and independent of human interference–demand hunting on these lands be prohibited.

Replace High Fructose Corn Syrup With Cane Sugar in Pepsi-Cola Products

High-fructose corn syrup is known to cause a number of health issues, more-so than regular sugar. Pepsi-Cola briefly experimented with using real sugar in Pepsi and was met with success. Demand this influential brand embrace this healthier alternative.

Stop Tearing Feathers Off Live Birds to Make Down Jackets

Ducks and geese endure agony as their feathers are ripped off to make “real down” for high-end winter wear. Tell global luxury brand Canada Goose to commit to using only recycled down.

Prioritize Legal Protection for Pollinators

Over 500 environmental protections, including safeguards for bees, could be struck down within months. Demand a key European region stop gambling with its future and the fate of the planet.

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