Articles written by: Leah Holleran

Leah is a freelance writer, actor, and performer based out of Philadelphia, PA.

Ban Cruel Captive Breeding of Lions for Trophy Hunting

Captive lions are bred to be slaughtered by wealthy trophy hunters in South Africa. Sign this petition to demand an end to this terribly inhumane and immoral practice.

Ban Elephant Ivory Sales in Singapore

If Singapore passes its proposed ban on all domestic sales of elephant ivory, it would be a major win in the fight against poaching and a victory for animal conservationists everywhere. Demand the passage of this vital ban.

Reverse Trump’s Decision to Allow Cruel ‘Cyanide Bombs’ That Indiscriminately Kill Wildlife

The Trump administration has rejected a nationwide ban on dangerous cyanide traps that have cruelly killed thousands of animals, many of which were not the intended targets. Demand an immediate federal ban on M-44s, or ‘cyanide bombs.’

Trophy Hunters Like the ‘Professional Huntress’ Must be Stopped

Disturbing photos on social media showing a “professional huntress” and the animal carcasses she shot with a high-powered rifle in Scotland have sparked outrage. Sign this petition to demand a ban on trophy hunting immediately.

Protect Pets and Humans From Violence: Require Vets to Report Abuse

Vets are not required to report signs of abuse against animals in many states. This not only allows animal cruelty to continue, but also puts people at risk as animal abuse is often an indicator of a propensity toward violence against humans. Demand that “mandatory reporting” laws be implemented on a national level.

Stop Trump’s Attack on the Endangered Species Act

America’s endangered species are at risk of being institutionally driven to extinction by the Trump administration’s anti-wildlife agenda, and the public records about science and policies it is hiding. Demand an end to this attack on the Endangered Species Act and the immediate release of all public information.

Save Rare White Lion From Being Auctioned to Trophy Hunters

A rare white lion named Mufasa is not being allowed to be rescued by a sanctuary that has offered to care for him so that he can instead be auctioned off to trophy hunters for profit. Demand that Mufasa be released to the sanctuary and saved from slaughter by the highest bidder.

Stop Drowning and Beating Countless Dogs to Death

Dogs in China have been brutally beaten to death and drowned by city police under unreasonable new measures for controlling the country’s dog population. Demand that this cruel cull be ended and more humane regulations put in place to deal with dogs in China.

Ban Barbaric Cockfighting in Mexico

The cruel so-called “sport” of cockfighting causes grievous injury and even death to helpless animals. Demand Mexico ban this barbaric practice.

Justice for Black Security Guard Allegedly Shot and Killed by Police While Detaining Suspected Mass Shooter

After a shooting at a bar outside Chicago, the security guard on duty, a black man named Jemel Roberson, subdued the suspected assailant before reportedly being shot and killed by police. This racism must end. Demand justice for this hero and accountability for the officers who shot him.

End Systematic Killing of Endangered Wolves

Washington State continues to issue kill orders for its wolves, bringing them closer and closer to extinction despite overwhelming opposition and the animal’s status as an endangered species. Demand that this systematic slaughter be stopped.

Success: Critically Endangered Red Wolf Protected

The endangered red wolf could have been driven to extinction by a rollback of protections, but a court ruled to stop that rollback and ensure the wolf’s protection. Support this stand for justice and the preservation of this iconic species.

Success: Judge Stops Inhumane Sterilization Experiments on Wild Horses

Inhumane and potentially dangerous experiments were set to be conducted on wild horses, until a judge ruled to stop the irresponsible procedure. Sign below to support this important stand for animal welfare.

Save Seals Held Captive in 3-Foot-Deep Pool

Eleven helpless seals are held captive in a tank that is only three feet deep and forced to beg from aquarium visitors, who pay to feed the seals, in order to eat. Demand this cruel exploitation be ended and the seals immediately sent to a sanctuary.

Demand Impartial, Independent Election Referee in Georgia

The Republican candidate for Georgia Governor, Brian Kemp, is overseeing his own election as the sitting Secretary of State. Kemp’s office has a long history of discrimination and voter suppression. Demand that this conflict of interest and violation of our democracy be remedied and that Kemp resign as Secretary of State immediately.

Stop Slaughter of Endangered Wolf Pack

The unnecessary killing of the last remaining members of an endangered wolf pack has been authorized by the Washington Department of Fish Wildlife. Sign below to demand the reversal of this decision, and the protection of these endangered species.

Tell Airline to Stop Transporting Ivory and Exotic Animal Parts

Endangered elephants in Africa are put at even greater risk by South African Airways and its perpetuation of poaching and trophy hunting by shipping ivory and other animal parts. Demand that the airline stop transporting exotic animal parts and help protect these iconic species.

Ban Cruel Animal Circuses in Vietnam

Wild animals, including endangered species, are abused and exploited for profit and tourism in Vietnam’s animal circuses. Demand that these innocent animals be protected and sent to sanctuaries, and these cruel circuses banned.

Protect All Research Animals From Suffering

Species like mice, rats, and birds are abused in massive numbers for the sake of experimentation, but those species are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act. Therefore, government reports of how many animals are suffering in labs are off by millions, according to Animal Defenders International. Demand legal protection for these innocent animals, and transparency in government reports on animal experimentation.

Justice for Puppies Found Abandoned, Trapped in Their Own Feces, Muzzled With Rubber Bands

Two pit bull puppies in Kansas were found abandoned in a kennel, covered in their own feces with rubber bands around their muzzles. Demand justice for these innocent puppies.

Justice for Tigress Allegedly Abused While Having a Seizure

Innocent tigers are not only exploited by a circus act in Russia, but video footage was reportedly captured of a tigress having a seizure mid-show and being dragged by her tail by her “trainer.” Demand that these poor tigers be immediately released to sanctuary.

Justice for Emaciated Pit Bull Left to Die

Mavis the pit bull tragically passed away after suffering abandonment and starvation, despite the best efforts of rescuers. Demand that Mavis’s abuser is held accountable for this terrible cruelty.

Save Oregon Zoo Elephants from Inhumane Breeding, Handling, and Sales

Elephants are exposed to inhumane practices at the Oregon Zoo, including irresponsible breeding, buying, selling, and methods of controlling the animals. Sign below to demand that the zoo overhaul its policies to end this mistreatment and protect the innocent elephants in its care.

Justice for 100 Dogs Rescued From Apparent Puppy Mill

More than 100 dogs have reportedly been rescued from devastating conditions in a puppy mill. Sign this petition to demand justice for these innocent animals.

Save Wild Horses From Round-Up and Slaughter

Hundreds of wild horses may be sold for slaughter as the result of a round-up of 1000 individuals from California herds. Demand that this round-up be cancelled and these innocent animals saved.

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