Success: Nosey the Elephant Granted Permanent Home at Elephant Sanctuary

Target: Angela Terry, Lawrence County District Judge, Alabama

Goal: Support the ruling to ensure Nosey the elephant is finally free and safe, and will remain in her new home at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee.

After decades of suffering abuse and exploitation in captivity, Nosey the elephant’s freedom will finally be protected, and she will finally have a safe home. Animal advocates and compassionate individuals across the world have been fighting for her freedom for years. Thanks in part to petitions like this one at ForceChange, a judge has ruled in Nosey’s favor, granting custody to the sanctuary where she was being temporarily housed, allowing her to stay at her new home permanently. This will help ensure that Nosey is never again subjected to the pain and mistreatment of circus life that she suffered for many years.

When Nosey was rescued from life with Hugo Liebel and the Liebel Family Circus, she had a variety of sicknesses including skin, urinary tract, and roundworm infections. She had been left swaying in her own waste, in the chains the circus used to force her to give rides as an attraction. The animal cruelty charges against Liebel are still pending, and it is likely that Liebel will fight this ruling to turn custody of Nosey over to the sanctuary. However, the organization CompasssionWorks International said in a statement, “While we expect the Liebels will appeal this decision, they face numerous and ongoing legal actions and challenges, so we are confident that this ruling will result in Nosey’s forever freedom.” As PETA’s Rachel Mathews said, “Compassionate people the world over can breathe a sigh of relief with today’s ruling.”

Sign below to support and celebrate this monumental achievement.


Dear Judge Terry,

Thank you for ruling on the side of compassion and humanity, and helping to ensure that Nosey the elephant finally has the long-awaited life of peace and sanctuary that she deserves. For years Nosey lived a life of suffering and exploitation in captivity, chained and forced to give rides in the circus. She deserves freedom and safety, and your ruling will give that to her.

Allowing Nosey to remain at the Elephant Sanctuary as her new home is the ideal outcome of a long and hard-fought battle for her freedom. Giving custody to the sanctuary will help protect this innocent elephant from further pain and exploitation, even if those who would return Nosey to chains try to fight this ruling. I support this decision to ensure that Nosey has the kind of home and life she deserves: one of safety and peace.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: The Elephant Sanctuary via PETA/Twitter


  1. Thank you for having compassion! No one should have the right to exploit, abuse and use any animal!

  2. Mongoose Jones says:

    NOSEY wasn’t Liebel’s slave for a DECADE! She was owned by him and forced to perform from age to this year, current age 36.

    She was chained, beaten with bullhooks, and never fed an adequate diet or kept in adequate trailers (it was a traveling circus)….

    NOW, thanks to Judge Angela Terry and a smart, conscientious animal control officer who saw her in her horrible, tiny trailer when Liebel’s truck broke down in Alabama, she is FREE to live in the wonderful place, the Tennessee Elephant Sanctuary.

  3. PATRICIA KatWrangler WELCH says:

    THANK YOU, Judge Angela Terry. You are very appropriately named.

    Finally!! After almost 30 years with her abusers!!!!
    I can’t remember how many petition we signed and shared to help Nosey. This is the best news ever.

    I wish many happy and peaceful years for Nosey at the Elephant Sanctuary. She has certainly earned this.

    Happy tears for you, Nosey girl.

  4. Carol Brandt says:

    Praise God, and thank you!

  5. Gen Agustsson says:

    i do hope animal sancuaries arent abusive.

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