Success: America’s Pets to be Protected with Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition

Target: Mike Conaway, Chairman of U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture

Goal: Support the protection of dogs and cats by incorporating language from the Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act into the House of Representatives Farm Bill.

Importing, exporting, trading, and slaughtering dogs and cats to use their meat for human consumption will finally be banned across the U.S. Thanks in part to petitions like this one at Forcechange, these inhumane practices will be prohibited under the House of Representatives Farm Bill. Language has been integrated into the bill from the proposed Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act, which forbids these cruel practices that are unfathomably still legal in 44 states.

As Marc Ching, Founder and President Emeritus of the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation, states, “This is just one small but, important victory in our effort to ban this horrible practice in the United States and internationally.” The final version of the House Farm Bill is expected to be merged with the Senate version, and the final vote is planned for September. Sign below to support this vital step toward ending the brutal torture and slaughter of dogs and cats for consumption.


Dear Chairman Conaway,

The House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture is taking an important and necessary stand against the inhumane industry of torturing and butchering dogs and cats to use their meat for human consumption. By incorporating language from the Dog and Cat Meat Prohibition Act into the House Farm Bill, the slaughter, import, export, and trade of dog and cat meat will finally be forbidden across the country, instead of a mere six states.

The dog and cat meat trade is a brutal one, and this is a vital step in stopping it from continuing. The U.S. can deal a blow to the industry internationally as well, and set an example for other countries. I support this stand for compassion and humanity. Thank you for making the move to protect innocent dogs and cats from cruel slaughter for consumption.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Anna Frodesiak


  1. That is great news. Now we must do the same for equines.

  2. As it should be. Animals feel the same emotions humans feel. Fear, love, anger, contentment etc. They also feel pain and suffering. In a perfect world, people would not eat meat of any kind.

    • Kristine Colarossi says:

      Yes Nina, in a “perfect world”, but even so, something a lot of people don’t realize is animals will NEVER stop eating each other, it’s nature, and man can’t control nature!

      • Kristine, I think we all understand that point, self evident I would say. Animals hunt for survival, unlike humans who kill for pleasure and to satisfy the lust of their taste buds.

        Man has been attempting to control nature for some time. He continues to implement policies in the name of conservation to promote hunting of all wildlife for sport/NRA. Due to some humans insistence on controlling what is not its right to control, humans have decimated many species of animals to extinction. Nature is more capable of managing itself than humans are, nature is driven by evolution and fitness, not selfish arrogance.

  3. I cannot believe this was ever legal in the US – a country that supposedly leads the rest of the world !!!! Disgusting.

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    No animal should ever be eaten in the first place! Go vegan and stop the senseless suffering of innocent animals.

  5. Lisa Allred says:

    Signed & Shared

  6. How about ending animal flesh consumption all together, companion, farm, or wildlife. Humans are the only species that kills for pleasure. The way humans treat animals translates into how we treat each other. I that fact is not self evident, you have not evolved yet.

  7. I cannot believe it is “LEGAL IN 44 STATES IN USA TO KILL AND EAT DOGS AND CATS” yet we complain about OTHER COUNTRIES? Are we also barberians??? Stop all killing of dogs cats and horses they are pets. Sorry but cows pigs chicken lambs sheep are raised to be eaten. OR we would have to hunt for deer and such too and kill off those species.

  8. I am grateful for that decision but agree with other writers that it should be expanded. But it comes down to “users” of meat eaters – it is up to them to stop – No Demand – No Use!

    Be aware, although outlawed, that people from countries used to kill and eat pets live here. Not everyone will do so but some still do. Watch your pets in your neighborhood.

  9. Gen Agustsson says:

    hey, what about the world? should be illegal in this world.

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