Don’t Allow Mining Companies to Pump Toxic Waste Into the Ocean

Mining companies may soon begin dumping their toxic waste on the ocean floor, threatening the safety of Indonesia’s countless living creatures and island ecosystems. Demand that those in charge stand against this toxic threat to preserve the health and wellbeing of animals and human beings alike.

Protect Iconic Baobab Trees From Habitat Destruction and Climate Change

Africa’s iconic baobab trees are under threat of extinction due to climate change and habitat destruction. Desperate elephants have begun to ravage them for moisture in the midst of deadly droughts. Demand that rapid action be taken to save these precious trees.

Protect the Lives of Nebraska’s Meatpacking Workers

Thousands of American meatpacking workers have fallen ill due to COVID-19, yet they have not received basic workers rights or protections. Demand that the government step in to protect these essential workers.

Protect Civilians from Grave Human Rights Violations Carried Out by Security Forces

Security forces in Ethiopia have attacked civilians, burned homes, and detained innocent men and women. Sign the petition to demand an end to these human rights abuses.

Stop Threatening Protesters With Violent Military Force

President Trump is invoking military force as a way to control nationwide protests regarding the wrongful death of George Floyd. He has supported use of rubber bullets, flash grenades and tear gas on mostly peaceful protesters. Demand Trump stop threatening protests with violence and instead work to address the root causes of nationwide unrest.

Protesters - Rosemary Ketchum

Don’t Designate Anti-Fascism Activists as “Terrorist Organization”

President Donald Trump tweeted a threat to designate Antifa as a “terrorist organization,” despite the fact that Antifa is merely a general term for anti-fascist activists. The President’s claim is baseless, ignorant, and a clear attempt to label anyone who opposes Trump or his cronies as a terrorist. Demand that Attorney General William Barr stand up to Trump and denounce this threat.

Justice For Black Transgender Man Killed By Police

Tony McDade, a transgender man of color, was shot to death by the police for allegedly stabbing another man. Regardless of McDade’s alleged actions, killing him with no due process was the absolute worst response. Demand the officer who shot McDade be punished severely.

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Don’t Jail Nonviolent Protesters in the Midst of Pandemic

Demonstrators who protested the unjust death of George Floyd are being jailed despite the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in crowded jails. Detaining large numbers of people in the midst of a pandemic puts the entire community at risk. Demand that protesters with low-level charges be released to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

Trump: Stop the Cyber-Bullying Twitter Tirades

President Trump’s Twitter feed has long been filled with ugly and hateful name-calling, but now the president is hurling shameful slander and dangerous threats at American companies and citizens. Urge an end to the Bully-in-Chief’s inexcusable behavior.

Success: Police Officers Responsible for Death of George Floyd Arrested

The police officers responsible for the death of an unarmed, nonviolent Minneapolis man has been arrested and charged with murder. Congratulate the Hennepin County District Attorney for his response to this tragic event.

Justice for Black Reporter Wrongfully Arrested On Air

A black CNN reporter was arrested while covering protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. Another white CNN correspondent was reporting a block away, and claimed that the police were “polite.” Demand Minneapolis’ Chief of Police apologize to the black reporter who was wrongfully arrested and punish the officers involved.

Fund Mexico’s Failing Health System During Pandemic

Thousands of Mexicans are dying preventable deaths due to Mexico’s drastically underfunded healthcare system. During the coronavirus crisis, nurses and doctors have reported severe lack of basic equipment, such as gloves, masks and heart monitors. Demand President López Obrador provide immediate funding to save thousands of lives.

Hungary: Do Not End Legal Recognition of Trans People

Trans people in Hungary could be forced to comply with their sex assigned at birth, based on chromosomes. This means they will not be able to change their gender designation or names on official documents. Stop this attack on the trans community.

Outlaw “Honor Killings” In Iran

A 14-year-old girl was beheaded in her sleep by her father for running away with her boyfriend. The Iranian president has called on his cabinet members to support him in outlawing these “honor killings.”

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Chinchillas Allegedly Kept in Filthy Enclosures Without Medical Care Deserve Justice

Two animal breeding facilities are accused of keeping hundreds of chinchillas in filthy, unsafe conditions and failing to treat sick animals or clear dead bodies. These innocent animals deserve justice. Demand that the USDA revoke the licenses of the facilities involved.

Justice for Racially Targeted African American Bird Watcher

A white woman allegedly falsely accused an African American man of threatening harm to her in a now-viral video. This woman has faced no legal repercussions for reportedly misleading authorities and diverting emergency resources. Demand just punishment for this seemingly racist, criminal behavior.

Protect Endangered Species from Logging Industry

Logging may soon be exempt from following the Endangered Species Act, putting hundreds of species at risk of extinction. Sign the petition to speak out against this proposal.

Animals Reportedly Kept in Filth at Fake Rescue Facility Deserve Justice

Dozens of animals were allegedly neglected by a person claiming to be a voice for helpless creatures. Demand this individual be given the toughest sentence under law if it is found any animals in his care were abused, and that he be made to take down all websites saying he ran a rescue.

Trump - Gage Skidmore

Success: Twitter Flags Trump’s Lies With Fact-Check Labels

Twitter has introduced fact-checking labels on Trump’s false statements, drawing ire from the tweet-happy president. Although Trump has threatened to strip the rights of social media companies in retaliation, Twitter is standing strong. Thank the social media company for taking an important step toward mitigating the president’s misuse of their platform.

Save Koalas From Destructive Coal Mine

A proposed dirty coal mine threatens to doom koalas living nearby. Demand that everything possible be done to make sure these animals are protected.

Dog Allegedly Thrown Repeatedly Against Wall and Killed Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly thrown against a wall until he died. Demand the person who reportedly committed this thoughtless act of animal cruelty be required to spend the most amount of time in prison possible and pay all pertinent fines to help prevent more animals from dying needless and painful deaths.

Punish Man Accused of Kicking Chicken Like a ‘Field Goal’

A man reportedly kicked a chicken like a football player would kick a field goal. The man apparently defended his actions by saying he was “annoyed” with the animal. This alleged act of abuse shows a reckless disregard for the life and wellness of an innocent living being and must be punished.

Don’t Strip Health and Retirement Benefits From Millions of Seniors During Pandemic

Medicine and retirement funding could soon be taken from millions of senior Americans, despite them having earned it after decades of work. This would strip many high-risk people of their access to medical care during a pandemic. Demand that this funding be maintained in order to protect the lives and rights of older people.

Stop Facebook From Encouraging Nasty Content to Increase Profit

Facebook increases virulent polarization and divisiveness in order to boost engagement on their platform. Fact-checking and removal of hateful content has been placed second to profit. Demand Facebook make a significant effort to encourage civil conversation and fact-checking and decrease polarization.

Save Brown Bears From Poisonous Gold and Copper Mine

One of the planet’s largest populations of brown bears could endure an imminent crisis thanks to a soon-to-be built gold and copper mine. The destructive mining project would poison Alaskan brown bears and threaten their food supply. Demand a reversal of course on this potentially devastating proposal.

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