Rescue Trapped Ukrainian Civilians Facing Starvation, Torture, and Slaughter

The lives of thousands of people hang in the balance in the besieged Ukrainian city of Mariupol. They are trapped, starving, desperate, and the targets of possible genocide. Demand international leaders ramp up efforts to save these innocents from annihilation.

Save Students From Life-Threatening Brain Tumors

Over 100 former students and employees of a high school have developed brain tumors or cancers. As the search for answers continues, urge public health officials to protect current attendees of the school.

Stop Reported Kidnapping, Rape, and Enslavement of Migrant Farm Workers

Death by assault, kidnapping, blackmail, and slavery: these grave abuses allegedly unfolded over years on Georgia’s onion farms. Guest migrant workers desperate for a better life were the apparent victims of mass exploitation. Demand authorities protect these vulnerable humans.

Dolphins Ridden Like a Horse and Impaled By Spear While Begging for Food Deserve Justice

A pair of defenseless dolphins died in two unrelated acts of animal cruelty. A stranded dolphin took her last breaths as bystanders tried to ride her like a horse, while a nursing mother dolphin was impaled by a spear while begging for food. Demand the most severe punishment for all responsible parties.

Defend Youth From Transphobic Legislation

Trans rights are under attack. Don’t let transphobic legislation strip youth of their human right to healthcare regardless of their gender identity.

Dog Allegedly Picked Up and Thrown for Defecating on Floor Deserves Justice

A golden retriever puppy, named Chowder, was reportedly picked up and callously thrown for pooping inside his home. Chowder may now need to have one leg removed as a result. Demand the person accused of this cruel act be brought to justice.

Cat Apparently Attacked and Given Bloody Neck by Two Men Deserves Justice

A cat named Figaro was reportedly hunted down and given a bloody neck by two assailants. Demand these men be sent to prison if they are arrested, tried, and found guilty of this disgusting animal abuse.

Hold Basketball Team Owner Accountable for Allegedly Burning and Suffocating Animals to Death

Protesters interrupted two basketball games to shine a spotlight on a controversial team owner whose egg farm has been accused of horrendous animal cruelty. If the allegations are true, five million chickens may have been intentionally suffocated to death. Demand justice in this troubling case.

Puppy Reportedly Stuffed in Bag Inside Locked Trunk by Alleged Drug Dealers Deserves Justice

A puppy was reportedly stuffed inside a zipped-up bag and jammed in a car trunk underneath a heavy drill, while drugs were apparently being transported and delivered. Demand justice for this animal.

Save Rainforests From Soya Deforestation

Deforestation is devastating the Amazon when a beneficial alternative exists. Demand investment in insect proteins as an environmentally friendly alternative to soya grown by destroying rainforests.

Stop Hurting Consumers for Anti-Immigrant Political Stunt

A supply chain that delivers food and other valuables is being intentionally disrupted by a governor’s politically motivated dictate on immigration. Politics is once again playing havoc with the lives and livelihoods of already-burdened American consumers. Call for an end to the insanity.

Prevent Tires From Poisoning Streams and Killing Fish

The tires on automobiles could be killing fish and other wildlife on a massive scale. Demand federal investment in tools to combat these environmental threats.

Don’t Deprive Ukrainian Refugees of Fair Work and Family

Ukrainian farm workers are reportedly being underpaid, overworked, and separated from their families in the United Kingdom. Demand better legal protections and employment options for these war-time refugees.

Poodle Severely Wounded From Band Allegedly Wrapped Around Muzzle Deserves Justice

A poodle needed surgery after she was allegedly found running around with a band firmly wrapped around her mouth. Demand justice for this innocent animal if it is found she was abused and left to die.

Justice for Guinea Pig and Cat Killed and Sealed in Trash Bags

A cat and a guinea pig both died from apparent acts of animal cruelty. These victims’ lives were then demeaned even further when they were disposed of in trash bags. Demand the perpetrator of these horrific crimes be held fully accountable when identified.

Hamsters Apparently Tortured and Killed With Scorching Hot Liquid on Instagram Deserve Justice

One hamster was apparently doused in hot liquid while others were reportedly beaten with objects while they cried out in anguish and pain. Demand justice for these animals.

16 Injured Dogs Reportedly Living in Own Feces and Forced to Fight Deserve Justice

Sixteen dogs were reportedly forced to fight each other and lived in cages with piled up feces and urine. Demand justice for these innocent creatures.

Demand Equitable Repairs to Century-Old Sewer System

New York City is battling with a century old drainage system that leaves apartments under water, floods subway systems, and turns streets into rivers. Meanwhile, Mayor Eric Adams has just provided new sewers and water mains to his home neighborhood of southwest Queens. Demand that he turn his eye to the rest of the city and make a plan to fix the entire sewer system.

Protect Vulnerable Communities From Destructive Tsunamis

Tsunamis are an under-recognized but deadly threat to coastal communities near and far. Demand more expansive funding for the technologies and warning systems that could stop these disasters from becoming insurmountable crises and tragedies.

Success: Beagles Saved From Painful Experimentation

Dogs and cats at risk of inhumane experimentation have been granted legal protection in Virginia. Applaud a welcome win for animal welfare.

Don’t Dictate and Criminalize Women’s Reproductive Choices

The supposed defenders of personal liberty and small government are once again trying to assert their control over their constituents’ bodies. Demand Oklahoma’s governor veto a proposed near-total ban on abortion.

Dog Reportedly Beaten at Gas Station Deserves Justice

An unidentified man was reportedly caught on video beating his dog at a gas station. Help secure justice for this innocent animal.

Stop Farmers From Killing Seals With Explosives, Darts, and Lead Shot

Seals are being attacked by salmon farmers with explosives, darts, and lead shot. Demand the government stop the attacks on seals by greedy and inhumane farmers.

Don’t Let Volcano Eruption Cause Food Shortage Crisis

Tonga’s volcano eruption has endangered food supplies and put the well-being of every citizen at risk. Demand the country’s leadership stop refusing essential aid.

Success: Lynching Victims Get Justice

After a century and more, lynching has finally been recognized as a federal hate crime. Applaud the decisive condemnation of these horrific murders and the pursuit of justice for victims taken by prejudice-fueled violence.

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