Articles written by: Barney Mitchell

Once an activist, always an activist. If I'm not organizing, you'll find me at home with my dog, a lab-rot mix.

Dog Apparently Beaten With Hammer and Buried in Snow by Owner Deserves Justice

A dog was severely beaten with a hammer and buried in the snow by her owner, according to reports. Although police stopped the apparent attack, the dog was later euthanized due to her injuries. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Horse Hit by Car and Left to Die on Roadside Deserves Justice

A woman was walking her horse alongside a road when a car plowed into the animal head-on. The driver never stopped and is still on the loose. Sign this petition to ask authorities to find and punish the person responsible.

Justice for Pregnant Elephant Killed by Exploding Pineapple Trap

A pregnant elephant suffered a long and painful death after her jaw was blown up when she ate an explosive-filled pineapple. The poor elephant suffered for days before finally succumbing to her extensive injuries. Sign this petition to demand authorities devote more resources toward capturing and punishing those responsible for this terrible act.

Protect Polar Bears, Humans and the Environment from Outdoor Gear Companies

Polar bears and humans alike are being harmed by nasty chemicals that are applied to countless outdoor gear and clothing products. These chemicals, called PFCs, have been found in dead polar bear livers and in human blood streams. Sign this petition to demand the outdoor industry stop polluting the environment with these nasty chemicals.

Justice for Dog Strapped to Outside of Moving Vehicle

Video shows a dog tied to the top of a trailer speeding down the highway. However, the owner, a man driving his dog to hunt, wasn’t punished since authorities claim this was “not a crime.” Sign this petition to demand laws be passed to ensure that no dogs can be abused in this way again.

Stop Trump Donor From Grabbing Ownership of Yosemite Away From American People

A Trump donor is suing the United States to gain ownership over Yosemite’s most iconic place names. Just because a rich billionaire gave Trump a big donation, does not entitle him to grab the people’s most treasured landmarks. Demand Donald Trump denounce this donor for his greedy attempts to wrestle iconic American names away from the people.

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