Trump: Don’t Destroy Vital Protections for Migratory Birds

Hundreds of species of birds which are vital to the health of ecosystems throughout the Western Hemisphere are under attack by President Trump’s efforts to restrict their essential protections. Demand that this administration halt its intent to endanger migratory birds before it’s too late.

Stop Maiming and Torturing Horses’ Legs and Hooves for Entertainment

Competitive show horses are enduring routine torture and pain in the name of entertainment. Their hooves and legs are maimed and injured, sometimes causing lifelong damage. Urge lawmakers to support an effort that could prevent and punish these heinous acts of animal cruelty.

Don’t Infringe on the Right to Record Police Brutality

France may soon criminalize recording police violence, threatening the rights of citizens. Demand that the French Senate protect basic rights and restrain the power of the police.

Stop the Cruel Practice of Mutilating Chickens’ Beaks

Thousands of chickens are horrifically mutilated when their beaks are trimmed in hatcheries and factories. The procedure is done without anesthetics or analgesics and it can have lasting repercussion to the birds’ health. Sign this petition to stop chicken producers from disfiguring poultry.

Yorkshire Terrier Allegedly Abused and Killed Deserves Justice

A tiny Yorkshire terrier reportedly died after being badly abused by the owner’s boyfriend, who allegedly tried to cover up the crime. Demand justice for this defenseless animal.

Stop Poisoning Caused by Industrial Chemicals in Plastics

BPA causes cancer, reproductive issues, heart disease and many other ailments, yet it is used to package countless common consumer goods. Call for a ban on this harmful industrial chemical in our food production.

Restore Moratorium on Executions of Federal Prisoners

Federal death row inmates are set to be executed during the presidential transition, in an unprecedented move not seen in a century. These prisoners cannot even mount a proper appeal defense because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Urge mercy and fairness for these men and women condemned to death.

Demand Release of Women’s Rights Activist

A women’s rights activist has been held behind bars for over two years, where she’s been subjected to horrific torture and abuse. Demand that global leaders use the G20 stage to call for her release and an end to such atrocities.

Stop the Mistreatment of Farm Animals at Slaughter Facilities

Animals at slaughterhouses are mistreated, abused, and tortured. Despite humane treatment regulations, they are forced to live in agonizing conditions and die in fear. Call upon the government to step up and stop this appalling and deliberate cruelty.

Success: Horrific Treatment of Defenseless Refugees Under Investigation

Extensive charges of tragic violence and abuse committed against refugees by European border forces are now under independent investigation. Thank the European Ombudsman for her decision to stop these alleged abuses and combat the erosion of human rights.

Success: Sports Official Accused of Extensive Sexual Abuse Banned for Life

An accused sexual predator has been removed from office as Haiti’s top soccer official, ending a decades-long reign during which numerous young women were alleged to have been exploited and silenced. Praise the decision to prevent this potentially dangerous man from doing further harm to young people.

Trump: Don’t Dismantle Climate Science as Final Act in Office

The Trump administration is taking a parting shot at the fight against climate change. Without intervention, one of the nation’s most important climate science tools will soon be warped beyond recognition by climate change deniers. Demand an end to this dangerous game that puts the entire planet at risk.

Stop Abusing and Torturing Great Apes and Elephants for Pleasure

Great apes and elephants are being imprisoned in horrific conditions. Sign this petition to make it a criminal offense to abuse these amazing creatures.

Stop Reported Overbreeding, Exploitation, and Sale of Farmed Puppies

At least five innocent dogs were allegedly overbred and exploited by a suspected puppy farm. Many more are likely to have suffered at the hands of apparently unlicensed and unregulated dog-dealers. Demand justice for these brave survivors.

Dog Reportedly Subjected to Bone-Breaking Beatings and Denied Medical Care Deserves Justice

A dog reportedly suffered beatings that broke his legs, jaw, ribs, and skull, and was then denied medical care. Demand that the individual accused of this sadistic abuse be brought to justice.

Stop Feeding Dangerous, Unnatural Hormones to Cattle

Raising cows with growth hormones is an abhorrent attempt to manipulate animals for industry profit. Stop this unethical and abusive form of food production.

Free Gay Men Facing Brutal Public Caning Under Homophobic Regime

Two men are facing a punishment of 100 lashes with a cane after they were caught having sex in the privacy of home. This horrific penalty follows the forbidding of homosexual acts in one province of Indonesia. Demand that they be freed at once and that this persecution of gay men be brought to an end.

Justice for Domestic Abuse Victim Who Was Jailed and Mistreated Behind Bars

Domestic abuse victims may find themselves behind bars if they fail to testify against those who cause them traumatic harm. Demand justice, demand change. Survivors of domestic violence are not the ones who belong in jail.

Punish Men Who Reportedly Conspired to Shoot and Kill Innocent Dog

A dog was reportedly shot to death in a disturbing murder-for-hire plot. The animal’s owner stands accused of conspiring with an associate to kill his pet. Demand that the two men face the harshest legal penalties, if found guilty.

Stop Using Conspiracy Theories to Enact Marriage Discrimination

India is considering a ban on marriages between individuals of the predominant Hindu faith and the minority Muslim faith in a blatant act of xenophobia. This move is also highly hypocritical of a country that allows child marriages. Demand leaders rethink this blatant violation of human rights.

Give Ousted Leaders Who Refused Blind Loyalty to Trump Their Jobs Back

President Trump is spending his final weeks in office peddling lies and packing essential agencies with yes-men. Several servants instrumental in safeguarding the country have lost their jobs in the process. Demand President-elect Biden reverse these dangerous actions.

Prosecute Special Forces Soldiers Who Reportedly Murdered and Maimed Civilians

Australian special forces murdered dozens of civilians, as reported following a long-awaited investigation. Afghan civilians were seemingly terrorized with random shootings, unjustified assaults on their homes, and attacks with dogs. Demand that those found responsible for these horrific acts be punished in proportion to the severity of their crimes.

Ban Official Accused of Routinely Sexually Abusing Children From Participation in Sports

Despite being an accused sexual predator, Haiti’s top soccer official remains in office after years of apparently using his authority and privilege to attack countless girls under the age of 18. Demand that this alleged abuser be removed from his post immediately to prevent harm coming to any further victims.

Death is Not Disease Prevention: No More Culling of Innocent Animals

Millions of mink are slaughtered every year to prop up the mink fur industry, and now this industry’s carelessness may make millions more sacrificial lambs in the fight against COVID-19. A mass culling of Denmark’s mink may soon take place in a misguided effort to stop new infections. Urge leaders to reassess this systemic execution that will only raise the death toll.

End Sale of Private Information for Military Use

Millions of individuals’ private information has been sold to U.S. security forces, allowing their movements to be tracked without their consent and without legal justification. Demand that this practice be ended immediately.

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