Stop Mark Zuckerberg From Forcing Native Hawaiians Out of Their Homes

Native Hawaiians are being threatened with eviction from their homes for refusing to sell their land to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The billionaire plans to build a mansion on the property. Demand that the rights of indigenous people are protected from this apparent colonialism.

Don’t Let Polluters Recklessly Kill Wild Birds

Countless birds are under threat because the Trump administration wants to role back crucial protections. Don’t let industrial polluters kill birds with impunity.

Protect Wolverines from Extinction

Wolverines have suffered from overhunting and habit loss as a result of climate change. Fewer than 300 individuals of the species are living today. Call for wolverines to be protected under the Endangered Species Act.

Stop Killing Safety Measures and Healthcare During COVID-19

20 million Americans could lose their healthcare coverage in the midst of a health crisis if the Trump Administration has its way. Do not let the federal government sabotage the health of millions more with negligence and destructive partisanship.

Stop the U.S. Navy from Damaging Molokini’s Wildlife

The U.S. Navy is planning to detonate leftover unexploded bombs off of Molokini, an island with diverse marine wildlife. This would severely damage irreplaceable coral reef ecosystems. Call for the Navy to find an alternative that won’t harm aquatic animals.

Protect Vulnerable Asylum Seekers from the Coronavirus

Three asylum seekers near the United States border have tested positive for the coronavirus. The encampment they are living at severely lacks the resources needed to fight Covid-19, and the virus will likely spread fast. Demand that asylum seekers are provided with ample resources in order to protect against the coronavirus.

Success: Trucks to Transition to Zero Emissions

California has upheld previous decisions on regulations for diesel pollution, while mandating that new trucks must be zero-emissions. Thank the California Air Resources Board for their laudable decision.

Stop the Killing of Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs in Their Dens

The Trump administration has rolled back the regulations forbidding the shooting of wolves and bears in their dens, allowing hunters to lure the pups and cubs out with treats in order to kill them. Demand the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reverse this rollback immediately.

Do Not Charge $3,120 for Newly-Approved Coronavirus Treatment Drug

A pharmaceutical company is planning to charge $3,120 for a coronavirus drug. Sign this petition to urge the company to lower to price of the treatment and to make the patent for the drug public so that other drug manufacturers can produce the treatment to meet global demand.

Ban the Killing of Lab Animals at the University of New Mexico

University labs closing due to coronavirus are systematically killing off “experimental” animals in massive numbers. Sign this petition to demand a stop to the cruel mass killings of laboratory animals.

Change Name of Yale University Which Honors Slave Trader

Yale University is named after Elihu Yale, a slave owner and slave trader. As policies, systems, and institutions in the United States are being reviewed to focus more on racial justice, Yale University cannot turn the focus away from their own problematic history. Urge the university to change their name.

Don’t Let Commercial Fishing Destroy Endangered Whales’ Habitat

A marine monument home to endangered whales and deep-sea coral will lose vital protections without urgent intervention. Big commercial fisheries could soon raid the northeast Atlantic Ocean and put millions of animals at risk. Demand the federal government stop destroying these truly important, life-sustaining national monuments.

Success: National Parks Receive Needed Funding for Conservation Efforts

The national park system will receive over 18 million dollars for maintenance and repairs in a landmark victory for environmentalists. The national park system has been underfunded for decades, as well as threatened by oil companies and hunters seeking to claim miles of unspoiled nature for themselves. Thank those who voted in favor of funding and protecting public lands.

Stop Reportedly Using and Abusing Elephants for Tourism and Profit

Elephants at the Mason Elephant Park and Lodge are reportedly kept chained in confined spaces, often covered in their own urine and feces. They are then taken from these jail-like living circumstances only to allegedly be prodded along with a bull hook as tourists and visitors pay to ride them. Demand justice for these majestic elephants.

Ban Toxic Burning and Burying of Animals During Covid-19 Pandemic

Farmers are burning their livestock on open air pyres or burying them in unlined pits due to the coronavirus-related lack of demand for meat. These two methods of disposal can emit carcinogenic pollutants and contaminate waterways. Demand the toxic burning and burying of animals be banned during Covid-19.

Shut Down Florida to Save Countless Lives from COVID-19

The state of Florida’s COVID-19 situation is getting worse by the day. They are averaging significantly more than 5,000 new cases per day for the past week, with no signs of it letting up any time soon. The only way to stop the spread of COVID-19 is to shut down the state. Demand that Governor Ron DeSantis does what needs to be done to save lives.

Pay Withheld Wages to Struggling Workers

Millions of workers in Bangladesh have been denied months’ worth of pay by their employers, jeopardizing their access to food, medicine, and shelter. Demand that these employers pay their workers or face severe penalties for their greed.

Success: Restrictive Anti-Abortion Law Struck Down

A restrictive anti-abortion law was recently overturned. This law would have made women’s access to a safe abortion very difficult. Thank activist organization Pro-Choice America for their tireless work fighting for women’s right to their bodies.

Don’t Allow COVID-19 to Continue to Spread Uncontrolled

The nation’s top expert on infectious diseases says that new cases could reach 100,000 per day in the United States if something drastic isn’t done to stop the spread of COVID-19. Tell President Trump that we’ve already seen enough death in the United States from this virus.

Stop the Destruction of LA’s Last Coastal Wetland Environment

The last coastal wetland environment near Los Angeles is in danger of being bulldozed to repair underground gas pipelines. Large numbers of endangered birds and insects are at risk. Urge that these plans be stopped immediately.

Trump: Stop Misleading the Public to Benefit the Meat Industry

Industrial meat-based foods are destroying the planet and causing unspeakable suffering for millions of animals. Stop producing dietary guidelines biased toward eating meat.

Stop Bludgeoning Foxes to Death for Their Fur

One man runs an operation that kills 300 foxes each year for the fur trade. This is made possible because of a legal loophole. Sign this petition to ban such cruelty.

Homeland Security: Don’t Send Sexual Abuse Victims Back Into Danger

The Trump administration is turning its back on immigrant women fleeing sexual violence in their home countries. Demand that domestic abuse victims continue to be granted asylum in the U.S.

Protect the Quino Checkerspot Butterfly from Extinction

Once the most common butterfly in Southern California, the Quino checkerspot butterfly is now facing extinction. Demand its protection so that it can once again return to the skies.

Protect Pennsylvania’s Hundreds of Bee Species from Extinction

Pennsylvania is home to hundreds of bee species, some not even fully understood yet. However, many of the species are already facing extinction. Demand their protection.

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