Stop Murdering Animals for Human Entertainment

Each year, wildlife killing contests result in the deaths of thousands of animals, all in the name of recreation. Afterward, animals’ bodies are discarded in what can only be described as a waste of their precious lives. Encourage legislators to ban these events on protected lands.

Seize Historic Opportunity to Combat Climate Change

An opportunity to cut poisonous emissions and fund energy security has reached the Senate floor. With global temperatures rising and resulting in flooding and deadly heatwaves, the time to save the planet is now. Demand support for this historic effort.

Emaciated and Allegedly Abused Dog Who Cried for Help Deserves Justice

A man allegedly beat his dog to the point that neighbors had to call for help. The dog, Sophie, also reportedly suffered from near-starvation and untreated medical conditions. Demand her apparent abuser face jail time.

Protect All NATO Allies From Invasion

Russia’s deadly invasion of Ukraine threatens to spill over into neighboring nations. Demand one of the world’s most formative alliances do everything possible to prevent this devastating outcome.

Stop Heating Chickens to Death on Poultry Farms

Ventilation shutdown plus is a method of mass murder that is commonly used to kill tens of thousands of birds at once. They are packed into sealed barns and heated to death. Stop the USDA from funding this terrible practice and encourage alternative, more humane methods in its place.

Justice for Dog Mutilated and Tortured to Death

A young dog in Pennsylvania died as a result of horrifying torture and mutilation. The killer of this defenseless animal remains at large. Demand full legal repercussions when he or she is apprehended.

Stop Treating Student Interns as Free Labor

Unpaid student interns often face exploitation from supervisors who use them as a free source of labor. Demand the State of New York enforce tighter regulation surrounding these types of internships and help students get the financial support they need while also advancing their careers.

Stop Destroying the Environment to Build a New Police Training Facility

A $90 million facility dubbed “Cop City” will destroy natural forested land and exacerbate police violence in Atlanta. Demand city officials halt construction of this project.

Punish Police Who Allegedly Beat a Man Until He Blacked Out

A Black man was reportedly left beaten and bloody after he ran a stop sign and fled from police. Demand a transparent and full investigation in this case of alleged excessive force and brutality.

Stop Suffocating Injured Animals in Slaughterhouse Transport Vehicles

The journey from farm to slaughterhouse is treacherous, and thousands of animals die before ever even arriving. Demand the US tighten federal legislation surrounding animal welfare on transport vehicles.

Amazon: Stop Exposing Animals to Toxic Chemicals for Makeup

Millions of bunnies, guinea pigs, mice, and rats are forced to ingest harmful chemicals to test human cosmetic products. Stop these cruel and unnecessary animal tests once and for all.

Save Great Hammerhead From Extinction

One of the strangest and most captivating pioneers of the sea could soon go extinct. Relentless fin harvesting has nearly sealed the great hammerhead shark’s fate. Join the fight to rescue this embattled species.

Remove Dam Flooding Sacred Indigenous Cultural Site

Sacred Indigenous lands have been flooded by a historic dam, ruining tribal traditions and decimating fish populations. Demand that those in charge honor the tribes’ request to remove this dam and share the river with its rightful owners.

Protect Workers From the Harms of Extreme Weather

Each year workers face increased health risks as temperatures rise because of climate change. Call on Congress to protect laborers.

Provide Safe Haven to LGBTQ+ Afghan Refugees

LGBTQ+ Afghans are at risk of physical and sexual assault in makeshift refugee camps. Their best hope is safe passage to a LGBTQ+ friendly country. Call on US officials to provide sanctuary to these refugees.

Protect Intersex Youth From Damaging and Unnecessary Medical Procedures

Intersex youth are subjected to medically and psychologically scarring procedures that are often unnecessary in the name of gender conformity. Demand lawmakers act urgently to protect these young folks.

Punish Alleged Fake Veterinarian Charged With Cruelty

A woman has been accused of practicing unlicensed veterinary medicine and inflicting serious injury on at least one animal. Urge a full and vigorous prosecution of her case.

Don’t Deny Low-Income Trans People Healthcare

Trans individuals’ access to healthcare is increasingly under attack in the US. A new state plan would deny Medicaid coverage for medical care often needed by these marginalized folks. Call on the government to stop stripping trans people’s access to this human right.

Stop Spread of Paralyzing Polio

Polio is rearing its head in regions once thought free of the potentially paralyzing and deadly disease. Demand global health leaders step up to provide equal and safe vaccine access.

Ban Body-Crushing Traps That Paralyze And Kill Endangered Animals

Body-gripping traps work by slamming shut onto helpless animals, crushing their bones or organs in an inescapable hold. Millions of animals suffer slow and agonizing deaths because of these cruel devices. Ban the use of such traps in protected areas throughout the U.S.

Amazon: Stop Donating Money to Anti-Abortion Candidates

Amazon has donated money to the campaigns of many anti-abortion candidates. Call on the company to stop driving the loss of reproductive rights in the US.

Protect Marginalized Communities From High Tech Police Surveillance

Facial recognition software is on the rise, with no federal laws regulating its use. Studies have demonstrated such technologies have significant biases against marginalized communities. Demand the US enact protections against this technology.

Save Millions of Species From Extinction

More plant and animal species are vanishing from Earth by the day while humanity turns a blind and guilty eye. Call on uninvolved and uncaring global leaders to set aside their differences and work for a shared future for all the planet’s inhabitants.

Biden: Take Urgent Action on Climate Change and Declare a National Emergency

Unprecedented and deadly heatwaves are being experienced around the globe, taking many lives and burning the natural world to the ground. The climate disaster is happening now and must be addressed. Demand President Biden declare climate change a national emergency.

Stop Auctioning Off Frightened Baby Animals

Livestock and wildlife in live animal auctions endure extreme mistreatment by their handlers. These animals are peddled off like objects to whoever offers the most money for them. Stop these auctions from happening in the U.S.

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