Stop Marine Plastic Pollution

Marine plastic pollution is a growing problem and whales and dolphins are paying the price with their health and even their lives. Not only does this harm wildlife, it also cripples the global fishing industry. Demand the International Whaling Commission develop a rapid action blueprint to curb the menace of plastic debris in oceans.

Success: Global Elite Agree to Faster Renewable Energy Transition

The fossil fuel status quo is shifting to renewable energy. Business leaders and policymakers at the World Economic Forum unanimously agreed on the need for a new economy supported by renewables. Celebrate this milestone shift in global energy policies.

Curb Power of Career Politicians With Term Limits

Too many politicians have made a career out of Congress at the expense of these two crucial legislative bodies. Demand term limits to spark progress, evolution, and a return to politics driven by policy rather than power.

Keep Deadly Weapons Out of Children’s Hands

Negligent firearm storage has come under renewed scrutiny in the wake of an elementary school shooting reportedly involving a six-year-old. Urge meaningful reform to help prevent the next tragedy.

3 Dogs Reportedly Killed in Home Invasion Deserve Justice

A home intruder with a knife has reportedly killed three dogs that tried to defend their home and their family. Demand the maximum penalty in this case.

Improve Safety Measures in Schools Following Reported Shooting of Teacher

A teacher was reportedly shot by an elementary school student, calling attention to school safety concerns in the USA. Several teachers, parents, and students recently met the school board to present their views. Demand Newport News Public Schools pay urgent attention to implementing safe learning conditions.

Fast Track Investigation Into Potentially Dangerous Tesla Autopilot Feature

Tesla’s much-hyped autopilot technology has been involved in several fatalities in recent years. The Department of Transportation recently initiated an investigation into an eight-vehicle crash disrupting the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Demand a speedy resolution of the probe to ensure the safety of America’s roads.

Punish Deputy Who Allegedly Left Three Bulldogs to Die in Scorching Heat

Three dogs died, and one became severely sickened, due to alleged neglect and abandonment in close to 100-degree temperatures. Demand justice for these fallen animals.

Dozens of Wild Horses Shot to Death Deserve Justice

Out in the desert, dozens of wild horses are turning up dead with bullet holes in their skulls. Demand authorities capture the person responsible for these heinous killings.

Justice for Afghan Woman Killed in Possible Gender-Based Execution

An Afghan woman who served in the country’s Parliament was shot dead, reigniting the debate about gender-based discrimination and violence under Taliban rule. Demand justice for this fallen advocate and a continuation of her legacy of equality.

Push for Tougher Gun Control Laws in Virginia

Gun violence in the United States is one of the largest preventable causes of death. Democrats in the State of Virginia are pushing hard for tougher gun control laws in the 2023 legislative session. Demand state lawmakers take positive action to restrict the firearms menace.

Save Ice Sheets Before the World Pays the Price

Glacial melt could destroy some of nature’s most majestic structures. Moreover, it could upend sea levels, overwhelm vulnerable coastal areas, and endanger both humans and animals. Urge full investment in combatting an urgent global threat.

Support a Faster Renewable Energy Transition

The World Economic Forum could help enact defining policies to tackle climate change. The Davos event advertises clean energy as a key agenda. Demand the U.S. delegation push for a rapid transition to renewables.

Family Dog Shot and Killed by Hunter Who Claimed it Was a Coyote Deserves Justice

A family dog was shot and killed by a hunter and authorities are refusing to take action against the killer. Demand justice for this innocent pet.

Don’t Put Outrageous Price Tag on Vaccine Protection

A leading developer of the COVID-19 vaccine is about to price millions of Americans out of crucial protection from the deadly virus. Demand Moderna honor its commitments to help, not swindle, the people.

End Starvation and Abandonment of Teacup Pigs

Pearl, a teacup pig formerly owned by social media influencer Paul Logan, was found abandoned in a field, sick with an infection and with her ears in tatters. Help put a stop to the inhumane breeding and sale of pigs like Pearl.

Stop Gas Stoves From Lighting Flame to Environment and Kids’ Health

Gas stoves are a source of dangerous carcinogens and cause 12 percent of childhood asthma. Yet, vested interests are trying to prevent a shift to proven safter alternatives. Demand leaders prioritize public well-being and ban these health hazards.

Don’t Let Climate Threat Run Over Reindeer

The animals popularly known as reindeer are at dire risk of extinction due to largely human-caused threats. Support newly enhanced protections for this beautiful species.

Success: Honeybees Protected From Deadly Disease

The honeybees that keep our ecosystems functional have been struck by a deadly disease. Celebrate approval of a protective treatment that could save their lives and the balance of nature itself.

Pet Husky Reportedly Tied Up, Shot With Crossbow and Dumped in River by Owner Deserves Justice

A man was apparently caught on film tying his dog to a tree, shooting it with a crossbow and dumping it in a river. Demand prosecutors seek the maximum penalty in this horrific case.

Demand Elon Musk Reinstate Twitter Trust and Safety Council

Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council was axed last month by Elon Musk, leading to a dramatic rise in hate speech. The volunteer council played an invaluable role creating a safe space for diverse points of view. Demand the reinstatment of the Trust and Safety Council with immediate notice.

Stop the Dead Lines in Disaster Response

Natural disasters are causing unprecedented humanitarian crises across the country. Emergency response during and after these critical incidents is often either lagging or non-existent. Call for urgent reforms to ensure Americans receive life-saving aid when it’s needed most.

Support Democratic Elections to Get the House in Order

The House of Representatives has demonstrated its dysfunction by struggling to elect a leader. Meanwhile, this integral chamber of Congress is paralyzed and unable to represent and work for the people. Demand these leaders get their priorities straight.

Reunite Mother With Smuggled Children

Three young children have reportedly been kidnapped by human smugglers and separated from their family. Demand the region where they are believed to be located help end a mother’s worst nightmare.

Don’t Stir Instability With Military Intervention in Humanitarian Crisis

Haiti is once again collapsing into turmoil and chaos, to the severe detriment of its people. Demand world leaders resist the call for armed intervention and instead support a more measured plan of assistance.

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