Don’t Pay Hunters to Trample Protected Land and Kill Reptile Species

Snakes are being rounded up and killed in a cruel slaughter disguised as a friendly competition. In the process, hunters are invading protected habitats. Urge an end to this killing for sport.

Hundreds of Indigenous Children Hidden in Mass Graves Deserve Justice and Peace

Widespread genocide may have been taking place in North America as recently as the 1970s. More mass unmarked graves of indigenous children are uncovered by the week, shedding light on some of Canada’s darkest events. Demand answers for grieving communities and a nation calling for accountability.

Reject Agriculture Industry’s Free Pass for Animal Abuse

Livestock are abused and exploited by the agricultural industry. Demand action to protect farm animals from Big Ag’s abuse.

Save Songbirds From Deadly Epidemic

America’s songbirds are succumbing to a mystery ailment at an alarming rate. Demand the nation’s foremost wildlife authority invest full resources in solving this deadly puzzle.

Don’t Silence Olympians Standing Against Injustice

The Olympic Games are set to be a spectacular display of athletic talent, unity…and oppression. Athletes are prohibited from protesting critical human rights issues or grave violations. Demand the committee responsible for this archaic rule stop denying these representatives a fundamental freedom.

Success: Voting Rights Defended and Enforced

Voting rights in the U.S. are under attack at levels not seen since the Civil Rights Movement. America’s top lawyer wants to take on these injustices. Applaud his stand against voter suppression and disenfranchisement.

Woman Accused of Trying to Decapitate Dog With Sword Must be Prosecuted

A dog narrowly survived an alleged attack by her owner, who reportedly attempted to decapitate her with a sword and left her to bleed to death. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Stop Secretive UN Agency From Encouraging Climate Change

A secretive United Nations agency is undermining international climate goals. This agency has been corrupted by the shipping industry and is working against climate change regulations. Demand this agency be reformed so it is no longer a promoter of climate change.

Don’t Derail Essential Investigation Into Insurrection

If certain politicians get their way, Americans may never fully know the events and the motivations of the January 6 attack on the People’s House. Continued Republican obstruction could endanger the U.S. once again and imperil democracy. Call for an end to these cover-ups in plain sight.

Stop Rampant Food Waste and Feed the Hungry

Every year, billions of dollars of edible food is thrown away while millions go hungry. Sign this petition to help implement a federal law that ensure this food will be donated to food banks and charities.

Crippled and Emaciated Dog Deserves Justice

A “severely malnourished” dog was recently found abandoned. The dog was so underfed that his ribs were clearly visible through his skin and he was unable to walk on his own. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Monkeys Reportedly Left to Die in Oven-Hot Car Deserve Justice

Two weeks-old monkeys were reportedly found baking to death in a hot car parked outside a water park. One had already died horribly. Demand they receive justice.

Stop Shooting Innocent Rabbits at Airport

Rabbits running free at an airport are being mercilessly hunted and systematically shot. The airport has turned down all offers to humanely relocate the colonies. Sign this petition to stop this slaughter and find a non-lethal solution.

Prevent Further Tragedy Due to Deteriorating Infrastructure

A condo’s collapse in Florida may have killed over 150 people. Disturbing reports have emerged about strong warnings regarding the building’s safety…warnings that were apparently ignored. Urge a stronger standard for accountability as the search for answers continues.

Make Plastic-Free Grocery Stores a Reality

Plastic from food packaging is clogging the environment and filling landfills around the world. Sign this petition to urge large grocery chains to use eco-friendly packaging and go plastic-free.

Stop Energy-Guzzling Crypto Mining From Worsening Climate Change

Cryptocurrency mining poses an imminent risk to the environment. Increased fossil fuel consumption and the release of ozone-eating gases are just some of the side effects of this practice. Urge accountability and oversight of this destructive industry.

Success: Keystone XL Pipeline Permanently Shut Down

The Keystone XL pipeline has been permanently terminated. After 12 long years of fighting, the environment across North America is safe from the devastating effects of this unnecessary project. Sign this petition to thank the company for finally ending the controversial pipeline.

Stop Cruel Scientific Testing On Horses

Thousands of horses are subjected to torturous scientific experiments every year. Take action to stop testing on horses and put an end to an unethical era in science.

Protect Consumer Data From Hacks and Breaches

Millions of Americans have their personal data put at risk during routine online transactions, but a proposed federal policy could change this. Demand lawmakers get behind strengthening consumer privacy at the national level.

Dogs Reportedly Found Covered in Excrement at Home of Ex-Wife of MLK’s Assassin Deserve Justice

A woman was arrested after forty-four dogs were allegedly found living in disgusting piles of trash and their own feces and urine. Two of the animals reportedly did not survive. Demand this woman spend the maximum time in prison if she is convicted.

Praise Clothing Brand For No Longer Using Fur

Fur-lined jackets are a trademark of the Canada Goose clothing line. Now, the company has made the promise to stop using new fur on all their clothes and save countless animals from death. Sign this petition to praise them for their efforts.

Don’t Let Man Charged With Multiple Counts of Animal Cruelty Adopt More Pets

A man charged with over 40 counts of animal cruelty has reportedly adopted more pets after being released from jail. Demand any new animals found on his property be immediately taken away and that the pets allegedly neglected under his care receive justice.

Stop Standing in Way of Help for Hungry and Homeless Refugees

A sole U.S. Senator could deprive thousands of starving and displaced families across the world of urgently needed aid. Urge this selfish and manipulative politician to rethink his priorities.

Find Killer Who Shot Seven Horses to Death

A serial killer of horses is at large in New Mexico. Law enforcement is seemingly doing nothing. Urge investigation and apprehension of the perpetrator of these horrific crimes.

Remove Lead Shot From the Environment and Save Waterfowl

Every year, over 300,000 waterfowl die horrific deaths from ingesting lead shot. Hunters carelessly deposit uncountable amounts of lead shot on the bottom of lakes, ponds, and other bodies of water. Demand that this dangerous substance be removed from the environment.

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