DeSantis: Stop Supporting Deadly Hurricanes Through Climate Inaction

A major hurricane is once again threatening lives and livelihoods. Leaders of the state in the most imminent danger are doing nothing to rectify the root causes of these dangerous disasters. Urge real and immediate action on climate change.

Stop Restricting Use of Public Beaches That Boost Morale and Tourism

Maine’s coastline is a beautiful resource that should be accessible to all residents. However, the state has closed off many of its public areas, negatively affecting both tourism and local morale. Support access to public beaches.

Stop Beating Circus Animals With Sharp Metal Hooks for Entertainment

Elephants, tigers, bears, and other wild animals used in circus performances are repeatedly beaten with electric prods and sharp metal hooks in the name of training. Animals are not here for our entertainment, and they deserve better. Demand the use of animals in traveling circuses, carnivals, or parades be outlawed.

Success: Animals Will Be Protected From Natural Disasters

During natural disasters, animals are typically abandoned to face the harsh elements alone. In the wake of increasingly frequent weather events, certain animal care facilities are now required to develop escape plans for their animals. Thank Congress for saving the lives of thousands of innocent animals and for protecting them from the effects of climate change.

Prevent the Spread of Brain-Eating Amoebas Caused by Global Warming

A young child in Nebraska died from a brain-eating amoeba after swimming in a lake. More deaths may follow, as warming climates are believed to be spreading this affliction. Demand the government prevent an outbreak of these dangerous amoebas and do more to address global warming.

Stop Destroying Indigenous Land With Environmentally Toxic Pipeline

A natural gas pipeline has threatened Indigenous territories and an abundant array of aquatic animals. The company in charge of this operation has reportedly polluted waterways with no remorse. Demand they be held accountable and that they work towards reducing their environmental impact.

Starbucks: Save Millions of Trees by Using Recyclable Plastic

Starbucks uses 8,000 single-use paper coffee cups every minute, most of which end up in landfills due to their plastic coating. Demand Starbucks stop fueling the destruction of our natural forests and, instead, transition to biodegradable, bio-plastic alternatives.

End Putin’s Reign of Violence With Improved Global Peacekeeping Strategies

The United Nations is failing in its duty to maintain stability and peace in the world. A broken system is enabling countries to neutralize and abuse this global organization’s security branch. Demand reforms that will balance the scales of international justice.

Keep Potential Anorexia and Bulimia Inducers Out of Kids’ Hands

Weight loss supplements are fueling the fire of the eating disorder epidemic amongst teens. Demand lawmakers take action to curb the sale of these possibly dangerous substances.

Combat the Scourge of Litter and Plastic Waste

Bottle litter plagues the landscapes and waterways of Virginia. Support a container deposit system to curb plastic waste and protect natural ecosystems.

Stop Injecting Rabbits With Toxins to Test Cosmetics

Cosmetic testing subjects animals to extreme physical and mental duress. They are injected with toxins, have chemicals dripped into their eyes and onto their skin, and are force-fed potentially dangerous substances. Prohibit the sale of animal tested products and help put an end to this outdated practice.

Don’t Let Animal Abusers Become Child Abusers

Tens of millions of animals face severe physical and psychological trauma from human-inflicted abuse. Such cruelty has even been connected to violence towards humans and a series of other illegal activities. Demand animals receive more federal protections and that alleged abusers be quickly investigated and prosecuted.

Help Save Animals From Dangerous Mudslides

A flood exacerbated by the effects of global warming killed at least three people and countless animals. Rescue efforts are underway, but they cannot provide the necessary resources to save the thousands of animals affected by the damage. Demand the U.S. contribute to recovery and rescue projects to make up for their role in this natural disaster.

Don’t Fund Nuclear Power Plant That Will Kill Marine Ecosystem

A greenlighted nuclear power plant could kill 500 million fish, upend marine ecosystems, and cause a wide-scale environmental disaster with decades-long repercussions. Demand leaders rethink their reckless decision.

Provide Basic Income That Supports America’s Artists

Artists make the world beautiful and many of them live in poverty due to unemployment and low wages. Universal basic income would provide them much-needed relief and time to focus on their creative passions. Demand the president establish a basic income for struggling artists throughout the United States, as the worth of their work is inestimable.

Protect West Coast Fishers From Extinction

West coast fishers are small, carnivorous mammals that have been threatened with extinction for the last 20 years. Still, these animals receive only limited governmental protections and it is still widely legal to hunt, trap, and kill them throughout certain regions. Demand these animals receive the protections they deserve.

Turn Exploitative Zoos Into Animal Recovery Centers

Animals in zoos and aquariums endure extreme physical and psychological trauma. Demand the U.S. ban these abusive institutions and, instead, convert them into animal conservation and recovery centers.

Justice for 100 Animals Rescued From Reportedly Severe Neglect

A hundred animals, including dogs, cats, and farm animals, were reportedly neglected and kept in deplorable conditions. Demand justice for these rescued pets.

Stop Allowing School Cafeterias to Throw Away Fresh Food

Hundreds of thousands of tons of usable food are thrown away each year in the United States, while millions of people go hungry. Support reducing food waste at schools to help people and the planet.

Stop Slaughtering Sea Lions for Our Mistakes

People are slaughtering innocent sea lions in the name of fish conservation. Sea lions, however, are not the cause of dwindling fish populations—humans are. Demand an end to this cruelty and a more effective plan that involves changing our own behaviors, not killing sea lions.

Stop Exploiting Innocent Refugees for Political Gain

The bussing of refugees by two governors is creating a burden on taxpayers and compounding a humanitarian crisis. Cynical politics is once again taking a devastating real-world toll. Demand a more humane and less exploitative approach to the plight of these people.

Stop Universities From Torturing Lab Animals

Duke University has reportedly underfed lab animals, denied them veterinary care, and did not give them adequate pain relief following experiments. This violates the most basic standards of animal care and treatment. Demand Duke and other research institutions across the country take better care of their animals.

Protect Zoo Animals From Abuse and Early Death With Mandated Reporting

Many animals held captive at zoos suffer severe physical abuse and psychological trauma, and they have minimal legal protection. Demand the government mandate reporting of animal death to reduce animal abuse in zoos and to hold abusive zookeepers legally accountable for their actions.

Use Science to Help Conserve Endangered Wildlife

Animal-tracking tags have long been used to better understand the behaviors of endangered species. However, the lack of public tracking data makes it difficult for conservationists to communicate and strategize. Demand all animal trackers be required to enter basic information into an accessible, online database to preserve animals.

Don’t Let Whales Go Extinct for Human Delicacies

There are only an estimated 350 North American right whales living in the world today, and the use of deadly lobster nets only pushes them closer to extinction. Demand that all plans to certify a lobster fishery in the Gulf of Maine be permanently halted in order to protect this vulnerable species.

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