Justice for Kitten Reportedly Set on Fire: Hold Perpetrators Accountable

Juveniles reportedly set a kitten on fire, leading to its euthanization due to severe injuries. Demand legal action against those allegedly responsible for this heinous act.

Stop Climate Change From Making Vegetables Less Nutritious

The climate crisis is making crops less nutritious. Demand a commitment from American leaders to confronting and resolving this critical environmental and health issue.

Call for Justice Over Alleged Abuse of K9 Officer by Former Sheriff’s Deputy

A former sheriff’s deputy allegedly harmed a K9 officer under his care. Demand legal action and accountability for this alleged cruelty.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Found Covered in Cuts and Lacerations

A dog was reportedly found with cuts, burns, and other injuries. Demand legal punishment for the alleged perpetrator.

Demand Justice for Dogs Allegedly Deprived of Food and Clean Water

Ten dogs were reportedly found in a non-ventilated storage unit, encrusted with filth and deprived of food and clean water. Call for strict legal action against the alleged perpetrator.

Horses Allegedly Abused in Illegal Cart Race Deserve Justice

In a shocking incident, horses were reportedly whipped and beaten during an illegal race. Demand legal action against those allegedly responsible for this cruelty.

Defenseless Cows Seemingly Brutally Slashed With Butcher’s Knife Deserve Justice

Sixteen cows were found with severe slashes, reportedly attacked with a butcher’s knife. Demand thorough investigation and legal action against those allegedly responsible for this cruelty.

Don’t Silence Kids During Lunchtime

Kids are being forced to sit in silence in many school lunchrooms. Demand school leaders stop ruining an important and essential time for students.

Ensure Discriminatory Odor Code Passes Smell Test

Olfactory racism is a form of discrimination involving smells that has reportedly taken root in an Oregon city. Demand leaders end an unfair policy that hurts minority business owners.

Reunite Families Separated by War

Families from conflict zones are enduring prolonged separations due to government red tape. Demand leaders cut this tape and reunite desperate families.

Success: Legal System Takes Pride in Defeating Discrimination

Another discriminatory measure disguised as helpful law could soon fall. Applaud the continued crumbling of anti-transgender legislation that disproportionately bullies and harms vulnerable youth.

Use Rat Birth Control as Humane Alternative to Dangerous Overpopulation

Booming rat populations –and efforts to stop them — in cities are creating health risks for people and other animals. Demand investment in a contraceptive approach that’s more effective and more humane.

Demand Justice for Dog Allegedly Punched While Held by Collar

A video showed a man apparently holding a small dog by the collar and punching it repeatedly. Demand legal action against this alleged abuse.

Demand Legal Action Against Alleged Fraud and Cruelty by Dog Trainer

A dog trainer and his business allegedly defrauded pet owners, leading to injured and neglected dogs. Demand legal action against those involved in these alleged acts of cruelty and deception.

Justice for Over 100 Animals Allegedly Suffering From Malnutrition

More than 100 animals were reportedly rescued from alleged abuse and neglect. Demand swift legal punishment for those allegedly responsible.

Don’t Make Patients Pay the Price for Lacking Healthcare

Reforms to France’s healthcare services could end up hurting patients instead of helping them. Demand a unified approach that will help fill the wellness gaps caused by physician shortages.

Animals Allegedly Left to Die in Deplorable Conditions Deserve Justice

Multiple animals reportedly nearly lost their lives as a result of alleged abandonment and endangerment. A dependent senior may have also been put in harm’s way. Demand justice for these apparent victims.

Demand Justice for Dogs Reportedly Found With Feces-Covered Coats

Authorities allegedly found dogs living in deplorable conditions, suffering from neglect and open wounds. Demand immediate legal action against the alleged perpetrator to protect these animals.

Uphold Laws That Keep Diplomacy Strong

A single raid has destabilized diplomatic relations in Latin America. Demand global leaders address this alleged breach of international law to curb more widespread repercussions.

Dog Reportedly Duct-Taped in Dumpster With Mysterious Injuries Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly discovered with its head and legs duct-taped inside a dumpster. Demand legal action against the alleged perpetrators now.

Dog Allegedly Found Emaciated and Covered in Sores Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly found emaciated, covered in open sores, and struggling to walk. Demand legal punishment for the alleged abuser.

Demand Justice for 84 Dogs Allegedly Left Without Sufficient Food or Water

Police reportedly discovered 84 dogs living in deplorable conditions without sufficient food or water. Demand legal action against the person allegedly responsible for this apparent cruelty.

Stop Breeding Cats Burdened With Painful Defects

Some of social media’s most trending animals are living secret lives of suffering. Demand a prohibition on breeding painful defects into felines.

Over 300 Animals Reportedly Starved and Neglected Deserve Justice

Over 300 animals were reportedly severely neglected, requiring urgent justice and accountability for their suffering. Hold responsible parties accountable to prevent further cruelty.

Geese Allegedly Shot With BB Guns for Fun Deserve Justice

Juveniles reportedly targeted beloved local geese with BB guns and sticks, causing widespread outrage. Hold accountable those responsible for this alleged abuse.

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