Trump: Denounce Far-Right Militia That Planned to Kidnap Governor

Authorities announced conspiracy, terrorism and weapons charges against 13 men who allegedly tried to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, storm the State Capitol and start a civil war. Reportedly, the men engaged in combat drills, firearms trainings, and even spied on Whitmer’s vacation home. Demand President Trump publicly denounce far-right militia groups who planned these dangerous acts of violence.

Protect Critically Imperiled Wolverines From Extinction Due to Climate Change

Wolverine populations could be nearing extinction due to climate change, habitat loss and trapping. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently denied protections to the imperiled species, despite the fact that there are only around 300 of them left in the contiguous U.S. Demand wolverine be listed under the Endangered Species Act in order to avoid possible extinction.

Success: Facebook Cracks Down on Hate-Filled Propaganda-Spreader QAnon

Facebook has taken decisive action against a rapidly growing provocateur of hateful propaganda and violence. Legions of QAnon manipulators will now be left without a home base for their dangerous disinformation campaigns. Support Facebook’s full-on ban of this defamatory agent of chaos.

Justice for Innocent Animal Allegedly Tortured by Police Officers

Two former police officers allegedly tortured an innocent animal. These men were meant to be role models and guardians. Instead they reportedly abused the helpless. Demand justice.

Dozens of Great Danes Reportedly Kept in Blood and Feces-Filled House Deserve Justice

Over 30 Great Danes, along with other dogs and rabbits, reportedly endured severe abuse and neglect in a feces-filled house. Blood covered the walls, per authorities, and the remains of several deceased puppies were found in a minifridge, likely bred for sale. Demand justice for these poor animals.

Find Source of Toxic Water Filling Shore With Dead Sea Life

An ecological disaster has killed scores of fish, octopi, and other marine life at a Russian beach. The mystery malady has also sickened beach-goers and tainted the water with an odd smell, taste, and color. Demand answers that will help neutralize this threat to the environment and to public health.

Stop Polluting England’s Water With Sewage

Pollution by private water facilities in England reached its highest level in over five years. Demand that the big corporations responsible for this dangerous destruction step up to remediate their errors.

Trump: Stop Holding Urgent Relief for the American People Hostage

President Trump abruptly cut off negotiations for a COVID-19 relief package that could save jobs, the economy, and lives. Demand the President stop his reckless disregard for Americans.

Cats Fatally Poisoned By Unknown Assailant Deserve Justice

Two cats, and potentially a kitten, died after they ate pet food laced with poison that had been left on private property by an unknown assailant. They are just two of many cats currently missing in the area and those animal’s owners fear the worst. Demand justice for these innocent lives lost and the harshest punishment for those found responsible.

Denounce Trump’s Dangerous Disregard for COVID-19 Safety

President Trump removed his mask and told the public not to fear the coronavirus following his release from treatment for the illness, in a dangerous dismissal of universal medical opinion and basic safety. Demand that the chair of the Republican Party call the president out for his reckless disregard for public health.

Punish Man Accused of Burning Dog With Hairdryer and Breaking Leg

An innocent dog was allegedly burned with a hairdryer by her owner, who then reportedly broke the dog’s leg. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Horse Hit by Car and Left to Die on Roadside Deserves Justice

A woman was walking her horse alongside a road when a car plowed into the animal head-on. The driver never stopped and is still on the loose. Sign this petition to ask authorities to find and punish the person responsible.

Combat Deforestation By Forbidding Sale of All Crops Grown on Destroyed Land

New British guidelines on food grown on deforested land don’t go far enough, leaving food companies confused and providing a way for exploitative farmers to continue destroying thousands of square miles of forest every year. Demand that these guidelines be changed to forbid destructive farming and to set identifiable standards.

Trump: Apologize for Your Xenophobic Attack on a U.S. Congresswoman

President Trump unleashed a xenophobic attack on Representative Ilhan Omar, one of the first Muslim women to be elected to Congress. He accused her of telling “us” – meaning his largely white audience – “how to run our country,” as if she is not also a member of the United States. Demand that Trump apologize for his blatant xenophobia.

Stop Texas Governor From Suppressing the Vote

Voter suppression is alive and thriving in Texas, where the governor just made the lives of mail-in voters more difficult by severely limiting the number of locations where they can deliver their ballots. This dictate puts greater hardship on seniors, minorities, and other at-risk populations. Urge Governor Abbot to rescind this order immediately and maximize drop-off locations.

End Forcible Relocation of Genocide Survivors to Potentially Uninhabitable Island

Victims of one of the largest genocides of the 21st century could soon be forced to relocate to an island where they may be without access to food, water, health services, or communications. Demand that this cruel mistreatment be stopped immediately.

Success: Endangered Whales Protected from Deadly Seismic Blasting

The lives of thousands of endangered dolphins, whales, and sea turtles have been saved thanks to a temporary suspension of seismic blasting. Sign the petition to applaud this move, but demand that more permanent action be taken.

Don’t Invade Individual Privacy with Facial Recognition Technology

Private citizens could soon face a loss of safety and security if plans to expand the use of facial recognition software go ahead in Russia. There must be an immediate stop to any efforts which may harm individuals and violate human rights.

Trump: Stop Your Incessant Attack on Refugees

The Trump administration reduced the number of refugees allowed into the country by nearly 100,000 since 2016 and he plans to cut that allowance even further. This announcement presents yet another xenophobic attack on immigration under his presidency. Demand Trump prioritize human rights by increasing the number of asylum seekers allowed in the United States.

President Trump: Stop Ignoring the Medical Experts Regarding Covid-19

President Trump’s positive COVID-19 diagnosis highlights the urgency of expert and professional health guidance. The man in charge of advising the president on the current crisis has instead routinely questioned the value of masks and encouraged herd immunity that could cost millions of lives. Demand the ouster of this enemy of public health.

Protect Women from Sexual Assault and Rape

A 19-year old woman has died of severe injuries sustained during a brutal rape, making her the most recent victim of the Indian government’s disregard for women’s safety and rights. Demand that this end now and that rape victims be taken seriously.

Success: NFL Supports Players’ Rights to Free Speech

The National Football League has successfully reversed its archaic policy punishing players for taking a knee against racial injustice. They are no longer penalizing athletes for kneeling during the national anthem and are in fact supporting this peaceful protest and other appeals for racial equality. Applaud this win for free speech and grassroots activism.

Don’t Lift Mask Mandate While Coronavirus Cases Still Surge

The mask mandate was lifted in Mississippi thanks to a recent decision by Governor Tate Reeves. This comes despite the fact that coronavirus cases are still surging in several counties. Demand the governor prioritize public health during a pandemic and reverse his decision to no longer require face coverings.

Trump: Apologize for Pressuring School Reopenings During the Pandemic

The White House downplayed the threat of the coronavirus to children in a dangerous and politicized attempt to reopen schools before election day. The Trump administration even pressured the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to produce biased data showing that children are at a low risk of contracting Covid-19. Demand Trump admit to and apologize for downplaying the threat of sending children back to school and pressuring health officials to follow his reckless agenda.

Denounce Trump’s “Stand-by” Embrace of White Supremacists

During the debate, President Trump embraced a violent white supremacist group and called on them to “stand-by.” Racism has no place in America, let alone in the White House. Sign this petition to denounce Donald Trump’s disgusting embrace of violence and bigotry.

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