Demand Actor Answer to Allegations of Killing Stray Dogs for Movie Research

A well-known actor has been accused of repeated acts of animal cruelty by his ex-girlfriend. If the charges are true, untold numbers of innocent stray dogs lost their lives because of this cruelty. Demand answers from actor Shia LaBeouf.

Success: Canada Has Banned Assault-Style Weapons

Assault rifles and other deadly weapons will be removed from Canadian streets, allowing citizens to rest easy. These weapons will no longer be available for madmen to use against innocent people in the deadly mass shootings that ravage our communities. Thank the Prime Minister of Canada for prohibiting them.

Offer Apology and Compensation to Victims of State-Sanctioned Sexual Slavery

For over a decade, hundreds of thousands of women were abducted and forced into sexual slavery by the Empire of Japan, yet no Japanese government since has accepted responsibility or offered restitution for this heinous crime. The demands of the few remaining survivors must be satisfied by Japan’s prime minister in order to see justice done.

Dog Allegedly Beaten by Family Member Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly beaten by one of his own family members. Demand this person receive the strictest sentence possible under the law and that he also be required to see a mental health specialist if he is found guilty of this terrible crime.

End Cruel, Unnecessary School Animal Dissections

The dissection of animals is an archaic practice that is still common in biology classes across the country. Virtual apps and models render this barbaric and disgusting school project obsolete, and students need to be presented a cruelty-free and compassionate future. Stop dissecting living beings in schools.

Stop Keystone XL Pipeline from Destroying Our Sustainable Future

The Keystone pipeline is a blight on North America’s landscape, destroying pristine forests, contaminating water, and condemning the future to an environmental disaster. Join this petition to stop the construction of this controversial project.

Support Banning Trump From Twitter

Five people have died after a violent riot and insurrection at the U.S. Capitol building. Those involved were directly inspired by President Trump, who praised them on a video he posted to Twitter. Sign this petition to support Twitter’s decision to permanently ban Trump from its platform.

Impeach and Convict Trump for Inciting Insurrection Against Constitution

President Donald Trump incited a violent pro-Trump mob to attack Congress in an attempt to overthrow the Constitutional order in the United States. Trump must be immediately impeached, convicted, and removed from office.

Remove Unstable and Dangerous President From Office Immediately

President Trump attempted to overturn the will of voters and then incited a mob to deadly violence. He must be removed from office before he causes even graver damage to the country and its people. Demand an immediate end to this reign of chaos and dangerous instability.

Stop Exposing Asylum Seekers to Physical Danger and Trauma

Refugees seeking asylum in the United States are forced to live in dangerous conditions in northern Mexico, in violation of decency and international norms. Demand that President-elect Joe Biden pledge to repeal this cruel policy at the earliest opportunity.

Department of Justice: Stop Dismantling Minorities’ Civil Rights

Minorities’ civil rights are again under assault in the waning days of the Trump administration. Crucial safeguards affecting their employment, education, housing, and much more could soon be weakened by an outgoing Department of Justice that should be protecting the people. Demand the acting Attorney General end this latest assault on human decency.

China: Stop Obstructing Essential Investigation of COVID’s Origins

China has denied or delayed entry for key scientists who hope to study the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic, endangering countless lives through bureaucratic indecision. Demand that the entry process for these experts be sped up to save critical time.

Stop Maiming Dogs by Removing Their Vocal Cords

Dogs are having their vocal cords removed in a painful, unnecessary operation that serves no purpose other than human convenience. Stop subjecting pets to this cruel form of abuse.

Biden: Ensure Second Doses of Coronavirus Vaccine Are Given in Time

Many countries are flouting the advice of medical research and the drug companies producing the coronavirus vaccines by widening the gap of time between first and second doses. Sign this petition to urge President-elect Biden to ensure second doses of the vaccine will be available within the 21-day window.

Ban Fans at March Madness Basketball Tournament to Prevent Coronavirus Spread

The annual March Madness basketball tournament may still be held amongst fans, despite the coronavirus pandemic. Sign this petition to demand that the games be played in empty stadiums in order to prevent further spread of the virus.

Federally Prosecute Hospital Employee Who Reportedly Ruined 500+ COVID-19 Vaccinations

A hospital employee in Wisconsin reportedly removed over 500 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from necessary refrigeration, rendering them unusable. Sign this petition to urge the federal government to charge individuals that intentionally tamper with vaccines to the highest extent of the law.

Don’t Hold Endangered Animals Hostage for Human Entertainment

Patrons can play with endangered or threatened otters, owls, lizards, and other animals who require unique care in cafes throughout Japan. This practice is not only cruel to captive animals, but it could also encourage the public to adopt illegally traded wildlife for their own amusement. Demand that these establishments be closed immediately to protect the animals.

Stop Reckless Attempts to Overturn Election and Subvert Democracy

American democracy is at stake if several political partisans follow through on their plans to contest millions of votes cast by the people. Urge an end to this deeply damaging refusal to accept results of an already-certified presidential election.

McConnell: Denounce Trump’s Attempts to Tamper With Election Results

President Trump spent an hour on the phone pressuring Georgia’s Secretary of State to overturn the election results. Trump made false claims about supposed fraudulent votes, voter suppression, and the shredding of votes, none of which are backed up by any evidence. Sign this petition to urge Mitch McConnell to speak out against this behavior.

Don’t Let Wolverines be Pushed to Extinction

There are only around 300 wolverines left in the contiguous United States, but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has continuously refused to list them as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act, making it so they are not federally protected by law. Demand wolverines be officially granted threatened species status so that a plan to better protect these animals can be formed and set in place.

Share Critical Military Information With Incoming Administration

President-elect Joe Biden’s team has been cut out of communication by Trump’s Department of Defense, jeopardizing military operations and heightening fears that the United States armed forces may soon be deployed domestically to influence political disputes. Demand that transition meetings resume to ensure responsible public oversight.

Stop Covering-Up Environmental Impacts From Arctic Oil Drilling

The federal government is covering-up the environmental impacts from oil drilling in the Arctic. The truth is that oil drilling in the Arctic is destroying the environment and wildlife. Demand the outgoing Trump administration stop its last minute assault on the environment.

Stop Killing Gophers With Painful and Unethical Poisons

Thousands of animals die excruciating deaths from bait laced with strychnine. This horrible pesticide is used to eradicate gophers and ground squirrels and many other species are killed each year. Sign this petition to have this dangerous poison banned.

Stop the Slaughter of the Last Wild Wolves

The rehabilitation of wolves now rests in the hands of the states after the US Fish and Wildlife Service eliminated their federal protections. Sign this petition to urge Washington’s governor to prioritize safeguarding endangered wolf populations.

Eliminate all Nuclear Weapons

The Pentagon spends trillions on maintaining the US nuclear arsenal while US citizens struggle to survive. Global communities are now coming together to eliminate these weapons and live in a world free of the looming threat of nuclear warfare. Sign this petition to demand that the US join this movement.

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