Articles written by: Andrew Know

Hold Park Ranger Accountable for Reportedly Tasering Native Man

A Native man was walking his dog when a park ranger reportedly tasered him for refusing to identify himself. This is a seemingly unacceptable act of force and the person deemed guilty must be held accountable. Demand justice for Darrell House.

Child Shot to Death By Police for Playing With Toy Gun Deserves Justice

The police officer who shot and killed a 13-year-old Black boy will walk free, thanks to the Justice Department’s decision to not press charges. This is unacceptable. Stand with us and demand that Tamir Rice’s killer be held responsible.

Stop Trump From Slowing Down Vaccination Process

The Covid-19 vaccination could take years to distribute, thanks to negligence by Trump. Demand the FDA expedite the process to ensure the health and safety of all Americans.

Anti-fascist Group Reportedly Arrested for Playing Soccer Deserve Justice

Seattle Police officers reportedly broke up a game of soccer in a Seattle park, arresting seven people who wore all black and identified as an anti-fascist group. Demand that these charges be dropped, and the mayor apologize for this apparent act of profiling.

Stop the Apparent Systemic Discrimination Against Arabs on Planes

Two men of Arab descent were reportedly kicked off an Alaska Airlines flight for texting in Arabic. This apparent act of racism must be atoned. Demand accountability from the airline for this alleged wrong.

Fire Police Officer Who Reportedly Bragged About Driving Into Protesters

A Boston Police officer was recently caught on camera seemingly bragging about hitting protesters with his car. This is unacceptable. Stand with us in demanding the mayor take action against this officer.

Tell Saudi Officials to Stop Spying on Journalists

A watchdog agency recently found Saudi and Emirati officials guilty of spying on Al Jazeera journalists. This is completely unethical and should be stopped immediately. Demand action from the King of Saudi Arabia.

Create Nationwide Eviction Moratorium

In the face of the looming housing crisis, we need strong leadership to step up and put a stop to evictions caused by COVID-19 complications. Demand President Donald Trump pass emergency legislation to stop evictions during a pandemic.

Stop Execution of Man Proved Innocent

Dustin John Higgs is set to be executed for crimes he didn’t commit, while the real criminal is already locked up for murder and kidnapping. Demand Attorney General Bill Barr release Higgs at once.

Demand New York Governor Resign Amid Sexual Harassment Allegations

A former staffer has accused NY Governor Cuomo of sexual harassment. If these allegations prove true, demand that the Governor step down and apologize immediately.

Success: Mexico Bans Harmful Chemical from Use

After a long battle, Mexico has officially banned the use of Roundup and is phasing out all usage of it by 2024. This is a huge victory for environmental rights in Mexico! Sign the petition to thank the government for taking this important step.

Demand Bank Pay Black Employees the Same as White Counterparts

Black employees at Lloyd’s banks reportedly make 20% less than their white counterparts. This is unacceptable. Demand Lloyd’s apologize and rectify this mistake.

Ensure Frontline Workers Are First to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine

As the COVID-19 vaccine gets distributed, frontline workers who are most vulnerable to the virus are rightfully making the case for prioritization. Demand a national mandate that healthcare workers, first responders, and food service workers receive the vaccine first.

Tell Portland Mayor to Stop Sweeps of Houseless Camps During Pandemic

Oregon has allowed houseless residents to shelter in place during the COVID Pandemic, yet Portland’s mayor continues to order deadly sweeps that displace and fine houseless individuals without giving them an alternative. Demand an end to this mistreatment.

Prepare California for Potential Trillion Dollar Mega-Storm

Scientists have recently warned of a potential trillion-dollar “mega-storm” set to devastate California with floods. Demand Governor Newsom begin drafting emergency legislation to prepare for this disaster.

Demand Stimulus Relief for Essential Workers

Essential service workers tend to be the least protected and most poorly paid, yet they are at the highest risk of contracting COVID-19. Demand protections for them in newest federal relief package.

Approve Another Covid-19 Stimulus Package Before Holidays

A COVID-19 stimulus package is set to be discussed by Congress at their last session before the holiday break. Demand that Senate Leader Mitch McConnell act now to pass this financial assistance and give Americans the relief that they need during the pandemic.

Don’t Let Accused Anti-Masker Nurse Practice Medicine and Endanger Patients

A nurse reportedly bragged on social media about not following Covid-19 safety guidelines. Demand that the Oregon Health Authority revoke her ability to work in public health.

Success: Seattle Judge Overturns 15 Years of Cannabis Convictions

A judge in Seattle has overturned cannabis convictions dating back to 1996. Stand with us in congratulating Seattle on this monumental success.

Success: California Overturns Past Cannabis Convictions

California just overturned all past cannabis convictions, a huge win for the state. Share your support to help keep the tide turning in the direction of positive change.

Success: Seattle Bans Plastic Straws

Seattle just made another historic policy decision and banned plastic straws. Stand with us in congratulating the hard work of Seattle’s mayor.

Congratulate Minneapolis on Choosing 100% Clean Energy

Minneapolis recently made headlines by being the biggest city to unanimously vote in clean energy regulations. Congratulate Minneapolis on making history.

Praise Georgia City For Choosing Clean Energy

Clarkston, Georgia is one of the most diverse places in the country and recently committed themselves to 100% clean energy. Sign this petition to stand with us in thanking Clarkston for their clean energy commitment.

Success: Maryland Allows Inmates Access to Reproductive Health Services

Maryland passed a bill securing access to reproductive healthcare in their prisons. This is a huge victory for those locked up who don’t have access to essential treatments and deserves to be commended!

Success: Judge Rules DACA Stays

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program shall remain untouched, according to a federal judge. This is a huge victory in the fight against Trump’s attack on DACA recipients.

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