Get Cancer-Causing Chemicals Out of Our Drinking Water and Food

Deadly chemicals are infecting the water we drink and the food we eat. Demand the government take immediate action to combat these toxins.

Stop Slaughtering Dogs and Cats for Meat

Dogs and cats endure torturous and agonizing deaths in Indonesia, where they are slaughtered for human consumption. Demand an end to the beyond-cruel dog and cat meat trade.

Two Pit Bull Puppies Abandoned in Freezing Park Deserve Justice

Two Pit bull puppies were dumped in a park in such frigid temperatures that they nearly froze to death. They were dangerously skinny and clearly left by someone. Please, make sure that whoever abandoned them is brought to justice.

Help Children Succeed With Publicly Funded Preschool

Children with access to early education are far more likely to succeed in school. Publicly funded preschool can ensure that all kids have access to this vital opportunity. Demand that every U.S. child be given access to free schooling.

Save Lives From Insidious Suicide Websites

Dangerous online presences may be pushing people in mental health crisis into taking their own lives. Demand tech companies protect consumers from the deadly impact of suicide websites.

Families Devastated by Government Forced Adoption Scheme Deserve Justice

A dictator masterminded a scheme to rip hundreds or thousands of children away from their unsuspecting parents. This heartless system of coercive adoption resulted in decades of pain and suffering for families. Call on leaders to bring justice and peace to betrayed citizens.

Stop Letting Children Die for Smoothies

Acaí berries are incredibly difficult to harvest and are often picked by children. These young workers are exploited consistently, and there are no protections in place to ensure their rights. Please, sign the petition to keep children from dying.

Don’t Surrender in Battle Against Catastrophic Climate Change

The United States is letting its best opportunity to combat destructive climate change pass by. One man, funded by special interests, stands in the way. Urge Senator Joe Manchin to change his mind and his heart about investing in the world’s future.

Success: Toxic Vehicle Emissions Reduced in Fight Against Climate Change

Vehicle emissions, a major contributor to rising greenhouses gasses and climate change, will soon be reduced thanks to a landmark announcement by environmental advocates. Sign the petition to thank them for taking steps towards a cleaner future.

Ponies Reportedly Beaten and Sold for Meat at Auction Deserve Justice

Video footage appears to show ponies at an auction being kicked, starved, and abused. Some are reportedly sold for meat. Ban the sale and abuse of these majestic creatures.

Stop Illegal Puppy Trafficking That Claims Countless Lives

Trafficked puppies are dying in shockingly high numbers. They are raised in horrific conditions that no creature should be forced to endure. Urge authorities to find and punish illegal puppy breeders, traffickers, and abusers.

Save Rare Dolphins From Human-Caused Extinction

A rare species of dolphin is going extinct due to human activity. Listing them as an endangered species will help to ensure their survival. Sign this petition to save these wonderful creatures.

Fix Landfill Reportedly Causing Community-Wide Illness

A faulty landfill is reportedly putting the health of communities and the environment at risk. Demand action to mitigate this apparent menace and prevent future widespread dangers.

Success: Communities Protected From Lead Exposure

Lead-contaminated and health-hazardous drinking water could soon be a danger of the past. Applaud leaders for taking on a long-standing affront to consumer protection.

Stop Slaughtering Sharks Out of Fear

Sharks are being slaughtered by humans out of fear. Simple and safe solutions exist. Demand authorities stop slaughtering sharks.

Don’t Make Employees Choose Between Lives and Livelihoods During Disasters

Many of the deaths resulting from a killer tornado outbreak may have been prevented if not for employers who allegedly kept their employees in harm’s way. Urge reforms that will keep people from unnecessarily dying for their jobs.

Don’t Force Job-Seeking Former Prisoners to Disclose Criminal Background

One in three Americans has a criminal record, and nearly half of those are unable to find work after being released. This is due in large part to “the box,” the portion of employee applications that asks if you are a criminal. Sign the petition to end this discriminatory practice today.

Stop Drugging and Racing Horses to Death

Another young horse has died at the hands of the horse racing industry. We must have protections for these innocent animals from greedy and inhumane trainers.

Dog Reportedly Shot to Death By Police Officer Deserves Justice

An innocent dog was reportedly shot four times outside of a gas station in Michigan. The officer who seemingly shot him apparently turned off his body cam before the incident. Get justice for Moose and fire the accused police officer.

Stop Deceiving Families About Deplorable Nursing Home Conditions

Five-star nursing homes have allegedly successfully hidden serious negligence and other violations against residents on their grounds. Meanwhile, the government that is supposed to supervise these caregivers and protect citizens often looks the other way. Urge essential reforms in this flawed, misleading, and dangerous system.

End the Failed, Racist Mass Incarceration System

The U.S. imprisons more people than any other country in the world. This is due to racist policies that primarily affect Black and brown citizens. Sign the petition to end mass incarceration in America.

Stop Shielding Big Polluters From Liability

Lawyers are actively contributing to the climate crisis by helping powerful corporations get away with environmental murder. Demand one of the worst offenders bought and paid for by fossil fuel special interests turn a new page in their legal legacy.

Children Reportedly Forced to Make Chocolate in Dangerous Conditions Deserve Justice

Major chocolate companies like Hershey’s reportedly continue to use exploitative child labor. These children are apparently forced to work in awful conditions for low wages and aren’t able to go to school. Sign the petition to end child exploitation in the chocolate industry.

Support Disadvantaged Communities Battered by Climate Crisis

The people of South Sudan are suffering from malnourishment, disease, and displacement because of unprecedented flooding. More disadvantaged countries will likely follow suit. Call on wealthy nations to honor their commitments for greater aid.

Ensure People of Color Have Their Voices Heard at the Ballot Box

Voting rights have been eviscerated by the Supreme Court and racist laws made by the GOP. This especially puts People of Color at risk of not having their voices heard. Restore voting rights before it’s too late.

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