Dog Apparently Executed by Police Inside a Private Home Deserves Justice

Target: Prince George’s County Chief of Police Malik Aziz

Goal: Punish officers accused of breaking into a home without a warrant and shooting the residents’ dog.

Roommates in Maryland have filed a federal lawsuit accusing officers of trespassing into their apartment without a warrant, detaining them without cause, and tragically shooting their pet dog, Hennessey, leaving the animal paralyzed and later euthanized. This horrifying incident unfolded as officers responded to a reported dog bite, displaying a distressing overuse of force that resulted in unnecessary harm to an innocent pet.

The officers allegedly entered the apartment with guns drawn, ignoring protests of unlawful entry. Despite the dog not attacking, they reportedly resorted to firing their weapons, leaving the pet paralyzed. This distressing act, apparently captured on body cameras and a plaintiff’s cellphone, underscores a deeply troubling abuse of power, prompting outrage and demanding immediate accountability.

Further reported details reveal the officers handcuffing the traumatized roommates, leaving them confined for an hour after the shooting—a harrowing experience compounded by the callousness displayed toward the wounded pet. The county’s alleged offer to cover veterinary expenses in exchange for silence amplifies concerns about attempts to suppress the truth, adding to the gravity of this injustice.

This alleged misconduct demands immediate rectification. The apparent actions of the officers blatantly violate constitutional rights, employing excessive force and demonstrating a disturbing disregard for accountability and ethical conduct. Therefore, we call for an independent investigation into this incident and immediate accountability for those involved, ensuring justice for Hennessey and the affected roommates.


Dear Chief Malik Aziz,

The alleged actions of officers entering a Maryland apartment without a warrant, needlessly shooting a pet dog, and detaining innocent individuals demand immediate attention and accountability. The reported trespassing, unjustified use of force, and subsequent disregard for the trauma caused underscore a distressing abuse of power.

The reported and appalling use of firearms against an unarmed pet, resulting in paralysis and euthanasia, showcases an alarming lack of empathy and responsibility. The reported attempt to silence the affected parties through a compensation offer raises serious concerns about transparency and accountability within your department.

We implore you to conduct a transparent and thorough investigation into this incident, ensuring accountability for those accused of the reported trespassing, unwarranted detention, and unnecessary use of force against a defenseless pet. Justice for Hennessey demands swift action and holds paramount importance in rectifying the alleged misconduct and providing closure to the affected individuals.

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Photo credit: Nuno_Silva


  1. Maria Nowicki says:

    These cops should be fired immediately. They are a danger to the
    community and should never have access to guns again.

  2. Avatar photo Lance Kammerud says:

    Another punk bastard with a badge on a power trip!!

  3. Requesting an investigation to this matter.

  4. Jaime Perez says:

    Fire these trigger happy a**holes! How dare they act in such a negligent manner. No wonder people hate cops. Look how they act towards innocent animals. This happens more frequently!

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