225 Animals Allegedly Living Without Access to Clean Water Deserve Justice

Target: Barry Barnette, Solicitor of Spartanburg County, South Carolina

Goal: Ensure stringent legal consequences for those allegedly involved in the cruel treatment of 225 animals.

A shocking discovery was made in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, where 225 animals were reportedly rescued from abysmal living conditions on two separate properties. Initial investigations led officers to a residence on Brockman McClimon Road. Allegedly, they found dogs and other animals in filthy kennels, lacking clean water and living among feces. Some animals exhibited alarming signs of neglect, such as matted fur and untreated wounds, with a particularly distressed Pomeranian requiring immediate veterinary care. Allegedly, 80 animals, including diverse species like pigs, donkeys, goats, and sheep, were liberated from these grievous conditions.

Further inquiries brought law enforcement to another property in Pacolet on Thompson Road, unveiling a breeding operation purportedly run by Patricia Mildean Johns and Wayne Edward Johns. Allegedly, this site housed approximately 135 dogs and ten cats, maintained in similarly harrowing conditions, indicating a systematic issue of animal neglect and cruelty. The severity and extent of the alleged neglect prompted charges against Tonji Lavonne Meredith and John Richard Waldrop for animal cruelty and violations of county codes, with additional charges for the Johns couple under local animal control ordinances.

The heinous nature of the apparent cruelty uncovered necessitates decisive legal action. Those responsible for such egregious acts of animal neglect must face the full weight of the law. Prosecute these individuals vigorously and ensure that such acts are met with stringent penalties to deter future occurrences.


Dear Solicitor Barry Barnette,

We are compelled to write to you after the heart-wrenching rescue of 225 animals from intolerable conditions in Spartanburg County, as detailed in recent reports. The animals were reportedly found in environments that starkly violate both the spirit of animal welfare and the letter of the law, living in filth, without access to clean water, and suffering from various untreated medical conditions. The involvement of a large-scale breeding operation suggests this is not an isolated incident but a severe breach of ethical and legal standards regarding animal care.

The allegations against Tonji Lavonne Meredith, John Richard Waldrop, and Patricia and Wayne Johns highlight a disturbing disregard for animal welfare and a violation of several county codes. The conditions reported on the properties involved are unacceptable and demand a strong legal response. We urge you to pursue these cases with the seriousness they warrant and seek penalties that reflect both the moral outrage and legal breaches represented by these acts.

Our community looks to your office for justice in egregious cases. We implore you to take decisive action to ensure that such cruelty is not only punished but also deterred in the future. Let this case set a precedent that animal cruelty of any form will not be tolerated and will be met with stringent legal repercussions.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: bullcitydogs

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  1. So many animals hurt, some dead, and all were abused. Dog breeding for profit is the foundation of the problem? Quite by accident this horrible situation was exposed. Glad it was so more animals were not hurt or killed. I suppose this was an illegal business/ No filings were found to be relevant in this case? This is a reason for oversight as people want the money but not the work of providing for th dogs providing for them. Humans are usually at cause and always for the same reasons. Hopefully these people will be found guilty and given time in prison. Folks can’t go around hurting innocent animals and feel there will be no legal actions taken. Society is based on laws to be followed by all people to make life together safe and pleasant.

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