Prevent Global Water Crisis With Infrastructure and Conservation

Water is in ever-depleting supply, and clean and safe water is experiencing an even more critical shortage. Demand international leaders help sustain the planet’s lifeblood.

Abandoned Dogs With Bones Showing and Wounds From Snouts Bound Shut Deserve Justice

Four dogs found wandering the streets were so malnourished and dehydrated that their spine and ribs were showing. Their snouts had wounds from being bound shut, they had head wounds, and appeared to have recently given birth. Demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Demand a Community Health Study After Disastrous Chemical Spill

A disastrous chemical spill in Alberta was reportedly kept under wraps for nine months. Even now, there has been no complete official assessment of the community damage. Demand the federal government investigate the apparent cover-up and initiate a health study of the aftereffects.

Issue a Most Wanted Notice for Controversial Godman

A self-styled godman wanted on charges of rape and abduction in India has allegedly duped more than 30 US cities by representing a fictional country. Three members of the Congress have also reportedly awarded the country special recognition. Demand the FBI issue a most wanted notice for this international fugitive.

Dogs Gunned Down in Yard Deserve Justice

Two innocent dogs were shot while seemingly safe in a yard. One of these animals died as a result. Demand justice in this highly troubling case of deadly animal cruelty.

5 Horses Shot and Killed, Along With 3 Injured, Deserve Justice

Shots rang out from the stable, but by the time the owners arrived, five horses lay dead and three more lay injured from gun shot wounds. Demand justice for these horses.

Stop Imposing Financial Burdens on Low-Income Groups

The government has been accused of suppressing public dissent in a region of India. Protests have erupted against the imposition of a property tax and higher electricity bills. Demand the authorities roll back the new tax with immediate effect.

Don’t Ignore Alleged Crimes and Humanitarian Crisis Caused by Coup

Millions of people are losing their healthcare access, their educational and work opportunities, their homes, and possibly their lives in a conflict-ridden nation. The world has looked away from the plight of Myanmar’s people. Demand the international community confront and help end alleged war crimes.

Success: Striking Healthcare Workers Receive Well-Deserved Pay Increase

Healthcare workers in the United Kingdom have clinched a major victory after months of striking. The government has relented to a pay hike after initially refusing its mere possibility. Applaud the tough fight put up by thousands of hospital staff to claim the right to a better life.

Make Communities Greener and Healthier With Traffic-Free Zones

Cities are increasingly aiming to cut their carbon footprint by cutting their car footprint. Call on an influential climate investor to help fulfill the potential of traffic-free zones.

End Disastrous, Toxic Landfill Fire Hazards

A massive landfill fire that blazed for 12 days may cause acid rain. The authorities had no backup plan in place to tackle such an unforeseen disaster. Demand the formulation of an emergency response plan to ensure the safety of citizens.

Twitter: Don’t be a Propaganda Machine for Mexican Drug Cartels

Twitter is reportedly becoming the propaganda machine for Mexican drug cartels. Cartel members are apparently openly flaunting videos of decapitated heads and using hardcore images as profile banners. Demand Twitter to suspend the accounts of narco groups.

Save Pets From Potentially Deadly Collars

A popular brand of flea and tick collar is being blamed for an astronomically high percentage of pet deaths and other harmful effects. The agency responsible for regulating this product has apparently fallen down on the job. Demand they take swift action to protect pets and consumers.

Dozens of Dogs Reportedly Found Living in ‘Feces-Filled Crates’ and Deplorable Conditions Deserve Justice

Dozens of dogs were apparently found living in “feces-filled crates,” in a raccoon trap, and chained to the yard. The animals reportedly had dental disease, hernias, tumors, skin inflammation, eye infections, and parasites. Demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Stop Genetically Modified Fruit Fly From Entering the Food Chain

A genetically modified fruit fly that could have devastating environmental impacts may soon be released into the wild. While the goal is to benefit both public health and agriculture, more studies are needed to ensure the safety of the food chain. Demand the Canadian government hold back until an assessment can be completed.

Success: Drinking Water To Be Protected From Hazardous Forever Chemicals

The U.S. will finally begin removing some of the greatest threats to its drinking water. Commend the proposed end of disease-causing forever chemicals in the water supply.

Compensate Families of Migrants Who Died Due to Alleged Slavery

Reportedly, more than 6,500 migrant workers have died in the preparations for the Qatar FIFA World Cup. Poor working conditions and a biased labor code are apparently to blame. Demand FIFA compensate the migrant worker’s families and end its own alleged human rights abuses.

Stick With Standard Time for Country’s Health

Time changes are a medically proven detriment to public health on multiple levels, and now Congress wants to reward the primary cause of this harm—daylight savings time—with permanence. Demand politicians step aside and listen to the experts.

Bloodied Dog Used For ‘Bait’ in Fights and Found Wandering the Streets Deserves Justice

A bloodied dog named Atlas was found wandering the streets. His face was gashed, bruised, and bleeding. His eyes were nearly swollen shut. Demand justice for Atlas.

Ask the Fed to Make Climate Change a Top Priority

The climate crisis threatens the U.S. and global economies. Green investments and the cost of recuperating from adverse weather effects are already worth billions. Demand the Federal Reserve address this challenge head-on.

Put a Stop to Reportedly Hazardous Emissions from Petrochemical Facility

A petrochemical unit has been accused of releasing extremely high levels of toxic emissions. The pollutant is likely to be carcinogenic. Demand the facility take immediate measures to mitigate the potential public health risk.

Elderly, Sick Dog Allegedly Buried Alive Deserves Justice

A dog in Detroit was reportedly buried alive and later died from his injuries. Yet, no arrests or prosecutions have taken place. Call for justice for Ghost.

Man Accused of Beating 4-Month-Old Puppy Must be Punished

A puppy has been apparently severely beaten by his owner. The puppy, a 4-month-old Siberian Husky had been reportedly abused for so long that X-rays showed numerous prior injuries, as well. Demand justice for this puppy dog.

Defend Democracy by Supporting Free and Fair Elections

The president of Mexico stands accused of hijacking the right to vote by defunding the top electoral body. This would limit their ability to oversee election spending and disqualify non-compliant candidates. Stand in solidarity with protesters to reverse the reforms and defend democracy.

Help Drivers Kick Destructive SUV and Truck Habit

Trucks and SUVS are taking over the streets and pumping out unprecedented amounts of pollution in the process. Demand automakers take a more environmentally friendly road forward.

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