Mandate Environmental Responsibility for Evasive Corporations

Corporations must be held accountable for their oversized role in climate change. A new federal mandate could force these companies to disclose the risks they pose to the environment and living beings. Urge a higher and stronger standard for businesses that have inflicted hidden damage for too long.

Stop Catching and Torturing Whales in the Name of Science

Minke whales are going to be herded into tiny cages, where they will have probes inserted under their skin and be subjected to horrendous experiments. Help stop these majestic animals from being tortured in the name of science.

Support Research That Could Prevent Deadly Disease Outbreaks

Investment in scientific research is at a critical crossroads in the wake of the pandemic that has upended the world. Demand one of the nation’s foremost health authorities make the right investments for a safer and more secure future for all.

Dog Allegedly Tormented and Purposely Ran Over Deserves Justice

A dog, named Russell, was allegedly dropped off on the side of the road before being beaten and run over twice by a man in a pickup truck. Demand the person accused of committing this thoughtless crime be required to spend time in prison if he is found guilty of hurting this helpless animal.

Success: Juneteenth Recognized as National Holiday

America’s liberation from the shackles of slavery will finally be acknowledged with a federal holiday. Applaud the designation of Juneteenth as a national day of remembrance.

Don’t Kill Thousands of Injured Grey Squirrels

Countless grey squirrels are slated to be slaughtered in a cruel effort to control the population. Wildlife rehabilitation centers cannot keep them, but they can no longer be released back into the wild. Sign this petition to save the animals.

Save Coral Reefs From Devastating Fishing

Huge nets were found chocking the coral reefs around Thailand, causing untold damage to the reefs and all aquatic creatures who live there. Sign this petition to stop fishing operations in the area and protect the coral reefs from further desecration.

Euthanized Dog Reportedly Found With Large Holes in Body After Boarding at Vet Deserves Justice

A dog named Jax was reportedly euthanized after he was found with large sores all over his body after being boarded at a veterinary hospital. Demand justice for Jax by prosecuting the accused veterinarian.

Stop Subjecting LGBTQ Youth to Mental and Emotional Torture

A destructive new attack on LGBTQ youth is making its way through Oklahoma’s legislative chambers. This latest civil rights assault would bring back a harmful and banned “therapy” condemned by true psychiatrists. Urge an end to the continued attempt to enshrine discrimination into law.

Don’t Let Pet Stores Reportedly Torture Animals in “Playgrounds”

A pet store chain is implementing interactive playgrounds that will seemingly become torture chambers for the poor animals on display. Stop these stores from reportedly traumatizing and exploiting animals.

Thousands of Animals Dead After Being Shipped in Cardboard Boxes Without Food or Water Deserve Justice

Thousands of animals were abandoned and left to die at a transportation depot in China. The people who performed such heinous acts of cruelty will not be punished due to lax welfare laws. Sign this petition to end the willful abuse of animals in China.

Green America’s Highways and Reunite Communities

An innovative infrastructure proposal would cut down on the number of highways in America, curbing pollution and opening up environmental restoration in the process. Demand continued emphasis on highway removal in ongoing Congressional talks.

Justice for Service Dog Burned and Blinded in Apparent Acid Attack

Cruel attackers apparently threw acid on a service dog, severely burning him and rendering him blind. Authorities appear to have turned a blind eye to this horrific act. Sign this petition to demand police take this incident seriously.

Stop Lithium Mines From Causing Irreparable Environmental Damage

Lithium mines, while essential for a green future, can cause extensive environmental damage. The Thacker Pass mine site in Nevada in particular has come under intense scrutiny. Sign this petition to ensure lithium mines follow environmental guidelines as they lead us into a sustainable future.

Stop Potential Industrial-Created Sinkholes From Swallowing Up Communities

A gaping sinkhole has endangered the lives of two dogs, threatened the livelihoods of nearby inhabitants, and marred a once-vibrant landscape in Mexico. Suspect industrial extractions may be to blame. Join the calls for answers and accountability in this ongoing emergency.

Stop Shielding the Mega-Rich From Paying Taxes

The richest 25 people in the U.S. pay less in tax than the average working American. This is absurd and must be corrected.

Protect Threatened Shorebirds From Extinction

Red knots are facing extinction as their habitats and food sources disappear. During their long migration, these shorebirds feast upon the horseshoe crab, yet this crab is being systematically harvested and the red knots are starving off. Help stop the harvest of horseshoe crabs and save the red knot shorebird.

Clean Up Huge Boat Graveyards Poisoning the Environment

Hundreds of boats are leaking toxic substances into the environment as they are abandoned and left to rot. Demand these boat graveyards be cleaned up before more waterways are poisoned.

Stop Torturing Monkeys in Laboratory Experiments

Thousands of innocent primates could soon be bred for cruel lab experiments on U.S. soil. Help stop this unethical torture factory.

Don’t Let Oceans and Vibrant Marine Life Choke on Plastic Waste

Widespread plastic pollution in oceans continues to put marine ecosystems at dire risk. Demand a global effort to fight this overwhelming environmental danger.

Show Mercy to Survivors of Child Sex Trafficking

Child sex trafficking strips young people of their innocence, freedom, dignity, and trust. The justice system often does the same. Demand better safeguards for survivors facing hard prison time because of their exploitation.

Stop Polluting Waterways With Rotting Trash

More than sixty dead fish, along with other garbage, were dumped into a river and littered along the shore. These rotting carcasses and the accompanying trash pose a real threat to the local water quality. Sign this petition to ensure the criminals responsible are brought to justice.

Four Kittens Allegedly Beaten to Death by Teacher Deserve Justice

Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrot, and Parsnip: these names no longer just represent food; they embody four of the many vulnerable kittens apparently killed by excruciating torture and abuse. Help ensure these innocent victims find peace by ensuring future victims are protected from similar heart-wrenching deaths.

Don’t Let Toxic Sinking Ship Cause Environmental Disaster

A sinking ship has become a ticking time bomb that could unleash pollution, oil spills, and other hazardous material into the ocean. Sign this petition to urge a rapid response to this slow motion environmental disaster.

Stop Stigmatizing Mental Health in Sports

Tennis’ major organizations chose shaming and intimidation over help for a suffering young tennis pro. The stigmatization of mental health just took a disgusting new turn in the sports world. Condemn this unethical behavior and urge reform.

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