Success: Alleged Shark Fin Traffickers Busted

Twelve suspects who reportedly made millions from the illegal trafficking and killing of sharks and endangered marine life for their valuable fins and bladders are now facing charges, thanks to the efforts of federal authorities. Applaud the demise of an alleged mass trafficking enterprise.

Acting Secretary Chad Wolf: Resign for Downplaying and Dismissing Security Threats for Trump’s Benefit

America’s agency of supposed defenders of the homeland stands accused of prioritizing the president’s political agenda over protecting the American people. The former top intelligence analyst for the US alleges his bosses routinely changed and omitted information on critical threats ranging from Russian election interference to domestic terrorism. Demand a cleansing of this crucial agency from the taint of political manipulation.

Success: Coal-Dependent Region to Invest in Sustainable, Safe Energy Sources

Poland has announced massive investment in green and sustainable energy, signaling a faster move away from coal which has been both the country’s main source of power and a perpetual stain on the environment. Congratulate the Polish government for this sensible decision.

Justice for Broken, Beaten Dog Allegedly Pummeled With Belt for Urinating

A seven-year-old dog allegedly suffered severe mouth injuries, bruising, and broken ribs and eye sockets at the hands of her caretaker’s boyfriend. Bella may never be able to eat or drink normally again due to this apparent punishment for urinating on the floor. Urge justice in this disturbing case of reported animal cruelty.

Trump: Stop Fighting to Let Employers Steal From Their Workers

The Trump administration tried and failed to take away employees’ right to sue major corporations when their wages go unpaid. Demand that Trump stops attempting to make life harder on working class Americans.

Fire Officers Who Reportedly Shot an Unarmed 13-Year-Old Boy

An unarmed 13-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome was reportedly shot by police several times while having a mental health episode. He suffered injuries to his shoulder, intestines, bladder and both his ankles. Demand that any officers involved in the shooting be fired and prosecuted.

Forbid Police From Responding to Mental Health Crises

An unarmed 13-year old boy was reportedly shot numerous times by police during an episode of mental distress. Demand that police officers be barred from responding to episodes in which deadly force cannot possibly be justified.

Save Children From Poverty, Despair, and Crushing Inequities

Millions of children are living in poverty, exclusion, and physical and emotional pain under the negligent watch of the European Union. Migrant kids face especially brutal inequities such as no access to meaningful healthcare and depleted educational opportunities. Demand real change that could give these youth a fighting chance.

Protect Belugas from Traumatic Transport

Five endangered belugas are set to travel over 470 miles to a new aquarium, a move that puts them in physical and mental danger. Demand that these plans be abandoned.

Stop the Brutal Murder of Women Across Turkey

Women in Turkey are facing a rise in femicide and rape. Demand that the nation’s government protect women from this brutal violence and hold perpetrators accountable.

Kittens Tortured at the Hands of Unknown Abusers Deserve Justice

One kitten was rescued from a running dryer at a laundry mat, another was thrown inside a bag and tossed into traffic from a moving car, and a third was abandoned behind a dumpster with a painful infection. Demand whoever hurt these innocent animals be found and given the toughest punishment allowed for these senseless crimes.

Protect the LGBTQ Community from Discrimination

LGBTQ communities still face discrimination in every city, county, and state. One city is set to take an important step toward bringing this injustice to an end. Demand that the Great Falls City Commission vote to protect LGBTQ individuals.

Trump: Don’t Ban Crucial Diversity Trainings in the Workplace

President Trump claims diversity trainings are “divisive, anti-American propaganda.” In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, demand that Trump immediately reverse his decision to ban these vital trainings in federal workplaces.

Pony Allegedly Lethally Debilitated From Overgrown Hooves Deserves Justice

A pony’s hooves were allegedly so overgrown that her bones fused together. She was barely able to walk, per reports, and may even lose her life due to the severity of the deformity. Demand the person reportedly responsible for this animal cruelty be given a tough punishment under the law.

Cats Allegedly Covered in Fleas and Surrounded By Flies and Waste Deserve Justice

Six cats were allegedly found living amongst massive amounts of fleas, flies and trash at an abandoned residence. Rescuers reportedly had to wear hazmat suits to even enter the premises. Demand that the person accused of mistreating these innocent animals receive no mercy under the law.

Puppies Allegedly Stolen and Found Dead Deserve Justice

Police allegedly found the bodies of four stolen German shepherd puppies on private property. The remains of two puppies had apparently been burned in a fire. Demand the people reportedly responsible for these crimes receive a stringent legal sentence.

Dog Allegedly Kept Outside Starving With Large Tumor Deserves Justice

Two pit-bull type dogs were reportedly left outside, starved, and denied veterinary care. One of the animals apparently suffered from a huge, untreated tumor on her back leg. Demand the person reportedly responsible for this animal cruelty receive a lengthy prison sentence.

Implement Harsher Punishments for Animal Cruelty Offenders

Animal cruelty is not considered a felony in the state of Nevada until the person has two prior offenses, making it so many people who commit unthinkable crimes against animals are required to spend no more than six months in prison. Demand these laws change at once so that animals will be better protected.

Trump: Stop Using Pandemic as an Excuse to Bail Out Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has been given the right to pay far less than normal to the government for the ability to drill on public lands, thanks to the Trump administration’s new coronavirus relief policy. This massive economic handout is depriving American states of desperately needed oil revenues during the pandemic. Demand Trump stop using Covid-19 as an excuse to bail out the fossil fuel industry.

Trump: Apologize for Calling Dead Soldiers “Suckers” and “Losers”

Donald Trump, the commander-in-chief of America’s military, disparaged fallen, wounded and captured military veterans in the worst ways. These heroes deserve better than a leader who panders to them publicly while demeaning them in private. Demand that Trump give these men and women in uniform a formal apology.

Demand Trump’s Resignation for Disparaging American Troops

President Donald Trump has blatantly disrespected the memories of fallen soldiers, as well as insulted veterans wounded in battle. He has to go. Demand that he resign from his position and allow America to move beyond his cruelty.

Demand That MSNBC Host Joy Reid Apologize for Blatant Islamophobia

MSNBC host Joy Reid owes a serious apology to the Muslim community after equating being Muslim with being violent on TV. This kind of casual Islamophobia cannot be allowed to continue. Demand an apology from Joy Reid.

Minks Allegedly Neglected, Abused, and Left in Their Own Filth Deserve Justice

Minks allegedly living in their own feces were forced to drag their injured bodies over mesh wire to find water. Demand whoever is responsible for farming these animals be charged and given a stringent legal sentence to make sure no other minks will have to suffer.

U.S.: Stop Bullying Human Rights Heroes

President Trump has enacted vicious personal sanctions against international prosecutors responsible for rooting out corruption, violence, and crime no matter where they took place or who committed them. Demand that this violation of international law and decency be undone.

Stop Playing Political Games With the Right to Choose

Republicans led by Senator Ted Cruz are trying to force the Food and Drug Administration to ban the so-called “abortion pill,” despite all testing proving it to be a safe method of inducing miscarriage. Demand that the FDA stand up to Cruz and protect people’s right to choose.

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